: I would not take any unecessary risk if i were you. More the one flamer randomly decided (god only knows why) that "enough time must be passed" and start flaming again only to get the boot shortly after. Even tho you may try to not necessarily mute everyone at start. Mute the single players when they start to bother you. Occasionally you may get some SS or some useful pings from your team and you usually want to read them.
You're right. I decided to stop using that account. Don't want to put any more time on it! thanks.
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Akaillusion (EUNE)
: maybe get a good pc and dont expect a company to make games in 2019 playable on 1gb ram
Lol you're not getting it do you? Are you new to League? Even with the newest i9 and RTX 2080 you can get issues with LoL and its client. Even with my GAMING laptop > Asus Strix ROG with the fastest cpu and 1050Ti, the client loads like cancer long. While fortnite etc takes like a second.
ShacoOrTaco (EUNE)
: U need 3 days boost to get from 0 to 30lvl
I have a 4 day boost and idk where from lol/..
: Go to your Profile and look next to the chest and rerolls. Its a double "^" and if you hover it you will see there the info.
Thanks man! I have 4 day EXP boost and not sure where from lol...
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