KatarinaOT (EUNE)
: what can do with 69 ?
you can't get anything :P soory just wait up and if you buy more then u can use it :P
Cypherous (EUW)
: This is the part so many people who are complaining seemed to have forgotten about sadly
yea kinda forgot about that lul still the problem with the fact that dissenchanting today you get much less be than u used to so no it's not the same amount since before you used to get around 200 be for even the basic champs and now you get 90
H3ph0 (EUW)
: SSG Skins? When they coming?
looks like the 2016 skins were avalible at the start of july so expect them around there sorry or maybe they'll make them sooner that's just what happen last year
Rioter Comments
: friend invite bug
if you're playing normals nothing shnoud be the problem but if it's ranked you can't join unless you're level 30 if it's nothing i wold suggest taking a picture and sending it to riot support
: Vel'Koz shoots a bolt of plasma that splits in two on reactivation or upon hitting an enemy. The bolt slows and damages on hit. Vel'Koz shoots a plasma bolt that deals 80/120/160/200/240 (+60% Ability Power) Magic Damage and applies a slow of 70% that decays over 1/1.4/1.8/2.2/2.6 second(s).Upon reactivation or upon hitting an enemy, the bolt splits at a 90 degree angle.Killing a unit with this refunds 50% of the Mana Cost. It says "killing a unit with this" so nothing about the passive. Shouldn't be considered as bug and it works exactly as intented.
like i said didn't know if it was exactly a bug it's just annoying sometimes but still you did kill the unit with the ability true it was the proc of the passive but it was due to the ability that you killed the enemy
Rioter Comments
: I'm a Vel'Koz main and I've not even noticed this but if it's true I would want this to change. Since you usually kill the minions with the last passive stack from Q.
Yea vel'koz main here too and like i said it's not much the only time i notice it is if i'm very low on mana and try to push the lane out. Also this can be really noticable in the early game if you w the wave and try to kill tge back minions
Rioter Comments
guldvixen (EUW)
: I cant submit a request
there are seperate systems that keep you logged in to the support system that's the only thing that could be preventing it imo otherwise it may just be ritos fault
: where are my chest ???
you can only get 1 chest per champion per season and preseason still counts as the privious season aka we're still in season 7 it shoud reset when we hit patch 8.1
Rioter Comments
: GO TO THE OFFICES and BURN EVERYTHING DOWN (including the staff)
ohh and who Will replace them and run riot then?
Phayilkid (EUW)
: How does Match Ranking Work?
there are many factors but the main ones being time, sc, kda, a bit on vision score as well (this one is heavily used in supports) and one that most ppl forget other ppl who play the same champion in that role (for example getting an s on vel'koz in the support role is very differant thatn getting an s on him as a mid laner) that's the way they are calculated but there ain't a special way of calculation that riot released "A land rich with information." - {{champion:161}}
: First of all well done for getting into silver being new to the game and not experienced. Most people would place bronze ( i was ) Best thing to do is just setup a practice mode game. Play all the champions you're going to fight against in the top lane, read their abilities. From there you can start to build against it. So as a basic one, if they are magic damage you want to look at the magic resist items, if they're attack damage you want to be looking at armor items. Read the description of each item and see if that will help with how your opponents abilities work. e.g. {{item:3194}} is great for champions who spam the same ability at you consecutively. (i think it works for ticking damage like singed cloud or teemo mushroom) {{item:3047}} is great for champions who build attack damage and deal a lot of damage with auto attacks, so like {{champion:114}} so you essentially block 10% of their auto attack damage. {{item:3076}} is great for champions who use auto attacks on you but also they have some form of self heal in their kit or items. So if they are building {{item:1053}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3812}} THESE then it is worth it. A. because it has armor B. Grevious wounds reduces healing on that champion by 40% {{item:3143}} Champions reliant on attack speed/crits {{item:3111}} for both magic resist and also "tenacity" reduces cc duration on you WATCH OUT**** {{item:3082}} things that have "UNIQUE PASSIVE" means buying multiple items with that passive WILL NOT stack. So you can't just spam wardens mail and slow someones attack speed by like 70%
seems like you summed it up nicely gj so i won't og any further "Thank you for your... contribution." - {{champion:161}}
ItsJaz (EUW)
: thats when the event starts?
