: If you are permabanned, that is how it works, but you don't seem to be permabanned at all. If it's about bought RP, then it's a payment issue, your account is merely suspended. You'll be unbanned immediately when the issue is resolved. Riot immediately freezes any account when payments don't get completed or charged back. Check if the payment you used actually went through. In any other case it takes a lot to get permabanned.
Well yeah I guess it's a mistake, I checked my bank account and the payment went just fine. I was permabanned though, that is what it says when I try to connect. Anyway there's no problem on my side because I just started the game and the only thing I lost are my 40€, If I dont get my account I might just stop playing and that is fine with me. I was more talking about people who invested years and a lot of time on the game and get permabanned without any investigations, there seem to be a lot of them on the forums.
: You should have an email with the exact reason.
Sadly, that's not how it works, the only email I got said that I was banned til the Mon Feb 23 06:22:22 UTC 2105, A riot moderator told me in the forums that it should be related to some RP i bought so it should be resolved once the support answers. But I am not adressing my case, permabanning someone is a big thing, it should not be automated or blatant, just look at how much permaban posts we have on the forums, most of these have been banned for no reason or 3rd party use which I believe some did not use at all etc... Just common sense, okay blizzard do this too, but in blizzard's case, they can unban you in 5 minutes if there's a mistake, you have livesupport and they only permaban when there's actually a reason (They are really harsh though. ), people like me are stuck now for at least one week ( 3 days for first answer and 3 others for the unban, if there is no legitimate reason to ban me of course )
: This kind of stuff makes me feel two ways: 1. The op is a liar. 2. I might get banned next ''for nothing''.
Dont assume he lies, I got banned yesterday for literally no reason, I am a lvl 10 with no ban record and I did not say anything bad in chat (Unless saying "lol" 5 times in a row is a good reason to permaban ), did not use ANY third party program, I literally have a gaming computer when I dont even have an antivirus, I dont get why they permaban people like this, makes me really angry but at the end of the game it's just a game ...


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