: [Champion Creation/Reborn] - Dezkor, the alchemist merchant
Hi guyz, i just come back to wake-up this thread which has been posted almost a year ago. Just to know if any merchant champion could be played in the League?
shileka (EUW)
: champion idea; Golt The Merchant
Hey man, no offense, but I got the same idea 1 month ago. http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-creations-en/AtNWA9Kx-champion-creationreborn-dezkor-the-alchemist-merchant
Rahmiesk (EUW)
: Ekko Jungle - Funtage - Would love some Feedback :)
Why people are using the same songs all the time... Still a good vid.
: Bard's Brother, The Zodiac Knight
Seems difficult to bring to the battlefield 12 zodiac signs...BUT, you could only choose 4 signs. Did you know zodiac signs refer to an element. I know, as a Capricorno, that my sign is Cardinal Earth element. There could be clues to build up with the 4 cardinal Zodiac signs.
: Thx for the support. I have lowered the damage on the **E**, **W** and **R**. And i have removed the mana cost, and instead it cost mana each time you apply an explosion with passive. But if you don't enough mana, it won't explode for extra damage. And i have looked on your champion, but i don't have the time right now to give my opinion.
You're welcome. It's hard to balance a champ, regarding the LoL environment, metagame... I think a new gameplay concept must answer those 2 questions: 1) Does my champ bring something new regarding the metagame? 2) Is there any champ that make the same job? If answer is yes, how my champ is different from this champion and how he/she is better in an unique sens? No problem mate. I admit i write tons of words. Take your time, no rush needed.
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Rraune (EUW)
: I like the whole idea. I think its nice and unique, but I think that he could need some significant buffs to make him viable ( althought i f read some people here suggesting nerfing him instead ). Lets look at his strenghts and weaknesses ok? So, he got that -10% on items for himself , and later on also at times for his allies, but it doesnt let him take that offer for gold generating items. But guess what supports ( aka THIS CHAMPION ) will build early into that game ? RIGHT , some gold generation item ? why you ask ? Because Riot made all of the support items *drum rolling* GOLD GENERATING ITEMS*. So , aside from boots and majbe a sightstone he doesnt even use this passive until he builds a second item. "But isnt it op for the rest of the team to have -10%?" yes , if all 4 other players go shopping with their 6k gold in the inventory they will get a 370g discount on ever Bt , a 380g discount on every triforce / rabadons , 350 fopr zhonya , etc . But guess how much gold they will have when you ult ? Probably between 1 and2k if they havent bought for some time. And even then they wont spend all the gold because they want the item that are building towards and not just some random items because they got the gold for that. Meaning they probably have a 130 g discount on a bf or a 125 g discount on a needlessly rod. But wait, theres more: His q is rather .. shit . lets face it. Every other healing support has a better heal. he heals for 50+0.1 ap at lvl 1. So lets do the math. how much ap does a normal support have level 1 ? around 0-20 right ? So he ll heal for arbout 50-52. Well thats almost 1 AA from a n ad bruiser , because those start with their 80+ ad at times and wont care about that tiny heal whatsoever. Thats about the same amount of heal Alistar offers earlygame, except alistar can spam his like carzy when minions die. Oh , also alistar has that crazy cc combo and later on is the tankiest champ for a peroid of time when he ults. WHICH BRINGS ME TO MY NEXT POINT : cc He has none. Not even a slow. As simple as that and just as bad as it sounds. That makes him not only one of the very VERY few champs to not have any cc . This also makes him the first support without one ( exclusing nidalee , but when did you see a nida support the last time ? ). But wait , theres more : His only "poke" is his q, and you want to use it on your allies for heal, as well as on enemys for the poke , just like that nami ability , right ? Well gues what: as long as you have a potion in your inventory you dont even damage your enemys. How ? well , lets do the maths : you damage for 50-150 +0.1 ap when you hit an enemy. But you also apply a potion heal on him. that means even at max rank your base damage is negated by the potion heal and early game YOU EVEN HEAL YOUR ENEMIES. the 0.1 ap will even later on be absolutely irrelevant. Building as a support he wont have more than 100-200 ap , so 10-20 additional dmg. wow , their base health regen will have that healed up. Heck , even caster minions will probaly deal more dmg by then. Oh and did I mention armor and magic resist yet ? Right , the enemys WONT even take all the dmg you would deal with your ability , meaning that unless you somehow reach 100% magic pen you will always heal your enemies. now let that sink through. But wait, theres more : He cant even build 6 items, because you always want to have those potions right? I mean your e even makes one so you definately cant build that 6th item right ? So that kinda means his passive is even worse right ? But wait, thers more: His e is the strongest self cc ability in the game. You thought a morg bind would last so damn long ? Well , thats a root, your e STUNS you and is NOT INTERRUPTABLE and it has the same duration as a maxed out morg bind. Looks like you are pretty dead whenever you get cought casting that e. Heck, the enemy team just needs to wait for you to be casting that and then engage on your team for the guaranteed 4v5. But wait, theres more: even lategame with maxed ( 5 ) items you are not actually all that helpfull in teamfights. You heal for shit. 150 + 0.1 ap + the potion ? thats some percentage of a single adc AA on your tank... and its a skillshot ... . But wait, theres more: His w gives nice shield with evne 0.4 ap ratio ! thats about 40-80 bonus shield ! So whats the base stats ? oh , 100 on lvl 5 ? so 180 with maxed build ? Oh , its an Aoe ? Sweet! What ? its around him ? SO he has to stay with the frontline ? So he kinda cant use his e if he doesnt want to die / give the enemys a free 4v5 fight ? hmm kinda sucks doesnt it ? just compare that do any other support sheild in the game. So I`m done ranting, TL;DR buff his stats, the heal needs more ap ratio, also bigger aoe , no healing the enemys. W shield needs some serius buffing on the base stats as well as majbe proccing it with the q so someone else gives the aoe ? E should be interruptable, also majbe give him a unique item that gives him some tank stats and lets him store potions inside that ( you got that mobile laboratory , maybe an upgraded version of that ? ). Ult seems fine, but should majbe be scaling on the discount or it would be too op for ranked teams ( i know i explained its not that great but teams could really abuse that ). And majbe give him some slow at least ? He is a sustain Support after all and a litle bit of cc would really help him.
Thanks for the feedback mate. I already reworked the Q spell, healing ennemies was a terrible idea (and trololo...). About Ultimate skill, yes i already think about the scaling on discount rate...maybe nerf this from -10% to -5% as suggested by many previous comments. You are right about E skill, this makes him too vulnerable. I really like the idea of filling the "Mobile Laboratory" item while activating. I think I will update in this way. And definitly, im working on a Stage 2 item for "Mobile Laboratory", like "Upgrated Laboratory" (with strongest potions and strongest stats).
: [Champion Concept] Shui and Shai, The Skies of Shurima. (Plz post you thoughts about this)
Hi, I read all parts and here is my feedback. Making a two-headed champion looks good but there are some points you probably need to rework. **About Q skill** > Q: Shui/Shai. Cooldown: 0.95 seconds. Cost: 5/7.5/10/12.5/15 (+0.5% of Shui and Shai's current mana) mana Toggle between witch head you use for basic attacks. I don't really get how the skill works. So ok there is a melee head and a ranged head, but this is a toggle which costs mana for both forms. What happens when you'r running out of mana? You can't attack at all? Are you becoming ranged or melee? I really don't get it. Why not making this skill such as {{champion:222}} Q spell? You make the strongest form costs mana while the other has no cost at all. **About W skill** >W: Poison Sky. Cooldown: 13/12/11/10/9 seconds. Cost: 65/75/85/95/105 mana Shui spits out a cloud in front of them, flying 215 units each second, for 4 seconds. All enemies in the cloud takes 11/13/15/17/19 (+20% of Shui and Shai's AP) magic damage each second and are **slowed by 55%.