: A change to the practice tool
i have a better idea how about allowing 1 player to play as your opponent in the practice tool i mean i don't know how much better it would be if you tried to do something like kiting to practise with a friend it would be good not to have to spend 10 min farming only then to be able to try to do it
: I made what i can but so close to get the reward
fyi you can only get one chest on a single champion per season no more and you get the chest for playing a different champions and if anyone on your premade team gets an s- or higher on their champion you get the chest for that champion. for example if i'm playing {{champion:201}} and my premade teammate is playing {{champion:1}} if aither me or my premade who is playing {{champion:1}} i get the champion shard for the champion i was playing so in this case that would be {{champion:201}}. the chests are limited as such: 1. you can only get 1 chest for every single champion 2. you can only obtain a chest if you still have available chests (so since you get 1 chest per week if you get 5 chest in then until that timer is up you can no longer get shards even if you get s+) also at the end of the season all champions get reverted to being allowed a chest so if i got a chest for {{champion:201}} in s7 at the end of that season when we entered s8 i could once again get a chest for this champion
1st of all they won't remove it from here but you have to send a ticket to riot support 2nd you have to show proof that it indeed happened then maybe you'll get it
: Leavebsuter
there is a major difference with this type you get 5 min timeout if you consistently leave in champ select however for leaver buster it's different that's what ppl mean when they say a 5 min warning it's for those ppl who constantly leave in champ select
TGTheg6 (EUW)
: I got a bugsplat just before joining a ranked match, and then i got a 5 game ban?!? thats unfair!
while i do agree that bugsplat should not be a reason for you to get banned. however you don't get banned just for one time offences like that but from repeated offences if you think that the ban was undeserved massage riot support however all you got is placed in a lower queue so you're not banned
Bonushin (EUNE)
: How can i change ONLY voice pack in lol?
you go under the sound tab and it's at the very bottom under something like custom announcers
: How do I swap? I really don't like the Quickshot and Sjokz pack. :(
it's in the voice part of the options at the very bottom
Luissim0 (EUW)
: So its a 50/50 chance it will hit it? because sometimes it does hit it that would be wierd lol
well i think best way is to make a bug report or support ticket to them
: rly disgunsting .. i've been waiting for lke 3 hours now ... :/
well they increased the time to 10:30 BST so that would mean 11:30 for us
: what is the difference between DAMAGE and TRUE DAMAGE ?
like ppl have pointed out there is physical, magical and true dmg, where true dmg cannot be reduced magic dmg and physical dmg are reduced by MR and Armour respectivly following the formula where you multiply the dmg by the factor of whatever you get from the formula of 100/(100+total MR(for magical) or armor(for physical) of the target you are hitting). hope it helped however if you add in resistance penetration that's a whole other can of worms in which i would direct you to the league wiki on this link for armor pen(and lethality) http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Armor_penetration or this one for magic pen http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Magic_penetration
Luissim0 (EUW)
: When do you guys fix heimer bug on enhibs/nexus.
i thik that that was designed for the turrets not to hit inhibs i think this was even adressed in one of the patches a while back
: Thanks.
and if you got a complaint after that send it to the support letter
: But guys, what about mid game? if you got not much of items, do you still buy {{item:3153}} or {{item:3036}} ?
