: Zoe can do so much against a Yi . Unmobile mage with skillshot CC that has a delay. A yi can kill a Zoe faster then the delay on the sleep. And ur a gold player so u wont know that . But there are ways to get 60% tenacy easily and tenacy reduces the duration of Crowd controll. so the 2 second sleep gets decreased to 0.8 Seconds Sleep. Yi isnt a low elo stomper in higher elo he is doing good aswell. but u wont know that cuz u play in low elo
You act like being gold is a bad thing, you realise there are a lot of people who got diamond because of the LP abuse gllitches you could use. Just because he is gold doesn't mean he won't understand how Zoe works or how she works against Yi. It feels like you just like insulting the fact he is lower elo than you, there are also loads of people higher elo than you who would disagree with you.
The problem is too many runes and items are good on Riven. Nerfing the runes and items means that those items become bad on 95% of champs. So because of all that, she would need her kit and stats nerfed or all her lane opponents buffed in order to combat her better.
Mártir (EUW)
: Why did they remove RGM? (Rotating Game Modes)
I think 1 week of every month they should bring out one of their rotating modes. Nexus Blitz, Doombots, Arurf, One for all etc. Or maybe 1 week out of every 6, just so people don't get too bored. They have enough modes to rotate throughout the year too without getting repetitive.
: the game took too long and your farm is to low, since your full build by feed from kills doesn't matter for the game win condition since 300 or 400 cs would not help you, but it matter for a rewards system base on statistics, by statistics your farm is bad so you got only an A+ Actually some time this make game experience worse because there are some players with full build which don't need cs anymore and others are behind items and need so much farm, and the full build players don't listen to ping, don't listen when somebody tell them to not take the wave and go on and clear it, and all that stuburnes and jerk behavior is because they want their precios S. I mean in your case you could get S if you didn't let others to farm and clear all waves just for S which in fact your S "hunting" would have hurt the team and your A helped the team, in these cases the rating system is hurtful to teamplay
Basically you are suggesting that Riot change their rating system so if you are full build, it shouldn't make you need more CS.
: for me its already respectable lol duno how they can make it better imo. but i am just clueless on ideas. i think it does to much dmg over to long period of time on champions so prob fixing the burst dmg of it instead or something.
I agree, with Rylaj and Liandry and level 16 ULT. He basically just clicks a champ that is squishy and they die from full basically.
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: how do you explain different winrates from the two sites then? who should I trust :p
My site was looking at EUW Riven. Those win rates I think are for NA Riven.
: I am talking about my site not yours chill they say totally different things so (ty for accidentally arguing for me tho)
Ah I see the I haha. Sorry for that XD. It is unlikely its out to date though.
: I don't think his stun is hard to hit because it's an auto attack modifier you can't "miss it" but can't really argue with other points renekton is best in the early levels btw level 2-3 you can tell if you can win lane that soon or not hes an early game monster
Level 3 Renekton is a beast. But yeah his stun isn't hard to hit, if they are in auto range. You can tell when Renekton is stunning because he has that weird effect on his weapon. Whereas Riven can just use it from a slight distance. Renekton's stun is better long term because its auto attack reset and empowered W is strong as nuts.
: maybe the site i use is very outdated it also says zoe hard wins annie which is a big x doubt from me
Its actually perfect, it takes all the matches played during each patch and records which champs win what matchup, so its perfectly unbiased statistics. You can doubt all you want but if it says Zoe wins against Annie that means that most times Zoes win against Annie. You also have to take into account, most Zoes have to have some mechanical knowledge. Zoe is expensive whereas Annie is basic, good to learn and also cheap so its not too hard to believe a lot of Annies are bad.
: I am not a renekton main and I'll still pick him confidently against riven he's basically a tankier version of riven he got it all stuns damage mobility and sustain I don't imagine how could you lose the match up
Riven has a better kit than him. A knockup Q, a stun that isn't hard to land, a dash with shield compared to just a normal dash and aoe ult that does straight damage. Renekton is quite good at level 6 but if a Renekton main doesn't like picking Renekton into a Riven, this is Diamond to Challenger level too, then it obviously isn't a great matchup. If you watch the video, you can see the main counters to Riven and the fact is, most of them suck right now or have been nerfed.
: also dunno how accurate this site is but it says renekton is the hardest match up for riven lul while urgot is not even in top 3 https://matchup.gg/champion/Riven/TOP/
https://u.gg/lol/champions/riven/matchups/ She has 49.98% win rate against Renekton. Its basically a 50/50 matchup. And if you look, she wins most of her matchups in general. Her worst is Teemo or Quinn according to this. Wukong top too but he is niche. With a bit of jungle pressure, she easily stomps Teemo too and Quinn
: that renekton in the video is trash if he lost lane to riven
Perhaps, perhaps not, I don't know what the level of either is and what items they have and how fed that Riven is. If she has one kill and Renekton has none, she will likely win. Her CD's are ridiculous. She had her full combo back up during that fight. Also Renekton doesn't really counter Riven that hard, its a close matchup, it just slightly favours Renekton. For example look at SoloRenektonOnly during that twitch tournament, he had to face Riven and picked Urgot. This is because he knew that Renekton barely beats Riven and if he does one small thing wrong against Riven, he loses. Whereas Urgot is an actual counter and does well vs Riven and is more useful in teamfights.