yes that's when the match officially starts acording to riot but they do have around10-15 min preprep so that's when i think it'll actually start the pick/ban
: My complaints about the new champ
sorry to hear that but too all their own opinion i mean i love the bubly personality that she has. but i do have some complaints about your statements: 1st i Will agrea that the title is somewhat dumb for her however the title doesn't erally reflect their personality but their lore and since there wasn't that relesed you can't really judge it 2nd i won't talk much about the personality but having differant champions with different outlooks on life is part of what champions are ment to represent so having that kind of perseption is just logical riot even said it themselves that they try to make a game where everyone can see themselves or something they like 3rd i have a real issue about the comment about the earphones that is so obviously a skinn that it just makes me mad that you commented on that with that i would want to ask do you also complain about all the other skinns that are more tech advanced? but if you're talking about the after credits scene you can see that that's obviously just a dance and she has nothing on her ears 4th the fact that there are many factions within runeterra doesn't mean that there aren't champions that don't fit in any of the factions you can even filter all the champions that don't have a specific association with any of the places in the universe champion tab by filter 5th about her being nice i have to both agre and disagre with you on that one i have to agre that they did fail on her being nice but calling her autistic is surely differant i mean if you just look at jinx she has the same excitable personality just tweeked to the crazy scale that's all however all the quotes that are ingame are ment as something they would say and it's true it would be nice to see someone wonder what they did it's not at all what most quotes are about i mean you do have only 2 things you can do (along with a dance) that would be taunt and joke and non of them are ment to be lifechanging now onto my gameplay rebuttles: 1st the orbs of the summeners spells aren't only of summener spells but also of items and while i do think that tha's still busted the orbs seem to have 2 downsides 1st they don't refresh the ability rather they imidiatly activate upon pickup or on like a 0.25 s delay 2nd i think that the sleep won't last as long i mean why do you think they cut it just there i think it was just about to expire 3rd i also think that a lot of her abilitys Will have Quite a long cd i mean that sleep orb while true is very long i think Will be on a super long cd as well as preatty predictable so for that one i don't think it's busted also it's pretty predictalbe when you'll fall asleep so that gives you a bit of time to reposition as well and as for the tp it really doesn't seem like that strong of an ability since she takes it back as soon as she lands on her spot there so i think that one is primarily used to get her dmg orb to latch onto the champion with that it's you can see that she only has 1 major dmg ability and that she'll be relying a lot on bursting someone who's isolated kinda like ahri anyway that's all i have to say "Let's see what they're made of." - {{champion:161}}
Darioptg (EUW)
: New champion
1st i think you're in the wrong secion i would advise going into creations & concepts section of the boards 2nd riot really don't like making carbon copys of already existing abilitys that's why they did the adc/mage/any other class rework since they didn't want all of the to be so simmilar There is much to learn about this world- {{champion:161}}
: Ban Appeal
if oyu want to reapeal you shoud really support a ticket and explain it there so i wish you gl since riot prob won't be coming and seeing your post here
: Closing Games
if you get a lead in the early game try to help out other lanes but the most important thing is that you don't focus as much for kills (still go for them if they're free but not if you g for a 1 for 1 trade) in the mid game you shoud try to take towers like the mid tower is the most important one and after around 25-30 min you shoud try to focus on denying vision of the nutural objectives like baron and drag. if they don't come then just take it if they come you're ahead so you'll prob win the fight if it's about even but do remember gold in the pocket is of no use you need to spend that gold on items to have any effects There is much to learn about this world - {{champion:161}}
ItsJaz (EUW)
: When will the first SKT1 v SSG game start?
