han0mag (EUW)
: But does anyone know if the mathmaking is fixed? Can't believe it tho. I'm Iron 2 and all (litteraly) ALL my games were vs (and with) Silver, Gold and one even vs Plat 2... Seriously? I mean come on? I even got reported like couple of times, just because everyone blaming me for dying. This should be a fair play? No Way! PS: I'm lvl 32 and IRon 2 and even in normal i get like lvl 200+ silver enemies. ??
Looking at https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=han0mag it looks like you're still in your 10 placement matches (2-4, 4 still to go) and not ranked yet, only a provisional rank. From what I read, MMR starts out at the average (silver-ish) for your first placement match, placement make your ranking go up a bunch while not having it go down but starts low, while MMR does go both up and down. Your MMR is probably still a bunch higher than that of most actually in iron 2, so getting silvers isn't something wrong with matchmaking. I guess the plat 2 might be duo-ing with someone else? Normal games have separate MMR from ranked, so for normals, that lvl 200+ silver player probably had similar-ish MMR to you. (might be scewed by players not queueing solo)
cosmatic (EUNE)
: please update this lots of players will be happy for your update
Well, there's the "free champion rotation", which IIRC they extended the numbers on 1 or 2 years ago (from 10 to 15 I think), so you too can try-before-you-buy if you have a bit of patience. (AFAIK new champions also get put into the free champion rotation a few weeks after their release, so even those you can try out pretty quick.) As a new player you now also get 5 higher BE champions for your first 10 days (I think as a veteran I got 1 or 2 low BE champs from lvlups?), so you should have more BE to use, even if you make a mistake...
Feffer B (EUW)
: changing language to english
Top left of launcher before login, you can pick region and language. EUW has English/German/Spanish/French/Italian there. It might be some windows setting that they might key off; I sometimes get some stuff in Dutch in other programs, even though I set my display language in win10 to English... :(
: Mecha kingdoms tokens
IIRC free missions were for 300 tokens, so if you don't have the pass, that's it.
1v1 pure (EUW)
: Does this insultless chat log deserve PERMA BAN ?
The way you formulated the poll makes me think that bit is far from everything...
: difference is in owned champion pool of how fast you get reroll points https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/ARAM
Ah yeah, kind of remember them once talking about combatting ARAM-only accounts[1] (and I guess ARURF ones too) and that helps there... [1] only buying certain champs good in ARAM on an account to increase the odds of getting one of those
: Where to find 5v5 teams?
https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/teams-clubs-tournaments-euw board? But you already posted there... There should be news next week about Riot's plans for "Clash" 5v5 tournaments. (IIRC, you have to have done your ranked placements to participate in Clash though)
Bæka (EUW)
: The same as ARAM. More games total = more rerolls.
I guess if it's a shared reroll, the "ARAM reroll progress" indicator in the bottom left of profile migh indicate how close a person is? (for ex. 1 + 240/250 towards a 2nd is listed there for this account)
KerberosFi (EUNE)
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIyixC9NsLI I can see where they drew inspiration from {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Which lead to videos such as: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xs3s2AjJsFQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zy6kmdQK39A
Kimmaz (EUW)
: Update to Riot Account help
Expanding on what Shamose wrote, not all games will have the same regions as LoL (for ex. TFT or LoR don't need low ping, so they might at some point allow playing vs players on the other side of the world). As far as I understood, the region selector will be removed from the launcher in the near future, selecting the right region for the games based on what region's summoner name(s) is/are linked to that login name. The only way to keep your login name would be if you would be the only owner of that login name on _every_ LoL region, including PBE (so EUW/EUNE/NA/KR/PBE and any other Riot LoL regions (any LoL region that's not LPL or Garena-run I think)) . In that case change all your accounts of that login name you have except the one you want to keep and maybe you might be able to keep (or change to itself) that last one.
: Improving the muting system
Post game lobby is launcher, so I guess the game client doesn't communicate such temporary settings it made back to the launcher...
: What's the significance/ benefit of getting champions as loot?
