ExoIce (EUW)
: Climbing a Broken ladder in Ranked - Solo/duo
In my opinion, people who are aiming to have fun in a rating mode just farm reports. Sooner or later, there will be so many reports that they will simply be banned. Will they have fun then? But this can be avoided, for fun there are many modes, for example: ARAM, now there is ARURF, even there is a normal mode. Why go to the ranking and have fun there if people who want to win play there. And then people wonder why they are being punished.
Henkel (EUW)
: State of Balance/League
The game was perfectly balanced initially, but for some reason, Riot began to create unexampled crap. Of course, I perfectly understand that their goal was and remains good, but what they do and continue to do causes only negative and misunderstanding among most players. The only thing I like about Riot Games is how artists work and how they present new content. This is the only thing Riot can be praised for. For everything else, I cannot find a reason. Constant bugs of the game client. Errors and bugs of heroes and the game as a whole, both hitboks and many others. New heroes, this is generally a separate topic, each new hero, for some reason incredibly strong.
: So you are telling me A game mode with 80% CDR is supposed to be BALANCED? In a normal Game a Dia Soraka Toplane gonna beat the Silver Garen by far
I had in mind the difference in the strength of the heroes in general, and not that this is ARURF mode. It is clear that with 80% it makes no sense to talk about the balance of the game in the mode. But the difference is who has the best hero, that’s obvious. Try to think about it He thinks I mean balance in ARURF mode ROFL {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
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Morrhen (EUW)
: You can't make profits when your main source of profits doesn't work. Still that shouldn't mean issues should prevail over course of months and steal progression from people.
I totally agree with you. But it looks like someone on the Riot Games team doesn't think so.
Morrhen (EUW)
: At least it didn't steal your S. When it does, spam support for compensation. As harsh as it is, people should get compensated for losing their rewards and over 1.1K mastery on S. Even if it means answering every goddamn ticket until the bug is fixed. They fixed the shop in matter of 20 minutes. That was yesterday. This bug has been here for months.
Your words confirming that everything related to money excites them more than just a game or a game client. Or am I wrong?
Ulriah (EUW)
: Just, dodge it?
You think I don’t know that i can dodge a spear? Your advice is simply priceless! You can also dodge Q Ziggs, as well as the majority of skills in this game. Let's write to everyone, let them just dodge skills. I mean the situation when you couldn't dodge, and it hit you
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Infernape (EUW)
: >For those who will write about her winrate, I absolutely do not care what her winrate in ARAM is. This shit needs to be fixed Of course you don't care about it. It completely invalidates your argument otherwise as Ziggs is _still_ a stronger champion than her even with the changes,
No, this is because those who judge the champion's winrate are just flawed people. There are many heroes who have a bad winrate, such as Zed. You want to say that Zed needs to be given more damage? Can I do + 15% dmg for Zed? or Azir, which has the smallest percentage, but it’s not very bad in ARAM, did you play for it? I yes, and I will not say that he does not have enough damage. But with regards to the Nidalee spear this shit needs to be fixed !!! They gave the champion + 12% damage, and her spear is now literally the oneshot of any ADC Of course, we are talking exclusively about ARAM mode.
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: Game has turned into a question of who can delete who the quickest
: Int is short for intentional. It implies someone purposefully dying, like running down mid.
This does not alter the fact that this shit is not working properly. I saw many players on my team who just ran and died under the enemy tower. Then they continued to play with impunity. There is nothing at all in this game to work as it should work!
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: stop being rude to bronze players
At the end of the game, I’m still reporting on such a player. Let them say thanks for it Riot Games {{sticker:galio-happy}} why the section "int feeding" is invented at all if it does not work
Kaluchii (EUW)
: Worst experience SOLOQ so far in 10 years.
