Alchemiczka (EUNE)
: Well as a supp main I can assure you that it is possible to climb. It's not easy (because with bad adc and jungler it's very hard to be useful) but don't give up! I tried to play midlane and jungle to climb on my EUW account in Plat but I decided that it's useless because my supports are autofilled and don't care for vision or protecting team. And it usually lose game. Support role is very important, I climbed as supp in 3 accounts (chill, all mine) with the main acc past Platinum and from what I saw in placements - people play raged, tilted or exhausted, they are very negative and easly distracted. Maybe playing 2 days all day is a bad idea. You try too hard and you care too much - so every lose hurts you much more than it should. In next season try to chill, think of all loses like a good lessons, try to be calm in every match and ask people for advices on playing support (or watch streams). Sometimes only by being positive you can win a bad game. Teamwork rules! :D Good luck in next season!
Ty very much, will try to do that :)
True Sight (EUNE)
: I feel ya, was trying to get to gold in flexq, and failed my promos 4 times. Mix of horrible teammates, bad matchmaking and myself tilting. And I just wanted that shiny gold icon too :/
Right :( But we'll make it next time!
: I feel you,season 8 you can do it!
Ty, I will do it!
: The first year I started the game I played literally 6/10 games with full time afkers. I got to silver 2. I made it easily to silver 1 100 LP. On my promo to Gold some bronze 4 dude from my friend list invited me to ranked. (I accept all requests). I thought it was normal. Little did I know that noobs try to get higher elo by inviting others and expecting to be carried even though they flame the rest of the team. I got tilted so hard that I reached silver 3. I didn't get to gold that year... So you see there are worse situations...
That sound horrible!
Vsec Exile (EUNE)
: I feel ya bro. Vsec Aurora. Last day of gaming went suprisngly well but on the 5th I had a massive lose streak from GV promos to SV, nearly dropped to bronze. I usually don't blame the team since I do play too many champions and don't have enough commitment, BUT CMON, NO WAY IN HELL YOU CAN CARRY A TEAM THAT LITERALLY JUST DIES SO PREDITABLY that even my bronze ass could see that. However, with new runes there will be ALOT of HIDDEN potential. Experiment visely and keep in mind the best fits
Haha I feel you, ty :)
Swittz (EUW)
: I'm sorry you didn't make it. But stop blaming others for your failures. It's silver/gold elo, you should be able to solo carry if you truly had the skill. Good luck next year
hard to solo carry with supp :/ But ty :)
roughvan (EUNE)
: Its good that you are trying to improve, you just figured out that you need to try even harder. By next season you can hit diamond if you really focus on it. The idea is that you don't become like other players that just spam games over and over. Sometimes watching streams can be worth much more but not just that also you need to pay attention to what you do every game, don't just do the same thing over and over. I've seen countless players stuck in silver/gold/plat with 1000 games or more in there. Which should not happen if you are actually trying to improve every game. Now i want to talk about your winrates and champions and try to give you some advice on them. You have 93 games on nami with good KDA and from what i can see you should've played it well because you have 57% win rate. I don't know much about nami and i won't look at your items, you should just open up challanger/master nami players and compare what they buy and their runes, but shouldn't just copy because some items are much more useful in their elo, same with runes. You should either practice morgana more or just stop playing her, 43% win rate in 23 games even though its only 23, you are doing something wrong if you have below 49-50% win rate. Same with thresh, thresh wasn't really suited for the ardent meta so if you were playing thresh you weren't actually trying your best to win. Also your win rate on him is also low. Same with amumu and jenna, you should play your best champion, if you only played nami im sure you would've reached gold. You played well with ahri and orianna but i can't really say how good it is based on 10 games. As the only support you are doing really well with compared to ohers is nami, you could try one-tricking her and only play her when you play ranked support, as for mid you should probably play orianna over ahri as you have more control with your ultimate over the outcome of the game as your secondary role. Because support is your primary role you will often get it as mid is really coveted role, so probably once in 20 games you'll get mid.