** Passive: If Poison Sky is hit by Sparkle Shot it will remove Poison Sky cloud, clear all poison done by Poison Sky, **stun all enemies inside the area for 2.5** seconds and deal 105/110/115/120/125 (+30% of total AP) magic damage. Ok this looks OP! High amount of damage/sec + high slow...and possible stun?! I think you need to balance this skill. If you make it a high dmg/sec, reduce the amount of slow OR keep the amount of slow but nerf dmg/sec. **About E skill** >E: Sparkle Shot. Cooldown: 11/10/9/8/7 seconds. Cost: 45/50/55/60/65 mana. Shai spits a large amount of sparkles in a straight 1105 unit line at a target direction, passing through all enemies, dealing 65/85/105/125/145 *(+100% of AD)* magic damage to all enemies it passes through. Low mana cost for heavy huge dammages...and possibility to stun ennemy combined with W...It really looks OP dude. Why not making a stun skill with some conditions, like if the ennemy is poisoned+hit by this skill, stunned for 1 sec (just an idea). In my opinion, you can't add 2 nuking skill in a row (W and E), it would be insane. **About R skill** >R: Take Flight. Shui and Shai takes flight, flying 1955 units, leaving a trail of poison for 4 seconds, dealing 50/52.5/55/57.5/60 (+20% of total AP) magic damage each second. Enemies that allready was poisoned, take 10% extra damage. At the place where Shui and Shai lands, they shatter the ground around them, dealing 110/115/120/125/130 (+20% of total AP) magic damage to all enemies 235 units away. While flying Shui and Shai is unable to be targeted. Ok here I like the concept. But once again...too much dammage dude! So this skill is an escape+a nuke (regarding W and E...this is absolutely insane)+a dmg overtime...and you can't be targeted. Alright, we got GOD on the battlefield. I would massively nerfed the damage if you keep this idea to make them non-targetable, because that makes them pretty OP. **About Concept** I'm not sure what was the concept intended in first place. Apparently i see a heavy nuker hybrid AD/AP + dmg overtime champion, probably for midlane. **My (+)** I like the concept of changing form toggling with Q and passive. Same for ultimate (but it looks like the incoming champion Aurelion Sol's E skill). **My (-)** The champion is clearly unbalanced and deals too much dmg. I really don't like the way W and E are insane together...this is madness. You can 2 shot almost everybody, even tanks with this combo. I think he is too powerful because he has NUKE+ESCAPE+HEAVY CONTROLS. I think there are still much to do about E and W skills, in my opinion. ________________ Hope i wasn't too severe but i tried to make this constructive. In return, you can comment my own champion gameplay concept at this link: > http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-creations-en/AtNWA9Kx-champion-creationreborn-dezkor-the-alchemist-merchant I need constructive feedback as well, don't hesitate and show no mercy haha {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: UPDATES: 1. Defensive buff elixir deleted. 2. NEW UNIQUE ITEM: Mobile Laboratory. 3. Offensive buff elixir nerfed on dmg (40-->30).
HUGE UPDATES INCOMING: 1. **Elixir of Renegade deleted** 2. **Elixir of Liquid gold deleted...BUT PASSIVE ADDED TO ULTIMATE SKILL** 3. **Two new potions incoming that brings some fun to gameplay:** **Potion of the BlackCat (500 coins, consumable, 3 minutes)**: gives you an enhanced vision and the ability to detect traps. Also grants you a bonus of attack speed of +20% in bushes. Add a light blue filter on your screen when consumming BlackCat potion. **Special forces Elixir (1000 coins, consumable, 3 minutes)**: your icon now disappear on the minimap for ennemy team. However, if you'r hit by any ennemy champion (basic attack or spell), this reveals you again on minimap for 15 seconds.
: {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
@Riot Draggles: Even if you dislike, please could you bring me a feedback ? {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} Here is the link : [(http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-creations-en/AtNWA9Kx-champion-creationreborn-dezkor-the-alchemist-merchant)
ThydSimon (EUW)
: Maybe a bit too OP , but well there are other champs that are broken *cough* {{champion:107}} *cough*
Dezkor is not that OP. If i should list his strenghs and weaknesses : 1. Excellent sustain 2. Good buffer/healer 3. Can boost a lane by making your ally buying stuff quicker (R) than your opponent, sometimes avoiding back to base. To balance this: 1. He has no controls 2. Nore escape 3. He is pretty squishy 4. You are extremly vulnerable by casting E or R
Switchar (EUNE)
: -10% seems a little bit too much. I would make it -5% on passive only and then remove it completely on the ult as that'd only make him too OP in my opinion as people would just wait for his ult and then get for example BT ~300 gold cheaper which is a huge difference. Other than that I think he looks really good :D Or maybe let it increase on the passive while leveling. (Increasing by ex. 0.5 / level)
Or maybe do the opposite: -10% discount early and -5% lategame. Like, after 20min the discount drop to -5% to avoid heavy advantage of buying stage 3 items too earlier.
