: You were. Among several other smaller things there was report calling and apparently you blackmailed your team to apologize or else you would troll/intentionally not play with the team. If you prefer categories: That's "Assisting the enemy" or "trolling", whatever term you like.
I did just what she told me to, is that "not playing with team" when i listen to her lol
: I am sure your friends don't care what the name of your account is. Just create a new account. And don't make the same mistake again. This ban should be a wake up call for you. Keep in mind that other players might be in similar situations. For many people League is place to relax, a place to forget about your daily worries for a while, a place to have fun with friends. As you have noticed yourself, atacking people verbally kind of prevents that. So make sure you don't do that anymore from now on.
Did u even read my reform card? i werent toxic.
: > Do you think itll help if i provide proof? its not just a sobstory i can send pic of my ID and his death certificate if thats whats needed No. You misunderstood me. This isn't about your story being untrue. Like I said before, many of these stories behind peoples behavior might be true, like yours. But it doesn't matter, because EVERYONE has a story, everyone has a reason. Having a reason is no justification. Sure, your situation explains why you did what you did, but it doesn't justify it. That's the point here. > I mean look at my reform card i was toxic 2 games and got ban AND you have you been toxic before. You didn't get banned JUST for those 2 games, you got banned for behaving like this after already getting a or even multiple warnings. > I feel super lost and idk what to do Focus on the important stuff, i.e. your RL. Forget about League, reach out to friends. LoL is just a game. Sure, it's a nice distraction, but it's also very frustrating and people can be really mean, so right now it's probably not the best game for you anyway. See this ban as a chance for change.
all my friends were on lol. i hardly got any friends and pretty much no family left, this was about what i had, and thats why its so important to me.
: Hey, I'm sorry for you that your father took his life. My condolences. -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- Even if your personal circumstances are bad, it doesn't allow you to break the rules. A permaban is not a normal punishment. It is only used as a final punishment if you have ignored previous warnings for your behaviour, or when you are an extreme case of toxicity. ----------------------------- > Im not sure what to do, getting banned because of responding to death threaths shouldnt be bannable imo.. The death threats are definitely a punishable thing. If you really want to do something, reporting another player is the best thing to do. Responding to it doesn't solve anything. If you knew you were in an emotional sensitive state, you could have muted everybody at the beginning of every match, to prevent yourself from being done possible harm. No matter how your personal circumstances are, an online game is probably not the best way to get rid of your own worries. If it becomes a way to let out your anger, you are moving your anger to somebody else. Nobody ever gets better by doing that.
> you could have muted everybody at the beginning of every match, to prevent yourself from being done possible harm. Ive gotten banned for that before, which is the reason i got permabanned now and just not 10 games/25 games/2 weeks instead of this ban. Used to do that until i got ban for "refusing to communicate" which is nice.
: I am very sorry for your situation, I truly am. That sucks hard! But I'm afraid it won't change anything about your ban. Neither you being in a tough situation nor others attacking you is a justification for flaming. It certainly makes it more relateable, but it doesn't make it okay. There are also 2 more factors you have to consider: a) anyone can come up with a personal sob story why they flamed and in many cases it might very well be true. After all people rarely flame without any reason. But having a reason is no justification. If Riot unbanned anyone who is able to provide a reason for his behavior, there would be no bans at all. b) After all it wasn't your first rodeo. You already had a toxic history. You didn't get banned for just one emotional outbreak, you got banned because you flamed AGAIN after already receiving a (probably even several) warnings about it. So I'm afraid this ban is going to stay. Riot also doesn't lift permabans unless the player is actually innocent, which is not true in your case. Sorry for not having better news for you. Concerning your situation: I would lie if I told you I know how you feel. I don't. But I can imagine and I really hope you will find a way to endure it.