Humble yourself, this game died like a game that people remember. She died from the moment when Riot realized that the game can bring not bad money. Since then, they turned the game in show. Artists Riot are really pros in their field, I do not cease to be surprised at their mastery and work done, and not only artists. Riot has many outstanding people. But I can’t say this about those people who whistle for the technical component of this game. In the game there is simply an incredible number of technical problems that developers do not solve.
xSass (EUNE)
: (New Feature Request) Report button in Match History
And you know the funniest thing. Here, players do not like Dota players, but many of the features that they offer have long been in Dota 2. And it looks at times more convenient than here. In general, the League does not really care about the state of its client and the game as a whole, they only care about content that they can sell to players. If what you offer can bring Riot income, be prepared to see it soon, and no matter how it affects the game, the main thing is that it will be in demand. And all the associated problems that will appear can be solved during the game. And the players will suffer, not the first time already.
: just played vs Top Senna and my question is
I fell into the support role twice, and Senna was taken against me twice, I took Lux. As you can see from my game history, twice she literally sucked on the line. I did not play against her on the top, but I think it's terrible. The champion has running speed, invisibility, huge damage, self-healing, much more than many heroes. Riot deliberately spoils the game ! Already players from high ratings and even pro-players laugh over heroes, what they have been doing lately is just some kind of - nonsense, which cannot be explained logically. I think the Bosses Riot are not worried about this, because the League continues to bring a lot of money, and they are calm. If I could, I would urge people to stop buy from Riot because of such heroes like Senna. So that the boss paid attention to the game, and stopped spending money and started working on bugs.
: ABUSE THE META. Conqueror Mordekaiser Top
You can use the second skill as a treatment to keep your health stock full. It works roughly like the first skill of Tryndamere. It is strange why you do not use this on the line.
manolis201 (EUNE)
: Why im losing 1 game and win 1 ? (Enemy team irelia 200 cs at 25 my team 60 cs at 30)
Yes, this game is just awful. I don’t understand what developers think when they do this. My winrate is 48-49% and I am also stuck in gold, but not because I am a bad player, but because in my game there are always 2 players who 2-15 or 0/0/0 whom I equate to trolls. You can open my rating games on opgg and see my statistics, I almost never die more than 10 times, I never feed a line of no enemies. But I can’t play 1x9 what Riot requires of me, I can’t drag these trolls to victory every time. This is just some kind of abusrd. If you can win the 1x9 game you will grow. If you are just a normal player, trolls and feeders will not let you win the team game, you either have to drag them to victory, or lose the game.
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: I feel like the game was more balanced before Senna and Aphelios
I play a lot of ARAM mode. In this mode, Senna is an unrealistically strong hero, although I know that her NERF, but this is not enough.
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: This game is so frustrating
If you remember the days of the old League of Legends, it was a really balanced game. The tanks were really tanks, no one was afraid of their damage, but you are unlikely to do any damage to them. The riots themselves spoiled everything, it will only get worse, only God knows which heroes they will create in 2020. Riot, I will give you advice, create a hero who will defeat the game with the click of a button. Just click one button and you win. And put the price at 500 dollars. You will save our and your time. Plus, you get rich right away. That sounds crazy, but everything goes exactly to this.
Cazux (EUNE)
: Cant login to my EUW acc since i dont have a riot account
I don’t get it either. It sounds literally like some kind of crazy stuff. My login is a unique name. For what reason do they require me to change it. And they do not allow me to use my unique name, because it is occupied by me, and I have to change my unique name. What nonsense It seems that ur developers are completely incompetent.
: Your problem is your thoughts like this: I try in every game, I never feed the enemy, I almost never have more than 10 deaths. Game doesnt care how many deaths you have. Its all about that nexus bro. Some games are unwinable. Your job is to make sure you win those that are. Accept that some games cannot be won. It is impossible to be hardstuck because of teammates you get. And trust me, I speak from experience. I am a hardstuck gold as well. And I know I suck and need to get better.
