: yeah, happened to me too D: rito pls.. cowsep tho <3<3<3
ohh it's still on going, so im stuck
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Shenjay (EUW)
: Just some dumb velkoz fanart
Wow this is master piece, keep on the good work.
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: My brother just realised something
Well Played Sir, Well Played
: Random ping/latency spikes each couple minutes ????????????
It's just EUW man nothing rito is willing to do really
Gaming Geek (EUNE)
: Who Should Get Nerfed? (POLL)
You needed to say ¨Witch champs should get Olafed this time?¨
: Well,it does have a stunning 540 range,which is quite huge.Now,consider his large axe hitbox,which should add a few more units,and you have a very nice pull.But,i don't think it's way beyond the 540 point.
it was bigger then shown, but then they fixed it, i remember it and i play a lot of darisu my self and his pul dose not seem bigger then indicator
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ShadWooo (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=ThePeanutIce,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=2YrRwrJ0,comment-id=00090002,timestamp=2015-03-19T14:48:44.456+0000) > > That community... > Finally i see someone dont claim riven as "broken" and his post gets instand downvoted to the ground > > riven can carry but there exist others who can do it better whether on lane or in team > {{champion:114}} ,{{champion:84}} ,{{champion:69}} ,{{champion:157}} those are just examples how weak she is compared to them > > and dont come again with thing like "she can burst but also she is tanky" > > HER SHIELD ONLY HOLDS 1 SEC thats a joke? Fiora, not mobile she can dash twice but only on enemy unit which usually isnt in the direction to her tower so she has not safe laning and she is basically forced to try 1vs2, also she has actually mana, if you pick tank or anything with sustain like fiddle/swain she will eventually run low on mana - low mana no ulty, whereas riven doesnt suffer with this drawback, she has no CC Akali, weak laning phase, after 6 she can ofc carry and snowball, but still she has energy, she can be countered by pink (and with recent trinket buffs you can get pink every minute for just 250gold) also she was nerfed recently, she has no CC Cassiopea, no mobility, mana champion with ult that is easily avoided, extremely high burst but also very squishy Yasuo, he is very similar to riven, shield, dashing, great damage, snowbally, no resources, but he is solely reliant on ult and he can rarely make good ult himself, anyway, the dashing can be done only on enemy unit and only on such he didnt used for it in a while, which limits his mobility a bit. If he founds you overextending you are dead, if he overextended he has no chance to escape either. His shield can be removed just by constant ranged aa poke and it takes him a while to replenish it. Also hes actually weak early and hes one of the easiest matchups for Riven.
I agree but i played {{champion:157}} vs {{champion:92}} and i took not only FB but more kills after, good {{champion:157}} player can beat {{champion:92}} easally.
: "Wait for Riven to use her Cooldowns and then all in her"
Wanna beat riven, take darius, just look my ranked today, i was {{champion:122}} , and {{champion:92}} got killed so much that enemy jungler {{champion:57}} cmaped top!
Neamtzzzu (EUNE)
: Press P,game freeze,i get nut.
Have it! PS: Tooltip bug is there.
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Shangrila (EUW)
: EU West ranked server (massive lag spiker for all palyers) issue?
Yeah entire day was ping jumpign up and down for no reason not ranked but normal. but real shit vent down when me and two otehrs decided to play aram, cuz didn't had time to play normal. when i respawn after being died no ping, but when i reture to middle of the map it just lags out. one guy that was with us he had 12k ping. I shit you not
: is that safe? lol hearing about all those third party tool bans...
well, you can get a skin, any skin, but it won't be fully desined just a bit of real thing + only you can see it
: Probably a bug. Did you do the maths to check if you actually got the bonus AP and its just a tooltip bug? Also, whats that overlay up left? Buff timers?
seXo Jon (EUW)
: Why is Riven's winrate 50,51% ?
Cuz riven is op and takes liek no skill.
kenyzaurus (EUNE)
: Riot will you ever put back U.R.F.?
