: You also have to farm a lot to get an S maybe that's why you got an A with that score
I came back to answer only because I got diamond Yes,I had to farm more and my farm score was pretty low. Goddamn,I posted this 2 years ago,time sure flies fast.
killaras95 (EUNE)
: i was had 15 wins in a row whe i take 12 lp
mmr takes a while to recover and your kill partecipation and other stuff has to be good,otherwise everyone could have 5 wins in a row and get 30 lp per game
GrandTanat (EUNE)
: Except that Tyler1 is a real life person who shows, that one can act unsportsmanlike in League of Legend without any penalty. I've already seen a lot of people who think, that just because there are flamers, Riot doesn't do anything about them and they start being toxic themseves, since they don't expect to be punished, so yeah, it actually matters.
Except that Tyler1 is a real life person who shows, that one can act unsportsmanlike in League of Legend without any penalty. This is why he got X accounts banned+the next ones will be even faster banned? People start being toxic because they are and they want to be toxic,not because a random dude on twich makes streams about his daily flaming life
Savage Devi (EUNE)
: They could and **_should_** do it to him alone because he is a public figure. If Johnny No-Face does this, he's not gonna get noticed for doing it because nobody even knows he exists. But Tyler had thousands of people watching him, his actions could do nothing but spread the toxicity.
So you are saying that because thousand of people are watching him then his actions spread toxicity? Well then I suppose I mangas and animes should be banned because seeing I.E. Random anime character killing the bad guy makes childrens and other people want to kill? Ehm,such a flawless logic. Even if I agree that tyler1 is toxic he is still fun to watch,always more than those brainless pro players who aren't even fun IMHO
: ELO Hell!
I've been playing 4 months and I got s3,why 2 years for gold? Also stopping giving the fault to teammates is the first step in becoming a better person and player
Mepodis (EUW)
: Need u on friendslist :c
Dude,the system is so broken..if I let you read the chats you would laugh your ass off :P Not because is toxic with me wishing others cancer but because of how stupid is it,even helping others write good sentences in english is toxic from what I can see..bruh whatever
Mepodis (EUW)
: :( Now im even sadder than before lol, didnt think that was possible
Mepodis (EUW)
: :( why...
Mepodis (EUW)
: :O No way :'(
yes,I asked for reports I mean,I asked for me to be reported lol
: Tank {{champion:245}} *cough cough*
From me with yasuo 2-0-0 at minute 15 with 114 farm and poppy 0-2-0 with 47 farm after she bought sunfire and being first 2 levels less than me she got 4 kills on me lol Only sunfire is a balanced item in this game,you get it and boom,no one can hit you anymore
Mepodis (EUW)
: Gotta love Ritos system.
I got permabanneddddddddddd damn it,I can't write you lol :(
Aelfnir (EUW)
: might try fizz but unless you get fed with yas, zed will shit on you late game
not really,I never lost against a zed in mid lane as yasuo useless I went to do other stuff while he was farming in lane which made me lose levels,and think that it was before the nerf on his W,I never even bought QSS for him,just used minions and WindWalls,if you are a decent yasuo player it will not be incredibly hard,IMHO IDK about fizz as I play him only top as tank{{item:3070}}
LA Losty (EUW)
: There are alot of ways to counter him, and if he gets shut down in lane he is usually pretty useless.
the problem is that a decent zed can stay alive in lane while making you not be able to farm,going to bot lane,smashing random spells and getting 1 or 2 kills,comming mid lane and one shotting you..this is if the zed is decent in case he is bad then you can easily win lane and the game
Draqone (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=vampirekid13,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=wNEhGyVw,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2016-04-21T11:46:19.757+0000) > > back in zeds prime days i used to just get zhonyas on everyone. > > playing riven? zhonyas > playing lux? zhonyas > playing alistar? zhonyas > playing talon? zhonyas. Hey! Alistar it's not that bad. The ulti still makes you tanky and Ali's AP ratios are horrid but there. Combo with a burst carry and you headbutt pulv = instadelete anyne except a tank. I do it in normals sometimes.