Since the "prizes for first week of playing" and "prizes for the first 10 levels" are pretty new-ish (past year I think?), I'm not sure how they are awarded. It could be "champion permanent"s in loot, which you can upgrade to champions at no cost or disenchant into Blue Essence. From levelup Champion Capsules you get "champion shards": https://i.postimg.cc/MZ5KWQgt/loot-galio1.jpg Here I am mousing-over my Galio champion shard. It lists "Activatable", since I don't yet own the champion, it lists that in the shop the champion would cost 3150 Blue Essence, that for the shard plus 1890 Blue Essence I can buy/upgrade to the champion (so the shard counting as 1260 BE) or turn the shard into 630 BE (half the worth when upgrading it). If I then click the shard, it gives me the 2 options of the mouse-over plus the trash "rent" option. (no idea why that's still in the client) The upgrade cost is listed in red, since as you can see, I don't have 1890 BE in stock, only 292. ;) https://i.postimg.cc/g0bPyzfn/loot-galio2.jpg If you don't get those mouse-overs/popups, something might be wrong. (either the client itself or something blocking popups in Chromium based browsers such as the client?)
: aram main, dont touch SR, aram is (or at least was when i lvl'd 2nd account) full of bots. >The only place where you would be getting 3-4 bot-scripts on your team > but wait.... the rioter maintained that you only see bots 'every now and then' are you saying he was... wrong?!?..
People always make assumptions, so I wouldn't be surprised if a random player support person assumes nearly every new account to go: a few SR coop games -> SR normal games -> SR ranked or SR normal games -> SR ranked And is completely blind to the option of playing coop games on a lvl 15+ account and/or playing more ARAM than SR unless that is super explicitly mentioned in the ticket, so in their mind there are hardly any bots in that sequence... (and you see me here making the assumption "trying to rip off blinders wether they exist or not/assuming they will misunderstand unless I spell everything out is a win/no-loss strategy on making tickets". ;-P ) Hmm, does ARAM MMR go up with level then? The few ARAM games I've played on my alts (this being one; created long ago, since the meme among reds on boards v1 was liking waffles) have been botless.
CMPlays92 (EUW)
: New Player Levelling...
- People are willing to buy fresh lvl 30 accounts for ranked, which result in there being profit in botting. - People banned for being toxic make new accounts. Hard to fix those things without draconic measures... Going all South Korean and linking accounts to passport/social security number, so you can only have one account and can't create a new one when perma-d would be a big GDPR no-no. Rootkitting every player's PC to kill possible botting software would probably be a big PR disaster... I guess giving players in good honor standing the option to get/buy a lvl 30 alt might cut into the demand for botted accounts? Maybe switch LoL over to a videogame streaming service like Google etc. are trying to setup might reduce/eliminate botting, since then you no longer have game client memory to read state from, but a video stream instead they would have to real-time analyze, making botting cost-prohibitive? (Would result in LoL switching from being able to run on the slowest stable ADSL connection to kind of _needing_ an unmetered probably 15+Mbit/sec stable connection to not break up if anyone else in the house uses the internet.) Getting rid of inting? I wonder if we might create Skynet in an attempt to train an advanced AI to detect what is and isn't inting... ;-P
Hansiman (EUW)
: Here's a very detailed [Dev Blog](https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2018/10/dev-removing-cheaters-from-lol/) that talks about cheating and bots, and shares some insight as to what they do to tackle it. They naturally won't share everything they do to catch bots since that information can just be used to avoid detection in the future. The short of it is: It's better to flag bot accounts and ban them in large waves, rather than ban them individually all the time. This actually makes the longterm impact of bots smaller. In 2016 Riot also sued a company and individuals that offered botting services, and were awarded a $10 million payout, as well as a forced shutdown of the service.
