Spurious (EUW)
: 3 afk in ranked, can't remake and I lose LP, thanks a bunch riot =)
I had the same problem 4 times in a row on each promo to platinum I did, after that I finally managed to win a 4v5 and win my last promo. As you said, the system is pathetic and is not working since the worse part of this is that they are not even going to get banned for that. I didn't received any kind of message as usual telling how wrong attitude they had and the ban notice. Keep it up and don't stop playing for this kind of players, keep playing and you will get to your goal. Let's hope that Riot hear the voice of the community against the AFK problem, since the remake system is not enough. Greetings.
Perilum (EUW)
: If you want to open a petition, then feel free to gather 100.000 names of EU citizens and apply it on the proper website of the EU parliament. Then your topic will be discussed about.
And what does that have to be with the topic? There are names and a games history, simple as that, the info is just there to be seen. If someone leaves should be punished with a restriction or a ban.
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: Support and wards
1. Every time that you go to your base buy at least one red ward. 2. Red ward > Potion.
: After playing since season 2 i quit in frustration. Please riot this 10 games placement is a joke!.
Well, Diamond and platinum are being placed at Silver and gold... so... i'm sorry, but I agree that then you should been placed in bronze.
: What about balancing that fucking assasins uptade u did?
Assassin aren't even the best at the moment, you should get info about the meta, since at the moment this game is a tank meta where Vayne and Twitch are the gods. Tanks > Assassin. Peel support, Janna, karma, lulu > Assassin. Exaust > Assassin, which you can really see in many matches at mid lane. A simple Janna can make the enemy assassin the most useless thing in the whole match, if played properly, same with the super meta tank. Just read the patch, get the proper info about the meta and don't get blind by an useless Assassin update, the ones that only works at low elo for the low mechanic and Knowledge of the game.
: How bad is platinum? Let me tell you guys.
Something you should have in mind is that there is only two drakes that your team must fight for, earth and infernal, others are a lose of time that you should expend taking turrets, kills or other objectives. I don't know if in that match that was the case, but well, this is something you should know.
RazerX (EUW)
: Her seed spawn has been nerfed. I do think it can take an extra nerf. Her base damage is pretty decent, so you'll have to play around that. If you know she can do these things then why are you going up against it and let her take you to half health? If you play a hard lane matchup then play defensively. Seriously, LoL isn't about winning your lane, it's about destroying the enemy nexus. Some people don't seem to get this.
+1, She has been nerfed already, specially her seed spawn, and as AeonsLegend said, this game isn't about winning your lane, it's about winning the match. For example, I've been playing vayne and twitch this days, almost 80% of my lane phase I lose, obviously, but I don't die at all, i just farm, and if i need to sell my turret, i do it. What happens next? I farm, I take objectives and I rotate properly, I build what is needed and I try to win the game, which almost every match I do. We should add to this that champions such as Zyra support, yes, they can stomp the lane pretty easy, but not the game, not usefull at all, unless your adc is a bad player, I would never recommend you to play that kind of supports.
wreckeddd (EUW)
: Don't fight if blitz's ult is on CD. If your jung gets double with support that's free gold for your team, and if instead of crying you went drake you would've gotten free drake too since you're full hp/mana and if enemy jungler comes it's a 3vs1.
And we could add to this the free farm you will have when you arrive to your lane, the hard push you should make since both of them are dead and the free gold to your whole time by destroying the enemy turret, then the properly rotation to mid while your lane is pushed, the extra gold killing and destroying turret there. People just... have 0 mechanics in low Elo, they can't think this far, he is talking about an easy match and just complaining because he is not getting fed, which is not even necessary to win a game.
: Oh, and in what way, sry I dont read any PBE Stuff, just patch notes.
