Rstonius (EUW)
: In most cases when i ask for a gank, i ask it when the lane is pushed in torwads us, and they have limited usage of wards. There are 3 ways of ganking a pushed bot lane, river, lane and tri, and as long as the jungler comes in with actual pings and not just yolo ganking then i always react and so would others. The fact still remains that even getting one kill from it is a higher reward than getting 1 kill from another lane.
> The fact still remains that even getting one kill from it is a higher reward than getting 1 kill from another lane. It is not. Did you know ( > When a champion is killed, the killer gets a certain amount of gold, while 50% of that amount is divided up among everyone who got an assist on it. So the net gold is always the same!
Rstonius (EUW)
: Risk management when ganking bot lane.
You kind of didn't understand the part about the _very high_ risk. In SoloQ you can also have that scenario: You gank bot, and your bot lane doesn't react. What happens? You are 1v2 and will most likely die. In any other lane it still would be a 1v1 and your chances to kill 1 is higher, than to kill 2. In most cases it will be, that people in soloQ sleep and thats why the risk is just too high to gank bot. You gank bot, if you know 100% that you get a kill. Scenario would be: Their bot lane pushes so hard in, that they sit ar your turret, then it is kind of easier to kill em, cause of lane distance. But the minion wave also has to be very small, so your bot can follow, without taking too much damage. You have to look at many points, when ganking a lane. So it is more benefical to gank other lanes. Yeah the reward is higher, but when the gank fails, then their bot lane is even more ahead and thats the worst scenario. That's why you play mostly safe picks for bot lane and try to peel for team. Utility ADC.
Rioter Comments
: AP Burst Shyvana seems to be much more powerful than i thought...almost too powerful???
Prechange AP Shyvana was more powerful, cause the AP ratios were much higher. Now the only way is to hit with your dragon E. Old Shyvana could also get her normal E trough all the enemies. Now it stops at the first enemy hit. So idk about AP Shyv being _too_ powerful. It is better to build items like: {{item:1419}} {{item:1413}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3065}}
Trojax (EUNE)
: Riot Meddler are you really seriously still not considering nerfing Yasuo?
> Yasuo I'm uncertain on the best course of action, but for sure his laning is very strong, so we could safely take that down and he would end up in a reasonable spot. Not to say for certain he needs nerfs (he is pretty frustrating to play against while being incredibly fun - negates a lot of the things you can do to him). It's interesting that one of the reasons Yasuo needs to have so many tools in his kit is because we don't have turn speed."
: Nerf fcking fizz pls
> When asked about changes for Fizz, Fizz Enthusiast noted: "We are still considering buffs for Fizz. However we generally felt that ult hitbox frustration issue needs to be solved first (it's possible the hitbox is correct, but the representation is wrong, resulting in cheated feelings or just that the hitbox is too big).
Doomley (EUW)
: >Is it better to get placed from dia5 to plat 3 and only getting +12-18 lp per win and lose 20-30? Well i would only lose more LP than gain if my mmr would be lower than it should be and the system wouldn't place me higher than my mmr because it wouldn't make any sense. And naturally i would prefer to be placed higher so i could aim to climb a lot higher sooner. Now i have to use a lot of my time to get back to where i was before the reset so i can start actually climbing again.
Well i got placed from P1 to P3. But my MMR got reset from P1 to G1, cause i went 5-5. Don't ask me why the system thought to place me way higher than i should. But i would want to be G1 so i can gain normal LP. Not something like +12 lp and drop immediately at 0 LP. For me its more frustrating to win 3 games to get 36 LP and only lose 1 and get -30. I dont care about that P3, because my MMR doesnt match.
AznaktaX (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Shadow Xylex,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=FnRPE9pA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-12-09T16:01:56.242+0000) > > Irelia has a 56% winrate and is really annoying to play against, and has been for multiple months but people still complain about Yasuo? I hate both of them.
[Better nerf Irelia](
Doomley (EUW)
: >And if you talk about having a smurf, then post with your smurf. This account is my smurf. My main is it doesn't show that i'm in silver yet. Client does though.
True dat. Don't know how you get from dia5 to s1. But i mean, as long as your MMR is high, you should be out of there pretty fast. Is it better to get placed from dia5 to plat 3 and only getting +12-18 lp per win and lose 20-30?
: Please read topic on reddit. It really is unfair. How can someone with 2-8 go from gold 1 to plat 5 and how can I end up in gold 5 after winning 9 of 10 games after being plat 4 in season 6.
Maybe that person was Platin 1, didnt play for 6 months, got demoted cause of Inactivity to Gold1 and got placed back to Plat 5, because his MMR was still that of Platin 1???