the game isn't ment to follow the same path always you have to adapt on the go however there is a thing if you have an adc that would build a BoRK than it would make sence to go for it howeverif you don't then i suggst at least buying last whisper (the component to last dominics regard as it significantly lesenes their armour)
Thaltha (EUW)
: Twisted Treeline S Rating
there are a bunch of things that go into the rank you get for your champions but the main ones that seem to haevily influance the rank are KDA, farm,_ lenght of the game_ (ppl usually overlook this one), in some cases(mainly supports) vision score(aka warding/useing your trinket and such) and other players of the simmilar mmr to you (aka if you are playing with bronze players it would compare you to the bronze stats not those of challangers on the champions otherwise only challanger players would have rank 7 masteries but that just isn't the case). for example i'm going to be staging a scenario on summeners rift since i'm more fimmiliar to that map if we look at the champions like {{champion:99}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:161}} these champions can be played both as a carry midlaner or a support as such there are 2 sets of players that the system would compare you to (well there is actually one for each role/lane but whatever). the system than probably compares the combination of all the stats you can see on the post game breakdown and compares it to the other players that play that champion however if you play these champions in the mid lane the focus main focus of the grade would be on your KDA, farm, dmg dealt but if you played the support role it would much haevily focus on the vision score and the KDA(placing more focus on the assists and deaths rather than kills) but that doesn't mean that in one role it would exclude the others just that the focus wouldn't be on that particular thing. for example i had a really great game with a very high kda and a rediculus amount of farm however i didnt' really ward that great on the map and didn't use my tricket that much as i didn't see the need that made my vision score much lower so i didn't get an s for that game (i still got and s- but what i'm trying to say is even the things that don't seem important on a champion can knock you down a grade)
: Practice Tool
having all champions avalible for practise tool does sound logical (if you wanna try out chapions you don't yet own) however that would require a lot more coding and it would take a lot more space. skins wise it's a no go as then there would be no point in buying skins since ou could just go into the practise tool to look at the skins and what's the point in that
ItzMaks (EUW)
: Summoner name
blood for noxus (it's actually his quote lul)
: Hey Just quickly Bumping this as we have only 8 Spaces left for the tournament on Sunday. Remember its simply 2 Games - Whomever earns the most points wins a tonne of Riot Points - Easy Mode! If you cant register on www.chaoshour.com/register then please be sure to post on here and remember its streaming live on Sunday at 19:00 EUW time over at our twitch channel www.twitch.tv/chaoshour Enjoy! Hope to see you!
so question since there aren't enaugh ppl for 3 teams does that mean that it will only be 1 game?
: why is yi not fixed?
if you want a few advices cc him and he's dead it's as easy as that he needs to dive you to do anything just back off a bit and focus him down
Rioter Comments
: Looking for players who want to jump in 5v5 ranked games.
while i love that you post this here i would also suggest posting this in "teams, clubs & tournaments" as that is where most ppl who are looking for someone to play with go and gl to you
Dikko (EUW)
: Bronze 1 Looking for premades.
sir if you are looking for a teammate i would suggest posting this in the teams, clubs tab as that's where most ppl who are looking for a team look towards ps if you want a training partner i'm up for it but i'm plat 3 curently so it would only work in normals
XxmOooOdyxX (EUNE)
: Rioooot what is thaaat
well if the thing that the other guy says isn't working try contacting riot support and there shoud be a catagory in which you find that problem
M0sasa (EUNE)
: Dll file missing
if it's client related i think before you logon there is a button that says "repair the client" or something like that that shoud fix it but if you have the problem just opening the client i think best and safest way is to uninstall League from the pc and then reinstall it
Nikuza (EUW)
: Aaah,.. right, completely forgot that the honor was reset because of a dumb chatrestriction thing {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} Although that has not been an issue other times. Well cleared things up for now thanks! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
at least you're honest man good for you :P
Eredarch (EUNE)
: When will Resistance Illaoi be available for purchase?!
it was said in the patch notes that it shoud be out during this patch so that would mean that it shoud be out in less then 6 days not specified though
: i cant move or type
it happens to mee as well when i'm using discord sometimes the game won't let me imput then you can just restart discord and everything shoud be fine
mousinNnR (EUW)
: Unable to send ticket
from what i experianced check that it doesn't accidentaly transfer you to the american support server happened to me a couple of times
Givifa (EUW)
: Is this bannable?
IMO i think that this would count as a reportable offence in this link is the riot support page about reporting https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752884-Reporting-a-Player also never mind that this has old screenshots also i believe that if that happened in the draft pick phase he deserved a report for not "NOT FOCUSING ON THE TEAM ASPECT OF THE GAME" aka since he was placed jungle and didn't go jungle and stole mid without anyone agreing to him now if he did play jungle and spent a lot of time mid that would be differant but from your page it seems like he took the role without anyone agreeing that being said some ppl might find it as allowable as a form of "A SUMMONER FOR TACTICAL DISAGREEMENTS" however that is not the case at the end riot specifys what the priviouschatagorys stood for as reporting (at the bottom of the page) and this is the last part "Negative Attitude - This category is reserved for unhelpful or self-centered attitudes that go against the principles of a team-based game." this from what i found was the one that was from my perspective transformed into the negative attitude tab
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: > is nice to have a chatroom for players but that's pretty much all that clubs do right now My club doesn't even have 1 word written in there ;w; I just use it for a cute tag =3=
sure but i mean that pretty much all it is right now a chatroom and the tag for that chatroom nothing more
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: 2018 EU LCS desktop and mobile wallpapers are here!