dude are you high? it says in the scheduale that it starts at 8 CET so that would be 7 for UK
: New champ Zoe
btw am i the only one who thinks she'll be so fun to play love the type of champs that are fun to play still seems to have a high skill sealing
: Oh, i agree with you 100% and i do the same, it's just that since it is very different from the current, a quick start guide of sorts would be nice :)
yea like i said it'll prob come soon after the official patch hits the servers i mean most of the time aither the yt comunity or the pros come up with a lot of things that are good as a start so yea prob won't be long
Vitavrebi (EUW)
: Doom bots of doom 100 avatar
don't think so most of the time the rewards were for the opening weekends so i think not but that's just my guess i would suggest masseging rito on player supp you do have a "i've got a question about the game" tab
: Ornn's passive
that's a really nice idea that would be a nice quality of life change though i don't think it'll come since it's changing the game just for one champ on the other hand if they add more pings a "Gotha shop" ping would be apriceated
Renold (EUNE)
: Irelia change soon??
the rework is coming from what i remember after the curent team is done with the curent rework after that it's irelia also from what i remamber they said that q Will stay mostly the same but all other things are up for the rework treatement "Such fascinating evolution." -{{champion:161}}
: New Runes help, please
i think while there Will pretty soon be set rune pages it really depends on how you play the champion that's also true for the curent mastery sistem just not to that extreme but the main thing that they are encuriging is rune devercity so i think you shoud try experimenting for yourself. i mean i used to play mastery wise just what the top ppl were runinig but ever since i started to use my own mastery systems i felt like they were better since they go well with my sort of playstyle (for example a lot of ppl run stoneborn pact on braum but since i like to be secondary engage i have much more benefit with colloseous on) and this Will be even more important with the new rune system since it really changes up the game a lot
xGunna1 (EUW)
: i need a champ that carry me hard and has low ban rate
depends on what you play but for the mid lane i would suggest vel'koz very strong if you know how to play him and almost no bandon't know for the other ones for ya since i'm a mid mage /supp main "The light here is harsh." -{{champion:161}}
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: Cannot find Faker's profile on op.gg
found it for ya but i don't know if it's tatly correct http://www.op.gg/summoner/userName=hide+on+bush
boqn326 (EUNE)
: okay i don't watch that anime but maybe i will weeb friend
lol not a weeb just happen to know cuz it's a well known meme in the anime comunity
: Where's the rework ???
still ain't november dude but yea i think that got a bit put of when he got a buff at the assasin class update
boqn326 (EUNE)
: Hello i was asking myself who's the coolest champion from 4800 and above Please Tell Me
sorry to disapoint you cuz i don't have a recomendation but that ain't jinx having an orgasm it's actually a referance to something else it's called the yandere face and it's a referance to this girl Yuno from Future diary where the girl is oppsessed with this boy and that's one of the faces she makes
Flojer (EUW)
: ım sure i have seen play ranked game
it's thhe normal no skin vision ward aka the default vision ward thats it nothing more
: Runes reforge will allow borrowing gold from shop?
yea while that rune would be interesting it's really not that effective 1st of all you can't use it for the first 2 min anyway and after that the limit isn't that high it's 150 +5/min but it also comes with the aditional price of 50 g meaning if you had backed at around 5 min that would mean you'd get 175 gold in dept so with that you can only get 125 gold that you'd normaly need for the item but oyu stil have to pay back 175 since you're in dept now. so you just incresed your gold consumpion for no reason to get an item 1 wave eariler that's not that effective and it's certanly not that good especially in the early and mid game where gold income is very important and you really shoudn't waste it. since from my understanding the moment you go in dept you must first repay your dept before buying anything else so that would just delay all your other items. not to mention that if you ahd no gold then a pot would cost 100g as opposed to the normal 50 which is just truly bad
Kaluchi (EUW)
: Ezreal rework?