The article seems to mostly mention ARAM bots (not sure I've ever run into those), not coop-vs-AI bots. The problem with bots is if you ban them the second they are detected, you are feeding the bot makers info on how they were detected allowing them to evolve them into more detection-resistant bots... (kind of like how antibiotics spam leads to more antibiotic-resistant bacteria) :( The worst thing for bot farmers actually is if the botted account doesn't get banned until the day before it's sold, since that way they would have sunk the most (CPU)time and money into it without a payout, though having the bots hang around that long of course isn't fun for real players... I try to report all bots and if I see a new pattern, put it in the report comment box. Copy-paste from a reply I made on the NA boards about coop bots: > PS: bot-script patterns I've seen lately: > 1) > Summoner name: [random/random case letters][name from name dictionary] or [name from name dictionary][random/random case letters] > summoner spells: heal/ghost > items: components, starting with boots (probably just going recommended left to right, top to bottom) > behaviour: RNG casting Q/W/E/R (so the bot-scripts with dashes are the worst, since they random-dive the most) , switches to one of the other 2 lanes on most deaths or recalls. > > 2) Summoner name: [word from word dictionary][name from name dictionary] > summoner spells: heal/ghost > items: just doran's blade > behaviour: probably the same as the other type; haven't had too many in my lane yet >
: how does him implying that bots are only seen 'every now and then' not COMPLETELY ignore/deny that i was having issues when they were in EVERY SINGLE GAME I PLAYED from 1-30? as i said, its not flat out calling me a lier, i admit, but you cant say he is not trying to imply that? it seems you are just trying to blindly whiteknight while also, yourself, implying its 'not an issue' when it quite clearly is!
Maybe a confusion between coop games vs normal games? The only place where you would be getting 3-4 bot-scripts on your team frequently should be coop beginner at times when there are few humans on. (weekday monings/early afternoon or very late at night)
: Matchmaking for new players is terrible
Looking at https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Maleficent+Egirl That higher level player seems to queue mostly together with 2 or 3 lower level players. Which makes it much harder for the matchmaking to find a team to put against them... (Don't feel like looking up if any on your side were duos or more, but looking at your end game screenshot, it looks not unreasonable that the sum of their MMR (plus a small addition for queuing up together) might be similar to the sum of your team's MMR)
Dem1devil (EUW)
: Matchmaking in normals post lvl 30
Because they have the same normal game MMR as you. So either they are not better than you or they might hardly ever play normals, thereby not climbing their normal game MMR or they take normals less serious, resulting in more losses and not very high normal game MMR. (normal game and ranked MMR are completely separate)
Morrhen (EUW)
: 300 event tokens?
Can't find anything official from Riot, though redditors seem to think 300 is all the free tokens.
: what do you mean by "regular season"
Season 10 matches, so Worlds, Allstars, season 9 etc VODs don't count. You can wait for LEC to start again on the 24th or if you want to rush the mission, https://watch.lolesports.com/vods/lpl/lpl_2020_split1 already has the first LPL VODs. (login there first for the watching to count)
: I think the point is more the bad design/choice of missions. Not everyone plays ranked - and are essentially forced to in order to complete this - and some people (like the OP) literally cannot play even if they wanted to, based on level and champion requirements. It's a stupid mission that excludes part of the player base, when they could have easily included an alternative, maybe slightly longer way to complete it (e.g. OR play x number of normal games).
It's indeed annoying that at least 2/9 quests are locked away behind "Summoner's Rift ranked". For ARAM-only players the missions would probably be even harder to complete than for a low level player, since most others are about SR features (though most work in coop vs AI SR games) and for TFT-only players they would be incompletable (though mostly no interesting rewards, but still staring at them there)... But since the missions are basically an "hey _ranked_ season 10 has started!" ad, it's understandable ranked play is somewhat included/forced. (you can only "buy 1, get a freebie" on the advertised drink X, not get that for other drink Y you might like more)
Shengi (EUW)
: Warwick Q Bug
Better odds of Riot seeing this: - NA boards, Bug Reports - NA boards, reply to one of Meddler's posts - reddit etc. EUW New Player Advice board has near zero chance of a red reading this (and being able to do anything about it)
: Client / Updates
You'll have better luck of a dev seeing your topic either on the NA boards or for ex. on Reddit. Launcher and game are dev-ed in the USA; EU doesn't have people working on it. (only red posting frequent-ish on EU boards seems to be a security engineer: https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-en/dVQu8Xhx-so-did-you-decided-to-cuck-windows-7-users?comment=000300000000 ) No idea if like LoL Dota2's launcher too is some shell around chromium or another browser core or if they implemented that differently...