Its hard to see what I'm doing wrong sometimes :( I have payed a lot of the ones I have bad winrate with and I try to se what im doing wrong but I really dont know. But yes, I will play nami. Ty for the comment :)
: I had my share of luck and managed to get G5 for first time of 4 ranked seasons I play. Lost promo about 3 times. Good luck next time I guess
Nice done :D
: Best of luck next season <3
: I tried to climb silver with support. Gave up and became a heimerdinger otp to gold :D You were so close that i think you will get it next season ;)
Right, should main heimer to lol. Yes ty :)
: well i did not even get close to getting to gold this season so dont worry haha {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
We'll get it next time :)
: AAAAAAA DUDE. I was going to post a thread SAYING THE SAME EXACT THINGS. Damn, I got hardstuck as well. One time I lost my promos for G5 because of awful teammates and then fell down to S3. Climbed back to Silver1 80 LP with 80% winrate but then I had a losing streak because of tilted teammates
Haha well, nice to not be alone. We will make it next time :)
AP Ezreal (EUW)
: That's unlucky dude, wish you better luck next season. (y)
Wolvahulk (EUNE)
: I made it with blood and sweat but I got pretty lucky, I can say I guess I carried in 3 games from my gold promos and I lost 1 the other 2, well we threw 1 and then I (main jungle btw) just camped my Rene untill he was 3lvs ahead of Trynda and let him carry. And thus with 12hours untill end of season I made it to gold V :D:D:D better luck next time bud. Hope you make it. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Ty and wp :)
: Dude, my friend is in the same boat. Heres the screenshot he sent me. This was the last promo game to gold 5 too and it was played just before ranked closed...
Oh wow poor guy :(
: On the bright side, the silver summoner icon will be there to remember the simple days when you're in challenger. Probably the only sub gold icon you'll ever get. there'll be plenty of higher ones.
: Keep your chin up bud! I didn't make gold until my third year playing so you'll definitely make it next year!
Xarxus (EUNE)
: You have a well arranged champion pool. But I would change some of your picks. 1)Thresh. He is probably too hard and it shows. To explain to you how bad this is for you. If you remove the Tresh games you would have been Gold V (obv its not that simple). 2) Morgana. again 43% wr its just doesnt work for you at least right now. 3) Rakan is very subjective but I find that he is very hard to play from behind . You have 25% wr but tbh thats not that meaningful with only 8 games. To finalize, you could have been doing considerably better with your Mid games but it seems you have been roaming a bit too much at the wrong times and lost a lot of cs. Also you are not warding enough and you dont use enough control wards either. You have 2 control wards at best in 30+ min games. You should almost always have control wards with you after first or 2nd back.
Ty :) Yes I know my mid is bad since I have always played support. I suck at csing. BUT even though I'm bad at mid I won more games the last days with mid than support thats why I kept plying it :/
: you have nothing to worry about, graves skin is real trash so you didnt missed anything
True that lol
Krubaver (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Lite Bättre,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=ys98NYA0,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-07T20:06:56.972+0000) > Please keep the hate away from here I&amp;#039;m already crying. Had no one to talk about it with so I wrote here Play a couple aram or bot games to see how much you've improved and boost your ego back up, chances are the pessismist mindest you're in right now influences your victory chances
Thats a really good idea, ty!
Reloecc (EUNE)
: Many people care about climbing the ladder, many people give them serious advantages. But at Bronze, Silver, Gold - I can say, do the main thing: WARD the map. Buy wards everytime you go back (and more often) and you will increase your winning rate. Picking right champ, caring cs, rotation, lane freezing, ganks - all that needs skill and training. Wards do not. Just buy them and place!
Ty for your advice :)
el barno (EUW)
: beter luck next season.
: Well this sure beats all the people complaining about perma bans xd Gotta say I have to pay respect for you trying I have issues with commitment when it comes to ranked ladders im sure i'll get over it at some point maybe this season
I have had the same issue until this season actually.
Èclair (EUNE)
: There are different kinds of human emotions. Crying in movies comes more from empathy and has different causation than cry of distress, anger or pain _(also different effects on your body)_. Having such strong emotional response to a game isn't normal and shouldn't be considered as such because it's actually damaging to people who might suffer from it. People have to learn how to control their emotions. From where do you think this enormous amount of toxicity comes from?
