: a) A massive banwave is going around banning anyone who was detected using cheats in the past or now b) No you won't get your account back, the system is strict about it c) Yes it might seem unfair, but we can't do anything about it anyways, contact riot support, but I'll tell you in advance you won't get anything d) The system isn't wrong, sorry for saying it e) No riot will not give you details on the system or on your ban because it'll compromise the fight against 3rd party programs
Well it would be ok if I ever used one I never used scripts like the one who dodges skillshots and so on. Well I think riot did a favor for me anyway I spent too much time on this game O_o . Thanks for reply tho.
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Neonchan (EUW)
: But everyone said she is super OP...
She is very strong but her kit is very unforgiving in this meta and she doesnt fit anywhere at all why pick Illaoi if u can pick someone like Sion ,malphite or someone else who does the job much more better.
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: Video of the EUW LAG
Same happend to me XD
: lost my promo's to this too ;{. i just wish they would give loss prevented idk
Sad thing is many people lost their promos from bronze to silver i'l be very salty if that happend to me like so salty i actually uninstall lol XD
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