I know the feeling,I played some games as riven vs alistar ap top,0 chance of winning lane,he just presses his combo and takes almost all your life and you can't even counter 3 straight seconds of stun/root Should be balanced or..?
Perilum (EUW)
: It's not even the worst for ADCs. The poor laners mid against them are also pretty much affected.
Goodnigut (EUW)
: Nope, in the next game maybe, but you lost your chance of reporting that play because you had more important things to attend to :P. Just relax, it's just a game. When I meet players as such I try to calm down their temper and attitude and if I don't manage to do I mute them and at the end of the game if it's a lost game I just think to myself that I was unlucky to end up with such players and just move on.
Yeah I know,I was flaming and was toxic but now I changed,I really don't even write something if it's not something useful to me or my teammates,but then again,I feel like it's unfair not only for me but for all to get such players,this game was me,what about the next game? Something must be done Also yep,I carried them and won by doing how you said,I'm proud to don't be toxic anymore and actually concentrate 100% on the game,this is maybe another reason of why yasuo top has 100% win rate for me =3
Rioter Comments
: Good job riot. You reworked Annie, and still didn't fix her problem
It's funny because she is weak when her stun is not up but well the damage from spamming spells is still there and is HUGE Also,I played some games against annie as leblanc,zed,yasuo,twisted fate,ahri,fizz and kayle,lost all games,her damage from lv 1 to lv 5 is huge,at lv 6 she can simply get from 50% of my life if I'm fed and she is not,to 100% of my life in one combo if she is fed,even if I flash or try to dodge is simply impossible,she just need to press Q,click on me and is done,0 skills involved,and she is even worse than leblanc or zed at snowballing,how can a 1-0-0 annie kill a 3-0-0 yasuo which is even 1 level higher and with 90 MR in one simple combo?? She requires 0 skills and is rewarding as hell,at least if they could make so her spells can be dodged or stuff,or at least reduce the stun duration,1,25 seconds are enough to run far away or simply use other combos,wait for your teammates or something else,I may have no clue of how to play against her so I played one game annie vs yasuo mid,I had 0 clue of what I was doing,got first blood,killed yasuo 3-4 times more until he ragequited and came back 15 minutes after,I killed then him and the jungler and got a S- with her,so how the hell I'm supposed as second time annie to do so much..she is not broken,not op but annoying,if there is a way to counter her hard then can someone tell me it? Same for nasus,never saw such a champion..
Mordancy (EUNE)
: Why do I have to pick 2 roles?
When I picked first mid and second top I pretty much always got top,now I changed,and I get only mid but I hate it because I can't really play riven mid as I make runes for the champion I'm going to play and not for "oh,I got the most wanted role even though I don't want to play it so I need to change champion"
PingTe (EUW)
: If they just realeased the teased one (from a year ago) http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/sbZkmOk8-once-again-the-new-irelia-splash-has-been-hinted-at-by-riot-with-new-imagecomparison
That one looks damn awesome,the one we have now she looks sick and it's such a pain for my eyes,I wanted to main her so badly but damn..
