: New support items
Since this is worst than club penguin chat, just consider what both you and I know.
: please, just go on. The more such posts you write, the sooner you are banned.
If you both act like sociopaths to each other, idk why any of you 2 should get banned.
: >but I never got any warning Of course you did: [**Right here**](http://eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/legal/eula). Specifically: * Section III E. * Section VI * and the last paragraph So yes, you were warned/informed, and confirmed yourself that you were. If you did not read the EULA before clicking "Accept", well, that's on you.
Who the %%%% even reads eula?
: I have a huge champion pool, but with only 2 pages I can only play Twitch, GP and Kayn, so I'm sorry that you wanted a tank or a mage, but I have literally nothing else I am capable of playing even though I want to.
Just today i couldn't swap roles with adc because, guess what? I only had runes for Lulu and Annie! Edit: Having all champions now is useless and runepages for masteries are a theft.
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: New Rune pages and no masteries!
These abilities may be fine (i guess?), but the fact that mastery pages now must be payed for is absolutely disgusting. NEW RUNES ARE THE OPPOSITE TO FREE
: New level up rewarding system?
M E M E D 8/11/2017
: tl;dr of what I'm going to write right now is git gut. Now, why do I think so? First of all, Annie is known for her short range and Flash dependency. Yes, I said short range, because long range mages (that sh*t on Annie) have way higher range than her and don't need the flash to cover the distance. To name a few {{champion:268}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:161}} . Not only that Annie cannot get close enough to deal damage to them (well at least not to poke, she would have to trade, meaning taking a lot of damage for a Q or Q W which is rare), but those longer range champions will not allow Annie to farm. Next, her mobility. Well, there is not much to say about this since she has none, thus she is very flash dependent. This is very good for you because you can ask jungler to burn her flash if she is pushing, and then you will be safe in lane. Now, her build. Annie players nowadays build {{item:3027}} and then either {{item:3157}} or {{item:3152}} or {{item:3116}} . She doesn't get much AP from those items. I know she has a lot of base damage, but this means that she might struggle against tanks because of her build, and her lack of mobility. She is also very telegraphed. I mean, you see a stun and you know that if she doesn't use it she has flash up and will go engage on you. You then play safe and farm. This is why it is very important to take Barrier against her (if you play to stay in lane with {{champion:161}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:115}} ) so that she can't burst you. Also, investing in early {{item:1057}} helps a lot, and its only 720 gold and can build into {{item:3001}} (yes, you are long range mage, but build this only if you face a magic damage jungler, or you are {{champion:268}} ). Regarding her Flash combo, simply by building {{item:3102}} , you are safe from her dropping a bear on you after Flash, because she wants to stun you, meaning that she has to use W first, giving you a tiny bit more time to react. And also survive the burst, mitigating the damage coming from her W (this is in case she initiates with Flash when she has 3 stacks on passive). {{item:3026}} is also a good option. As for Annie being simple, she was always a staple champion when it comes to simplicity. Yi, Garen, Annie etc. all those champions are very easy to play, and that is why they all have huge counter play to them: Garen is vulnerable to kiting, Yi to CC (because he is squishy) and Annie to long range and Flash dependency. And because she is so simple, she is also very telegraphed (already covered this). To conclude, I don't think she is that much of a deal, people really need to think in champion select. I'd understand this topic coming from an AD mid main, because she can be hell to deal with as those champions. But I'm not going to stalk profiles anyways, it's pointless. Take notes of when she uses Flash, make sure to ward the brushes and warn teammates of incoming Annie gank (also make sure to report her Teleport spell, I've noticed Annie players use them quite often). Stay out of range, try to ask jungler to burn her flash and try to poke her when you can. If you get countered by Annie when you are playing Yasuo or Talon, well mate, you are fcked and there is nothing you can do about it.
{{champion:35}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:14}} ??????? stopped reading here

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