: Unjust permaban
Can this be closed? Edited: I Still don't think I deserve a Perm-ban based on the evidence provided, but given the deformed absolutist culture present on the boards and in Riot's system I feel I can do nothing but give up. I honestly think Riot's enforcement of a pre-school absolutist sense of morality and to use it as a determining ground for judgement based on incomplete, void of context and implied intent, black-and-white and un-reviewed evidence by biased and prejudiced peers is simply a model unfit for propper judgement. It is foolish to demand no clashing of egos, no arguments, no potential of insult or emotion within a game and community that centers itself around a competitive premise where all of the before mentioned are inevitable to occur. Calling for a troll or intentional feed on your team to be reported is no other than the call for a criminal to be brought to justice. If a call for justice is to be deemed as a criminal act then we should start to ask ourselves questions about the legitimacy of such a tendency. It carries detrimental implications that, if ignored, will only lead to a more deformed model than is already in place. Because to speak out is to risk repercussions, to speak is to be judged by prejudice.
Sejinex (EUW)
: Words carry weight even if you seem to refuse or ignore that fact. Also the community has partly formed what is and what is not acceptable and if you can´t respect that fact that others have feelings, well bad for you. And why are you talking about Justice? YOU accepted Riot´s EULA and code of conduct, technically they don´t even need a reason to terminate your account. Riot and the community feels that after behaving a certain way a certain time you should be banned and that´s just how it is. You may feel like you´re being treated unfairly but in reality you are just held to the standards all league players are held to.
What I am trying to say is that these so called standards are unrealistic, pre-schoolistic and on top of that absolutist. If the only solution to the game is to not talk at all then the standards of enforced morality are wrong.
: a reasonable response? you haven't figured it out by now that answering to flame with the same flame is against the rules? why would you even care if people call you names? right after being permanently banned you have just figured out that ignoring all flames and reporting them after the game is the right thing to do? you are too late.
Only that I didn't respond to flame with flame, Haven't for a long time. Problem I have with these judgements and so is the fact that they are heavily subject to interpretation and narrowmindedness, people projecting biases and prejudice on words they read that have no implied context or implied intention other than what the perceiver/reader decides to impose on it. They do in no way meet any of the qualifications of justice because it is a form of flawed absolutism where kindergarten perceptions of right and wrong are imposed on teenagers and young adults and etc.
: it is way justified. bye
Thanks. Guess it was.
: You say "intentionally" so much , i dont think it means what you think it means. "Intentionally not helping". Anyway calling for reports is banable. Report bot for toxicity There is nothing this community hates more, not trolls, not afkers, not ragequitters, not op champions, nothing more than people who call for reports.
If you had access to the entire chat log I am sure you'd be a tad more sympathetic, but I guess I was indeed in the wrong with the report calls. Didn't know until now.
: > [{quoted}](name=LittleNerdSaurus,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=oiwkrnEe,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2016-01-24T19:58:07.907+0000) > > So if someone is flaming me and my team in all chat I am not allowed to ask for a report? NO YOU ARE NOT. Report is option given to everyone and it should be personal decision. Asking someone to relinquish their personal views to appease you, is considered extremely toxic. Why do you ask for reports ? EXPLAIN WHY? Multiple reports dont have any higher value than 1 report. Just because you SAY in all chat that someone is trolling, that doesnt mean everyone should get on board with you.
Guess I was wrong.
Smerk (EUW)
: Yep, exactly, just report him, no need for additional reports, one is more than enough unless your reports have no value
welp, guess I was wrong on that. Still feel like a Permanent ban is a little too excessive for that but who Am I to judge myself.
Ax3stazy (EUW)
: ***
Thanks for taking the time to write a reasonable response.
: Rapport calls is considered toxic its obvious that you was unaware of that. If you had red the summoners code after getting chatbans you might been able to avoid the permaban.
> [{quoted}](name=themackattack,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=oiwkrnEe,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2016-01-24T19:52:50.868+0000) > > Rapport calls is considered toxic its obvious that you was unaware of that. If you had red the summoners code after getting chatbans you might been able to avoid the permaban. So if someone is flaming me and my team in all chat I am not allowed to ask for a report?
: another copy paste POST A SCREEN SHOT or this chat log is edited for sure
: You probably had a 14 day ban beforehand, correct? How many games did you play between that ban was lifted and your permaban? Riot is very strict for the first few games after 2 week ban. Your case might not be the worst, but you were negative and that's enough fir Riot to know you haven't reformed.
I have been unbanned for 5 days, I got flamed extremely hard every single game and reported even in the games where I didn't say a single thing. But I admit, I have had some arguments with people in some games.
Stoney (EUW)
: Yes. I reviewed it. Bye.
Reviewed it? how. I got permabanned 1 minute after the game ended.
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