Doomley (EUW)
: yea from previous seasons we know that the placements are far more forgiving later in the season. Last season i did placements, i got from plat 3 to silver 1. My friend did his placements near the end of the season and he got from gold 5 to gold 2. I thought it was completely unfair. This season i was placed from dia 5 to silver 1... gotta have fun climbing again especially since i have to play against diamond players in silver.
> This season i was placed from dia 5 to silver 1... gotta have fun climbing again especially since i have to play against diamond players in silver. Nice try, not even placed or being Diamond 5 last season. And if you talk about having a smurf, then post with your smurf.
: For me at least that's a perfect reward but unlike you and me people are not like that they want something more and they think that reporting will not do anything so they rather not report but if you put in a small reward like 10RP or 300IP or something that is useful people will start taking reporting more serious and it will benefit all, now I am not saying that as soon as you report someone you will get an award, no... It goes back to devoted players and staff members are looking into this report and if they vote that this player behaved bad and should get a ban then all the players who took the time to fill a report should get this small reward
dw enough players use the report button.
Xquisite (EUW)
: Season 7 start As soon as the new patch is out. Early morning on 7th.
: This is great but it does not make people feel like it's worth taking the time reporting someone, riot should maybe make it more clear how important it is for people to report bad behavior and still give a reward for those who does
The reward is, that one toxic player is gone from league. What else do you want as a reward?
: Why is this wonderful game so toxic?
Kirlin (EUW)
: However it does not solve the problem. If I smurf in Silver 2 and play Karma with Mastery 1 and you do the same with your Mastery 7 Karma (or your M7 champ) I would play 100 times better. The mastery thing was released for ppl to achieve something when playing their favourite champions, not as a requirement to play ranked. People in Bronze V has M7 champions, and does not imply them being good with them (I use Bronze V as it is the lowest division in LOL).
It doesn't solve YOUR Problem. But it solves the problem OP has. YOUR problem could be solved by linking your main account to your smurf acc. So you can unlock your Mastery Levels to your smurf. And TBH what you describe is something, that only someone has, when he BUYS a smurf acc. If you Level up YOURSELF an account, then it is inevitable that you get to Mastery Level 3. And buying accounts is not allowed. And it would even more stop people from buying bot levelled accounts ;)
Kirlin (EUW)
: In my smurf account I play mainly Supports and Junglers. As I played ranked as soon as I got lvl 30 and 16 champions, are you telling me I need to play normal games to get Mastery 3 after I can play my Mastery 6-7 champion on main account in the smurf? I could not afford to buy all I play when I got 30 :D
I don't think you got what the OP wanted to suggest: > so i want to give a suggestion! that maybe most of all agree with that, or maybe no! in ranked mode each player be able to take a champ who has been played over 50 games with, so in this way the players are kinda familiar to their champs and the role their taking! Achieving Mastery Level 3 is faster, than playing 50 games.
: Ranked need to Rework
I suggested once, that you could only play a Champion in Ranked, if he had Mastery Level 3. But the Community didn't like my idea. I also think it is better to understand your Champion before you pick it up in Ranked. But Ranked is not seen as competitive as before. Many tilted players do not care and play Ranked like they play a Normal...
: Beginner champions
Some easy to play, but hard to master champions: Top:{{champion:14}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:57}} Jungle:{{champion:32}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:5}} Mid:{{champion:1}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:25}} Adc:{{champion:15}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:22}} Supp:{{champion:40}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:117}} I would stick to play one champion more than once, so you understand him, even if you lose your first games. Try watching some videos on YouTube to understand that champion. Try it :)
: A Guide on how to climb and Improve in Season 7 from a Master Mid Main
For all the guys who liked the "League Improvement Checklist", there is also Vol.2 und 3 avalaible. These 2 are for Jungle and Lanes. So I will leave the link here: > >
Neur0tiix (EUNE)
: Ultimately, there are fundamental, irreconcilable differences between Flex and Solo/Duo Queue beyond their varying rules on premades. Our hope is both queues will thrive by leveraging those differences to attract different types of players. For example, there are certain competencies that Solo/Duo Queue will reward more: - The ability to "solo carry" games is rewarded more highly in solo/duo queue. Since far fewer premade players are coming in with coordinated strategies they've practiced ahead of time, there's a bigger emphasis on your ability to win lane and leverage your power across the map. - You may be on your own, but you've got to be able to become a leader for a group of strangers. You can't tilt, and you have to be able to adapt on the fly to the idiosyncrasies of your teammates. The Flex Queue also tests all the skills you've developed while playing solo, but additionally rewards a different set of competencies: - In champ select, you've got to focus more on cohesive team comps, and late game communication strategies will likely make the biggest difference between winning and losing teams—a well-coordinated crew with a solid game plan will shine brightest here. - This queue will likely develop its own meta that's more focused on early game invades and unexpected, tightly-coordinated rotations. We think that with unique rewards and a different-feeling environment, players will see the value of the Flex and Solo/Duo Queue, and both will thrive.
