: I already understand. I understand how ungreatful people can be about updated content. The same happened when arcade kai'sa was released. Live in the past for all i care.
No you don't When only a few people are complaning is just a personal Taste but when many people are complaining that means something is Wrong and must be changed
: 50 people in a comment section are nothing. Old one is disgusting and bland. The leaves on her wings are ugly and there are too much andher animations are trash tier.
lol if you think are only that people you are so wrong But whatever, you will never understand
: You're crazy if you think the ugly old one was better
It is, Old one wins by far, if you doubt go check some Youtube Comments if you thinking i'm the only one with this opinion
: I feel the same and even friends thinks the same, Riot made a good work with all Morgana skins except Blackthorn Morgana tip it feels like a Rushed visual improvement and Quality is not even close to Old one {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}} Blackthorn Morgana was my favorite skin before Morgana's Visual Rework but not anymore, damn i wish they could Fix it and make that skin with Quality again
Same but nowadays Riot works more in Quantity instead of Quality, sadly {{sticker:sg-janna}}
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