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24thDiK (EUW)
: Xayah is unbelievably well made champion, it is mind blowing actually :D
agreed, being untargetable as an adc is very fun and interactive, i do not even need to play my role properly anymore since all i have to do is press R and snare anyone who even thought they could punish my positioning!
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: Vel'Koz Needs Some Love
{{champion:420}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:163}} wait in line
: Its really cute that everyone complains about Kayn...
complaining about urgot when he isn't in the damn game yet, never change random silver players
: Singed will get a hotfix nerf
well deserved nerf! i got DESTROYED by a singed last game, all he did was walk up to me and press e and i died just like that! i'm just a silver player so i do not know how to move in the opposite direction of singed and spam cc at him but that's not relevant because singed is just too strong right now. Also riot when can you buff kennen and jayce? very weak top laners right now that totally aren't antifun or lack counterplay for 80% of the champion roaster /s.
Gasburger (EUW)
: To people on your team who ban your champ because they didn't get their role
i love it when people do this, wish i could see their face irl when i lock in ghost cleanse nunu :)
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r0za (EUNE)
: In game voice chat
Voice communication is the quickest and most effective way to get information out to your team, most team games have this feature such as csgo, dota and overwatch. People have been so against this in league because it will increase "negative behavior" which i honestly think is insane, in overwatch it is super common for people to use text chat to flame their team instead of the mic.
Petris64 (EUNE)
nty i dont want to lose 70% of my life bar with one q+auto as a squishy from half a screen a way
Glazebone (EUW)
: Aatrox is actually viable
People still make aatrox threads? He is viable, his win rates shows it. After his rework he got hotfixed and got buffed x3 times and has his place as a good splitpusher and an OK teamfighter, you most likely didn't build him right/do not know how to play the champion at all.
Evoki11 (EUNE)
: What champion would you rework?
{{champion:82}} no cc, no crowd control,325 move speed, clunky animations and infested with bugs
: What some champs tend to do thats annoying.
Every support champion that shields/heals, typically just soraka, janna and lulu. zero mechanics, zero game knowledge, they just sit behind their team and buff them and act like their job is hard.
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Infernape (EUW)
: That's Janna in a nutshell lmao
{{champion:43}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:117}} all egirl boosted ape champs in a nutshell more like
: lol lulu mains be triggered
i would be triggered too if my champ required the same IQ as my room temperature
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Doorlord2 (EUNE)
: why is azir underpowered ?
If azir was any stronger he would be extremely oppressive due to his ability to poke from VERY far away, his kit isn't very fair tbh so has been gutted for some time now. Note that he is STILL seeing some pro play even in this state so any small buff to him will most likely make him 100% pick ban which riot is most likely not happy with.
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: Aatrox build
i have 60 games on aatrox so far and i have been building {{item:3153}} {{item:3071}} into situational tank items. if im really ahead i would get a {{item:3748}}. And vs burst champions like syndra/ talon i go {{item:3053}}.
: 5 games in a row i dont get my role
i wanted mid i queue as mid top.. i get support, top,top,top, support and one of my support games the mid laner got her role 4 times in a row xdddddd
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: If Camille's W heal will be removed on minions and monsters
Camille should be rewarded getting a heal if she hits champions with her w, this is a good and justified nerf. And that fiora nerf wouldgut her since it's her gap close, 16 second cooldown on a short dash even if you hit a minion? doesn't sound right if you think about it. I agree she is strong but that is not the way you should nerf her.
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GLurch (EUW)
: --- Question to you: ??? Magic shields are always purple/blue Invincibility shields are always yellow Normal shields have other colors ######I didn't count colorblind mode
im talking about on the health bars, magic shields now have a different shade of white, which is similar to normal shields
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Mala Dvojka (EUNE)
: Just another game with little evil toxic kids
mute, report and move on. People like this are in ALL team games not just league.
: Kog'maw
you miss typed lulu
: I think I'm done for a month
And do you think its fair that tanks build 0 damage items but can still chunk squishies with their base numbers? A bruiser who builds DAMAGE and penetration SHOULD beat a tank 1v1, if they cant what is the point of playing jax, irelia or jayce when you could just pick maokai or naut and do as much damage while being tanky? And as for fiora, she is strong yes but she has always been a tank buster but she is weak in team fights where she can be chain cc'd to death and her early game is easy to play around.
Imvulovers (EUNE)
: Vayne ...
you need to chain cc her in combination with damage if it gets to that point in the game, mundo isn't a good pick because all you can do is slow her and it's a skillshot which she can dodge easily. The best you can do is peel for your own carries and hope they focus vayne when she is in range.
Hantusa (EUW)
: Considering getting killed while you are solo isn't lack of communication, I already lost interest in your post.., but I'm biting anyway. Based on your post alone, I'll bet you are one of those self-proclaimed LCS players who thinks it's up to you to shot-call in solo-que, nevermind that you probably also never ward where you lane / move, and always thinks the best approach is ALL MID OR AFK! Why do I come to this "conclusion"?- because you don't seem to understand the meaning of communication (or you just left out the part which is about communication).
soo telling someone to play safe who keeps dying 1v1 but keeps fighting his laner anyway isn't a lack of communication? And please dont try to insult me by judging what i do ingame, it's not up to me to "shot-call" i just want to win and if i see my bot lane going 0-20 combined in 10 minutes i am simply saying don't be surprised if the only people in the team who are trying to win and going to jab at you. Also please don't talk down to me when your silver and fit my description i just said. ^_~
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: To all you Janna players
the only thing praise worthy for janna players is how they do not fall asleep on their keyboard
: Why do people troll ?
i've seen people troll just because they dont like the someone on their team. at plat1+ it is not uncommon to queue up with familiar people, people will remember your name and if your on the "list" get ready for a wild time
: Does this happen in higher elo as well? had this monkey yesterday just spammed racial slurs and int fed 22 kills or so in D2. Still won the game somehow.
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Aryzma (EUNE)
: Is elementalist Lux worth it ?
i was lucky enough to get it for free, i pretended to be a girl and played some normals with this dude i met in some chat room. all i said was "i wish i had a skin for lux" and boom there it was he gifted me the skin. Poor bastard thought he was gaana slide in those e-girl sweet walls.
: What do you guys think about players who don't try at all in a ranked game? Should they be punished?
I go into the game with the mindset to win but if my team mates are extremely bad and dont respond to pings or int feed i will not give my effort into the game because they simply dont deserve it. I also dont try if i have a janna player on my team.
Nonterino (EUNE)
: Good name for a fiora main???
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: Why?
who knew that a assassin that has god like mobility, burst damage, insane utility and wave clear would be unbalanced? gut her for all i care so i can perma ban someone else.
: ADC...
jhin depends on his team to protect him, you have {{item:3814}} with is more than enough to protect yourself, the rest is up to your mechanics and positioning
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