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: Patch 9.8 still no nerfs to riven and vayne
Riven most one tricked champ, obviously over powered and needs reworking or nerfing otherwise people wouldn't one trick her so much.
: What's considered "normal build" changes every patch with the meta. The normal default build for {{champion:518}} was building her On hit with {{item:3153}} not long ago. Guess what? She's a mage and that's not a troll build. Many champions can also choose what to build depending on the situation (Kai'sa can go AP or AD, Xin can go full damage or tanky depending on the game) So technically speaking, it won't really give you any idea about your team comp if the highlight is based on damage mix/defenses. But having a highlight can be useful if it's focused on roles, like having engages, cc, teamfighting abilities or splitpushing for example. Those kind of things are related to the champion's identity/spells and rarely change (they do, but it's very rare).
Yeah but look, I think people are thinking too deep into this. It is just a general overview, nothing overly detailed. Even when Neeko was doing on hit it wasn't long lasting, she still has AP and it still a mage even though she is acting more like a marksman. So it would be taken with a pinch of salt. It is just a basic feature that you can ignore or look at just to see what would the composition be for certain aspects.
Shamose (EUW)
: But how will it guess what people are gonna build? Like the thing can say "Wow you have a poppy, you're alright on tanks." And then you'd have a full AD poppy.
Well it would obviously default to normal builds, if people do AP Shaco and full AD Poppy, it wont reflect that. It will just give a general idea on team comp, based on normal builds.
Shamose (EUW)
: Which would never be accurate.
It would be fairly accurate, they can easily make it show your ability power and attack damage mix, your tank, fight, mage, support mix, your melee and range mix. Some of the other stuff is a bit more finicky but overall it wouldn't be unreliable.
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: its all about vision. if u got riven on defensive, than you gotta know how to finish the deal. i think u focus too much on rivens mobility, while alot of champs are mobile and can roam. and its the exact same thing. just read about midlaners complaining about someone roaming after they won their lane.
Yeah but I don't care about some other champs because if my team gives them one or two kills its not so bad and most super mobile champs other than Riven aren't a threat. I have vision, sometimes the mid laner will have vision but our support and jungle will often not have vision around and its just people basically inting into them.
: i can see your dilemma but the things u mentioned are possible with any champ. its general problem with toplane. > I can't kill her most of the time without jungle diving because most of the time she will stay under tower and I will lose if I try solo dive her. this is more issue of catch22 ,if u push the wave than your enemy earns gold. if you freeze the wave -> than the enemy roams. on bright side, you have forced your enemy to be really predictable this requires a bit of advanced decision making and warding to try and force the player to roam and yet catch them or prevent them. or to lure them to contest a wave knowing how to freeze and still prevent roams is a great skill. right now your not dealing with a riven problem, but one that i had experienced as well when playing top. u cant always push vs turtles.. and if u freeze u need to be prepared to not let the desperate enemy gain from roams.
I know how to freeze and how to push its just my Riven will just leave and catch people out and because its Riven she escapes or just gets kills and its not right
: while riven is great in the right hands, its very easy to counter pick riven and crush her in lane., When riven wins she looks perfect.. but when she falls behind she loses her entire team the game. aka riven ragequit special. as former jungler i found that most riven players were very easy to tilt and just a 0-2 would cause them to be unable to play. there arent many good rivens and the few that exist can be counter picked and rendered useless.
I do agree if she falls behind she does get destroyed however I see too many bad Riven players still win lane because they just spam their keyboard. Obviously the higher rank you go, the easier it gets to counter Riven, and the Rivens you encounter at the higher end are Riven one tricks who actually know perfect combos. I do dislike her escape ability though. She has E, stun, q jump or knock up and a flash if really necessary. If I am winning lane in terms of farm and plates, I can't kill her most of the time without jungle diving because most of the time she will stay under tower and I will lose if I try solo dive her. I still think she needs more risk than she currently has. Less escape potential but slightly more health or something to make sure she isn't completely outmatched. Also there was a game I played Nasus vs Riven and it was the easiest game ever. she messed up and I got a kill and she couldn't ever fight me again. But I couldn't silence her from the game because although I could take top tower and other objectives, she would just go around killing my team mates who just run into her and stuff like that. You see I am at the rank where people just die to your laners, they walk into unwarded jungle as squishies. They don't respond to SS and people not being visible on minimap. At this place Riven can just button mash and get kills if she can't beat her top laner.
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