Slimęy (EUW)
: Can the tutorial be reworked. please?
Well, "support" role is probably hard for plenty of newbies to understand, since it's quite quirky to have 4 sources of income (3 lanes plus jungle), but 5 players. The same for the concept that a marksman/ADC can be fine with sharing exp with someone, but not sharing gold, while a carry mage is mostly not fine sharing either... All the support item changes over the years clearly show how much Riot has struggled with the role even existing...
: How to go back in iron 4
You mean you are worse than all those players seen in the SaltyTeemo twitch streams where you sometimes see 2 ADCs 1v1 duel at melee distance without moving or champions not called {{champion:69}} go 35 minutes without boots? ;) My mechanics and reaction speed are horrible, but if I ever tried ranked, even I wouldn't deserve to be Iron 4 or lower...
: riots thinkin: if this player bought its account... SUPER customer!!!!.. cuz it ll buy skins etc....
Lol no, most buyers must know that their bought account will either: a) get caught in a botted account ban wave in less than 2 months or b) be perma-d before that from being toxic again For the demand side, not sure if all can be solved in a decent way... a) permabanned players grabbing a new account: except with draconic measures, probably incompatible with GDPR etc. , you probably can't keep them out of the game. :( b) streamers doing "bronze to master" runs: I guess Riot could give/sell such lvl 30 throwaway alt accounts to them? c) players wanting to troll a bit in low ELO on a throwaway alt? Probably not something Riot really wants to encourage? (maybe give/sell an alt, but slightly link reports back to the main account to discourage trolling/inting?) What other buyers would there be for botted accounts? (I think Dom once said on-stream to have paid a _human_ to level that account for him and the only reason that _one_ alt was banned, but not others of his, was precisely because of mentioning it on stream ( == account sharing proof)) (maybe d) "I'm hardstuck rank 'Y', so I need a new account to climb past that"? But then they would be a one-time customer and not buy anymore after the botted account ban wave hits...)
: Why does riot make missions based on playing a certain character?
Karma: the charity skin Lee Sin: Prestige skin Others: often event related or if they had just gotten a (mini) rework Fortunately there's the "play 'N' games" alternatives; I think in the past we've at times had "play a game with champion 'X' on either team" _without_ the 'N' games alternative, which is worse. If you run short on time for any of the missions, just rush a few beginner bots games with Tristana + demolish/Ziggs + demolish or something like that for quick finishes... (on my alts I'm going through these missions in coop intermediate; the "play" part of the missions seems spaced for 1 game a day, syncing up with First Win of the Day runs.)
: If you do decide to use coop games to lvl up and learn, then take note that basically, all of the lanes are your responsibility to defend, as the bots/scripts do not seem to have any understanding of the tactical situation whatsoever. The way to do this is to abuse the Riot bots weaknesses to get kills, FAST, so you can snowball fast, push whatever lane you are in and switch lanes and dominate there as needed. Try to be in the lane where there currently are no scripters so you dont have to share exp with them and that lane needs defending anyway if there is noone else in it. I've also seen a new player start to gather other live players to do these coop games together, which sounds like a good idea for beginners.
> [{quoted}](name=LootAndPillage,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=txFdMWAm,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2020-01-02T01:13:16.826+0000) > > If you do decide to use coop games to lvl up and learn, then take note that basically, all of the lanes are your responsibility to defend, as the bots/scripts do not seem to have any understanding of the tactical situation whatsoever. The current batch of exp farm scripts seem to be written super basic, casting their Q/W/E abilities at random times and in random directions, I guess so no/very little script tweaks are needed for the various free rotation champions and/or to reduce CPU use, so more farm scripts can run on the same computer at the same time to get more profit per computer. This does mean that the worst script you can have in your team is probably one with some kind of dash, since they might randomly use that to accidentally dive a tower...
