: Aw, I just ctrl + f-d and found "They have met three times in the sultry air of evening" and assumed evening.
That part however has another interesting revelation: That Tamara is possibly bi- or homosexual. Yay, Noxus! {{sticker:katarina-love}}
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: Hehe :). It was so challenging. The only problem was lux weapon origins , her lore not even describe where she got the weapon from..., i search so much and even read her lore too... , just today i found that she is garen sister
How Lux got her staff is described in the comics, if you have not read them start here: https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/comic/lux/issue-1/
Marissa (EUW)
: But now I'm curious.... {{sticker:sg-soraka}} I'll monitor this thread now! :@
Now I can tell you west was correct by accident. The story is [Progress Day](https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/story/piltover-progress-day/), and there are a few things to note. The bridge goes from North to South, and it's early-ish (I think about 8:30am definitely before 9am). The sun is shining from SE, so the shadow goes to NW. It's already past the tower, so it must be roughly west of it. > β€œYou’re late,” says Gysbert, pointing over the parapet at the dulled metal sides of a mechanized clocktower a hundred feet or so below the level of the bridge. β€œLook.” >β€œWhat are you talking about?” answers Tamara. β€œI don’t think Old Hungry’s told the right time in years.” >β€œTrue,” he says, and though he’s trying to look angry, his eyes speak only of infatuation. β€œBut we agreed to meet before Old Hungry’s shadow was past the Techmaturgy tower.” >He points to where the dark outline of the mysterious clocktower has fallen across the lower laboratory levels of the tower, where greenish-gray fumes leak from hornpipe vents. β€œSee?”
: It is east, and here's my explanation. First, understanding P&Z - The cities are basically atop one another in a way where Piltover is split in two parts by a fault, north and south. Said fault is crossed by an arc, described in Progress day, where the characters met, from there they could also see both of the towers. Both towers are said to rise from the fault, so the only chance that the shadow of old hungry crosses the tower is if they're East/west of each other. In the story, the set time was evening, hence the sun needs to be set in the west position. Old hungry is then between the tower and the sun. Old hungry is west of the tower, the tower is east relative to Old hungry. I was going over splashes and arts, thinking I could find a picture. Now I'm sad that there's no picture of Old hungry (or at least, not that I know of/can tell apart)
Good reasoning, but it's not correct. It's morning, and so the shadow is on the other side. The story begins with her standing up, and if I read the bells correctly (first bell = 7am) the bridge scene is around the third bell = 9 am.
Marissa (EUW)
: Since it's a 1/4 I am going for West! {{sticker:galio-happy}} Good luck making the quiz! :)
I'm not going to give out the answer unless someone can explain why {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
: πŸŽƒπŸ‘» Volunteer Halloween Quiz πŸ‘»πŸŽƒ
Thanks for doing this! For an extra challenge, I have one more extremely hard question (which was first asked by Bioluminescence). I can't give out gifts, but if you can answer it, color me impressed. > In Piltover/Zaun, in approximately which cardinal direction (N,E,S,W) is the Techmaturgy tower, relative to Old Hungry?
: Google ms β‰  League ms
You can. NA - EUW - EUNE - OCE - LAN - I am not sure if these are still right, they are taken from [this](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/4efy17/how_to_check_your_ping_without_getting_into_the/) reddit thread, provided by a rioter. They probably are, EUW still displays the right ping for me, but I can't guarantee it's accurate, should be +/- 10ms. In the cmd it works like this: ping -n 10 -4 -n 10 pings the server 10 times to get better examples, and -4 ensures you use IPv4. (IPv6 probably doesnt work anyway).
: Mordekaiser's updated buglist, back with over 200 bugs and 100 pages
Yeah, who would read through this mega post? Who would provide feedback or thoughts on some bugs? Who would waste their precious sleep, given that it is now 4 a.m. here? Who would even go this far and compliment on your style of meme-ing and writing, then thank you for your research? Nobody right in their mind would. {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}} ...wait...