If you are quoting, then mark it as quote. Again: What Riot wants it to be and what it really is, are two different kinds. Stop blind believing what Riot says and see for yourself, what happened last year.
: SOMEONE WITH THE SAME PROBLEM Riot removed the AIR client now no one can play on the AIR because "THE BETA" is online replacing the best client we had. no hate intended but fck try to resolve the problem
kyle5342 (EUW)
: Where could you find that file ? I did find one in lol_air_client but when I launch it, I get an error :/
Just open the user.cfg in text editor and change from "Yes" to "No". Simple.
: 5 minutes, then 10, then 15, then 20 and so on. Seasons change when passing time. When the days become the weeks, become the months, become the years.
No no, penalty times differ for every mode {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: You are being way too hard on a queue system that literally just came out. It's preseason, it's only natural for things to be out of order. If you hate it so much, just don't play it until the MMRs settle, high elo players climb to their ranks and low elo players fall to theirs. Then everything will be okay. Give it a month at most. Also, Ranked Flex is basically glorified Normals. Your rank there isn't nearly as relevant as your rank in Solo Queue, so I'd take it with a grain of salt and try to, oh I don't know, enjoy the game rather than worrying about LP.
What SoloQ? {{item:3070}}
Neur0tiix (EUNE)
: What you experienced is Flex queue after soft reset in pre-season. What am I talking about is purpose and main idea of Flex for Season 7. Yesterday I had 2 games where I was matched with premades of 3 people. They were communicating, cooperating, covering eachother, calling drakes, barons, doing objectives together. Thats what is it about. Never gonna happen in Solo/Duo since obviously, you can enter that game only solo or duo.
Purpose and main idea of FLEXQ for season 7 is non other than purpose and idea for DYNAMICQ in Season 6. Both Qs are the same. Just another name, same product. The higher you get in your elo, the more you experience the things you describe there. That is nothing what is related to Flex/DynamicQ. At the highest Tier you will always have to play solo, cause this is also restricted in flexQ. Just bring back old Team-Ranked. Stop taking things from your community Riot.
Vesemir (EUW)
: He isnt really. People are overexaggerating his utility doesnt fall of not to mention if his Q hits the carry its over in most cases
Play safe early and you win against every Lee. Most players lose against Lee, because they disrespect his early damage. Look at his winrate per gamelenght. He sucks hard in late. Cause the enemy team groups and he can be so easily caught. And with the new Support items, you can shield your AD carry and he will become a tank. So if you have a decent Support, your AD/AP Carry will never be killed by a Lee. If you remove Lee's early damage, what will there be left? Early shit and late even more shit? Lee would be gone then.
: autofill
It would be. It would also be fair, when you swap IN TO Support, that you also get autofill protection again.
: you should change the concept behind flex queue and solo queue.
The only way to keep flexQ alive, is to have solo players in it. Why should i even bother to play as 2 or 3 man-premade, to wait for 2 or 3 man-premades to play potentially against a 5 man-premade team. Why should i even consider this? Never. Correct. Queue times would be even more unhealthy as they are now already. The biggest problem is, that players, who played Team-Ranked, can't play together anymore because of the restriction. It will come to this: Solo/DuoQ (if it will ever be released) and flex to be 5v5 Team-Ranked. If Riot did pop up a survey IN THE CLIENT and every player could decide if they wanted to play solo/duoQ more, it would be that more than 80% would want it. Period.
Neur0tiix (EUNE)
: The reason of Flex is simple. Solo/Duo is more about snowballing and abusing champions/items. Flex is more cooperative and you focusing on strategy/objectives etc. Some players prefer this, some of them prefer that. Flex will either become 5v5 only like you are saying or they will reopen 4-man queue, making it possible to queue-up 1-5man like in DynQ. Thats what Riot stated and its known. The Flex queue we have now is just an experiment. Maybe thats why they removed Draft pick for time being to force people play it and see if its popular or people rather play Blind/Solo-Duo Queue.
> Flex is more cooperative and you focusing on strategy/objectives etc. Some players prefer this, some of them prefer that. That is absolute bs. What I experience in flex queue is, even more snowball and people not giving a f, because they want solo/duoQ and no dynamic/flexQ.
voodouf (EUW)
: My solution is for people like me who doesnt get any screen at all when they launch the client. I had a black screen, or nothing at all, even after reboot, killing process, launching both clients, nothing would happen, so couldnt press any button mister sherlock
And this solution is permanent. > Or you can simply press that button This, you have to do EVERY time! So changing the user.cfg is way better to "disable" the new "virus" client.
