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Father Tios (EUNE)
: The "reason" behind it does not make it feel any less frustrating for the other players in the game. And since majority don't have a problem (at least often enough to cause a punishment), it's on you. Either fix your stuff or stop afking. It's quite simple, really.
abraklaas (EUW)
: and yet is is most played pc game so im not sure about your theory :/
apperantly the last time league gave away their player numbers was 2014, så that is kinda all speculation...
Father Tios (EUNE)
: https://i.gyazo.com/9af1d07ddd9a9f4ea2b4c369a634da6b.png https://i.gyazo.com/9a25b09781598f9459459490ee14e927.png From your match history à la lolking... I think riot is better off punishing one player for breaking the rules, than not punishing a player consistently ruining other players games (9 at once).
a yes i remember that second one well, the game was super buggy and i was trying to fix it. i guess i should have just stayed an unintentionally fed, that would have been better.
Xpéct (EUNE)
: **It's a solid read, and I'm interested in your opinions** In all honesty, I support the system, but it has been nothing but trouble for me. You can go ahead and check my match history, haven't played much of League for longer than a year, only to come back and have the game repeatedly crash (after numerous repairs) due to what I assume is the new client having issues with my machine. Basically, until I ran the game in WinXP mode, I'd start a game, and as soon as the champion screen finished, I'd get a BugSplat asking me to report the problem. This would not be problematic if not for the fact that I've been severely punished for this. Instantly placed into a Low-Prio queue ( I used to get a lot of DC's in S4 since I played from the university dormitory back then, and the professor would sometimes troll the students). So I've been punished for no reason, JUST as I came back into the game, making me think that I should just drop it again. It's a great system to punish those who ruin games by inting or whatnot, but it's a horrible solution for the 10-15% of the community that have either riot-side or our-side issues. Honestly, when I found out that a remake system has been implemented while I was gone, it makes me want to cry. I never connected to the game, the game was remade 3 minutes afterwards, and I have to waste 1-2 hours of my free time waiting for low-prio? A simple solution would be to have a connection checker, if you picked regularly, you had no history of mid-game AFKing or Inting, and if you NEVER even CONNECTED to the game, don't punish us. Worst case scenario, people practice cs-ing for 3 minutes. It's disheartening and unfair to play along. I'm the first guy who wouldn't mind having someone crash before the game even starts, he had problems, I'll chill for 3 minutes and then start another game. People like that should not be treated the same as people who leave in the 15th, 30th or 45th minute of the game... *diclaimer: I almost only play normals, which makes this even sadder.
yea i have 1 leaver (Remake) in my last 20 games, and that apperantly makes me a filthy leaving scum.
shadh23 (EUNE)
: Disconnected
nothing, riot doesnt care about your internet connection, they will punish you regardless. only thing we can do is shout hard enough in their faces and hope they redesign or reconsider that bad leaverbuster they have going on...
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