: Loxtos: nice ss %%% Loxtos: %%%% u brand Loxtos: FFS Loxtos: get cancer brand Loxtos: placing zero wards Loxtos: %%%s Loxtos: this whole team is braindead Saying stuff like these then yes, it will get you 14 day banned instantly. You were banned for flaming.
its not fun if people play not to win, as I am experiencing every game. Try to play ranked and climb because in my case its impossible due to people leaving/afking or just straight up trolling. That happens every 3 games atleast. Why is that fine? I play every game to win and not troll 4 of my teammates, if I am not allowed to say anything about that, than maybe just maybe Riot needs to start banning those people.
: I'm actually not surprised you responded like this. >We dont share the fact that we like women. Personal life is a personal life. Because of outdated norms, this is assumed. It's perfectly Ok for a hetero couple to hold hands and walk down the street, but the minute a LGBT+ couple does it, it's considered "shoving it in your face". It's a double standard that happens literally all the time. Almost all love interests on TV are heterosexual, but the minute it's not, it's become "over sharing, personal should be personal". The level of hypocrisy in this argument is.. well very high? >The moment u decide to victimise urself and get special rights and demand me to like you, thats when u lose my respect Victimise? Shall we go over decades of hate crimes committed against the LGBT+ community? There's no special rights. Literally, all was asked for was equal rights. I'd love to hear what special rights I'm entitled to. > As long as im not hurting anyone i aint doing something wrong. Surprisingly, your words can hurt people. Especially if its one that's historically used as a slur towards a certain group. I'd encourage you to use it at your place of work towards your colleagues if you believe otherwise, and let me know what results it yields.
I have gay friends who dont mind it all, in fact they make fun of themselves, just because people here are literally hurt by every word you say, cos they have the feelings of a cow doesnt mean I cant say em?
: We all have lose streaks. I just broke one yesterday. Nothing excuses flame. You need to take time to think before you hit enter. It's only a small amount of self control to not send that message.
Did you even read what i typed he trolled me on purpose thats fine? Its funny that people can troll you on this game every game and never get punished, but if you type the stuff that I did. Its bad... I am done have a good day
: It's less a case of can't "handle" and more a case of "does not wish to put up with".
If your on a 3 lose streak and you killed the blue buff except for 50 health and an 0-7 brand comes walking on steals it and starts laughing. Ya sorry mate, that triggered me hardcore
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