In other words, it makes no sense to try to be better in the game. No one will appreciate it except you. It follows that I, too, can play thoughtlessly, die 20 times per game, and if I'm lucky, we will win and they will give me the damned 17LP, and if I lose, they will take 21, and at least it will be fun for me. You're right. In our current conditions, if you are not a smurf, but just a player with gold, you will never see platinum. It turns out there is only one way out. Get away from players like me who are trying. Let them think that they are the smartest, hahahaha, and deserve something. If you do not play 60-70% of victories, you will not grow. Thank you riot. I felt this way about myself when you try to bring something good and behave with dignity, even when your team loses. Now I will be the same jester who will die 20 times because there is no difference. Damn, it’s really easier. Why try in some kind of game, for whom? All exactly all do not care for you. It’s better to have fun and what fun is better than trolling other players who are trying. Oh, and also I forgot to say that I have no problems. I can play the game and win it even with these addicts who die 20 times. I just don’t understand why I should lose more than I get. On an equal footing with the addict who did not seek victory, but simply fooled around. In my opinion, it would be fair if players like me would lose less LP, and those who troll or specifically feed the enemy more. Thus, these players will fall faster to the lowest rating, and players who can play normally will grow. But Riot spat on it, so there are so many trolls and feeders in the game
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: Senna is one of the reasons this game sucks
I think it’s worth writing in NA. All decisions are made there, and people work there who can somehow influence what is happening. Here people work for a salary, and even if they can help, they will not do it, especially when it comes to the balance or abilities of the hero. But what they consume when creating heroes is clearly stronger than cocaine. This is MONEY ! They tasted the taste of money, and now nothing will stop them.
razvan634 (EUW)
: Attempt To Join Queue Failed (EUW)
You can help me, I can't enter the game. https://i.imgur.com/zGGQoAo.jpg[/img]
: [Resolved] [19-12-2019] - Reconnect issues
You can help me, I can't enter the game. https://i.imgur.com/zGGQoAo.jpg[/img]
EBói (EUW)
: Perma-Banned for nothing
If you are telling the truth. In this case, Riot really has problems, although for whom this may be news, they have a lot of problems that they do not want to deal with. Or, your husband is hiding something from you XD
Dręad X (EUW)
: Smurf Problem
The whole problem is that people start a new account due to the fact that they don’t see the point of playing on high ELO. To find one game there, sometimes you have to sit for 40-60 minutes, and this is really painful. One example is TFBlade, he recently got enraged because he sat for 30 minutes and waited for the game, and when he found the game, someone dodged it, and you know what he did? Created a new account, but what else should he do? And the funny thing is that any of us would do the same. Riot needs to somehow motivate people to play on their ELO, so that people do not receive for example: Diamond 4 0LP and go to smurf account, because they are afraid to lose Diamond 4. Also, you need to do something with players from the high ELO Master + so they don’t do smurfing either Maybe you need to complicate the registration of a new account somehow? In Asia, there is almost no problem with this, guess why !?)
Dhaos (EUW)
: Just a message to thank Riot for making this awesome game
In fact, the League is really an interesting game, literally many like it. I still like her, but ... But if you have something to compare with, you can notice how it improved in design, became more beautiful, but alas, this brought a huge number of problems that no one solves, and this is very sad. They have in vain relied on new skins, new heroes, and new events. So you do not deter the players. The quality of the game and the quality of the client, that’s what the player needs. The player must be sure that when starting the game, nothing will happen to him, because of what he will lose, at the moment this is not so
: 9.24 - No grading at end of match.
Just one of the huge number of errors that are put in a box and forgotten. But look at how many new skins and color schemes they added in the new patch. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: Haha, thanks. I obviously got myself into the Lion's den by going against the "complain train" here. _It's nice to get some appreciation around here... ^^_
You didn’t get into the cage with the lions. Just, it's time to open your eyes and do something with this game, this does not mean that you need to add skins and a new unbalanced hero. You can see only the good, and turn a blind eye to the bad. To make the game better, you need to point out errors, only this way and nothing else, developers will be able to quickly fix them. But as practice shows, they just do not care about all this. If I start to describe all the errors, game bugs, all client errors, i won't have enough day. Does this bother you, are you pleased to play with all this? Do you think that players need a lot of fun events, with a bunch of bugs, and a sea of ​​new skins that you need to buy for money. Tournaments in which they will never take part, but can only watch on Twitch or YouTube. Do you think this will make the game better? I do not think so. And note, I'm not saying that this is bad or that the player does not need it. There are more than 140 skins on my main account, but I have long ceased to help Riot financially, since I am not going to pay for such a quality of the game. Yes, what will I tell you. Open any description of the latest patches, and see what Developers fix in the game. This is ridiculous. Almost every patch, they correct only visual display, skins, or the ability of the hero. Is this such a joke? You still have a problem with Hitboxes and heroes who have the Hook ability and everyone should turn a blind eye to this, how are you? And Riot continues to create heroes with Hook skills, insanity of pure water. Or maybe you never got stuck in creeps? They killed me literally more than once, because I couldn’t move, because creeps blocked me, is this also a reason to laugh? Do you want more? The hero disappears, and you do not see him, and they kill you. More... !? You can close your eyes to this if it were literally 1-2 times, but this happens almost every game. You want all players to see only the positive, not the bad. But if everyone sees only the positive, and turn a blind eye to bugs, this game will fly into the trash faster than you have time to blink. If the bosses do not push the developers, this should be done by the players. We have every right to do this, since we pay money for the skins that we earn, and we pay not to get more and more skins, but to make the game better and better, and not worse and worse. . .