: Should I just go into normal games and forget about bot games?
If they are running heal/ghost while being lvl 15+ and have a summoner name that has a few random letters at the start or end, those are indeed scripts run by jerks farming exp to sell those accounts to others. :( {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} If I'm doing a coop game for first win of the day and see 2 or 3 of those on my team, I pick Brand for the AoE, since nowadays the Riot bots group pretty well later on...
: Anyone knows what happens if you buy a Prestige skin for a champion you do not own?
Similar to rerolling into a skin for a champion you don't own, you get it as a skin permanent at loot: https://i.postimg.cc/x8cgCj8B/prestige-not-owned.jpg
Silv3rGod (EUNE)
: feeling like my lp gain is low
I'm not a ranked player, but from post on the forums my impression was that 17-18 up or down was about the range for when your rank kind of matches with your MMR. And things like 11-12 up plus much higher down (or the other way around) was when rank and MMR were really far apart.
: Look, I'm not trying to be mean to Riot or anything, but I honestly do not care about what problems they face, I only care about the result. Riot is a multi-billion dollar company and if they don't have a good solution for this yet then they should set their multi-million dollar think tank on the task of finding a good solution. I always read the same arguments about bots becoming smarter etc. but I'm not buying it. Those bots are so blatantly obvious, I would be surprised if not 99% of them get reported for being a bot multiple times. But even if "only" 9/10 bots get reported, that means for a bot/scripter company it would still be efficient to use 5 times as much CPU power on a smarter bot. And honestly, I dont think CPU power would even be the issue there, just a very smart script programmer could probably make them a LOT smarter without increasing CPU usage significantly. If the scripts became even just as smart as Riots intermediate AI then most beginners probably would not be able to identify them as bots. Anyway, whatever the challenges are, any game will eventually die out if no new players join to replace those who leave. Atm, the new player experience sure is not pleasant for newer players so improving that in SOME way will be a necessity. Even my free to play chess server is able to filter out most bots to a degree that I cant remeber the last time I faced one. Must have been years ago. Noone can tell me Riot can't solve this if they really try.
The dumber the bots, the more bots can be running games on the same bit of hardware at the same time. (I wouldn't be surprised if a single PC runs 10+ bots in that many different coop games at the same time.) And bot writers vs Riot is an arms race just like DRM developers vs game/Blu-Ray etc. crackers/cheat writers vs anti-cheat writers etc. Maybe Riot could make a scripts coop queue, like they do for smurfs in normal games, though again that might show their hand to the script writers alllowing those to evolve their code to better hide from Riot's script detection. (the sooner they get feedback of being detected, the more often they can test new evolutions of their code) At some point you'd end up with the game "big brother"ing your whole RAM and harddisk to detect the scripts, hooking deeper into the OS than a virus scanner. ;-( If your free chess server had a way for people to make real world money from it, I'm sure bot writers would jump all over it. (in another game I play, dozens of restrictions on the player to player market etc. have been put in place over the years because people always find a way to abuse a multiplayer game to make money. (alt-farming to sell earnable premium currency for real life money, Steam creditcard fraud transfering items from a fodder account to another one etc. in that game's case.)) I wonder if things like this are one of the reasons Google and others are looking at setting up game streaming services: if you only have the simple mouse/keyboard input being forwarded to the server and as output just have a video stream, that should make botting harder, since they have a video stream to analyze in realtime instead of a game client. (for LoL such a thing though would mean going from a few bytes of game data per second downstream during a game (a replay file used to be less than 10Mbyte/game) to a few Mbit/sec of video downstream.)
: It used to do that. Nowadays, with 3-4 bots in every coop game beginners join I'm not so sure anymore they are learning the basics well in there. I'm not blaming the new players, mind you. I'm blaming Riot for dropping new players into bot/scripter hell and not getting rid of the bot problem.
