: Is it something like this? https://youtu.be/nOTkYCt-3Dk
> [{quoted}](name=I mute 4 all,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=t8TcVY43,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2018-01-03T05:39:11.648+0000) > > Is it something like this? > > https://youtu.be/nOTkYCt-3Dk Yes, exactly this. Although the time between jumps tends to stretch a while.
LordR4in (EUW)
: Game lags as if having packet loss
Well the reason I am posting is to have a feeling if others shared the same experience. If more of them have the same issues, maybe there are specific scenarios where this happens and maybe someone already found the solution. If I give in to the "wait in the corner and see if it goes away" attitude, nothing would get done. I appreciate what you are trying to do and I acknowledge and understand what you are saying, but for this specific situation, it doesn't help and it's not even appropriate. Cheers
Saibbo (EUW)
: >This starting to occur today 2nd January 2018, around 5pm GMT. dude you can live for 1 hour without playing lol if it's laging.. it just may be you ISP or your area that's having an intense internet traffic.... chill..
> [{quoted}](name=Mark Sama,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=t8TcVY43,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-01-02T20:47:37.108+0000) > > dude you can live for 1 hour without playing lol if it's laging.. it just may be you ISP or your area that's having an intense internet traffic.... chill.. Is this supposed to be a helping answer ?
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: Ryze's cool concept but..
Hey Shaxi78, I don't think those changes will even be in the realm of possible as they would infer too much opness on diamond and challenger level. I've posted an update proposal that would actually make a small to big difference in closing some gaps that Ryze currently has here: Update proposal for Ryze - Solution for early game and ultimate power spikes https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/3zE7ZTsA-update-proposal-for-ryze-solution-for-early-game-and-ultimate-power-spikes Unluckily I didn't had a proper discussion over those. Keep in mind that, in the hands of a skilled summoner with a proper matchup, Ryze becomes a beast very fast. Then again, you can say that about most champions. Cheers P.S: I am a Ryze main since season 2, with almost 1M points on him. While I am still learning things (like using the ult to push minions to baron), I know a great deal about him...
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ucashT (EUW)
: Can't login on EUW
Can't login either. Did recover password, changed the password and still can't get in.
: Patch 5.22- The whole world is UNbalanced
Well, this is definitely an ad bruisers and adcs season. Glad I was able to reach 500k mastery on Ryze last weekend cuz after all the changes on items I was completely S.C.R.E.W.E.D. If early game was poor and I needed to reach some items to be viable, now with the added 1500 on my build, I might as well save it for memorabilia and stick to a new ad champ like Yasuo. Furthermore all mages are going to get sh*tkicked so... best luck to you all.
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bigambrus (EUNE)
: This x1000, really.
This x100.000.000 I play Ryze main with lyandrys and gauntlet and everybody tells me i am doing it wrong... until i start melting people with a one-two combo.
BlackXIV (EUW)
: You guys talk like you understand absolutely nothing about how the meta works and shifts, this was the best patch in a long time, now champions are actually different and they have HUGE strenghts to compensate for HUGE flaws. Also the itemization changes made tanks a lot more counterable since they're going to have a lot of health and A LOT LESS armor. If anything needs to be revised is the high mobility bruisers outclassing AD assassins.
Game isbeing ruined every patch. To compensate for lack of range from mages, every bloody melee either does true damage, % health damage or even magic damage, like garen, BUT they proc out of physical damage, build tons of resistance, or you just have to build both armor and mr to kill a single tank. Burst characters like brand, annie, swain, ryze, ahri are getting every patch more obsolete, as riot keeps forcing melee into everyone. I play Ryze and I could fend my own with garen, darius, renekton etc. Now these champs just wreck me up, and with the new patch, even miss fortune, vayne and such adc burst so much damage that no matter how many armor you got, its no use. Black cleaver and hydras and BOTRK just 2-shot you. It's not that you can out-play it. You can't outplay a 2-shot. No amount of root can make up for a darius that is dotting, at level 4, worse than a full ap teemo with shrooms. This was getting hard, now it's bloody impossible. I will wait for Riot to check his blunder and they revert some of this carnage.
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Maluber (EUW)
: http://www.surrenderat20.net/2015/06/red-post-collection-ryze-changes-in.html#1 They know about him but it takes time.
