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Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=sary1811,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=vgmlomi8,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2015-12-16T16:39:06.508+0000) > > when is it coming today or tomorrow because through the comments i see no hope today There's still plenty of time left today - all plans are that it will be launched today, and I haven't heard anything on the contrary :-) In my defence I'm not a part of the team launching it, but I have faith ^_^
OHHHHH NO! We all know what happens if people have faith in something............. :D I'm {{summoner:4}} here!
shileka (EUW)
: zed being OP isn't a bug, it's intended :P
Zed is shit tier.
: Can Riot look at Mid-Lane "Strategic Diversity" next season?
LOL the 2 best champions atm are probably {{champion:268}} {{champion:112}} and those are control mages not assassins. The reason Ahri and Yasuo see much play is because they have somewhat of a chance against those 2. Concerning {{champion:238}} I have no idea what games you play but zed is pretty bad atm and I don't really see him at all(whats your rank?). I myself actually don't like a mid lane where the only thing you do is push lanes for the first 30 minutes of the game with the champs you mentioned before(we had that already and literally everyone who experienced it doesn't want to go back to it). Furthermore those champions {{champion:115}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:63}} actually are all in a ok spot and can/are certainly be played. Over all I think the midlane is kinda nice atm,(not in pro play because there its {{champion:268}} {{champion:112}} 24/7). Long range poke, control, assassin everything is there. There will always be champions who do a bit better then others but that doesn't mean they are the only ones that work. Cheers
EDYinnit (EUW)
: Well, yeah, but I pointed out advantages on both sides. I'm just pointing out the bias / things the two posters failed to account for.
Yea saw it like that anyway, just wanted do clarify that the amount of dashes does not tell who beats who.
EDYinnit (EUW)
: The poster before you didn't even account for the fact that Ahri _also_ has Flash, therefore if Azir flash can be considered one dash to counter Ahri's, then Ahri's own flash means she has 4 repositions available, not 3. CDR, however, means Azir can have at least 1 soldier on the field and 2 in his pocket. Reposition the current soldier for 1 movement, then summon soldiers for the next two locations. Depending on how much CDR, Q is possibly even back up for the third location, if not then at least available to make another move + attack for any further time Ahri is within 1175 range after reaching the third dash location (whether chasing in or trying to disengage out).
The point of flash and W+Q+E on Azir is that you can reach your turret very fast and if Ahri tries to dive you after that she'll have hard time. Its not just about the amount on dashes everyone has but where they can go with it.(Also Azir should take cleans against Ahri)
Emillie (EUW)
: Just gut the Q damage and increase the damage per soldier auto. The WQ poke in lane is disgusting.
But if you speak of W+Q poke shifting the power from Q to W wouldn't actually change anything, unless you need more then 1-2 autos from the soldier to compensate for the Q damage.
: Azir is balanced atm, good assassins will kill him in lane.And his early game damage is low and really squishy, he needs items to be effective.
1. If you get killed pre 6 by assassins you are doing something wrong cause you can always safe farm with him, and therefore give very little opportunity to do so. Also most Assassins powespike at lvl6 and you will have you wall ready. 2. You can out range every assassin I can think of which exists in the game, which makes your W+Q+Auto combo pretty much free harass. 3. Most assassins are squishy too.
ItsMaz (EUW)
: The only thing I think should be changed about Azir is the early game W-Q poke. If you get hit by that in lane, that's an easy 30% of your HP gone right there. Considering how incredibly safe it is to pull off, it really shouldn't do so much damage in the early game / laning phase. Other than that, I don't mind if I get wrecked by an Azir simply because he is, IMO, probably the hardest champion to consistently play at a high level. If someone puts in the effort to learn how to effectively play Azir, they deserve the hypercarry power that he has.
I agree on your first part but the second I can't because: 1. Just because a champ is hard to play doesn't justify making him enormously stronger then the others/not giving him (any) weakness. 2. I think something like Vayne is still much harder to play because because she is way less forgiving then Azir.(not point of the topic tho)
: His soldiers are untargetable and immune to any damage, that is the problem. In theory, zyra should be the same if not better, but what it looks like? She is pretty bad to play middle, and thats because her plants dies too fast. Well, azir soldiers cant die and this is the biggest flaw.
