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: You know what the funny thing is? These kind of "threads" you can C&P out of all botting, scripter and other boards to challenge your bans. It's not your business. Your friend did wrong, the system catch him, a employee triggered the ban hammer with evidence provided. Nobody cares if you believe him or not. Every information out of that would compromise and help these botter and scripter developers to improve their products. Beside that, these kind of threads pop up every day 5-10 times. So the false positive rate is around 100% right? And read the contract you've with riot. Then you know what happens to your money spend. Tip: You don't get anything back. You're not the owner of the account. You're licensed user. You paid for the skins to use. You paid, they provided you the skin. Done. You don't own the property rights on the game or the skins. And if you violate the contract with Riot (Terms of Use) then Riot will quit the contract with you (perma ban).
I'm aware what actually happens to the money, but please be aware, you just said they are 5-10 threads per day, and lets say only half of the players getting banned actually write a thread, since the other half even was scripting and doesnt care or is trying to lie around. If from those 5-10 threads like 10% are actually NOT scripters/botters/hackers, riot bans 1-2 persons everyday without reason.
: Does he by any chance use some software for skins? Some of those are supposedly banned as well if they use actual Riot skins... something like that.
: Riot won't answer the question because it would just hint at someone that software x was detected by them, so that software has to be rewritten, and Riot would have to build a new detection. As to your friend - you know, people that cheat usually are like: I don't cheat, never did, this is all a huge mistake. And yea, they even come to these forums and complain about not having done anything. We can neither confirm nor deny any of this happened. That's something you'll have to let Support deal with. It's not a major flood of people suddenly complaining about getting banned unfairly though. So, I wouldn't worry about "getting banned for no reason". What's your friend's summoner name? Would be curious about his match history.
Hitmeonesandudie I aggree tho, there is no way i can tell he was not scripting by 100%. Still believing him, thats all I can do I guess
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: Yeah, I know A LOT of people who have sent questions like this to Ask Riot, but still no one is responding. I dunno, maybe Riot support isnt doing his job and should be fired.
I think that`s going a bit too far, considering the huge playerbase this game has they probably got something better to do.
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