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Suptra (EUW)
: Error code 3l
And here's another proof of your favorite sh*tty company launching patches without even testing them!!! Wow, Wonderful! Let us shall give some free RP's for NA!!
: It's so funny u talk about a Plat V player as it was a huge skill difference between that and a high Gold one. Guess u have Plat V in good opinion cause u never reached it ;) Plat V atm is as trash as high Gold elo, for your information ^^
> If you wanna be our toplaner you have to: > - Be at least Platinum V. > > Plat V atm is as trash as high Gold elo > > u talk about a Plat V player as it was a huge skill difference you're the one scared of having a gold player joining your team! not me... As I said... Good Luck!
: The point is I don't have to justify myself or my elo, and you don't have to do despective comments about, cause you don't know about the level of the other girls in the team. We're just gonna play the new team rankeds and tournaments on female ESL, so I don't think we're just looking for climbing elo ;)
> Why don't you look for a gold tier player?! Sorry! Good luck with your ~~hard~~ climbing!
: Ummm this is my smurf acc atm, and as u can see i've been Diamond on s4 and Platinum on s5 demoted from Diamond 4 cause i had to stop playing soloQ due to personal problems that I don't have to explain here. Get more information before talking ;)
Don't justify yourself with previous bullshit "I was this before..." over my point that is valid... Why don't you look for a gold tier player?! I will answer for you... ...Climbing!
: Female squad looking for TOPLANER
"Be at least Platinum V." How typical asking for a tier up from the current one... Looking for easy climbs huh?!
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Steel (EUW)
: What Do You Eat, Drink, Or Consume While Playing?
: I am not good at other roles , maybe sometimes ezreal mid but thats all.
In my case, I climb to Platinum not with roles but with champs... Spammed the same champion I was comfy with since I don't have pref roles and it wasn't so hard to climb... That's my advice for you... Idk
: Matchmaking system
pick another shit for secondary then... {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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: worst stories
i was perma banned once... ...the end {{champion:119}}
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: i wanna see what you say when u get to d5
Diamond is too much for a standard player like me ahahahhaha
: i bet someone is posting a screenshot of your 2/9/4 ziggs game from a couple of hours ago in this very forum, marking your performance and talking about elo hell :)
hi! to be honest i dont give a flying F... that 2-9 ziggs it's me with no fkin hope... drained to 0... lost a lane against a silver cuz my morale is below 0.. yeah...
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IThrorI (EUNE)
: open my acc
wtf? lel
: I hope that they fix the bugs and improve the server latency and Eu west server central is on Amsterdam, Netherlands but i think it should be in france, cause spain portugal would have less latency and on france is more "central" than Netherlands
I think they will also fix Match History... it's not working properly for 3 days or something...
"Mrs Deceiving"... hmmm... nice b8 m8
: Reminder. Give it a read?
"Play this game for fun, not to get stressed out." ??? ^ Best Joke I ever heard.... I laughed! Thank you!
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