: EUW down rip
EUW Service going down right as the broadcast starts? Why, that is never before seen!
Makså (EUW)
: Advanced Lux tip most people don't use
I've always had laugh bound to '\', just to the left of '1'.
seXo Jon (EUW)
: Why is Riven's winrate 50,51% ?
Because we all know Riven is just about facerolling.
: Will Riven ever be nerfed ?
I just had a Riven who got destroyed by a Vladimir.... she's supposed to counter vlad. Clearly the case that all it takes to play Riven is to faceroll. Then again the past 4 games are all of my team just feeding like idiots and getting destroyed before lane phase is even over and I'm honestly done with this season. I hit under 50% winrate a long time now and I'm still getting matched to lose. I don't know what they did with the matchmaking but it's completely fucked up.
Yourself013 (EUNE)
: This isn´t really a problem. The problem is that MY team are just afkers, or ragers who don´t contribute to the game at all. So why does the system match me with brainless zombies vs good players?
welcome to my life. at this point I honestly just quit soloing. I have to either duo or it's impossible to crawl out of this hell hole, because even if you get no AFKers or intentional trolls, your whole team is most likely to feed their asses off. I could spend days without playing, the moment I play a match, I en up regretting. And 80% of the time I regret right at champ select.
: You know Nasus is anthropomorphic and I don't think that would apply to the anthropomorphic animals because they are much more intelligent and all that. They're like humans just with animal features so if it's ok for people to say aliens are hot I can say Nasus is hot right?
All the ascended were once human and all were given the form of an anthropomorphic animal. Except for Xerath, because his ascension ritual was pretty much twisted. So from a moral standpoint, I see no harm in loving Nasus. He's human before anything else.
: [BUG] Lux's ultimate does not caculate her passive damage correctly.
As one of the 2 people that play Lux, please fix.
: Favourite players
Faker because he's literally transcendent. I swear to God half the things he does I can't even fathom how he had the game sense to do it. It's like he sold his soul to the Devil. Bjergsen because he's literally what everyone should aim for (well... I'm not taking into account even trying to be Faker) Dyrus because he's probably the most solid Top laner I've ever seen. He doesn't do the flashy plays, but he sure as hell has proven that he can stand his own against anyone and always comes out relevant no matter how hard he's being stomped. He's probably the most solid and consistent Top laner period. Aphro because he's one of those players thats on the next level as well, and one everyone should aim to be like. Also extremely nice dude. Doublelift because even though he's not consistent or solid (cough positioning), he's definitely got the highest skill ceiling among ADCs. I also find it funny how you notice him struggling so hard to not trashtalk when he's interviewed. I miss them good old days. I come from the good old UT scene, so I'm like him... no trashtalk is so fucking boring.
: Bilgewater Quinn and Valor, new skin!
The real question is... will there be enough RP to buy it (someone had to offtopic into the RP drama)
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Eambo (EUW)
: Hi Lightning, I've tweaked the title to reflect this is a bug report. As you've rightly pointed out, multiple reports of this are out there at the moment, so I'd be pretty sure Riot are aware. Unfortunately I'm not aware of any workarounds at this time, so until a fix is rolled out there's a chance of this happening I would guess. If you can find a way to replicate it (IE: a certain item, at a certain time, when doing a certain action), this would probably help Riot track down the root cause - but sometimes it's harder to replicate than one would think! :-)
Hey, apparently someone on reddit found a solution for this, I have yet to test myself (because I'd have to get the bug again for that), but apparently if you self-cast the skills, it fixes it. I'm hoping this helps figure out what's wrong.
Rioter Comments
: Why are players unmuted in the aftermatch lobby ?
What I want is mute for each player's pings.
Bazzo (EUW)
: Being nice in this game is absolutely pointless
Not to mention people in Europe have no sense of humor.
Garurumon (EUW)
: I get it... But I really don't see anything special with it. Especially with the title. These things happen all the time. You zoomed in because of what? That highlighted Thresh, not Volibear. In the final part you couldn't even see him. Was this suppose to be a pro play? Because it really wasn't... Just slow it down more so you can see what's really going on but don't cut off our view. Highlight what we're suppose to look out for. Just posting something like this and expecting us to realize two parts is silly. Especially with that editing >_> Also don't post videos HERE! There is a sub-board that's named "Streams and Videos" for a reason.
Facepalm. You moron, he flayed Vi's Q. Vi was his ally.
Meltdownie (EUNE)
: She also got nerfed in last patch. She won't keep resetting if she didn't damage the champion in the last 3 seconds, rather "Oh, this guy's gonna die? My ulti is on cooldown? wait lemme just use my basic attack then when he dies I'll get the reset."
LOL AA as Katarina. You genuinely just made me laugh irl.
Róót (EUW)
: Lw/bt
Well, you have to be able to evaluate the situation. It really just depends on whether you can ignore their frontline or not. If you really have to go through tanks with armor, then by all means, get the {{item:3035}}. But if you're able to ignore them and go around to their backline and kill them first or if they have no tanks, {{item:3072}}. Sometimes you can even consider grabbing a {{item:1053}} and go for {{item:3035}}. A lot of the times they have one tank with so much dumb amounts of armor already that I just go for {{item:3072}}, because he's spent so much on armor and no damage, I can just ignore him, shoot something else and sustain with the Lifesteal anyway. It comes with experience.