Yeah, they know and they gone overboard. Now with these nerfs everybody will miss the old old Ryze before patch 5.8. Now they upped their CD time rune prison to the point where it's just unplayable, upped all abilities mana cost except ult, lowered duration on passive, lowered duration the stacks are up, lowered duration on ul, lowered damage on all 3 of his abilities. Hopeless. RIP Ryze. GG crybabies
: Ryze nerfs?
The crybabies won. Now rito nerf all (and I mean ALL) his abilities across the board, both damage, upped their cd time, upped their mana cost. Now his pick rate will be 0.5% and his win rate will go under 20%. I am foregoing Ryze alltogether.
: Since I main Fiora. Here are a few different things about Ryze W and Fiora ult: For once, his W is not an ultimate, so he has it open more often than once per minute. For second, he doesn't only W, snares a target so he can use his entire kit. Fiora does her ult and that's it, just her ult damage + hydra procs. Ryze does QWE on you over and over again, while you can only watch. Ryze is not the only character without an escape mechanism. But the fact that he can lock down 1 target for infinity is what is broken about him. Look, even if the enemy is a 20/0/0 Katarina, if she can't do more than Q, you won. Even if the enemy is a 20/0/0 Fiora, she can't touch you while you 100---0 her. Even if the enemy is a Hecarim that did teleport plays and amazingly all game long, you just press W and bam, you won the trade and the fight even if you are 0/100/0. As long as you are lv 9, you win it. That's broken. The only answer to that is QSS and crucible. Lucy, we got those 2. But they have like 1 minute cooldown, while Ryze gets like 5 seconds or so cooldown on his W. Banshee was NERFED because it used to protect the target once every 20s (and omg, zed could't assassinate the target, because hitting them with a Q to pop banshe and then all-in 10s later was to hard). Ryze only has to wait 5s and he can all-in again and again, you can't win the trade if mots of your damage or defensive tools requires you to move point blank. I agree that Ryze is difficult to play but dude, infinite snare is not something any champion should have. Its downright broken and stupid. Just like Hecarim's Q in URF and the reason rito disabled him the first time around. He could spam Q forever vs melees and win fights. Just like Ryze now can spam QWE forever and win fights vs melees.
I gather you were a melee champ. So lets see: First off, you can't pull that 4 consecutive W without enough mana. Ryze just melts mana that way. Second, in the game, Maokai had no mr whatsoever. That's the same as I am going to face Fiora with no armor and she has brutalizer and doren's blade. I just go into ashes. Third, if you see the "4 consecutive snare" it's not consecutive on the first solo kill - Steve walked from the bushes to the tower. If i tried to do that with Fiora with the same item equality, I would not even reach halfway. He couldve flashed(?) if he had flash. Fourth, the second solo kill, Huni didn't set 4 consecutive W, it was 3. And Steve, turned to face him. After that second, with ROA and Tear, Huni had enough to take down Morgana. Fifth, like I said, Ryze is all-in. So you say that W is not ult and W can consecutive snare. It can't. You must spend all your kit in a specific way to achieve that. So it's not the W that makes the consecutive snare. Sixth, as Ryze, if I tried to do that with Fiora, she get the first w in but then she would Lunge into an enemy minion and dash-dash, or use Burst of Speed and get out of there. No show. Let me tell you another one as bonus: you can't ult when your Q'ueing or E'ing. The animation doesn't allow it. One another as a bonus: you have to be still to fire abilities - you don't move while you using them. With all that said, if you want to know how to shut down Ryze as Maokai, check Cloud9 x TSM on the first week of the Summer Split. Dyrus first item is a null-magic mantle. TSM ends up losing but Dyrus Maokai is a Ryze's nightmare. The problem is not Ryze kit, it is the difference between players. And not knowing what each champion can do. Steve was no match to Huni, and that's about it. Now you can cry a river over the champ, but do remember tha Ryze, along with Vlad and other more tanky mages go on top SPECIFICALLY to counter melees. There's always jungle Fiora.
EvadeX (EUNE)
: grow a shell you weaklings
This is idiocy taken to extreme, imho. Just because you have a bad day, I have to put up with your distateful comments ? Absurd. You must be that kind of people that farts in everyone's face, shrugs and say "Mother Nature...". I will take political correctness over verbal abuse at any day of the week.
