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In fact, the thing is not "France is not capable of doing that or that". For you all, know that in France, even for event like music show from a famous singer or anything else, there's always a "Very limited" quantity of tickets that are sold few hours BEFORE the public selling. BUUUUT, most of the time, organizers let people know about something like that, and moreover, they did that to "Make sure" the show is going to occur. But, the problem here guys, comes from both Riot & Ticketmaster: - First, even with a limited selling few hours before public resell, there was not even a single post / news from Riot. So on this point, Riot fcked up. - Second, tickets were not tied by ID or Names. So, on this part, Ticketmaster just fcked up a lot. - Third, it happened last year in another country, and yet, Riot didn't even told to the organizers from the AccorHotel Arena that it happened last year, and it would have been nice to tie tickets to ID or Name to prevent this. It happened last year, it happened this year, why would not this happen next year if Riot don't make sure of being able to counter this ? So in my opinion, this is not the "France's fault", but it's Riot / Ticketmaster fault. Because: - AccorHotel Arena is quite small for an event / show like this one. From what I've heard, there's 20k seats approximately in AHA, but in the "Stade de France", there's... approximately 80k seats ? That would have been better on an arena 4 times bigger. - They're another official re-sellers that are using ID / Name to prevent / supervise the resales (Like, it's with your name, but if you wish to resell them, you have to manually change the name directly from the website, then re-print them (but still with the same QR/Bar Code, so they can be used only once). Ticketmaster is one of the official re-seller that does not do that. By the way, they authorize resales, but only if it's at equal or lower price from the original price. But because tickets are not supervised / tied to ID / tied to a name, people can do whatever they want with them. Also, that was a stupid idea to not limit the sales to one person to only 4/5 max. tickets (If you want to go with friends as example)... I highly doubt peoples that bought 99+ tickets without the "group" option are going to invite 99 friends to the finals.. ------- Anyway, what's done is done. The only hope sparkles that left comes from a "very-limited last minute" sales, that can happen if some people can't come for any reasons, or if they kept a few tickets just for that. As for me, i was supposed to go with 3 friends to finals. When they heard that was no tickets left, we were so upsets and disappointed, because we knew that would happen. Even though we logged on the AHA website, ready to go, 1 hour before. Don't blame anyone, except people that are making business on events like that. Not France, not Riot, not organizers, they can only try to prevent that. Once it's done, they barely can't do anything.. Peace on you all guys, love, An upset baguette that is as disappointed and upset as you about what happened.


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