> [{quoted}](name=LootAndPillage,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=6nEblVlR,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-12-27T03:03:12.590+0000) > I'm blaming Riot for dropping new players into bot/scripter hell and not getting rid of the bot problem. It's a complicated problem. They could probably try to keep coop games clean from bot-scripts right now and for the near future, but then you'd create the equivalent of antibiotic-resistant bacteria as the bot-script writers figure out Riot's countermeasures. And I prefer to not let things like anti-cheat evolve into a full on rootkit either, so Riot's strategy of trying to hit the botters where it hurts most, money (CPU cycles used up == money spent), and only kill them just before they are sold without giving much information to the script writers when/how the bot was detected might be the "least bad" option, though it doesn't help newbies unless the botters bleed enough money to go out of business. :-| And of course the bot-scripters won't improve their scripts to the level of the Riot bots, since smarter bots need more CPU power -> fewer bots running on the same computer at the same time -> less profits. :-( I guess if Riot added an option for people with good standing on their main account to buy fresh lvl 30 alts with a basic set of champions to start ranked, they might be able to cut away a chunk of the bot farmers' customer base...
: oh wow now i get the chat logs ,my most agressive sentences ve been those what I copy pasted who started spam flaming me so he can notice what kind of garbade he typed and I see there is a second game where I told someone to get a better position, stop being busy with typing all game and to report him for spaming.... sry but in wich dimension is that not productive
Asking for reports I think is one of the things you can get reported and banned for, so avoid doing that. (seen as negative behaviour)
: What was the report reason?
If you got a (chat) ban, I think you should have gotten a report card that included the parts of chat that lead to the ban.
Syntich (EUNE)
: 0% new-player friendly
If coop: there's a bunch of bot-scripts leveling up accounts that are basically like minions but with random ability casts. If normal games: you are shown as lvl 4. A big chunk of non-smurf lvl 4 players might be new to the whole MOBA genre, so might play as bad as those bot-scripts from coop at that point... The fact that you know to call it a MOBA, means you're probably beyond the "new player" step already. (and sound frustrated with the real new players and newbies checking if their toaster PC/cups-and-string internet can run the game.)
: That's why I ask about games pre 30. I have heard from a streamer (ipav, teemo player) that your games pre 30 count and determine your MMR...
Normal games and ranked have separate MMR. Which is why you sometimes see questions here of the type: "why are there diamond players in my normal games?" (answer: those players don't play normal much and/or not at all serious, resulting in low normal game MMR)
: Definitely. But when there's a queue of 20000+ users at login, shouldn't that be an automated detection task? Shouldn't the inability to join a queue for any game type be checked by a script as well? No offense, but they both should. If it's "not possible" due to the client design (the software architecture/design, not the UI - user interface) then who ever was in charge as a solutions architect for the client has done a terrible job. EDIT: I have worked for 2 years at JPMorgan Chase in and I was responsible for the implementation of multiple vital services, all of which were extremely complex (handling the registration and processing of bonds, derivatives, etc). Each microservice was deployed on Gaia - private/proprietary JPMorgan cloud service - and had a dedicated status (health check) page, along with multiple scripts that were either event-triggered or ran as a task with a given frequency based on how critical the service was). So yeah, when I tell you all that stuff should be automated, trust me it should.
The internal stuff is, see for ex: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/live-incident-breakdown-na/rsMMFmNl-the-good-the-bad-and-the-league-1130-1213 External coomunication you probably want to pass through human hands unless it's very basic red/green up/down stuff.
: It is still bs to me, that NA Servers are Stable as shiit and EU Servers are just complete trash over all These years, even tho Riot is Cashing out like hell! I mean, shouldnt they have enough Money to get a Stable EU Server running? It wasnt that hard getting the NA Servers running perfectly right? Well, all the complaining wont do anything anyways so im gonna be out :) See ya!