DonPodriego (EUNE)
: it feels impossible to climb this month
I recently changed my main lane,from mid to top,I play usually only yasuo and other assasins but my win rate got higher,I tried only in normals but of 20 games I won all 19 with yasuo top and 1 mid,It may be luck or not but I feel like it was the best choice as it's tank meta and if the tank doesn't snowball because of other mistakes I can win the game What about changing lane and also your mindset? You can't blame them,and I'm pretty sure that is not always their fault if you lose the games,try not blaming others and do something instead,roaming is okay if done correctly,but you can't randomly wander for the map and not really help other lanes,maybe you take too many kills and don't transfer your advantage to your teammates,and also winning lane is not only about "first who get's a kill or tower",winning lane is having CS advantage,Kills,Towers and many other things,also placing wards is useful AS HELL,if I put a ward between top lane and mid lane I will 100% evade every gank possible and also help my teammates get maybe a free kill on that udyr who tries to kill monsters in the river or stuff. That's only my 2 cents,I don't know you rank or stuff,but I try to improve myself as much as I can
: I just lost a game because I didn't know I was in it
The same happened to me,while entering the game the client closed,I connected and I wasn't in any game,I stayed 5 minutes randomly watching videos on youtube,I wanted to queue up again when this text appeard from nowhere,I had to close the client and connect again,sadly it was even ranked and we lost as lissandra mid was lv 7 while I was lv 1
: Wow i wish i could be 0-10-0 as teemo and then wreck everything after getting 1 kill. That would be so cool. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXqRzkb5r3A
Lol,not teemo..teemo is squishy,at least I have a chance to kill him but against garens or other guys who need 1-2 items to get hard as hell to be killed then that's a problem,also nasus is one of them,buy armor and farm all day,then go in a TF and kill everyone,I can't find any way of killing him/denying him farm,even though riven should counter him I can't do nothing
Ygressi (EUNE)
: You have more atc speed, additional crit dmg and life steal. Its very usefull aginst tank. And if Garen have 4k HP he wont have much AD. And Brand will have less HP (something like 150?), less armor and m res due to Garen W, but he will have nice burn dmg and stun every 4? sec... I have no clue what you want to prove with these Garen example? If you pick Olaf he will have ever more stats...
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8SL05T2VAc Almost no difference from full AD to full tank,at least from what I saw I don't really know about olaf as I never play him or see him picked in top lane,usually garen,darius,teemo,nasus and other champions who require from almost zero to zero skills and if they are 0-10-0 and get a kill they are kill "rekt,noob" while you play some harder champion Never mind though,you can't understand if you never played top lane as riven or other fighter-assasins champions,at first when we both have 0 items I can 1vs1 pretty easily and they can too,but after first item is impossible to win if I didn't get 1 kill or more before,like a game I did yesterday,tank ekko vs riven..he was 0-3-0 with the help of my jungler,he got sunfire cape,spirit visage and other random items and could spam his skills non stop while I was being able to do 0 damage over all,I bough LW and upgraded it,still nothing,his health and his other stats were impossible to counter plus his utily is too much,same as garen..garen is too forgiving,he deals too much damage while being low risk,you just need to buy armor+mr and you will win lane,nothing more easy,I still remember when we needed 4 people to gank on a shen which was only 2 leverls above use,and it took use pretty much 10-15 seconds of non stop spamming skills,while our adc and mid laner died,which is fair for you? You are a tank,you aren't supposed to deal more damage than assasins,be it to other tanks or squishy champions,you just need to stay there and tank the damage.
: A tank is still a tank and needs to be able to do his job. Nobody ever said it should be easy and fast to kill a tank... ofc not.
I neither see someone with 4k health and with more damage even if I buy the same things as him being called tank Or you go tank and tank the damage or you go attack and deal damage,you can't have both,it's so unbalanced,how many games I lost because the tank,I still remember when I played akali AP or Ekko AP and not tank,as assasins I could go in the fight,kill their adc and maybe die but with the tank build I can go in,tank 10 towers shots+damage from the enemies,kill adc,come back to my team,and go back to base I mean,I'm fine with tanks getting cheap tank items but well,assasins don't have any armor penetration item who is really useful,tanks can get Health+armor+cc from one item while you only get some AD+Armor pen and this is surely fine for an assasin but not for a tank,I don't know if you understand my point,I play mainly assasins and I really hate when enemy garen is 0-4-0 and in mid game he get's 2-3 tank items and it's unkillable and I need to buy armor penetration items who even so don't really change the simple fact that having more hp-armor-ad-mr than me they can easily kill me
: So we finally learned that Armor counters AD and its suddenly called meta and people try it.