: Oh, i remember you ! You told me something related to that one time ! I'm gona read the article, but still, this is from 2012 :P I'm seeing here that it mentions that 85% of the players are between 16-30 yo , well it's credible but that's a huge age window, but still, i rather believe that 15% of those 85% players are between 25-30, while the 35% is between 20-25 and the more 35% for the 16-20. But anyway the main topic here is the sexism in this game towards woman, those statistics mean nothing shiwah because there are a lot of grown up mans behaving like children, am i wrong ? A bit newer. 51% between 19-25. Why even reveal that OP is a girl. Then there were no problems... Guys will always be childish in a way. And i didn't see that anything OP wrote would be seen as sexism.
: Bring back ranked team 5v5
: "soft" They already know, just abandon flex queue for now (or forever).......
hakerzz (EUNE)
: RIOT take a look at the boards
go to reddit. all rioters answer there more frequently then on boards......
: Brand Q goes through targets(video proof)
Rioter Comments
: I wasn't losing, simply, without exhaust I coudln't trade him being 1500+farm (5x300 for the kills ) ahead. And this is quite dumb right now, plus the dagger system is way too random
how about looking the champion highlight video. For me it seems, that you just don't understand her kit.
Nherax (EUW)
: xin zhao hidden buff?
fyi that Damage Overview is bugged since 2 years, so dont trust these numbers...
: Thank You, Alpha Testers! Sign-Ups Now Closed
> We're finally ready for the next phase: open beta. > If you did not apply, you'll need to wait for Open Beta as signups are now closed I'm afraid! You talk about an "open beta" in your first post. But what you describe, is a "CLOSED beta"! So don't mix this two up. Thank you!
: Sexism
> I've been trying to climb in silver1 now for a while, last season I was plat3 but I just get toxic teams often and we lose. Funny: Last Season Gold 5 and now atm at Gold1.
: Should hitboxes be clearier?
Even the new Jhin W's hitbox doesnt hit how it is indicated. You hit slighty more left on the line, than right...
Yeloneck (EUW)
: I know, but somehow it always leads me to ban. The tribunal consist of ppl who are actually playing this game, and they have same behaviour like the ppl in-game. So when they see i wrote something like "ffs, my bad" they actually punish me, because I "flame".
There is no Tribunal since 2 years now. All the time-bans like (7 to 14 days) are automated and permabans are looked in by employes. So no you wont get punished by ppl in-game.
Yeloneck (EUW)
: LoL then and LoL now.
> But when u do that, You will get reported for refusing to communicate. Good luck with that one. That is no reason to get reported anymore. If you dont write anything offensive you will never get banned. They can report you so much they want. If you dont write anything and just mute them, you will never get punished. End of story...
: Idk if its riots fault but its their automated system... they dont need to die they need to revise the whole thing. My behaviour has got great since my 2 week ban... its supposed to give me a new chance. Then this is all it took for a permaban?!
You already had a 2-week-ban and after that you again started to flame others down. It doesnt matter if they were playing bad. Cause that is no reason to flame someone. And you have a pretty decent negative attitude towards the game. Yeah that is enough to permaban you. And yes you had a chance to improve, but you started to be negative again and that is enough for permabanning you. I advise you to not speak in a Chat ever. Cause there is nothing important to write.
: Why isn't there a limit on posts for a certain amount of time?
Never got a Message for commenting too fast... and like you see, the Posts are already gone.
: not really a nerf just delays it for another 4 mins. you have to wonder who really makes the decisions because half the time their just so stupid or missing the point entirely its the on hit effect late on champs like jax with 2 on hit items and ult passive you cant fight him for more that 2 seconds top. ( unless you have a jump flash and a slow/stun)
It is a nerf. If you are salty, start playing themself. If they are so "OP", then play them!
: sated and rage blade
Devourer will be nerfed next Patch. > Enchantment: Devourer Base magic damage on hit lowered to 25 from 30. Number of stacks for transformation increased to 35 from 30.
: Matchmaking
Cause its 3v3Q and the MMR from DynamicQueue doesnt count in the 3v3Q. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: the real problem is the following: If you have a team, like mine, that exist for 3 years, you just want to continue. My gold friend is Gold only because he doesn't like solo Queue, and lost his patience and mind when playing alone, while he is patient and calm with us. your second solution is correct, but I find this pretty sad to HAVE TO DO THAT in order to be able to play together, i dont know if you see what I mean, but yeah, that's what we wanna do. Still it will make us lost a lot of time just for that, and this is not a good solution when you have 1 diamond and 1 silver For example edit: and yes, As I will be diamond soon, I still have fun playing with silver friends, since you carry them easily, it brings a lot of satisfaction without any stress or try hard mode on :)
> My gold friend is Gold only because he doesn't like solo Queue Now you dont have soloQ anymore, so he can rise again. I know what you mean. But this System is good with this restriction. Imagine silver players playing against diamonds. You think this would be any fun for a real silver player? I doubt so. Thats why this restriction is necessary.
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