That's a great point! Maybe giving his soldiers either less time in general or making them kill able would be some sort of solution. But that of course might make him useless so I'm not entirely sure how it would work out.
: Riot have a habit of creating champs that are impossible to balance without removing a part of their kit. With Azir they actually did remove his knockup which is a start, but look at these culprits: {{champion:245}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:157}} . They are sooooooooooo overloaded that unless you actually make them Kassadin tier, they will always be strong and relevant.
Kassadin as a champ is actually not that bad(not great or anything just not super bad), but it takes a patient team to make him work and you wont get that out of competitive gaming. But I agree with you that Azir probably needs a kit change/adjustment. Yasuo is actually easy to shut down with cc in teamfights so i wouldn't set him on the same stage as Azir, also don't wont to go into that because that would be a different discussion.
TsukiSora (EUW)
: I don't think azir is that broken, he has counters. Compared to other champions in the current patch (cough cough, scarner) I don't think he is too bad, his escape is hard to use if you are inexperienced as you can quite easily mess up the q e combo ( end up dashing half way to where you meant to) and his ult can be easily wasted if you aren't knocking someone into a turret or you aren't in the jungle as someone will just walk around. Anyway it's just my opinion, but I don't think he is THAT broken, just strong at the moment.
So I have seen this a bit now and just wanted to state again: we speak of the realistic potential the champion has, when played mostly correct.(which does not include your scenario)
Róót (EUW)
: azir early game is realy bad because he needs items to deal damage and for a mid laner his roaming is realy realy bad because he can't 1 vs 1 any assassin out of the lane ( he can't ult them to tower) > (Ahri, Zed), have extremely limited time windows to do so(his ult has low cd,can safe farm under turret, good mobility) and fall of horrible thats very wrong .. ahri have 3 dashes + flash so she can dance around the wall while avoiding all azir damage ( he can reposition the soliders once with his q) and she can still one shot him late game zed shadows are not effected by his wall at all because they are blinks so he can jump around the wall some thing like yasuo can pass the wall with his ult if he got the knock up and again can avoid all azir damage by dashing around the lane to azir land few auto attacks with q yes his lane maybe safe .. but u can destroy azir in lane with the right moves and knowing the champion it self .. any one who played azir will notice this proplem and late game he is like a longer range cass but still will get bursted by assassins what makes him look strong is the meta .. tanks tanks tanks and they can't reach him ( there is olaf who can ignore the initial ult cast and get to azir .. who will fall realy fast once you get that one axe on him ) and his q damage is getting a big hit .. if enemy got hit with many soliders with the q he will only take damage from one of them ... imo he is getting nerfed over and over for no reason .. only because lcs games last +50m what makes him reach full build and start removing every one because they don't pick assassins .. this is just my opinion and i was trying to learn and main azir he is a balanced champion imo if u can play around him in lane ( i know iam getting downvoted realy hard for this .. but please play him 'alot' first before u say any thing )
I honestly don't agree with you. 1. Regarding my statement (Ahri, Zed), have extremely limited time windows to do so(his ult has low cd,can safe farm under turret, good mobility) and fall of horrible The time window to kill him is really small because it is quite hard to kill him when he has everything up and just takes cs while staying under turret, and diving an Azir after lvl6 is not easy at all. Doesn't matter if you have 3 dashes because Ahri is even more squishy then Azir and will die super fast if she gets knocked back from his ult while in turret range. Also just because some abilities are not affected by his wall doesn't mean you can kill him because those abilities are usually designed to close gaps but against Azir you have to wait till he ults before you use them(keep in mind I said some HAVE kill pressure on him, its just not enough to tolerate his insane kit). 2. If you get bursted by assassins late, your positioning is probably of (or/and your sight control) + you don't use your ult and Zhonyas(which you obviously should have at that point) correctly. Please also notice that I have never stated that the champion is easy to play or anything, but we obviously have to speak about his potential, when played mostly correct.
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: Isn´t it time to fix the cait auto bug?
Isnt this just the usuall aa cancel ? ( even thou i thought they removed it on ranged champions) but seems like for cait vayne and jinx the projectile itself counts as animation so it can get canceled ?!


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