They are going to lower the max HP by 100, the AP to 75 and the slow made by skills to 20% with a 1sec duration for ALL type of skills. So... pretty much nerfed. But, the price is going to be lower aswell, pretty much lower, so it's going to be still a good item, since you will be able to rush it pretty fast, 2600 gold if i'm not wrong, which is.. nothing, a perfect lane farmed you can make the first back with 2000 easy so... Is still going to be used even if nerfed, but the power on mid and late game is going to be lower.
: The new client is rubbish.
Maybe what is "rubbish" is your computer, we are in 2016, pretty near to 2017, you don't even need more than a computer with graphic card of 70e and 4 ram to play this game properly. New client works properly to me and most of my friend list, and of course we should add again that it's on BETA. It's pointless to ask riot to not evolve and stick in the past just because some people do not want to improve their computer from 2005. About giving the possibility to change between the old and new client, I think so that it would cost a lot of money to Riot to keep that up, they would need to add every single new thing, change, news, options to each of them and keep them at day. More than what is needed in a computer to play this game properly. Greetings, and good luck in your future games. {{champion:432}}
: Lol flex que
What do you mean by "not challenging and completely unbalanced?
Gr8m8er (EUW)
: Riot doesn't care if a player is boosted
Even if he is boosted, think about, ¿and what?, ¿What does it have to be with you?, ¿Is it because you can't climb to a mid elo such as gold?. Don't lose time on others, if they are boosted, the ain't going to stay in that elo, they ain't going to be better players, is just a reward, a skin, an icon, it means nothing to him. Fight for your one, play for you and do not care about what others choose to do. I don't care about any people who got to my elo my being boosted, they are worse than me and they won't climb more, I'm going to be the one who climb, same as I did until platinum, same as I did in flex getting gold III and watching how some boosted people got to the division they deserve. Focus on the game, play it for you, do not care of others.
: Will the support role ever be fixed.
You are so wrong, i'm sorry, but you totally are. I got to platinum V by my self playing ONLY support last season. I got to gold 3 on flex at pre-season, mostly playing support aswell. Being a main support can make you carry the whole game and be ahead from your team mates pretty easy, doing the right thing and with the right vision of the game. Everything depends on the support: The damage that the assassin can do to your team, the control of the objetives, the right choice to counter the enemy team and a huge etc. The problem here is that most of the people just don't know how to play support, that's the only problem, they don't know what champion to choose, and what items to build in each match to counter the enemy TEAM, not the enemy BOTLANE. You all just think about kill, kill, kill, have damage, kill, kill, kill. that's all. I suggest you all to try to main support for at least one season, learn from the top players and you'll see the huge impact that it can have on the game. Good luck on your future games. {{champion:432}}
: Looking for gold+ support!
¿Elo of the team members?
: Whats the point of Flex for a solo player? Its not fun at all.
Then go into the solo/duo Queue? That's exactly the reason why there are two different queue for ranked...
: wtf was riot thinking with this CC shield and rengar buff?
I'm not having any kind of problem being an adc/supp main in this pre-season, to be honest. It's all about mechanics and do the right thing. And about Rengar... come on, don't be blind, guys, Rengar is not even a tier 2 at the moment, top tier Junglers are Zac, heca, Kha'zix... The CC shield is quite strong, and is going to be nerfet 100% but until that moment you need to get used to that 4 second engage, which is not that difficult. See ya. {{champion:432}}
: Vayne is literally the only adc that is fun to play atm, that's not how it should be
I guess you mean in bronze and silver, since in platinum i'm main adc/supp and i'm having fun with the adc's that are inside the meta at the moment. Learn the mechanics.
: Smurfs in low level games
There's no way to deal with smurf than make the players to pay for an account, while account creation is free people will keep creating smurfs and smurfs to improve their skill. So there you have the only way to deal with that, which is never going to happen.
TeeTohr (EUW)
: Diamond guy answering every questions asked
I'm on platinum 5 at the moment, since I know how to climb until that elo but not to diamond, would you have any tip? I'm main support.