unicorns are taking a selfie instead of deffending their nexus gj unicorns
Mada (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Eambo,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=K7EIVEy4,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-01-10T08:33:06.717+0000) > > Hi LiAuNLXeNON, > > I'm not sure what you mean by "profile level", but this is referring to your honor level. :-) he means the summoner level ^^
yea didn't know the exact term but thanks for explaining
  Rioter Comments
: I always have a shit lot of chests, but no keys :D
well i got to many keys but no chests i have like 36 keys
: > [{quoted}](name=aSmòlPooffié,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=hQWlvdJc,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-12-29T12:09:59.161+0000) > > I'm from the middle-east, Saudi Arabia to be exact. I also thought it was because of this specific matter but I've been playing in the server for a long time; before I encountered this problem I had a pretty decent ping; around 90-100. > > Thanks for replying!
my question to you then is why are you playing on EUW and not somwhere that has a closer connection to you like Turkey or EUNE
: Depends on a lot. Did you ward? Did you help on objectives? How long was the game, if it was long 200 farm may not be that impressive. You participated on 20 kills but if your team as a whole has around 50 thats less than 50% kill participation. I'm not saying that you didn't deserve as i didn't see the game but there are a lot of factors that the rating depends on, not only KDA. And as SeanGoku said since riot didn't tell us exactly how the score is calculated this is pure speculation and trial and error experiences.
also a lot of people speculate that riots systems also compare you to the average players of that champion (for example a 30 min braums average would be something like 4/2/20 and around 60-70 cs while a xerath average would have around 200 cs and something like 13/5/10 ) if they wanted to have a great score also it doesn't just average the champion but also prob your mmr since a bronze score is way differant to a plat score and riot has to do something to see give the s+ even to the bronzies
52 Cards (EUNE)
: Bring Old Graves Back :c
probably not sincethe problem with old graves wasn't his playability but his lack of individuality and destinctness graves was reworked to fit his thematic better since the old style didn't really feel like playing someone with a shotgun
: Thanks this helped me a lot :D {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
still means if you contact somone you may get their permission
Janette (EUW)
: **Personally I don't mean it in a sexist way when I create "Girls only team" or "Girls only club" it's just that most of the people who plays are guys. ** **Also it's the same thing if you're swedish and you only want to play with swedish people for example, it's because not everyone is from sweden. I'm not sure If you understand my point but I do not mean it in a sexist way! gl hf to you 2** **EDIT: They can always delete my post If It's against rules, but I just don't mean it in a sexist way.. Again.**
maybe i came across in the wrong way i couldn't care less about your club however it technecaly counts as sexist however that doesn't mean it's like that i know you just wnat to play with a certain type of ppl and most guys on here can be quite dumb so i'm just informing you that some ppl may take it like that even if you say you don't mean it
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Janette (EUW)
: Hi, I've made a club for girls only. Club name "Girl" ♥
i have 2 things to say too you 1st that is sexist (since "sexism is defined as discrimination or devaluation based on a person's sex or gender" and this is restricting acces to someone based on their gender even if you can't prove it) but i don't care you do you girl so i don't care 2nd gl and have fun with all the new ppl
: didn't clash get reset?
anyway i added you i'm mid mid/supp player
: LF Plat 3+ Support to Sub for Clash Team
: Just wait season 8 and chests will reset, until then collect keys.
yea but 36 is still a bit too much imo
Snow Enix (EUW)
: I just can't seem to get enough keys for my chests...
yea like i said some pl have to many chests and some have 2 many keys so sad
Saibbo (EUW)
: Clash info
since this is a tournament style i think that you can only register for 1 team i mean imagine if you had to play on both teams so yea i believe you can only be on 1 team also you have to be in a premade team to compete you can't just go in solo
: Club improvement suggestions from club owner
sure from 1 club leader to another this is siriously something that would be great but something that i really would like to have is a club invite to a game since if you wanna add a person from the club to your team you have to do even more since if a person in the club wants to add someone to the game they have to first friend them and after that can they only add the person to the game they are creating so this is something as wel that i'm curently finding a bit dumb that you can't invite ppl from your clubs to a game if you're not friends with them
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