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: It doesn't matter if its a stun or not. I said > how can you do anything with any **melee **champion when the ryze presses W 4 times before you can move an inch Melee champions, especially AD based such as: Hecarim, Yasou, Riven, Fiora, Irelia, Rek'sai. It does't matter if you snare of root them, if they don't get in melee range, they can't harm you. When they also can't move. So, ryze W vs melees lets him 1) keep them in place to hit all your skill shots, which makes your cooldowns shorter and 2) take little to no damage because they are not in range to attack. This is why Caitlyn is a counter to Vayne and most other ADCs in lane. Because she can attack the enemy while the enemy can't attack her. That's why current Ryze is not OverPowered, just broken. Nobody should be able to 1v1 snare someone for infinity. The only reason the Ryze in unicorn's of love game snared just 4 times is because the enemy died. He could have kept on going on and the enemy can not escape, nor attack. Again, I'm talking about melee ones. Morgana's snare is 3 seconds at max rank, and even she can't chain 1 snare into another one (except the URF Morgana, and that snare is a skill shot, Ryze is point and click). So, for pretty much all melees. Ryze is a nightmare. And he should be nerfed to the point he can't do more than 2 snares in a row (3 with ult active).
Totally disagree. The window of opportunity for you to do that is so small (as you have less control of your stacks) that only the one's who don't know Ryze get caught in that. You have lots of champions that have way more outplay potential than Ryze. Even Fiora is untouchable when she ults. Ryze gets shut down pretty quickly as he has no escape mechanisms, no dashing, no blinking, nothing. He is an all-in character. And now Ryze is finally viable. It is hard to master. It needs help in the beginning or it needs to farm well. It needs some kind of edge at the start. He is not at all useful in the beginning. So sorry to say this but you don't know enough of Ryze. You saw the match and thought that was too much. I think the same when I get destroyed by a melee champ that just has 2 more kills than me. But I know when I'm being outplayed, not by the champ, but by the player.
: unicorns of love did 4 snares from ryze in a row. So lets be fair, how can you do anything with any melee champion when the ryze presses W 4 times before you can move an inch
A snare/root is not a stun. You can play abilities + summoner spells, and that can end pretty badly for Ryze as well.
: You saw in the fnatic vs roccat game why he isn't going to get nerfed. He struggles if the jungler comes up there but huni stopped falling for the same trick that roccat constantly did. And when the moakai got left on his own he got wreaked. The reason that things that are played in the lcs are nerfed is that pros use what ever they can abuse to win so anything which is unhealthy for tea game makes it in there. That's why things pros play are nerfed because they are showing riot the broken stuff. That's why I think ryze isn't on the chopping block. He can be abused but a smart play can really do a number on him in the early game.
Actually Steve played lousy on that game. If Steve got merc treads and built spirit visage, with the health regen, life steal and magic resist, Ryze wouldn't be able to pull that off. He also was always near the minions, and that tells you Steve has not played against (or with) the new Ryze lately. Ryze's Spell Flux removes magic resistance and it stacks on the spell fluxes bouncing. He got caught on the spell flux, and because he had already low mr, Huny could just bring him down quickly. But i've seen match-ups where maokai simply obliterates Ryze from history.
Geddon616 (EUW)
: Anybody who thinks ryze might be getting a small nerf later ? :P btw not a crying thread
Please do remember that Ryze got help on early stages on these games, and that means teamwork to get him ahead. If he falls behind, he will only catch up waaay later in the game. Plus Ryze is so dependent on big money items that he needs to be constantly farming. After 12, there's not a big issue, but he would def need some sort of escape/dash as a buff to be much more viable. Otherwise you're playing tower defense. Now, if you let him get away with 2 or 3 kills, then a good Ryze player is gg to the match. He will get so far off, you will never catch him. But, on the flipside, he can't win games alone. If he's good but the team just manages to keep playing bad, he can't salvage the game.
Lats (EUNE)
: Ryze to Diamond/plat
Ryze, at this moment, is not viable. I used to main Ryze. He is a lot of fun to play with several tactical strategies and his combo, late game, can one-shot people. Other than that, he lacks viability throughout the entire game until he produces something good. He needs his team to be ahead to give him clearance. On his own, he cannot game change - he cannot carry a game. For that reason, he is not being picked - unless it's a smurf account.