I get it. I know I have too much emotions but I promise you the only person I hurt is myself then because I never flame. I don't really get mad, just sad. Ty for your insights as well :)
Ashen Soul (EUNE)
: Well i am sorry that you didn't reach your goal this season, and i dont wanna put any salt on your wound, i just want to give some pointers to you and hopefully you will see this as friendly advice and try to improve your play so that next season you reach your ranked goal. Cheers! Well i know its kinda too late, and all the runes change and everything. But looking at your OP.GG, your mastery pages aren't optimal for your support champions, nor is your rune page. It's a minor fault, but its kinda important too. On your thresh/leona/ali page you dont run Courage of the colossus which you should be running, along side the Explorer mastery to help you roam mid faster when your adc is dead or is in base. Instead of having mana regen runes you could just run Meditation mastery which gives you better mana regen anyway. Also Fearless mastery is really good on melee supports because it gives you extra resistance when you get attacked or when you engage on the enemy. On your Morg/Nami/Janna page you run Precision instead of Intelligence, which gives you CDR and increased CDR cap which helps you get your Qs/heals/shields up faster and thats basically what these support champions are about. Again, you run Tough skin mastery instead of the Explorer, on supports like janna, a champion who should just sit in the back behind adc and buff them instead of getting hit. You should stick to champions like Janna or Soraka, cause they are really simple and really strong in what they do and you can learn them fast, or play your Nami, put more time into her, cause you seem to be alright at that champion, judging by the stats that i can see, i dont know how your laning is and if youre doing something wrong there. I hope youre decent at landing those Qs tho and if you put enough effort into her, then you will certainly climb to gold. *Some notes on the champions you play and how you play them: -Morgana: You maxed E, which is not necessary, maxing Q will give it much more damage and lower its cooldown significantly which means you have more chances of hitting an opponent and more chance that your team will follow up and go for the kill. If you want to max E and just be a shield support (morganas shield ONLY shields MAGIC damage(most adcs do PHYSICAL damage), this is why its not an ideal first max ability, but having her spell shield up more often is nice tho), you should buy Athenes Unholy Grail, as it will also heal your teammate when you shield them if you have some stacks on the Athenes. This way, your shield becomes a lot more powerful, with Ardent, Athenes and the fact that it is also a magic absorbing shield and it is a spell shield. -Rakan: You maxed Q, now, some will tell you that you should max Q, and you will probably see this in many guides online, but Q max is not a way to go. It does not increase your healing, it only decreases cooldown and adds some damage to it. But you dont wanna play rakan if you plan to do damage. Max your W and then your E, leave your Q for last. Buy Sightstone, Locket, Ardent, Athenes, then go for some tanky item. -Nami: So far your Nami seems to be the champ you get right as far as i can tell, but after you buy a sightstone, you should change your trinket for a sweeping lens at the same time and not at 20+ minutes :P Would recommend same build like Rakan. I couldnt find a soraka or janna game on your, so i cant say anything about the way you play them. I see that you played some mid ori and amumu jungle, which wasnt that bad, but i would suggest not playing ori if you try to climb, cause ori is really difficult to learn and play well, she is also team reliant champion. Amumu also has a really bad jungle clear early and struggles with mana issues. Should look into the meta picks. But anyways, i hope you improve yourself next season and reach your goals!
Oh I know my runes especially sucks but I have 0 knowledge about them luckily they have changed now! Ty so much, really helped :)
Position (EUW)
: 1. Damn son emotional shiit u have there, ull get it next year man # {{champion:86}}
Ty. I'll try my best.
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CJXander (EUNE)
: You had a whole season to get into gold, now it is going to be harder since everyone feel the pressure of the season ending and they instantly tilt if someonthing is not going according to their plan. I was about to enter diamond and i've quit ranked untill next season when the waters will be calmer.
That is true but they should still not be going afk :/
VoIdymort (EUW)
: i got gold on euw about a week ago after about 2 or so weeks of s2>s1>s2>s1>s2>s1 shenanigans. keep at it! you still have 2 weeks. plenty of time!
I work a lot but I will do my best. I have all day today so Im just gonna play. Ty :)
: It's unfortunate that it happens in your promo's or any game for that matter. I feel the pain. However there is not much you can do about it, just make sure to report them at the end and hope for the best. Good luck in your climb to gold though :P Go get em before the season ends, i believe.
Yea I will keep trying, ty :)
: It's always the same bs man...Today I got 3 ez wins with 1 enemy afk and 2 enemy teams full of feeders...Tomorrow I will get abou 3-4 games with at least 3 afks and full noob teams. So today I'm GOD tomorrow I'm nobody...wait maybe its this crappy Matchmaking and bad punishment for destroying allies games...
Yea I agree. I understand it hard to fix everything as riot since there are so many players. But something has to be done.
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: New Twitch channel - need tips
Idk but I will follow you :) see you for next stream

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