Coxis (EUNE)
: Hey guys. Just a quick question. :)
That was cool! Nice job man. My feedback: Riot has been, and is going to, update/rework a lot of champions. Azir is on the board for example, which is my favorite champ. It would be nice if Riot organised a special board or something, where they can discuss with the fan base and mainly Azir onetricks what they could do for him. Players would feel way more connected to the game and the chance of a succesfull rework is probably way higher! This could be a thing for every champion that is receiving a major rework.
Hi, i have just posted my own concept so I have been thinking about possible reworks a lot. I really like your concept, but I would some adjustments to make it more realistic and easier. I think his Q be the same but the soldiers disappear (!) after using it, but the damage will stack. I agree that his W should have a low CD and that you can indeed have 5 at once. Damage doesn't have to be lower now. His E could be like Camille's. You dash to a selected soldier and by re-activating the E, you can lunge yourself (without soldier) towards a chosen direction. His ultimate will be your E-concept, dragging every soldier on the field to form a line in front of Azir. Re-activating R will make them dash forwards, pushing everyone back. You can use them afterwards to attack again. I have a similar concept like the one above, but in a different way. I like they way you are thinking though! It truly resembles an emperor/commander type of champion. Just needs some more simplicity, with his E for example. Azir is already known for having bug issues, this would make it even worse I'm afraid.
LexusAD (EUW)
Please feel free to leave a comment! I would love to get some feedback on this concept
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JamesIAm (EUW)
: Really like the q and e changes. Honestly, I'd leave the ult as is. Azir currently has 2 particularly strong/annoying parts to his kit 1. His Reliability to poke from a distance with little warning/dodging 2. His fast dashes into ults (from his q e combo) The changes you've suggested to his q should stop the super fast reliable poke patterns, and the changes to his e mean he can still escape over walls but can't move dash very quickly behind the enemy. Therefore I think you can afford to leave his ult as is (I also don't love the idea of 2 types of soldiers, but that's personal) as a lot of it's reliability and speed (short of using flash) has been taken away.
Maybe you are right! I might have been overthinking the possibilities. Perhaps changing just his q and e is enough. It would surely mean that Azir won't feel that much different, while still making him a more healthy champion for casual and pro play. I feel like these changes would also give Azir more options for builds. You could build him for burst with things like Morellos and Ludens. Or build him as a tanky, cc delivering mage. With the ROA and rylais. You can already do that right now, but I feel like it would become more rewarding to adapt, because of his new weaknesses.
LexusAD (EUW)
Please leave a comment! Let everyone see what you think. Pls no flame, u dont heff to be mad.. is only game.
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