i think you heard wrong ezreals w was buffed and nerfed some times i mean it used to heal back at its release but i never heard of any major rework for ezreal
: Top and jungle main looking for team to paly flex with
i think you put this in the wrong section dude you shoud really put it in teams and clubs not here
: Can't get a key
it's not about being good enaugh it's about your honor level and they are limited you get keys on the regular if your honor lvl is high enaugh so if you didn't fall below lvl 2 you shoudn't worry. so then it's just a metter of time keys no longer drop after games but on some set time piriods and yea there is a limit to how many you get per month
: And how do I do that xD
https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us here's the link to riots offical support website just login there and submit a ticket to riot and someone Will get back to you in like 2-3 days
: Making a fair "protect based item)
you sir need to do some more research the gold items well at least the gold generation part anyway is pretty balanced you get about the same gold if you use the item consistantly that means if you bought speltiefs you shoud be looking to trade if you took targons you shoud be looking to last hit mostly malee minions not ranged and tanks that's what the gold is ment to be used. especially with targons it's a huge desition if you use it on this wave or the next one you ahve to keep track of a few things to maximize your gain that goes the same way for coin if oyu push in too much you'll run out of mana and more coins Will be mana ones than gold ones therefor slowing your gain. so yea all gold items are pretty much the same IF YOU KNOW HOW TO USE THEM TO THEIR MOST EFFECTIVE i mean there have been a lot of times where even before the nerf i got my targons shield up before the enemy got thair coin stacked in an even bot lane cuz i could deny them picking up the coins but for that you need to know about the support roles and what each character can do... not to mention that the coins passive mission rewards is much worse than targons or speltiefs anyway gl and also there's a limited amount of gold you can et since there are limited amounts of minions in waves but the others are on a cd whereas this one is on wave meaning that's why they can also be more effective or less efective depending on how u use them i can do some math for ya from a wave like you specify you get on average of 1 gold coin per wave + lets say a guartenteed coin for every 2nd cannon (since you get a coin from cannon no mather what and it can be mana or gold) not to mention that oyu actually have to pick them up which let's say you'll get about 85% of tehm which is still a generous estimate if the support knows what he's doing for the targons shield you get a stack every 40 s with which you can get any creep and you start of with 2 not that it mattersor anything since you'd get them before minions spawned: let's say that we want to line up the amount of waves to be the same on both sides so that would be 120 s aka 8 waves Canon minions spawn every 3 waves in the early where gold is most prevalent towards the mission so lets say we extend it to 160s 9 waves for 3 cannon minions and i'll ignore that minions give more gold the farther you go so it makes targons even better coin: 1.5x20g for the cannons+ 3 gold coins per 2 waves 3x9/2 x 20g that would all add up to 300gx0.85 cuz of the ones that you wouldn't collect on average and you get 265g shield: you get 4 charges and you start with 2 you shoud spend as many of your charges on cannons so 3x55g(around) + 3x25 g for malee that would go up to 240g from targons and that would only increse with time so yea about the same rate "A land rich with information." - {{champion:161}}
: Stop playing lux support
lux can be good if played correctly but there are a couople of major things that hold her back 1st the meta really isn't kind to her 2nd she pops too quickly for someone who's supposed to protect others 3rd the cd on her only shielding ebility is so long especilaly since ppl don't seem to spec it first even if they are support but yea anyway i ahve to agree with you ppl who play her supp are just dbag who got autofilled that or they still insist that malz supp is still op anyway gl "The light here is harsh." - {{champion:161}}
Rilgar55 (EUW)
: Is it normal to always be paired vs a team with 3 premades?