NA is a small 4fun server, while EUW is one of the biggest. Bigger -> more complex; just slapping down double the hardware doesn't just straight up double the capacity without running into bottlenecks in various places. Avoiding EUW situation is probably one of the reasons China is split into 29 servers according to https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Servers#China_Server_Network (The EU -> EUW + EUNE split back in the days also was because Riot back then had trouble running a server as big as EU(W))
: What's the best Assassin for flanking?
Hmm, wouldn't answering that go against the spirit of this sub-forum, since you'd be making the new player experience more miserable with it? ;-( (kind of a "how to smurf harder on newbies")
Deflekt (EUW)
: New player. First impressions, some questions and advices from the community
EUNE: located in I think Frankfurt, Germany. EUW: located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. (One of Riot's largest servers. It's the "if a new feature doesn't crash _this_ server, it will work on all of them" server. ;) ) coop vs AI games: as others have said, scum are running bot-scripts there to level up to 30 to sell to people who want to jump straight into ranked on an (second) account without doing the level grinding. (probably the same absolute numbers of bot-script at any point of the day, but the number of humans playing coop vs AI changes over the day, so the bot-script _percentage_ is probably higher middle of the night) If I see 2+ bot-scripts on our team (heal+ghost summoners plus summoner name that has a few random/random case letters in front or at the end, plus level 15+ is a good indication), I pick Brand to turn the Riot bots' superior mid/late game grouping against themselves. low level normal (PvP) games: until they are sorted into their own matchmaking queue, have "smurfs" in them: alt accounts of high level players/players that had their main banned for being toxic etc.
: Try to play as much, and with someone who understands the game if possible. If you don't know wich rune to pick, try to search on websites like mobafire. You can also search item builds online but in the begining it is suficient to stick with the recommended page in the shop. It can also help to be familiar with a small number of champions but don't be afraid to try someone new. The same goes for lanes. You can also find the difficulty of the champion in the client, try to start with the easy ones until you get the hang of the game. If you want to try something new, it can be a good idea to try it against bots (a lot of people tend to flame for small mistakes). Try to stand open for critisisem. ADC stands for attack damage carry, these are most of the time champions without a lot of health but high AD damage output, they can be found most of the time under the marksman class If you want to find players to play with you can try to search on the boards for clubs or just invite people you liked playing with after game. Good luck and have fun.
> [{quoted}](name=ChargeboltDenki,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=h0mugEbG,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-12-17T18:17:39.573+0000) > >If you don't know wich rune to pick, try to search on websites like mobafire. Hmm, based on forum comments over the years, I was under the impression that mobafire was seen as the "bronze rank" of champion build sites. (AKA "hey, this happens to accidentally work in my bronze games!" builds posted by people instead of runes/items/skill orders theorycrafted for their synergies with the champion's skills/passive/scaling/range/etc.) Just like theorycrafting led from ADCs going mid before(/during?) season 1 to the current setup/meta on how to divide the 4 streams of gold and exp (3 lanes + jungle) over 5 champions. (not very mobile mages etc. that scale hard by levels in the short solo mid lane, someone more mobile or otherwise with more survivability in the longer solo top lane, a jungler, ADC botlane: scales better with gold/items than with levels, so can share the exp with the support: crowd control, such as stuns/slows/silences/etc, and/or shields/heals/etc., can function on low gold and exp, babysitting the ADC through the laning phase.) Unfortunately reworks/rebalances of champions/items/runes/etc. means a guide from a year ago might not be accurate anymore (though if it lists some theorycrafting on why it was good back then, that might still be relevant), while things like probuilds.net are "current", but the theorycrafting on why something might be good according to the pros is up to the player reading the site... :-|
Ñuub (EUW)
: can ppl stop pls
Normal games at low level? Probably the smurfs haven't been sorted into their own matchmaking queue yet... (2nd accounts of high level players/2nd accounts of people that had their main account banned for being toxic etc.)