Because Garen build tank has 4k heath or more,while having huge armor and mr+his AD being so high for a tank+damage from items+CC Can be countered by assasins,adc or other guys who buy the same items and still have less health+armor+mr+cc+AD or AP as tanks? Come on,you will never see a brand building the same as a garen and having more health and other stats than him,neither doing more damage or taking less The only Items who counter armor are 1){{item:3147}} 2){{item:3035}} 3){{item:3036}} 4){{item:3033}} 5){{item:3134}} 6){{item:3071}} 7){{item:3142}} Which even so makes no sense,not like 45% armor pen while having 2000 health and X AD is useful against a tank with 4k health and more AD than me
Silisa (EUNE)
: I voted 3/10 games, but it's probably less. When it does happen, I don't have any issues with the party of 4. They are usually too happy about having a real support on their team to bother me.
so lucky,I remember when I started last week playing again ranked,so bad,really bad. I was playing with other 4 premades guys who didn't even speak in english all game,I choosed yasuo as champion I want to play,they banned him..I then banned the champion he/she wanted to play as I really hated that guy + his champion,the the flame started "why u ban my champion u nob r u crazy?" ,I simply answered "I banned as you did with yasuo",then his other 3 other premades came up with excuse like "u didn't pick him you picked someone else" and stuff but then the third guy came up with "u deserve a report for this",I asked for what and he answered "for being stupid",ofc I reported them after game (not the support because he was at least decent enough to don't flame me for no reason)..but you know what is funny? They called me noob all game,asked for reports and stuff while I took 4 towers alone,and got 11 kills with 2 deaths as fizz while they feed,like the guy who banned yasuo ended with 0-6-0 and 20 cs in 20 minutes or so Or you should see premades who report each other xD That guy went brand adc with 46 cs after 25 minutes and morgana support who was his friend and also premade asked us to report him lol because "he sucks,he is bad,he doesn't even know how to cs" and then in all chat he wrote "pls report brand,he comes in the same class as me but the is dumb and feds,pls report him,ty"..I couldn't stop laughing as it was so weird to see premades asking to report each other lol Btw,really..this should stop,I can't play a ranked game alone if I don't met some premades who flame me all game or who tell me to go support because their friends want's try try sona ad jungle..
: Just look at the math, understand which numbers I used and why, and you'll get why the onehsot is possible.
I have to agree that it's impossible,not only for a ryze with no defensive runes or stuff,It's impossible to one shot a champion from lv 1 to lv 6,even if you use riven all animation cancelling combos you can't one shot a lucian,be it lv 1,2,3,4,5 if they are full health or so,and also how the hell does a zed lv 5 deal 845 damage at lv 5 with a full combo,too much,plus you have a standard armor as with everychampion,reducing by a lot the damage making this even more impossible
: Zeds current state
Dude,zed is so easy to counter! Look: http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/2618744690/224974690 I even took exhaust,if not I would have killed him 95049109 times more,just play some tricks with them,make them belive you will go to right but then you turn to right,ask for ganks if he is enough good but generaly they play him only because he is "op",actually I find him balanced,I even killed a zed who was 13-4-7 who was lv 17 as riven lv 15..he ultimated me,I dodged with E and then Stuned with W,did some random combos+ignite=you have slain an enemie If you take exhaust you can protect yourself from ganks while denying pretty much all his damage when he uses his ulti+combo,with ahri I had,E-R-Flash and Exhaust so I was super safe,the only deaths I had were because of a missplay I did as my mouse sometimes goes crazy and I used R on the opposite direction,right where he hit me Then really,his early lvs just suck,it's hard to dominate late as lv 1-5 zed,but at lv 6 you can kill pretty much everyone who doesn't have a flash+exhaust in their summoners,also all games are a skill matchup in mid lane,as yasuo as time zed doesn't get lvs ahead I can kill him,I can W his Q and his W denying a lot of damage,I can dodge other stuff with E on minions or even on him,I don't really know how you can strudge,plus that a bad zed in team fights is even more than useless if he doesn't know how to use his shadows,also items like hourglass or qss deny his damage or ultimate..idk,hourglass+qss+flash+exhaust is not enough? Pretty sure he is balanced IMO
Mepodis (EUW)
: :D Feel free to add me if you want to :P Thanks ^^ Yeah ive talked to alot ofthem, they seem friendly so far :D
Mepodis (EUW)
: Oh yeah ^^
oh and you should sleep sometimes y-y
Mepodis (EUW)
: Can i buy a friend for skins? :)
Dude you need to add me again on this acc and didn't you get unbanned on the main the same day as me? :/
killaras95 (EUNE)
: hey ..I have big problem ...When i won a game i take 12 LP...and when i lose game i lose 21 LP... whyyyyy?