: When A Support Main Has To Play Marksman
I'm main support and if someone is, I absolutly recommend you to practice ADC as secondary role, you will improve your support skill and mechanics and you will have an easier lane phase every game. Good luck next season!
: > [{quoted}](name=Lian,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=3KrAlr8F,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2016-11-07T08:17:31.462+0000) > > Come on guys, it's very simple, Janna, lulu and karma. That's all you need, they are going to be the top played characters in botlane, you'll see, to cancel all the burst coming from the assasin, same as exaust, probably is going to be even on midlane. > > Good luck in the new season guys!. I see why, as a AP Assassin main (katakillmepls) any form of hard CC when you're doing your combo, granted, I stopped going in whenever, I now wait when the hard CC spells are gone, but the example's you have there are kind of bad. I suppose Janna does have kind of a counter with her ultimate, but that's an ultimate. Her tornade could happen but it is easy to hotblink it. Lulu is a great example and Karma is the same as Janna. For tips, stay back, and stay with your tank, or any other person with hard CC. I can't tell you how important that is, literally as soon as you, the ADC, overextend you're dead. Have fun! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Sorry mate, as a main platinum support what I mean with Janna for example, is the SHIELD, that's what counters an assasin, the easy way to block his burst, if you can cancel a big part of an assasin's burst damage, he is dead and he is out of the game. Is simple, you don't need a stun, just to shield the character he is going to jump to. Lulu, exactly the same, shield + solari + Ardent Censer + R, wich means assasin is out of the game even if he is fed.
: ADC vs (one-shot assassins) Leblanc , zed , talon , kata ....
Come on guys, it's very simple, Janna, lulu and karma. That's all you need, they are going to be the top played characters in botlane, you'll see, to cancel all the burst coming from the assasin, same as exaust, probably is going to be even on midlane. Good luck in the new season guys!.
: He is not Lee Sin... He is a CHEAT SIN
Again and again, complaining about highcap skill champions, this is what happens when one of this champions is in good hands of high elo player playing on a smurf and destroys a match. {{champion:64}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:268}}
: I'm ok with high skillcaps champs being strong : Yasuo, Riven, Draven, but in my opinion Lee sin can has his ult too often : 90 seconds at rank 1, on a game-changing ult ! Yasuo does have some awesome damage on just his auto-attacks but I respect that. Could you just include Kalista in this list ? I think she deserves to be good again, she does have a high skill cap too
Absolutly, the ones I said aren't the only skillcaps champ in League, Kalista is defintly one of them aswell, even if it's not the best pick in botlane right in this meta.
: Is this normal in casual games?
This is sadly correct, I mean, I played in a new accound and every single game I went in, ALONE, they matched me up with people from platinum, gold and even diamond, probably is becouse there's not enough people at low level to play with.
: is yasuo broken?
Is not really broken, Yasuo is a high skillcap champion, same as Riven, same as Lee sin, same as Draven. All of this champions can stomp and destroy the game very easy is you are a good player, and when i talk about good player trust me, that's far away from silver and gold. In good hands this champions have a very high advantage against the rest. Not broken, just better in good hands.
: Riot pls. A damage dealt to turrets stat.
This is actually an amazing idea, I hope that Riot expend a little moment to read this post since it could drastically change the attitude of some people in the game, people that actually only check the damage dealt to champions or the kills and blame very useful players about their score when they could help other way in the game that is not reflected in the stats, such as this one. Very good idea, mate.
: Creating ranked team - platinum - only weekends (saturday-sunday afternoon)
Hello Mario, my name is Alexander and I'm quite interested about the team, I have deduced that the team level would be Platinum and specially i'm interested becouse you mentioned to play on weekends which would be great to me. About my information as player, i've been playing this game since season 3, I have a good attitude and I try to communicate to do our best as team. At the moment I'm in Platinum 5 and I am a main support and of course I know how to play ADC properly since is part of the lane. I added you already, if you are interested about my stats you can check them here. http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Lian . Thanks if you took your time to read it, have a good day.