: I know that of course but lets talk about it.... we both went to the base after a fight at bot lane... and the jungler is about to gank mid... I still able to help both of them by ganking as a three men.... and i know when and how to roam very well... also how to avoid enemies wards. the problem is how they treat you while you're trying to help others
Perhaps the ADC just wasn't used to supports using more advanced tactics like roaming on recall, so different from normal -> got scared by it -> results in lashing out. (just look for ex. at politics for how powerful fear of different/the unknown is...) ;-|
Swagdog69 (EUW)
: Hi, why is everyone so angry in this game?
Just like there can be hateful comments in social media... People feel anonymous and likely will never meet the others again or in real life, so flaming those they see as hindering their "fun" of winning is easy/without real consequences other than maybe a ban. (those people after bans then probably either end up ruining newbie games as smurfs or as customers of the account botters. :( ) (the whole P2W game genre is built around the whole concept of "the only good game is a won game", though those usually are more battle royale style, so not really teammates to flame if it's not looking like a "win".)
: my last 5 games
If this is in coop vs AI: if those were running ghost/heal, had names consisting of a word with some random letters before or after it, those were likely bot-scripts that jerks trying to sell them once lvl 30 are running. :( They get mass banned in waves now and then. (Riot doesn't want to clue the bot-writers in on what got them detected and unfortunately banning the botted accounts just before getting sold hits the bot runners the most financially. ;-( )
Infernape (EUW)
: What happened to it? Riot released TFT and realised they can't monetise game modes, canned the lot of them and will bring them back as an when they see fit (probably never lol). Oh that and the fact that Riot's shitty spaghetti code means they can't work on modes so often because they might break something.
> [{quoted}](name=Infernape,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=xEBLtjPJ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-12-07T02:19:34.266+0000) > > Oh that and the fact that Riot's shitty spaghetti code means they can't work on modes so often because they might break something. You've got that backwards. Stuff they do for new champs, champ reworks, Summoner's Rift etc. breaks the other game modes, including (up to the end of last season) TT. So a rotating game mode needs to be fixed for months of changes before re-release. (and TT needed to be checked for breaks each patch, even though its player population was really low compared to other modes, which in their opinion meant the costs outweighed the benefits) Since nobody ever gets to play more than maybe 2 patches back (the pros?) it doesn't make much sense to keep old legacy code around just for game modes to call. (would probably be wonky and hard to maintain/debug to have different code run for the same function call for SR or a rotating game mode...) Similarly, I expect a server install script I wrote for an older version of Ubuntu to crash and burn in 1 or more places whenever I try it on a new version of Ubuntu... (only LoL is getting a "new version" every 2-3 weeks instead of Ubuntu's half year/2 years for a LTS.)
: Blood moon mode
Had to look it up on the wiki, but since it's a SR version, I guess it has a higher chance of coming back than for ex. the PvE modes. https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2019/02/ask-riot-game-modes-metals/ https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2019/07/dev-state-of-modes/ https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2019/09/ask-riot-events-and-game-modes/
: I don't understand why such thing as "Placement" still exists for new accounts. Everybody should start at the first step of the ladder. Iron 4 - 0 LP. No excuses. Placing people higher is serving to create Elo Hell for people from Silver4 and below. Elo Hell is clearly all manual invention from Rito Gamez. Then people from Bronze are all typing on boards that they cannot climb. Ofc you cannot climb, you got that guy whos playing his first game and running 0-20, against Darius who has 300 games only playing Darius :)
Then you just move the problem to iron 4... If you start placements silver-ish, odds are decent that the new-to-ranked person might be OK-ish for the match, while if you start them all iron 4, suddenly you dump a whole bunch of 1v9-ers into their all out random brawl/ADC-melee-1-v-1 etc. games. It would take all the fun out of https://www.twitch.tv/saltyteemo if "will any one of them play halfway decent? " changes to "who has a placements player that will stomp?". ;)
: ty mate also yes this is made me stop even trying after one match i ended up making a player lose his promo this is kinda unfair to be honest
I guess not putting any people in promos in games with people still in their placements could be an idea they never thought about. No idea how much that would reduce the pick pool for matchmaking and conflict with making matchmaking quick-ish...
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