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Smerk (EUW)
: The main problem of adcs is that the games don't last long enough for them to get their power spikes. Those "nerfs" will allow them to get their items faster and thus becoming relevant sooner, making an actual impact in the process. So overall it's actually a buff, even though items got weaker stats
when your a mid laner vlad veigar player you really dont understand how bad it is lol
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: You are Plat 1 with 52% win ratio 200 games. Thats why you had trouble to keep up in Diamond 5 elo. You dropped to your actual skill level. (Not trying to be offensive or something).
i was dia 5 with 110 games and for the next 7 days continuously i had the bad team for most of my games
: This might be a smurf tho
if you use your eyes im from EUW......
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: I tried this :( still not working at all
ive just been trolled it worked then i had to restart my computer and know its not working again, how is that possible im so confused
: I know lol, I've had to look through old board posts from years ago trying to find riot advice on anything similar to this problem :D Getting quite frustrated now as nothing they suggested has fixed it haha
i dont know how or why, but i fulyl deleted everything to do with league on my system then went on the websites main page and downloaded it and for know it seems to be working perfectly unless somehow theyve just fixed there servers im unsure but try doing that and i hope it works out for you
: Yeah I tried hex tech repair too :( Its weird like the loading screen will be black then when i go back to desktop the game doesn't even exist on my computer but the client thinks it does so has the reconnect page on it, but clicking that just gets me back to black screen, and again no game window exists on my dock bar like it normally would :/ and I haven't had any reply from my support ticket yet {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
i know the feels they need to put more people on player support help cause ive been waiting 24 hours for a reply yet and seeing as its a game like League we shouldnt have to wait this long they should have enough people to put us through {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
: Constantly getting black screen after champion select since today, anyone else experiencing this?
Im in the same boat but getting a different perspective where i dont even get a black screen , mine just says im in game and leaver me on the reconnect screen and no matter how many times i press it nothing happens, ive also tried every single connection issue riot has got on here a long with the hextech tool which doesnt help at all{{champion:103}}
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Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
yes its a fault in riots system and now i cant even play the game at all cause i have the bug where i cant connect to a game after champ select , riot says its on my end, which ive seen many people have this problem but not one person has had a solution of fix to it or told anyone a fix so its something for sure on riots end and ive also tried every single "network, connection issue aswell" none have worked and im still un able to play
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: what about the 0 8 kha ? you had lately ?
I got invaded in my jungle 6 times by multiple enemies with both my solo laners just standing under tower not moving :)
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JamesIAm (EUW)
: The more you dodge the higher the LP losses and leaver buster timers will be. Some people just mess around in champ select, I'd stick it out (you're not gonna lose much more LP even if you do lose) and then you can report them at the end.
im currently nearly dropping into plat because of the games so if i dode and lose lp that made me go onto -10 im already being shielded from dropping , the fact is my dodge should of been reset it had been more than 24 hours since i last dodged and shouldnt have given me a 30 min dodge timer
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