: Dunno, after a while those topics are annoying, don't you think? I think by now everyone understood that the ban system is working.
They aren't,just look of how many "14 days banned for nothing,does the report system even work?" -"Permabanned,some guys in my team were premade and reported me after game for no reason,does the report system even work?" topics there are If it worked so much people wouldn't be wishing to others cancer and then going to troll another game
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Well done but dont post here text that says that you found a guy who was negative or all about what he did or said to you. If you wish to share, then the picture and a good feeling are enough ;)
No one knows who is it,just a random guy who flames people,why is it bad? =P
kauketsu (EUW)
: but but, dont think you barely care at all about the rules, you just care to deliver pain for other player who didnt get a free win for you, and thats why you report them
but he was on my team and we 4 decided to let him go afk as soraka said "I prefer 100 times more to lose than hear you flame us non stop" I reported him because he was toxicccccc,I can't say all what he said but belive me,it was so bad that I had to mute him but then he just spammed in all chat with the enemy team and started insulting them too
: ***
why you are so mad? Chill kid,the cursing part was about me as I usually curse saying things like "jesus fuck that damage" and stuff,just wanted to know if its reportable/toxic or so And let's hear "Mr. I know everything",then why did he get punished? because I reported (only me) one time and he didn't flame as me+8 people reported him xD ? jesus,seems more like you are disgusting for not even being able to read and think correctly and going to insult random people,go search attention in another place
NotLegend (EUNE)
: Yes it works and it`s really harsh i`m telling you :) i lost an account back in season 4 one dude picked Aatrox as a support so i had a little fight of words with him he was saying that this is his 2nd all time ranked game (which was a lie cos he last hited all the minnions in our lane + feed jinx) and he was saying that he does not know what to do and how to play but then he wen`t 0/10 and left the game i checked on that dude`s match history and he had arround "490k" mastery points on Aatrox he was only playing Aatrox no matter what lane what role and he had like 100+ ranked games but here is what i have to say about the most disgusting part of all this i got 600 chat restrictions on that account and after a while i got permabaned it was a fair permaban nothing to object about i should have kissed this guy`s ass and thank him really this game no longer brings me satisfaction this is a game were people actually are not having any fun at all there is no respect between most of the players you can see this on any level and division only a very low % of this community know what respect means and sportsmanlike! I`m kinda done with this game i guess so to be clear not the ban it self makes me stop playing this game i have 4 more level 30 accounts that`s not the point but the people,you have this dynamic queue now and people are still trolling you even these days how great that is "Vayne" jungle or Rek`sai Ap top it`s just disgusting for real!