: Mordekaiser's updated buglist, back with over 200 bugs and 100 pages
Tier 7, Bug 11 - Kog'Maws Ghost. IDK much about Morde but you max Q right? Maybe the bonus stats for Kog are derived from how many points YOU have put in your Q, not he. Could as well be any other explanation, such as the ghost having your level then equally distribute all the skill points or something. Have you tried this with other Champs that get passive stats from leveling up abilities? Only Darius E comes to my mind, but there are more for sure.
: Mordekaiser's updated buglist, back with over 200 bugs and 100 pages
Tier 6, Bug 9 (Stacks) - VII) Jaurims Fist. Did you ever try it with Seekers Armguard? {{item:3191}} Stacking seems to be similar on them, other than RoA {{item:3027}} for example.
: Mordekaiser's updated buglist, back with over 200 bugs and 100 pages
> VII) Xin Zhao doesn't have the passive of his W. > VIII) Cho'Gath doesn't get his E. How long did you work on this? Xin Zhao Rework was recently, but Cho'Gath having to activate E was **Ages** ago!
: Mordekaiser's updated buglist, back with over 200 bugs and 100 pages
Oh and you found another bug with the audio on that one video. I guess it is fixed now, happened to me, I wrote a bug report, around one month later it was fixed. I don't know if my bug report triggered them fixing it, but hell yeah it felt good that they fixed a bug I reported.
: Same tbh, that's why I wrote instead of reading
It's not that hard to read... I am interested in Game Developement and curious what might have caused these bugs. So it's interesting for me (although I am only halfway through) and I just wanted to say that I like your writing style and all these little jokes. (Collateral Damage, looking at you {{champion:104}}, a full restore (except that it doesn't cure poison, paralysis, burn, sleep or other status effects) etc.)
: Post your most creative / fun opening phrase and win a champ / skin
I don't really have an opening phrase, but I do some RP-Related stuff when I can, based on enemy and my teamcomp. For example I am playing Rakan and the enemy has Xayah then I am like "What are doing over there, honey?" and so on.
: Is the bug where you cant pick a champ back?
I have the same problem sometimes. I can hover the ban but the button to ban it is disabled, then comes active after some time. This could be my connection, but otherwise it seems stable. My solution is to mash the ban/pick button even though it is disabled, and hope it gets through in time. I have never been suspended though.
: Same could be said about Rakan supps. Only just started playing her and whenever I pick her, I get a Rakan that has about 2 braincells. #1 is for not going in when it would be beast #2 is for going in when it makes no sense whatsoever Xayah's kit is cool by itself - really doesn't need Rakan and vice versa. Imo the synergy is questionable anyway. But then again, just only started playing her.
I agree that both kits work alone. However for there are two main points that really can win games when played right. 1. Rakan gets the Bonus from Xayahs W. This may not seem impactfull at first, but it leads to crazy 2v2 fighting on level 1. You both start W, Rakan goes Thunderlords + Ignite (**Dont do that without Xayah though**) and you simply kill the enemy adc. 2. The extended Range on Rakans E. Also not that impactfull, he can shield you from a longer range. Cool. But keep in mind that his E is not only his shield, but a really _long range dash_ when cast on Xayah. A simple E-Flash-W can really catch someone off-guard when Rakan comes flying from far away. _Bonus points for their taunt and complete VO when they are together, the german VO for Rakan was made by the same person who does the champion spotlights and many people just love him, including me :D _
Bigsi (EUW)
: I cant queue for a game anymore please help
I have had the same problem. Sometimes it can be resolved by just waiting, or clicking Home then Lobby to reload the screen. It's annoying nonetheless.
Rismosch (EUW)
: PSA Don't pick Xayah only because I pick Rakan and vice versa
I always hover my Rakan then switch to Nami. The difference is that I don't really force them because I lock in Rakan, but just show "I have him and I can play him." If they wanna play Xayah, sure, I am in. If not, also fine.
Fajerk (EUW)
: Lux shield is currently the strongest single target shield in game. Also it happens to be the strongest multi target shield. Basically over 500hp shield per person. Perception that Lux support is trollpick is quite wrong since she got the shield buff. Only real downside is that your team is generally able to get hit by ever enemy skill shot while dodging your shield every single time.