T4underbolt (EUNE)
: Riot completely destroyed Kassadin to state of unplayable and useless.
: Where is DJ Sona
Geohh (EUW)
: not exactly a nerf to a kata player... also the reason low elo cry about katarina is lack of vision on her when they fight, then they just get cleaned up by her which gives he resets on resets to clean up more. Run while you can. If you run you won't see me stab you.{{champion:55}}
Those are the people that make me wish there was an ignore function around these boards. Also, we all know Rito always knows what they're doing regarding champion balance. Kappa RIOT HAS SPOKEN, SO IT CANNOT BE DENIED.
: New splash arts are WORSE!
Out of all the new splashes the only one I MILDLY like is Ahri's. But even then I'd still very much prefer the old one. Vayne's was gorgeous before ( still have the original 4000p+ render), now it looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger underwent gender change. Katarina's basically disintegrated the concept that she's a really gorgeous woman although deceptively deadly at first sight. Specially the gorgeous part. "Femme fatale" they call her, lel I don't even wanna talk about that Shyvana... Edit: I love Orianna's.... shame her ingame model is horrid without a skin.
: Sweet tears. I could understand if u whined about jungle nida which indeed seems strong, but about simple mechanics... Any champ with dash can outplay her, and when glass cannon kitty jumps in melee range should be dead in no time.
Nidalee is dumb in the sense that she can perform any role to a degree of success. But I'm okay with that, I love Nidalee, always have. What I don't understand was the need to give her a stun (and even hunt) on jungle camps. She could already jungle before, but at least she took some skill instead of just derping all over the map.
Adrenalotr (EUNE)
: > in the other team they had an leona for 7 minutes AFK but still gave a double away on a solo jinx then the jungler pantheon got in and died beacause of tower diving. ELO hell? You mean to say your team is stupid. That's okay. Because the enemy team is, on average, just as stupid. And you're the only constant in your matches. With four stupid players on your team, and five stupid players on the enemy team, you should win more games than you lose, just by not being stupid yourself. Silver Ii is not Elo Hell. I can believe someone with low Silver skills could get trapped in the chaotic and volatile low Bronze. You're high Silver already. It's all about your skills, your ability to win games now. And those skills will show over the course of many games. An unlucky streak of four games means nothing if you play hundreds of game this season.
You have no clue what high Silver/low Gold is right now. It's a complete clusterfuck. Suffice to say things are working so well I have a friend of mine who's been Diamond since S3 at least and he's being matched to play with Silvers in Ranked atm.
Buddhaar (EUW)
: LP Loss
Ranked is a complete clusterfuck right now, the only one not seeing it is Riot.
: From your match history I can see you are abusing OP champs :) Instead of abusing them try to get them to have the same impact as any other champion, so that everyone is free to play anyone he wants to play without having to endure an unfair matchup
: Anyways her win rate is too high and something has to be done, 55 win rate is too high it should be around 50-51. And she is played at higher lvl btw, I even posted that image of a Master 1 with a 60% win rate. And in competitive lol they play as a team of five btw, so they can communicate easely to stop her ult and cc her as much as possible, but in soloq it is very hard to do that
no one's caring about the fact Nidalee is a complete clusterfuck of a champion that can play any role effectively though. Like I said, there is absolutely no reason she should be God now, if anything, she's been hindered by the removal of DFG. Anyway, I'll quote myself > As Katarina stands right now, if your team is uncapable of standing some time in the fight AND deal some damage to allow for Katarina to wait all the CC out and delete people as soon as she goes in for resets, she literally can only stand and stare at fights.
: What i think she needs to be changed is that her passive doesnt reduce the CD of her ult.Thats all what she needs.Also if the enemy team has some disruption CC there is no way u can do anything,u will die in every fight.
that already got nerfed... her ult CD used to be shorter. Also, all sorts of revives make Katarina QQ. {{item:3026}} {{champion:26}}{{champion:266}}
: 55% win rate is not normal. I already know how to play and I have played long enough to know that she is too strong for the moment. Katarina is also the champion which has the most pentas to her active btw.
the pentas don't really surprise me. she is literally presented as and meant to be played as a clean up champion. she's just fotm because she stomps lower leagues, which everyone is trying to escape from since Riot fucked up something with MMRs (honestly, I have a Diamond friend of mine playing with Silvers in ranked) much like Riven or Nasus or whatever.... there's a reason they're still not played competitively, though there is no reason why she is suddenly God now, specially with the absence of DFG which promoted her solo plays. if anything, she's played more like she should from the start, more conservatively. As Katarina stands right now, if your team is uncapable of standing some time in the fight AND deal some damage to allow for Katarina to wait all the CC out and delete people as soon as she goes in for resets, she literally can only stand and stare at fights.