Beruon9 (EUNE)
: I hae an EXCELLENT idea about a champ like this: the abilities are not these exept the passiv, the abilities are damaging abilities ETC, but they dont cost mana, they cost GOLD!
This is a good idea but i'm not sure how to bring that in, because your gold ressource would be twice required for both skills and items. Could weakened you overtime.
: holy moly you did some work here . I think its a good idea
Thx! Don't forget to like the thread {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: UPDATES: 1. Defensive buff elixir deleted. 2. NEW UNIQUE ITEM: Mobile Laboratory. 3. Offensive buff elixir nerfed on dmg (40-->30).
NEW UPDATES: 1. **Rework with Q skill:** now heals AND deals dammages. No more buff except when you have a health potion in your inventary, the potion is withdrawed and now add a little buff...FOR ALL champs hit by the skill. 2. **Some explanations added with the unique item "Mobile Laboratory"** which wasnt very clear. 3. **Some changes ABOUT GAMEPLAY: ** DEZKOR is strong with: {{champion:4}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:98}} DEZKOR is weak against: {{champion:80}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:35}} **Explanations**: DEZKOR is strong by helping his mates pushing lanes. However he suffers from lack of escape and not having any controls, that makes him an easy prey for almost any assassin or fighter with a gap closer. This is even worse when you got chased by a stealth champion.
: I dig this idea, however it seems too op with all the gold income from the Elixir of Liquid Gold and the 10% discount stuff. And I also think (although this might be only my personal opinion) that a champion with no damaging abilities is not really viable, especially not as a mage. I mean even {{champion:432}} has at least one damaging ability and some more damage with his passive, not to mention that no support can exist without some form of cc. And the ultimate is like a mixture of the secret shops and couriers in Dota, but it may work (maybe as a passive, like Dezkor can use the shop from lane every 2 minutes or something?) No offense at all, this is just constructive criticism (or at least meant to be:D) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
That's exactly the kind of feedback i'm looking for ;) No offense at all! You'r right, i need more dammage input. Many feedbacks goes this way too. I might add some dammage on Q spell, and to balance, nerf the amount of buffering.
Aethernea (EUW)
: Great concept, the thing is though, he does nothing except giving some heals/potions/some merchant shit, which just makes it a 4v5 with some reduced costs, some buffs, and some heals, if you look at sona or soraka or whatever, they heal/give shields/speed up, but they also have at least 1 damaging spell, and some cc, if you would change up an ability or 2 so as to make it effective in combat, or give something 2 different effects (with the sona passive able to slow people and stuff, or lulu shield being able to do damage), it would at least make sure that the game wouldnt be 4v5, you could for example make the q damaging to enemies, also you could make sure that he doesnt ALWAYS consume a health potion on q, make it so that he can toggle it or something idk, or make special health potions he can buy that activate with the use of q, because he might need the potions later and when he has no inventory space left his q just drops off entirely, you can also make the w and ult give some kind of debuff or slowing field, that way he gets some cc too, anyway, just some ideas, still, great concept, good work EDIT: you should look at the cooldowns and mana costs too, because if his q would be a damaging spell, you might make it so that it has a lower mana cost, but a little higher of a cooldown, so that he cant spam heals and damage, but he doesnt run out of mana if he used it twice or something
That is a thing i never noticed but you are right. I might bring some dammages on Q spell. The only dammage input is on E buff at the moment.
xtomraiderx (EUNE)
: Very nice idea and some awsome work you've put into this. I think -10% for him is already good enough and same thing for your teammates on his ult would be too much. I my opinion it should be rather sothing like Void Gate from Zz'Rot Portal (some kind of mini turret - bigger than Heimerdingers Q but lesser than normal turrets) with limited shop (maybe just able to buy components not full items) + this new elixirs.