Also people go "Lux wrong mastery?" when I show up with windspeakers. In game I simply reply "No." But I think "No, and you are going to regret asking when I save your ass with my shield!" .
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I really hope players are better than that. I am aware that there will always be the option to exploit the system if we give it into the hands of the players, but that is something we have to live with. They could do the same with reports, if someone kicks too many players his vote counts less.
Fajerk (EUW)
: Well have you ever tried to play shield Lux? Spoiler: It's quite strong but your team tends to sidestep your shields like faker.
Whenever I get Lux in Aram I do that. I realize it is not the strongest Lux build as you can't oneshot, but it works out if your team is not stupid. You can also build damage later on, but early you are basically a Janna, but for the whole team.
: Easily abused, and obstructs your right to play whatever you want in a videogame.
Read my comment on how to avoid abuse. The idea is good though. It doesn't obstruct your right to play whatever you want in a videogame. You are allowed and encouraged to play whatever you want - as long as you play the role you are assigned (or swap) and try to win. This is not so much about the champion you pick, but about your mindset. You can play AD Soraka or AD Janna. If you work with your team and stay positive. The other way of playing AD Janna / AD Soraka / Tank Karma / Whatever is that you run to another lane, feed, spam your pings and cry "report jungle useless ty". You would most likely get reported, which is the same as getting kicked beforehand, but _without_ ruining the game of 9 other players.
slaniv (EUNE)
: [SUGGESTION] Add ability to vote kick during champion selection phase.
This has been an ongoing problem and many have suggested something to solve it, but I think your approach is the most reasonable. At first, the 3 Player Rule seems fair - it is more than half your team and it avoids the easy cases of abuse. (2 man can neither kick someone alone or stop a kick). However, a group of 3 could still kick any player they want to. Better suggestion would be that for a succesfull kick you need the full support of your group and half of the other people on your team (excluding the target ofc). * If you are solo, there are 3 other players, half of that is 1.5, make it 2. **Still need 3 votes for a kick. ** * If you are duo, there are 2 other players, you need one of them to kick the troll. **Also 3 votes needed. ** * If you are in a 3-man group, there is only one neutral player, the decision is up to him. You need your group and the last player for a kick. **4 votes needed.** Assuming your group always sides with you and the enemy group always sides with the troll, no group can kick someone without at least one neutral player deciding. This also means groups of 4 CAN NOT kick the last player to avoid abuse. They already got privileges other groups do not have, for example to force a surrender 4/1. Also, it is possible for them to play with the troll for 20 minutes, then surrender and report him. This is not a solution where everyone will be happy with, but I do not see any better solution. No one would be kicked if it was 3v2 or 2v3 (or someone turns against their group). This is basically the worst case, where no group can kick anyone and you would have to play the game. However, if the person keeps trolling, you can report him after the game. This would also imply that kicked from a lobby is a punishment. I would say not as strong as a report, but a punishment nonetheless. If you get kicked out of many groups in a short period of time, your honor level may drop or you could receive a chat ban. I would leave the implementation of this system to Riot. **TL;DR:** You need 3 Votes for a kick or 4 votes if you are in a premade group of 3. Groups of 4 can NOT kick the last player. If someone gets kicked, it counts as punishment. This does not happen very often, but when it does, it ruins the game for most of the players - not only on your team, but most likely also on the enemy team. I hope that Riot does something against it someday. > Comfortable game for all. > Cheers! {{sticker:galio-happy}} _Last notes: I am not really sure this belongs to player behaviour, but I don't know where it should be. English is not my first language. If you can't understand something, ask._
JamesIAm (EUW)
: Regarding the lore of Nexuses
You are stupid. I tried to email it to you, but my browser tells me that adress doesn't exist. On a more serious note, it seems to explain most of the the things we know. However, it seems random that these 10 champions just "find" the rift. And what about other maps? How do these battlefields fit into the world of Runeterra? I think we need to find a new cause what Champions actually fight for, now that the Institute of war is gone. Then it is possible that magic formed the maps and the Champions use it to fight for whatever cause they want to fight.