: Should Katarina Get Nerfed
No. L2p AND Katarina doesn't work with every team AND {{item:3026}} .
Solash (EUW)
: A veeeeery relevant quote for anyone who plays ranked
Except when most of your matches consist of you peacefully winning your lane and all of a sudden the entire fed enemy team shits all over you. Ranked is a fucking joke right now.
Mr Sleepy (EUW)
: From Gold 1 to Gold 3 in a matter of days...
I have a friend of mine who's Diamond playing with Silvers in ranked. Ranked is a complete clusterfuck. Everyone's noticed it. Apparently only Riot didnt.
LexHammer (EUW)
: The 10 games for ranked divison/tier placement
the MMR or ranking system or SOMETHING is a complete clusterfuck right now. I dont know a single person that hasn't noticed.
: Veigar support is legit. That 2.5 second...instant...multitarget...long range...stun O_O
Except that Veigar himself falls off late game when everyone has a banshees veil. Imagine how useless support Veigar becomes then.
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dexcore (EUW)
: is this community for real?
I just trolled 7 ranked matches in a row, and the 8th had an AFK. But thank God Riot's on the case of hunting people who swear in chat.
Karmoon (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Lightning,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=vFZO1Vvz,comment-id=0000000100000000,timestamp=2015-02-23T00:24:07.553+0000) > > You're wrong. People can't close games at lower levels and thats why you see crap like Nasus being spammed. So how am I wrong? I'm saying most games should be finished earlier, but because they bicker and chase (and die) or afk farm they don't. Maybe if they coordinated and focused on objectives it'd be better.
Yeah it would. And I cry every day as an objective focused person in a low league. I was Gold II, now I'm Gold V. Sadly enough, this game only gets worse as far as being about kills goes. Every mid game champion is absolutely retarded right now. Most of them don't even matter if you're ahead or all it takes is one item to destroy the game. Prime example being Irelia; get Triforce, you're set. Graves, just spam your shit on some squishy's face, doesn't even matter if you lost lane.
Karmoon (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=dexcore,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=vFZO1Vvz,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2015-02-22T23:43:30.492+0000) > > Instead use the chat to focus on winning the game. > > want to see how can u focus to win 50:13 game{{champion:119}} That's the point. Most games at low level should be finished a LOT earlier. Maybe if you focus on the game and not the chat you can win it earlier. And league games can go on for 50 minute or longer. It's possible. Part of the skill is keeping focus during the entire match. Considering your response to me, I think I'm pretty sure what's going on here. Shape up and follow the rules or get chat restricted. It's simple.
You're wrong. People can't close games at lower levels and thats why you see crap like Nasus being spammed.
: where's the {{champion:24}} on that list?
Yeah, but that is literally what he's meant to do. And he takes a while to do it effectively. I don't really have problems dealing with Jax in combat. What pisses me off about fucking Zed is that he gets to be all that effective at deleting people, and as if that wasn't enough he gets to be a split pusher as well. Jax at least has to commit in a fight.
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Eshu (EUNE)
: you realize that beside that half mana regen you get a mana regen passive that gives you more mana than the 50% missing if you already used 250+ mana which isnt backbreaking even on level 1... especially not by the time you get the item.
You're right. To be honest, I keep forgetting about that passive. Despite that, I'm still not sure the rest of it makes it worth it.
: Athene's unholy grail is a trap
It's completely dumb. You're paying more than you pay for Morello for half the mana regen, less AP, >SOME< MR, and you lose out on the Grievous Wounds passive. Unless they have two AP mages, I rather just go double Morello. And even when they do I feel reluctant to do it.
Dextix LT (EUNE)
: Riven, and how she is not balanced.
You've been spamming so much hate for Riven (and other champs that are so strong they don't see competitive play Kappa) around these boards that even if you were right, which you aren't, you have no credibility left.
Sub HeroCro (EUNE)
: I havent seen any bugs except the fact that she can block multiple abilities if they hit in about same time Few months ago it happend few times when i used QW combo with le bl it was quite frustrating however i havent seen this bug in a while so y . I doubt sivir spellshield is bugged atm ..
No, you're wrong. They tried to fix it and that's probably what broke it. http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/patch/patch-53-notes#patch-champions Scroll down to "Spell shields" Edit: Also, apparently not blocking "on-hit" effects is a known bug.
Rioter Comments
I don't like it. The game seems perfectly fine without a new 120 AP item. I see no reason that it HAS to exist. You're literally just giving another thing people are gonna feel forced to get, instead of considering other useful AP items.
: Isn't the warded icon useless? I mean there's an icon on the minimap anyway.
more so than the "escape down" or "ult in"
: League of Legends 2-3 years ago vs now
I think he means this game has too much facerolling going around.
: Is Passive Agressive a reason to be reported for ?
Everything is a reason to be reported in EUW since Europe has no sense of humor. What's sad about this statement is that I'm not even kidding.
Stigran (EUW)
: Looking for top lane champ
Irelia is love. Irelia is life. Honestly, the game is more about mid game now than anything else. Irelia is a mid game monster. Just get your Triforce and you're good to go.
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