: RioT already talked about point and click skills and is already removing them here and there. Ryze was nerfed while he wait for his turn. That was the right thing to do since, as much as you may say that targeting something with mobility may be difficult, Ryze was still played top lane for the most, that is, in a role that can virtually put you against a single player for the most of the game, and if not, for the whole duration of the early game, which is nonetheless crucial. So, at least in my world, stating that wrecking champ X by rotating point and click skills over and over in the top lane is balanced cause you MAY have some difficult targeting Kalista about 20 minutes later, is a very weak argument.
How long have you seen a ryze top? I play like about 10 to 20 games a day and in about 10 to 15 days do I encounter a Ryze top. I really do believe you don't play Ryze or else you would definitely know what I am talking about, including dashing characters - it's hard to rune prison dashing characters, while not hard to do a morgana binding, taken into consideration both have the same skill in the champion.
: Some advice for Ryze?
Some things ppl say here are right, some things aren't. This is not a head-on champion like Riven. I main Ryze and Ryze takes a lot of patience to work with. Once you get killed first, you'll spend the whole game playing catch up, but eventually if you go to late game, you are still very viable. You should go top, which due to range nerf it's the best place you can be. Your first priority is get the cs, because you need the gold lead a lot. My build uses a funky mix. On runes, you should have 6 scaling cooldown reduction (ppl say it's not necessary but it helps a lot), 3 scaling magic resist, all mark magic penetration, 5 health seals, 4 armor seals, 2 quints spell vamp, 1 quint health. I've experimented everything, ap runes, scaling health runes, all armor runes. This works best for me. In masteries, I use a funky 5, 14, 11, with the sorcery and butcher on offense for the cdr and the minions hit; on Defense, Block, Recovery, Enchanted Armor, Unyielding, Veteran Scars, Juggernaut, 2/3 Hardiness and Swiftness - these will make you sustainable on lane and get a tenacity plus, because Ryze is very susceptible to cc; on Utility, we get Fleet of Foot, Meditation, 2/3 Summoner's Insight and Vampirism, which will give you more speed, more mana regen as Ryze is mana hungry, a cdr on your summoner spells will give you an edge on teleport, and vampirism which will stack to your ultimate and your runes. In the beginning, you should poke with AA and Q whenever you can or your enemy comes to last hit. Save rune prison/ult to escape problematic situations, as rune prison is very mana hungry and the ult is your only escape mechanism. Most champions which know how to counter ryze will push the lane towards your tower. You should know how to last hit under tower. Whenever you see your jungler in the bottom lane, try and get the crab and gromp as they spawn fast and you'll jump higher in gold. You should start with blue crystal, 2 health potions and the trinket. You should have >715 on your first comeback. You will get tear, boots and 2 extra health potions. On second comeback, you should have > 1200, to get the catalyst. If you face hybrid or ad champion, get Glacial Shroud even before building catalyst. If you go this way and you have an extra 400, buy extra red crystal instead of blue as it will give you more health. If you face an AP champion, go for spirit visage by buying spectre's cowl first. Build ROA final item first. For item composition, as you have cdr runes and masteries that give you 15% at 18, you have choices on item picks. Most common core items are ROA, Sorc Shoes and Archangels. After this, you can combo up. Burst enemy team: Zhonya's, Guardian Angel and Will of the Ancients - This is major spellvamp-undying-cant-touch-this but it won't get you too much damage. Tanky enemy team: Void Staff, Manamune and Iceborn Gauntlet - This will make you a bit glassy but you will melt people, as your AA will hit like a truck. AP heavy team: Spirit Visage, Abyssal Spectre and Banshee's Veil - This will help you deal with all the AP. These are some suggestions. Feel free to try out and comment.
: Ryze is quite good at trading due to his combo and how he doesn't draw minion aggro, however he is relatively weak to all-in engages. The only reason why he sees a lot of play in top lane these days is because people have stopped playing the archetypal fighters like Xin and Irelia top, it used to be that he was risky to take top because there was a good chance that every time he went into lane he would get jumped on and killed without being able to properly defend himself.
This is silly. He draws on minion aggro. The one reason why you don't see him is because he got so weak with the range nerf and they never got to rebalance his kit. He is quite powerful on the late stages IF you don't focus him. If you do he melts like paper. He has no real escape unless you count his ult which makes him a bit of helping on teamfights. In early and mid stages YOU have to get ahead or else you'll be out of balance very swiftly. In early game, you are always pushed back to your tower. Before 6 you don't have a good wave clear and when you get to 6 you'll burn your mana so fast that you'll lose a lot of cs. Ryze was my main, and I kinda was good with it but I had to leave him. Riven is a much more point and click and she does whatever she wants with him, as much as every other champion, including malphite.