Yeah i also think about nerfing this passive from -10% to -5%. Many feedbacks suggested to do that way too.
InTheory (EUW)
: I don't see much sense in that concept. Interacting too much with the shop. Once you are full build (which happens earlier) you can't use any potions because you don't have a slot. You completely loose that ability. Also the standard health potion mechanic doesn't fit to the actuall gameplay that relys on potions only the first 5-10 minutes. Using potions longer than this would make you buy a corruption potion. Besides that he has no real impact to the game. He cannot defend (only heal), he can't engage, can't disenage, no waveclear (if played as non-support). No sieging, no zoning or anything else.
Right and False. The Mobile Laboratory gives you 5 potions (max) in the item slot (it's a sightstone {{item:2045}} alike, but with potions, litteraly). BUT, i had the idea to make a new item, an "upgrated Laboratory" which would generates {{item:2033}} instead of {{item:2003}} (with 3 stacks max) and grants you health, health reg and some CDR.
: Also instead of having to use an extra item slot for his personal items (which aren't strong enough to be worth filling it up), he could get a small extra item slot where he can have 1 of his personal items and a small slot for the potions there (or it could just function like crystalline flask or whatever the new flask is named).
You mean, in the slot currently used for trinckets? That could be an idea. It's true the Mobile Laboratory is not that strong during lategame. I won't change the W mechanic i think, but nerfing stats is a possibility. About Q spell, yes i thought about it too...(the trollolo buff), i think i will rework it soon, nerfing buff and maybe add some dammages (but with low AP ratio to keep him as support as i intended).
: I like the hole idea, he could have more passives, and bit better actives, but big issue is taht extra item you said he can buy "Elixir of Liquid gold" it gives you more gold then you spend on it, like okayit has to pass some time, BUT it would be better if he had that on lets say his ultimate passive and it gave you extra gold on everything ( 10, 15, 20- depending on rank of ulti ) while near Dezkor lets say 1000 units distance, it would be nice tool and unique to any other spell or item in game, scaling 10-15-20 based on ulti level would be great with champion items need per level ( cause bigger level needs more costy items to work with ) so on end it could be great but this Dezkor championg could use some changes done by profesionals, I'm diamond and I can still find flaws in ur random champ idea, and imagine how much more probs and flaws would riot team find.
First, thank you for this feedback :) I like your idea about R passive, but in the end, this would brings you more gold than the Elixir of liquid gold (i mean about long time). This potion is, of course, very questionable as you said cause gold income is superior to gold spent. I did it on purpose actually, it would have been nonesense if you pay for something which just buff your mov.speed depending on chest money and kind of 'refund' the money you spent. But i could nerf or rework this potion. I'm waiting for other proposals cause i know this is the most questionable aspect of the champion. Once again, i keep your idea about R cause I think it is very relevant. I'm not pro nore diamond haha, i just play from season 1, but i wish this merchant concept could emerge #dream.
: Not going to happen, the champion is buffed beyond normal, think again everything, and try to make his skills more balanced.
To balance his high buffering abilities, he doesnt have any controls, nore escape. And I didnt mentionned it but he would be squish champ.
: I'm so sorry.
Draggles could you help me and have a look at my gameplay concept? I would be pleased{{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}} http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-creations-en/AtNWA9Kx-champion-creationreborn-dezkor-the-alchemist-merchant
: great idea, i like it :D
Hope some members or RIOT's staff would like it too x)
: [Champion Creation/Reborn] - Dezkor, the alchemist merchant
UPDATES: 1. Defensive buff elixir deleted. 2. NEW UNIQUE ITEM: Mobile Laboratory. 3. Offensive buff elixir nerfed on dmg (40-->30).
: [Champion Creation/Reborn] - Dezkor, the alchemist merchant
Thanks for your feedback. I wish i could have more details about why you like/dislike the champion. Actually, the idea was to create something new with something old. An ancient backyard character becoming a true champion.
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