Caby (EUNE)
: The more you look at the stats, the cringier they get
: Twitch Nerf Incoming?
I'd suggest Q CD and/or duration. It is perfectly fine if he deals massive damage late game (he's supposed to do that after all) but his early seems to strong (Tristanas early was nerfed for the same reason) and he can do whatever he likes because of that stealth that any assassin would love to have.
: What champion can deal the highest damage on a single spell, in the whole game?
Y'all focus on stacking and stuff. How about some nice AoE ults over time? Lethality {{champion:62}} and AP {{champion:9}} probably hit hardest if you look for raw damage (can't look up actual numbers now thought), and no stacking required.
Sakuczya (EUW)
: well, I think riot has forgotten about them xD as they are bugged and crazy indeed. I think they didn't adjust the bots after the patches so they freak out nowadays. But it is fun to see the shit that happens with them and what sick scripts they got. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
I think I have read somewhere that this indeed seems to be the case. Some champs got reworked (including Galio, who got a new ult) but they simply didn't adjust the bot scripts. I would be all-in for a total rework of the introduction (Tutorial still makes you buy {{item:3075}} on {{champion:22}}? Didn't check for a veeery long time xD) and bots. Add another difficulty option so you have hard bots who you actually need teamwork to beat them and not just have an instant win after 20 min.
: Well rito wants it to be very user friendly, to change practice dummy stats i feel like the easiest/best way would be to be able to input the values directly into that little square you get at the top left of the screen when you click on a champ, ya know what i mean ?
If I ever work for Riot, it would be as a programmer and not a designer :D Yeah, that's probably the best way to do it.
GLurch (EUW)
: If you have clear evidence, you can submit a ticket to the Riot Support here: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new They'll take on the issue, although I can't promise you anything. Since I can't find any other place to report elo boosting and all other posts say it's the right place as well, you should probably try there.
I wouldnt actually report him, just use it as a threat and talk to him. You can still report him after that.
: Let us honor enemies and have them receive a bonus for being honored by an opponent.
Maybe have it show up after honoring your own team? Or only if you DIDNT honor your team, you get the option to honor enemies? The reason behind it was that honors felt pointless when you could give 9 in just one match. This way, it would either be limited to just one, or one for each team. Also, I probably chat more with enemies than with allies. (Excluding shotcalling & strategic talk ofc). I often see forms of role-play ("What are you doing over there, honey?" as {{champion:497}} to an enemy{{champion:498}} and other lore-related stuff.) Even if I lose the game, that person still made me have a good game. I would like to honor them.
: It's never too difficult to code for rito :3
Agree here, I would assume the values of the dummy are not that hard to code, but the problem is that it needs a new UI to set stuff. Unless they want to give us a console like in most games you host, which would allow even more Insight into the game and could take commands, such as setting game time, controlling bot difficulty and lane assignments (wtf do they go bot if you have only one bot?), buying, selling and stacking items and much more. Basically everything the practice mode allows (or more, as asked for in this thread) as text command Input and some output like "Champ X hit with ability W for 100 Damage, Champ Y has 100 Armor which leads to 50 damage" That would also need a good part of coding and may be less accessible for the average player, but offers a lot more possibilities of modifying the game. (Up to the level the developers have.)
: Filter by champion or role could be a nice start. I ran into some problems when I tested some Rakan engages but the dummy was, well, just a dummy and not Xayah. If you could set it to a specific champion and give them items, you could recreate most in-game situations. For extensive testing, you could select the champ "Dummy" which has no base stats, but can be adjusted.
I know this is a very specific issue just related to {{champion:498}} and {{champion:497}} , but it would be nice to get when other improvements are made for the practice mode. Edit: spelling. ducking autocorrect {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Allow the player to set the Armor/MR/Health values of practice dummies.
Filter by champion or role could be a nice start. I ran into some problems when I tested some Rakan engages but the dummy was, well, just a dummy and not Xayah. If you could set it to a specific champion and give them items, you could recreate most in-game situations. For extensive testing, you could select the champ "Dummy" which has no base stats, but can be adjusted.

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