: I honestly think the whole "no counterplay to point and click skills" is bull. You can walk into a bush and there's nothing Ryze can do except close in to melee range or ward, in which case you can move bush or jump on him when he closes to warding range. If you have stealth, Ryze can do nothing. He has been nerfed so hard with the changes to spell vamp and the mobility meta that he's barely viable anymore because he can be bullied out of lane so easily and then won't offer anything until late game. His Rune prison Duration is 0.75s at level 1 (I think the shortest root in the game, with the exception of Leona's E). It does get up to a giddy 1.75 seconds at level 5, but that's still not much seeing as it's his only CC.
True that. Skillshots have a lot going for it, but when I do good in a game, there's always a "noob point and click champ" at the end.
: Finally, it ends.
There's this one thing that makes the game a lot better. Don't know if you know but i will tell you the secret. The secret to end the nervousness, to calm your piece of mind, to relax and set yourself free and enjoy a cool game of lol. Where every rage will seem like a comic flic, where you'll endure with the stoicness of the sea crashing in the waves. A jumble of joy. The secret is: at 0:15, mute everyone. Mute: such a wonderful thing.
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: Can we get some kind of 'Ranked Etiquette' thing to stop as much frustration from ranked games?
I don't agree with the majority of people that commented here. Sorry about that. You want to play but you are undermined - play normals. It still pi***s people off, but they don't lose that much. If you go in and you know beforehand that you will have to leave once or twice, don't waste other people's time. It is a lack of respect. You don't care what harm you do to others as long as you have your fun and your take and when you want, you leave. It is not fair. I agree with the original poster. It makes sense, it is common sense and it is respectful to your team mates.
: What do you do when your ADC says' you can't touch the minions?
It depends. When I adc (and i don't often), I ask the support not to touch the minions so I can control the wave. If I want to have it pushed to the tower to finish the tower quickly, I really don't mind the support csing. There was actually a game which, during a gank, lux support finished 2 of them after I was focused badly. After that we got tower and I said to her: go get the kills, I will be your support. My rule is: go with whatever is working. If lux is finishing them off, I will let her, and find a way to get fed for myself. 2 fed are better than one. We ended up winning the game. Lux carried the whole way.
: While I fully agree to your post... BEARD-BROS? eeeew...
I main no jungler but all (and i mean ALL!) of these snippets are so true it made me cry with laughter, specially : "Stop taking your minions? I'm saving your tower. You're dead. Should I let this exp and gold go to the tower? The tower doesn't get better with exp or gold. Fine I'll stop. Right after this one. And if you ping once more, I might accidentally take the big one, with Smite. Oops, I just did that. Happy now?" because I usually am TOP but when I jungle, so many of these situations come alive. Very nice post reply btw.
: the worst possible toxicity. It is not verbal abuse. it is not intentional feed. it is not afk.
People get upset. That's just it. It's trying too hard. As soon as you see this coming, try to hit B and say: "hey, this is not your fault! You got caught. We may miss the lane, yes, but it happens. We don't blame you for it. That's why we are playing pvp and not vs bots. Lets get back to the game, play safer and try to make it together. You with me ?" This game is so much about psychology that it's unbelievable. Sometimes losing the first tower is better than defending with all heart and losing a lot in deaths in the process. It relieves the pressure, the strategy switches and with an ease on the bot things can turn. Sometimes you lose the lane. Sometimes the lane counterpart plays better. When that happens, play safe to tower, lose a lot of cs and warn the others. Even if they can't or won't help, they are warned. If any other lane compensates, it can turn. If all the other lanes are losing, you're facing better opponents. All in all, you need to keep the team together. It's not that "that guy failed!" When you blame others, you are already excusing yourself on the loss and in your mind, you just slip your objective. Don't play the blame game. Try to block others that do it. The game will go better once that is settled. And comfort your teamplayers if things go wrong. If not, some get angry and just go troll, others go p1noy jenkins, try harder and they risk harder and they lose harder.
: Permanent Account ban and how it came this far - my story
Oh jeez officer... I know I murdered someone, but it was my friend who conviced me to do it. I am very gullible... Can I have a second chance ? Off to the slammer, no pardon. Keep toxic waste out of the community!