OMG not this shit again, come one stop it already, think, logicly, patch 5.3 was released 1months ago, and 5.4 patch was released 17 days ago, and if you undertsand what im talking about you don't need to read anymore, but if not let me explain. So until 1.april it's around 19 days left right, and if you count days, so patch 5.6 will come out around 1.april. becasue patch 5.3 came out 31 days ago. and patch 5.4, 17 days ago. it makes sence for patch 5.6 too come out on or around 1.april. And skins are already made for 1.april.
hakrag (EUNE)
: New champion. Iris The Shadow Assassin
Done by this guy --------------------------->{{champion:412}}
: Ultimate Death Match
Just like Arena from Smite man
: You have too much AD on your team to be after a fighter in mid lane?
We didn't even play this one, we had t ostart new room, and then we changed up the champs, so this game didn't even started do to cait not having a ready button, she couldn't press ready, there was no ready button.
Dotpol (EUW)
: You got Sion on your team but you didn't win yet. Pretty sure it's a bug.
How can we play when Cait dosn't even have a ready button?
Lince2 (EUW)
: Where is the mistake?
Tell me what do you think is the mistake, bug, fail and so on.
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Dextix LT (EUNE)
: FIRE THOSE IDIOTS! At first, they castrated kass, and now thwy are fcking giving a 2 meter dick so he would be a perma again. WHAT WEED DO THESE GUYS SMOKE. Gimme some of dat shit too.
I agree i need some of that shit too, i saw soom nasty stuff today. But lets be real here, rito nerfing only champs that are stomping soloQ or stomping LCS, they don't look at champs like Fiora she is op, Riven, Nida, im a Darius player but he still is op. Am i forgeting any1 here? Right Kata too is op but you know fuck those that are bellow diamond they will have to carry them selfs ouot, we will not do shit about it. Fizz jungle, any1 seen Nightblue3 Fizz jungle? Cuz thats very very strong. I'm done.
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rozoulini (EUNE)
: it means you dont know how to play against her, not that you are pro!
don't know hwo to play against her, bro third game i was destroying her in lane, killing her like 5 times pre 12 mins.
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Rioter Comments
: Will URF ever be permanent?
URF will be permenante, infact i think it will come back at 1st of april.
: Attempting to reconnect ....
Me too, we still won but i mean it happened like 20 times
nJ23x (EUW)
: girls ranked team
Hello, just going to ask, would you liek to practice against a 5v5 sometime, if you have 5 players, we at Wyvern Gaming needs soem practice. We practice a lot 5v5 custom but all ready we know whos going to pick who, so we need new opponents to practice.
: April 1st.. April 1st... Why is everyone so goddamn stupid.
so you called me stupid cuz i was to lazy ti put st infront?
: URF is coming back on 1st of April
dudes a link http://www.surrenderat20.net/2014/10/red-post-collection-making-of-featured.html about urf
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TrustEdY (EUNE)
: Officer Leona Skin
Thats insanly good man.
TostiDuel (EUW)
: you mean something like this? :D (pls i did this photoshop in just a few minutes....don't hate pls)
Very good and qiuck photoshop man, nice job
it should be legendary skin. when he ult he says: Pizza delivery, incoming, Special delivery. your order is ready! you get the idea right.(just like dunkmaster darius)
: Ultra Rapid Fire
Can you stop it all ready, go do soem reacerche instead of begging for U.R.F to come back. Here is link go read about urf below. http://www.surrenderat20.net/2014/10/red-post-collection-making-of-featured.html
: Can you bring back U.R.F?!?!?
Can yo ustop asking for U.R.F back pls. Here is the site, pls go down below to read about U.R.F and pls stop crying. http://www.surrenderat20.net/2014/10/red-post-collection-making-of-featured.html
Romioo (EUW)
: Please make this talon skin (not my work)
: Idea for Poachers Knife buff.
I think that they should make sort like a trailblazer, does not stun but heal you and gives triple gold if you smite a large monster in enemy jungle. And ofc bigger mvsd buff that would take you out of enemy jungle.
: Custom Gamemodes
Why not have all gamesmode, but then you click on URF right. You can play normal urf but you can as well select other modes to play, just that they are URFed like 10 {{champion:115}} bomb spam. That would be awesome.
UOL Kaskade (EUNE)
: Next champion should be ...
Im a supp player so i might as well vote support.(btw about skin... ill buy it) I was thinking and remembered that Irelia has a brother and riot said that he would come to league, maybe its time for him to be a support, becaue irelia is top on other side of the map and her brother probobly should be in bot lane.


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