Mhm,depends on elo probably..in silver in the 29504192 games I did I met only 1 troller who wanted to go teemo adc (and troll not play a serious game) because he had a troller in the last game so he wanted to troll too,hopefuly he exited the lobby and we didn't play with him anymore Btw It's not the problem about picks,but more about if you are able to use him or not,maybe gosu can play vayne jungle and get easy pentakills while others can play vayne jungle and totally seem like a troll,if it would be for me I would play yasuo in every position,there is a difference between choosing rek'sai ap top and doing ok and not suiciding every 10 seconds,and still this doesn't excuse you for flaming them or not,just be glad that you will never met them again
: I've never seen this message myself :c Well, but tbh I never had a case of excessive flaming in any of my games. Yes, I had some really toxic people in my team, but never that "hard" that I would say "he definitely deserves a ban for that". More like "maybe a chat restriction will wake him up". Anyways, glad to see that justice still prevails :v
I don't really know,what is more funny is the fact that there are more toxic people in normals than in rankeds Plus that this guy really deserved it,he even said himself that he does this in every game he plays in that account,you must be a nice guy to don't think that many that flame need only a chat restriction :P
John S356 (EUNE)
: will you look at that... the report function actually works
Actually it made me realise that I must have flamed a lot (I mean not saying "get cancer u dumb fgg" but more things like "stfu,feeder" and stuff to get banned for 14 days Y-Y at least now I know my mistakes
: unsportsmanlike man is not exactly flaming so pls report for verbal ambush and not for unsportsmanlike man because its pretty unfair to get banned for something you haven't done
Well,he did both so I reported him for both and let a feedback of what happened,though I almost always choose both as reports,I don't know really why
mustafa2881 (EUNE)
: its kinda like building {{champion:11}} with {{item:3706}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3147}}
Yeah,and remember steal all the farm you find so he can't get items and you will see him raging lol
: I'm not buying it. Whenever I receive this message I think - yea right. If it stated the name of the player which was banned or at least a reference to the game I reported him then MAYBE I would believe it. Otherwise I just think this is a random message they send to all of us every now and then just to make it seem as if they are doing something.
..but hopefuly is not so eheh
: That wasn't what I meant. I meant to joke about Jhin vs Aurelion being a "normal top lane" :P The Teemo thing was meant to show that I was sacrificing a Teemo out of pure outrage of reading that normal lane part :P I hate when I have to explain my jokes. {{item:3070}}
Damn the joke was too hard for a 8 items picture+A wild Teemo the middle Faker senpai played an aurelion sol vs diana in top lane,so now aurelion is in the top lane meta xd
: We have a rat here
: even nami
.....luckily it never happens{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Every champion can carry when fed.
: > [{quoted}](name=Light Demon Lord,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=pfEjAGEe,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-04-13T11:41:43.530+0000) > > AHAHAH GUYS OMG I'M SO HAPPY,I played a normal top lane as aurelion against jhin,all good until yasuo mid lane started flaming all of us,ofc I didn't answer back and ignored him,before finishing he went afk because soraka didn't heal him as she had still cd on her heal,then he started flaming all of us again and even in pre game lobby he flamed but this time worse..then I reported him,went to do my riven runes and then this happened.. > > http://imgur.com/CLSWZrb > > Feelsgoodman{{champion:17}} . > AHAHAH GUYS OMG I'M SO HAPPY,I played a normal top lane as aurelion against jhin,all good until yasuo mid lane started flaming all of us,ofc I didn't answer back and ignored him,before finishing he went afk because soraka didn't heal him as she had still cd on her heal,then he started flaming all of us again and even in pre game lobby he flamed but this time worse..then I reported him,went to do my riven runes and then this happened.. > AHAHAH GUYS OMG I'M SO HAPPY,I played a normal top lane as aurelion against jhin, . > I played a normal top lane as aurelion against jhin, . > normal top lane as aurelion against jhin, . . . {{item:1043}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3034}} {{item:3147}} {{champion:17}} {{item:3137}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3751}} {{item:3101}}
I know right? I should have played teemo full AD :(
mustafa2881 (EUNE)
: #cooltobeyou this never happens to me
You are just unlucky,find a toxic player who smurfs and don't let him play 1vs5,you will see how he will flame all of you y-y After game report him and wait sometime then "abracadabra" you get a report feedback {{champion:35}}
: Maybe ) If you manage to get Zed not banned so often =D
Yeah I know the feeling,I play passive until lv 6 then I can go all in using ignite,its pretty much a kill 9 out of 10 as he is so damn strong that's why everyone bans him y-y Still hoping for a nerf who is not his W but his Q
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