DireXcon (EUNE)
: Loseing rankeds because of teamates. (Not a toxic player)
Welcome to the club, little buddy. I visited Bronze III promotion area 6 times. I get ragequitters, afks and disconnectors, bad team players every game. I can say for certain that I get a regular team (in which everybody's doing their part competently without not much handicap) 1 in every 5 games - being optimistic. Every other time the rest of the team needs to curb any handicap. I am not saying that every player is bad. One thing is when the match is unbalanced due to the skill of the players: one is stronger than the other, or one knows the champion better than his opponent nor when the opponent's champion is a counter. This is not a handicap on my book. What I am talking about is game mechanics and strategy: when to push, when to go base, when to ward, when to do tp to do a gank or a dragon. This is a handicap to me. This handicap can be easily tamed if the player abides to team communication. When he doesn't he becomes a problem in the team and that's were you get into trouble and you lose most of the games. Then you get tempers flared up, players afking, players doing mistakes because they want so bad not to make mistakes, everyone is so caught up into what they're doing: either being safe or too safe, or just hamming around thinking that weapon will make them one-shooters. Or you have the extreme, which today was a fine fine example, of a jungler named Championgrinder got caught up in an invade on blue and all of the sudden he started intentionally feeding because mid and top didn't helped him. It was my promotion game. So all in all, it will get you crazy. It will make you thing of a million ways to visually maim anyone's most tender parts with several pieces of tools and machinery. From my perspective, it pays off to be humble. You got to be strong and develop a very thick skin. You got to try to calm people down when flares are up. To point out that will just make things worse and no good can come of it. 1 out of 3 games get better and we turn around. It pays to compliment people by doing a good job. A gank gone well, a good teamfight. Let your teamplayers know you appreciate, and that's kinda positive feedback - some will try to go the extra mile to actually play in team and help out more, by communicating and abiding to team goals - instead of trying to kill kill kill chase kill kill and just get killed. Good luck
: AFK players in ranked
How about a simple "taste your own medicine" solution. It should be easy to implement a rule of thumb on the matchup system where: * Leavers would be joined with leavers; * Negative attitude players would be joined with negative attitude players; * Bad mouthed players would be joined with badmouthed players; Sort of groups within the community. This way riot would never need to ban anyone, just sort them out. Literally!
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: Hey, This has been a common issue recently but the generic solution is to simply be patient and wait until it fixes itself. It usually takes around 2 hours but then from then on you should be fine. If the issue remains after a few hours I'd suggest contacting[ support.](http://support.leagueoflegends.com/) :)
OK Experiencing the same issue and, I am truly sorry, it's not ok to be patient. If this is what's (now I know it's commonly ) called as a ghost game, then it's a bug. A big one. A huge one. If it prevents me for getting into the game because of a technical problem it should be fixed as fast as possible. Moreover, it was the game itself that sent me into the reconnect screen due to an impossibly laggy game, not only to me but to other 2 of my team mates (and don't know who else more!). Please fix this fast!
MrWestin (EUNE)
: Fix your crap already
Same thing here, although the game got disconnected due to very high ping and packet loss. The game got into attemping to reconnect and gone to that screen over an hour ago. I can't seem to reconnect anymore. I ran the network script and I can't connect to the riot servers. However google ping works fine. Something is wrong with the servers.
LordR4in (EUW)
: Same here! 800ms+ ping, characters jumping around due to lag spikes, minions stalled. Try to disconnect and can't reconnect again. Servers have been really bad lately, more on nighttime than during the afternoon. It's very frustrating trying to play a game and it doesn't let you.
Can't play... Tried to reconnect a game about almost an hour ago because it was lagging silly. Now I do the login, gets me into the reconnect game page and I can't reconnect due to saying Unable to connect to the server yada yada yada. This is getting ridiculous. We should cancel the game if we can't connect to it. This thing is flawed, buggy and it needs a fix FAST!
TestosZ (EUNE)
: Same on EUNE. My fps is high as always, ping is low but the game is really laggy.
Same here! 800ms+ ping, characters jumping around due to lag spikes, minions stalled. Try to disconnect and can't reconnect again. Servers have been really bad lately, more on nighttime than during the afternoon. It's very frustrating trying to play a game and it doesn't let you.


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