1st if you're going by who's premade just off of clan tags you can only see ppl who are from the same clan and wear the tag that doesn't mean that there aren't others that are premade 2nd depends on where you play if it's normals yea the matchmaking is kinda dumb but if it's in flex the average mmr (not tier different storys) shoud be higher than your enemy if thay have a premade and you don't
: Every champion has a sort of Lane Bully, Control & Map Pressure. But often they excel in only one area. This is the category where I put them. Take {{champion:223}} for example. Clearly he has Map Pressure strengths with his ultimate. Yet he's still better add controlling the game by prevent any single target damage bursting down one of his carries. This makes him better add Controle than Map Pressure. Knowing this strength is very important for knowning your primary win condition with every support. I can argue that Rakan is close to be better add Controle than Map Pressure. He very slippery and can peel for his carries. Before the nerfs it was clear that Map Pressure was his thing and probally still is. Yet we never known what the future will bring. I had this discussion on reddit before. A lane bully requires to excel in trading during the lane fase. Braum clearly can be strong add that. However it's not his main strength and I must say he's not that strong in trade compaired to other lane bullies & his trade moments are very cooldown depended to be a lane bully. Additionally compaired with other melee's like Tahm for example. Tahm clearly wins that scenario. Braum scales really well towards the lategame and can shield projectiles while been tanky himself. That's clearly not something you want to fight when your behind. I didn't include the lower tier supports for the list. If I would place them somewhere than it would be Map Pressure for Galio & Shen, Controle for Poppy, Lane Bully for Lux. Veigar support is a support difficult to place. I would say Controle because of his winrate spike after 20 minutes in the role. Before it's actually pretty bad.
yea i wasn't really looking for others they were just some examples i came up with on the spot what most bugged me was putting rakan in the offencive part of the tree. while true rakan can make some huge engages it's much better for the team if he keeps close to the adc and plays more defencivly with all the healing and shielding. but i can also se why oyu put him in the offencive part rakan is sorta wierd from begining to mid and late game he kinda shifts roles like at the begining true you want to be agressive and throughout the mid game you're kind of a mix but in the late game rakan is much better played as a defencive supp true it's good to engage if you see a golden oprutunity but unless it's really good then it's etter to just stay back even if you waste your ult on just keeping the jax of your adc (can you tell i hate jax :( dumb malee hypercarry) anyway that's what my main trouble was "There is much to learn about this world." - {{champion:161}}
Snonky (EUW)
: Please look at the math before complaining. I'm adding the listed damage sources and subtract them from the total damage displayed at the bottom.
that i didn't see thanks for informing me i aws thinking you were subtracting it from your hp my mistake. but maybe it didn't count if you got hit by an ability 2 times like how lb procs can go multiple times but it still beying a single ability yea it would still count towards the total dmg but it may not show up in the dmg bar yea i still know it's kinda dumb i think riot didn't really bother with it after a while anyway "What else can I discover?" -{{champion:161}} "Such fascinating evolution." -{{champion:161}}
Snonky (EUW)
: Death recap is essentially a board of random numbers at this point
1st of all all your math is wrong about your max health it's desplayed on the bottom at least do the math before complaining 2nd i doubt all those times you went literaly 100-0 it calcualtes the dmg done in the last x seconds (not really sure how many) anyway that beeing said it's really not usefull in any sence at no point in time :P "Intriguing reaction to pain." -{{champion:161}} "Odd creatures of blood and flesh." -{{champion:161}}
: Spellshields (sivir e, banshees) dont care about damage kind.
yea not my fortey to sayi do main mostly ap casters but i must admit i was thinking about things like morgana black shield
: I score 99 in all the categories so that can't be the problem
yea don't know what happened try masseging riot i mean i know my ping is good i got 95 but i still get some wierd lag spkies from time to time it may have something to do with where you live don't know what else it could be
: Making a new LoL server request
yea i think it wouldn't be good i think we'd just start complainign about the minor differances in language and the languages aren't that simmilar nowadays anyway but i would still love too see it regardless anyway we can still hope i mean "The pattern is clear." - {{champion:161}}
: [SUG] New Item: Booster
Ohmwrecker rework yeah right that Will probably happen after a succeful ryze rework aka never "To date, none have survived preliminary testing." - {{champion:161}}
ADChemist (EUW)
: 5 Vs 5 team rankeds
yea prob not sad but true not that i'm complaining i never played on an official team so i really wouldn't know anyway gl and to riot "Have they ceased to evolve?"- {{champion:161}}
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