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: > [{quoted}](name=World Seed,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=ZmHxEiK3,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-02-24T22:58:47.237+0000) > Nobody asked for these boards. Yes they did. >the forums had a good community going on. No it didn't. - "mimimi champion x is so OP!! NERF RITO!" - "Bronze tards don't let me climb to Silver!!" - "Look I posted a funny kitten image, upvote me!!" - "I troll all of you, downvote me!!" These were basically all the types of threads you could see the last few months...
: [Resolved] Hacked and banned
you said you got banned for 2 weeks? why not just wait it out
: Zoom Hack or Quit
probably the worst reason to threaten to quit..
Ramnbo (EUNE)
: LeaverBuster, does it really work this way?
Being inactive for 5 minutes one game BUT coming back wont give you a penalty. However if you have a high amount of games where you do this, then yes, you will be penalized.
: Can't see amount of games with low priority Q
After finishing a game you will see a note on your top right of the client saying how many low priority matches you have remaining. I dont think there is any other place where you can check this. Only after you leave the post match lobby
Dixi Pixi (EUW)
: Meta is a big pile of Dead Teemos.
The sad part is that you have reached platinum and then there are guys in Bronze who cant get out no matter how good they are. Privilege.
: I'll be frank, I'm level 28, so I'm not ranked, but given how toxic normal is, and how WORSE ranked apparently is, I may just not bother even doing my placements, except for ranked team
Dont worry you will be prepared for ranked games. I mean this literally. Tiers are only as good as their names and thats all. There are shit players in Plat as well as Bronze.
: The Blame Game.
Just last game I was called a noob Sona by my adc because he couldnt deal sufficient dps when he had to. He would just panic and move here and there, standing next to us but wouldnt attack them, all the while when we are getting focused. I just told him to shut his stupid mouth.
Solash (EUW)
: A veeeeery relevant quote for anyone who plays ranked
Unfortunately ranked is nothing like real life. In real life, in most; if not every case, you are rewarded for your good work and not punished for the mistakes of your partners. But then again, it's always been like this in sports. Any kind of sports.
Hrki (EUNE)
: Tanks have been obsolete for the past 2 seasons, and obviously Riot has no intentions to change that. I guess flashy, 2 second fights are better for E-$ports than 5-10 seconds long fights with CC and mitigating damage, and it's obvious that Riot only cares about E sports, cause $$$. There used to be only few champions that could instagib, now there are more than half of them. It's just lame how many champs can turn the tide of a match because they can kill your carries in matter of seconds, and you can't even react. Heck neural impulses have speed that they travel, there's no window for you to react and do anything while you or your team is getting one combo'd.
So true its fucking ridiculous. A support like blitzcrank who already has so much cc to provide can just pull, knock and ulti to finish you off. That is ridiculous. I get killed by a fucking support because i cant react fast enough to that BECAUSE when he pulls, knocks and ultis I am suppressed all that time. Season 1/2 by far were the best. Yes the game was still balancing itself out, but now it has become ridiculously easy to win/lose because of one small mistake. A 40 minute game shouldnt be won because they were able to ace once and push all the way, even though our team was stomping them..

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