SirBlues (EUW)
: Should I laugh or cry?
Well, think about that you are 12 lose behind than wins, I'm pretty sure that might be an important point to see when you are at 0 Points of the whole division.
Deeze11 (EUNE)
: Biggest lie in LoL rankeds
Simple as join op.gg , type the name and check his KDA, games played and % win rate, then choose if ban him or not.
: Support Role and the Ranked System
I'm at the moment in Gold 1 and I have been already in promo to platinum, it is true that is not the highest ELO but I have been playing Supp since the start (S2) and in my opinion is all about attitude and hard trainning with just couple supp ( Of course knowing each of them properly) but seriosly, maximize just couple supp, main them hard until you can play good even against your counters; It is true that you will have to lose games becouse Non experienced ADC, and AFK, and ETC, but same as you do, everybody does; Be hard with yourself and even in the worst moments, think about what you could have done and not what other's didn't. And at the end, not less important for that, follow websites like Op.gg to check the biggest win rate, and get into the meta, is a nonsense to play a Thresh when you are in an Assassins Meta, for example, when you should play characters like Janna to peel hard your ADC and mitigate the enemies Damage. Study and Hardwork are the key to climb.
: Luckiest re-roll ever
I converted Infernal Nasus from hextech chest into permanent and they gave me Proyect Yasuo. Best day ever. xD
vavrfr6 (EUW)
Well guys, it´s more than obvious that AP Assasins builded as tank are still one shooting mid laners and adc´s and just killing tanks as nothing, I´ve been playing Ekko tank and Akali tank in main and smurf accound and is just ridiculous damage when you are full build and only 30 AP. This is so simple, go to op.gg and check profesional Top laner history, like Dyrus for example, playing full Ekko tank top, shaco tank top and check scores, seriosly, we all know is just broken right now, Riot should do something. In the other way, I don´t agree with "vavrfr6" at all, I mean, most of the champions that he mencioned are absolutly normal right now.
: Full Tank Ekko
Just to go op.gg and check Dyrus match making at North America, Full Ekko tank - Shaco Tank - Akali Tank, etc, it´s more than obvious that is free elo right now, so use it or ban him until riot decide to nerf this; I´ve been playing Ekkotank in main and smurf accound and just crazy, Free kills everywhere, still deletes ADC and Mid lane so easy without AP and crazy tankiness and movility, just a joke. xD
: S on some support champs ...
Well, I got my S chests playing all supports, Thresh, Lulu, bard and Shen, and to be honest it was quite easy; It Took me two days doing roaming and playnig KDA ( Not die) and that´s all.
: can we just nerf TANK akali?
Well guys, to be honest, for the last week i´ve been playing Ap assasins building full tank; Akali, Ekko, Katarina, Diana, and for real, of course you can counter that and fight against that, but the impact that you can have in the game is absolutly crazy, I have win 1 vs 4 easy, in middle of them with Ekko and end up with more than half hp, same with Katarina, The meta right now is to get as tanky as possible and play this kind of characters with crazy movility and strong basic damage is kind of free win, at least to me. In my opinion they need to change this somehow, but to be honest, I have no idea of what Riot have in mind; I invite you all to take a look at Profesional players accounds and check the Match Story, such as Dyrus for example with Ekko tank in main and smurf accound, seriosly, is just free Elo right now.
stuttmann (EUW)
: I feel betrayed by Hextech crafting
Is nonsense to reroll 3 shards into one permanent skin, trust me, the best you can do is disenchant all the skins that you are not going to use or don´t want, save all the orange Essence and wait for good shards, that way you´ll never lose or let it into the "luck". I´ve earn Soul Reaver Draven, and Infernal Nasus and I disenchanted both, i´m main support, I don´t need them at all and use them free 7 days or reroll is just a crazy thing to do. Just wait for the right moment, that´s what you guys need to learn about Hextech Craft.


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