Kljestic (EUNE)
: I had to dodge the game because of this.
Rito is a small company and it cannot deal with all those small issues.
candoodle (EUW)
: randomly have 3000 rp increase that i dont know where came from
Cypherous (EUW)
: Citation needed, where were the price increases, all current pricing tiers for IP existed back in season 1 and at that point tencent didn't have a majority stake, so you're going to need to show a source for this
Check the dates.
: If I want to I can cut my legs off and put a hot iron needles into my eyes. It's completly my choice. Tencent bought Riot because it is a hen that lays golden eggs. You don't get to be a top dog company on a market such as China if you kill such hens. Thus it is doubtful that Tencent would interfere with Riot's policies.
But they already did with increasing champions price and decrease ip gains. But who cares about that. :)
: That's not how it works at all.
If they want to shut the game, they are free to do so. Increse price of champions, delete half of them, it's compeltely their choice.
Smerk (EUW)
: They owned 92% of RiotGames since 2011, so this won't change anything for us, players. But as far as I understand members of the RiotGames will benefit more from game success
That's true. But then again, why didnt they sell them all 100% at first? They had money, they couldve bought it. Why didn't Riot sell them the rest?
Cypherous (EUW)
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHcTKWiZ8sI I'm just going to leave this here, relevant because it mentions both riot games and tencent :P
Watch credits. Hilarious.
: Tencent is an investor, not a developer. They don't make any decisions on the game itself.
They completely own RiotGame, they can do whatever they want with league.
Rioter Comments
candoodle (EUW)
: oh wow you are soooooo edgy look out we got a badass over here!
: OMG this is sooooo fcking true *u*
Good thing i can downvote shit like this.
: If you are a quitter you might as well quit the whole game
If you have to vent you might as well quit the game.
: I.. I'm sorry :(
You better be.
Ryùuzaki (EUW)
: A name for Vi Main ?
Squaid (EUW)
: I have 980 upvotes :o make it 1000!
Eveninn (EUW)
: Hello M'Lord. ^.^
how y doing
Eveninn (EUW)
: Morning everyone
: ashe support?!
That doesnt mean she can be played as a support. It means she's a utility ADC.
Squaid (EUW)
: ***
dont tell my gf
: Ignite is overrated
its so overrated its only being used to kill people dumbass
Squaid (EUW)
: Started at the bottom..
: alakazam
: hu told u
i'm telekinetic
: cats hate you too butch
Squaid (EUW)
: ***
Squaid (EUW)
: Im going to do this.
Squaid (EUW)
: ahahhah XDDDD take my upvote
: Yes are u okay with that?
I dont fucking understand you.
: I you not eather
Catchdown (EUW)
: My apologies to everyone
I don't forgive you.
Catchdown (EUW)
: The player base was actually pretty high in the day, compared to now..
Link the proof.
Arcadeath (EUNE)
: TT rework is the worst thing that happened in lol history. I loved old map and played it exclusively, and it always had a playerbase.
You and other 200 people. Good thing it got reworked.
Squaid (EUW)
: Its fine for licking ass.
Shuyva (EUW)
: Female Elderwood Hecarim
Squaid (EUW)
: When I play Tahm kench
His technique is horrible.
: He is stating the truth, riot isn't charity just a company, that wants maximal profits.
But an average dota 2 players spends more than an average league players. It's just a bad business practice from riot. The more you do for players, the more they spent. It's as simple as that. And everytime someone brings that up and criticize riot, a whole bunch of white knights apear.
: Go ahead and play as much Dota 2 as you want. If you are unsatisfied with the way Riot treats you, feel free to leave the game. You think Riot owes you something for whatever reason, and if we disagree with you, we are all "fanboys" or what ? I'm sorry but this sounds pretty spoiled to me. I don't know what else you want from Riot.
And I almost thought you were gonna reply on my question. :)
: I think you are forgetting that this is a game. This is not your job, you are just here to have fun. I don't see any reason Riot has to reward us for anything. Don't get me wrong, I think it is good that they appreciate good behavior, but complaining about how they are not generous enough just doesn't make sense. We are talking about gifts after all, not your monthly paycheck.
: > [{quoted}](name=Lord Emp,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=llRi03HI,comment-id=000e00000000,timestamp=2015-11-19T17:04:11.686+0000) > > Game is already ruined by them. > So why not, **I get a valid reason to report them.** > It's clearly a win.
Or **encourage them to ruin your game **and everyone else on your team
: Having a bad game is **NEVER** a valid reason for a report, at all. that's like me reporting the enemy because my top laner is winning!
Nobody here is talking about reporting people for their underperforming.
: Be happy they give something, you can't expect that they give rp and skins for a couple reasons. oh server down let's give a skin, good behaviour for 3 months here you have a skin. it will not work like that, i'm happy if i get something from riot, how small it may be they give you something at least.
Why not? Dota 2 does it for absolutely no reason. In Dota 2 you don't have to spend money on grinding champions, runes, runepages. So tell me how can one game be so consumer friendly, while another does the complete opposite and gets away with it? Well, why am I even asking you that. You're just a tool.
: Or encourage them to ruin your game and everyone else on your team, you would not like it if someone said you suck because you had one bad game
Game is already ruined by them. So why not, I get a valid reason to report them. It's clearly a win.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Last year we got a mystery skin. Just recently a special summoner icon was granted to players that had been unpunished for a while. There has also been other gifts to those who behave well. Riot has stated that they will keep doing this, but they won't announce them. You'll just see it in the patch notes from time to time. It's a random gesture from Riot, but they're not announcing it so people behave well just for the time-frame they need to get the content. You shouldn't behave well because you get gifts for it; you should behave well because it's the right thing to do.
A special icon for a good behaviour. Oh man, that's awesome. A whole summoner icon. I can't belive. There have been other gifts, 4 IP win boosts. And more 4 IP win boosts. Sometimes I forget how generous Riot is. Man, my bad. You opened my eyes. Now I see how great they are. A summoner icon from a multibillion dollar company. Wow.
: Mystery gift for good behaviour? Please Rito?
Riot giving anything to anyone. Nice joke.
: What not to say if you are losing a game
By telling people they suck you encourage them to improve.
XaxaWoW (EUW)
Dear diary, nobody cares.
Eveninn (EUW)
: It even is kinda true. When Yorik was released he was considered shit. A bit later however, as people realized how to play him, he got close to Teemo-toxicity on toplane. (there are tooooons of jokes about Yorik and no counter/counterplay from that time) While not being able to easiely change him to be less toxic to play against at that time, Riot basically just stomped him into the ground. Which lead to him being in his currently... forgotten state and 'on the list' for a rework.
He was considered shit because he was one. People didn't realized how to play him, he's one of the easiest fucking champions in the game. Riot buffed him, increased his mana regen, reduced cost on his spells. And that was huge. Gpet stop talking bullshit please and stop seeking attention.
: With that post you comment on a topic of player behavior :D Oh the irony.
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