Do you think itll help if i provide proof? its not just a sobstory i can send pic of my ID and his death certificate if thats whats needed.. I feel super lost and idk what to do. i was hardly toxic either. I mean look at my reform card i was toxic 2 games and got ban. And in the games i were hardly toxic.. please.. Game 1 LizardsBurly: ad tf? LizardsBurly: ap naut? LizardsBurly: with deathfire touch ye? LizardsBurly: and the lifesteal tf LizardsBurly: y LizardsBurly: ? LizardsBurly: same LizardsBurly: holy shit ty LizardsBurly: lmao LizardsBurly: WHAT A SHOW BOYS LizardsBurly: ITS CLOWN FIESTA LizardsBurly: soloq troll what LizardsBurly: u pick expect to lose? LizardsBurly: nah LizardsBurly: wont report LizardsBurly: but sona why report him? LizardsBurly: for what io mean LizardsBurly: 0-1-0 int? LizardsBurly: hes 7 cs bhind LizardsBurly: stop flamng LizardsBurly: #prayfortf LizardsBurly: he got ganked LizardsBurly: wth she so toxic LizardsBurly: u cant report someone for being bad LizardsBurly: INTALERT LizardsBurly: WILL DO TF LizardsBurly: i havnt got any kill or anything on him sona LizardsBurly: NO MANA Q LizardsBurly: NOOO LizardsBurly: 7 mana from q rip LizardsBurly: :D LizardsBurly: calm LizardsBurly: pls LizardsBurly: i do 1 misplay LizardsBurly: wont play better for u rubbing it in my face LizardsBurly: ok im bad LizardsBurly: ill afk farm rest game so i dont do bad agian LizardsBurly: suit yourself LizardsBurly: tilt LizardsBurly: nah LizardsBurly: :) LizardsBurly: oopsie :) LizardsBurly: report lb please bery toxic LizardsBurly: nah LizardsBurly: i listen LizardsBurly: to lb LizardsBurly: yup LizardsBurly: wait no LizardsBurly: im not trolling LizardsBurly: stop flame please LizardsBurly: u tell me to afk jgl now im troll when i do LizardsBurly: what? LizardsBurly: lb u told me LizardsBurly: to afk jungle LizardsBurly: now im trolling? LizardsBurly: i listen to u LizardsBurly: and i troll? LizardsBurly: i can play LizardsBurly: with team LizardsBurly: if lb say sorry LizardsBurly: i R their adc LizardsBurly: what? LizardsBurly: muting all cya LizardsBurly: if all grow up and stop troll we win LizardsBurly: i try to win now LizardsBurly: i stop afk like she told me to LizardsBurly: ggwp Game 2 LizardsBurly: they full ad LizardsBurly: i try to sit mid if i can LizardsBurly: lb gp got no flash LizardsBurly: easy for u haha LizardsBurly: sorry LizardsBurly: thought i wouldnt get LizardsBurly: use bind when i stun instead LizardsBurly: heca +2 lvls on me LizardsBurly: lol LizardsBurly: i gank too much LizardsBurly: ¨ojk LizardsBurly: b then bot LizardsBurly: will r bot LizardsBurly: both flashes up bot LizardsBurly: bro LizardsBurly: lmao LizardsBurly: 3 mid LizardsBurly: help her LizardsBurly: 14% LizardsBurly: sure LizardsBurly: sure thing busd LizardsBurly: bud' LizardsBurly: gj LizardsBurly: lb busted wth LizardsBurly: heca too thio LizardsBurly: wtf am i doin omg LizardsBurly: lol LizardsBurly: tried to def tower LizardsBurly: and waste tehir time LizardsBurly: so u can respawn LizardsBurly: and def inhib maybe LizardsBurly: lb stop toxic please LizardsBurly: cya LizardsBurly: muted LizardsBurly: trynd r? LizardsBurly: he isnt? LizardsBurly: u should r LizardsBurly: where is his stattik? LizardsBurly: where is his dmg LizardsBurly: report lb please toxic
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