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Dhjinn (EUW)
: If you are experiencing that you might aswell quit the game, there are people who are experiencing that for like a month or more now and we got no change, maybe they are working on a fix but i doubt it. Riot games is a capable company to figure out this issue in less than month, but who knows maybe im wrong?
It is more likely that they think about new skins and heroes than about solving a real problem.
Critty92 (EUNE)
: This game already has enough champions, Slow down.
The more new heroes, the more new skins you can draw and sell. This is the only thing that worries Riot. The quality of the game, compared to what it was, fell at times. Recently, my game crashed 5 times in a row. I literally could not do anything, this only happens in the League of Legends. But, it does not interest anyone, it is much more important to add a new hero. I just want to say that I have already deleted this game. I see no reason to create another topic on the forum, as it will simply be ignored. How this topic is ignored. It's time to learn Dota 2
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: You say that as if your actions actually have a weight, but let me reassure you, what you want to do will have absolutely no impact on anyone No player is gonna get banned and no ressources are gonna be wasted by riot, the only person who's gonna lose anything is you wasting your time with false reports The IFS doesn't work the way you seem to think it does, reports have no weight by themselves, reports only matter if they've actually broken the rules
Do you like to seem the smartest? Imagine that my report is affecting something and that this person’s account is blocked? It will be very funny, let them blame it on the developers. XD There is no point in playing this game to win. I will troll and have fun along the way, sending reports to the heroes who, in my opinion, are not balanced, both in my team and in the opposing team.
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: Leave it in as a feature, shaco is annoying anyway xD
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PP Dual (EUW)
: TFT Tournaments starting in 2020
And all this can be called "TFT Stars" {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: Apparently it is an issue with overlays and the league client. Turn off overlays in blitz / discord. https://medium.com/@theblitzapp/official-blitz-app-statement-regarding-fps-issues-e417e91a9409
btw literally just now, I played ARAM and my game just froze, and I had to restart my computer. The only thing that saves me is that I have an SSD
: Apparently it is an issue with overlays and the league client. Turn off overlays in blitz / discord. https://medium.com/@theblitzapp/official-blitz-app-statement-regarding-fps-issues-e417e91a9409
> [{quoted}](name=Lost Loner,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=6NMgN7kd,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-11-24T08:07:33.247+0000) > > So I want to note. I do not use absolutely no programs that can affect at least somehow the game. I just turn on the computer and start the League of Legends, and after a while the game freezes, and this happens at any moment, whether it's a team battle or I’ll just go on the line.
Slìver (EUW)
: So idk if it will help you, but I had the same problem. I updated Windows and my Graphic-card and after that it was playable again
I have no problems, my PC is working properly, in any other game there are no freezes. League of Legends is the only game in which this happens. I always update Windows and video drivers as soon as they come out, and I do not use beta drivers.
: Or even better. Make lobby rooms for playing in high elo. Players able to join and leave lobby room with chat and everyone must agree before game starts. Problem solved. No trolls. No wintraders. Everyone knows each other in high elo.
lol, they’ll never do it, and even if they do, then there will be conditions that are so exact that no one will play there. otherwise, it will just be an ELO transfusion XD In general, do you suggest that solo players play against a team of five? lol {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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