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: What's wrong? Are you suggesting riot should look into the future to see who will afk?
No one afked in that game, I just found it weird to have 2 unrankeds in my promo's at the time. They were unranked and had no rank in season 5, not surprisingly they both fed and had a total of 18 deaths and 5 kills.
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: Why do we need promo games?
Counter Strike: Global offensive has a better ranking system, and I think it would be great in League of Legends too. And because it's SoloQ and you play with randoms the chance of teamwork can be lost and because one teams needs to lose for the other to win, you can get a lose that you individualy didn't deserve but because you still lose, you'll lose ~20LP. Here is the CS:GO Version
Frozen379 (EUNE)
: ***
Well...Rip my skins in the next season Kappa
Ymir (EUW)
: Upcoming Upgrades to Chat Restrictions
Looks like a good update although I find a permanent ban quite extreme in a game where it can get frustrating in ranked especially when your individual performance is better compared to others. And how about the amount an account worth is with skins, do they just get banned from the game and that's it? I do agree with everything above the fourth offense.
: Demotion for inactivity warning???
I couldn't connect to my promo's a month ago and got ranked ban and leaverbust, now I see this when I log in....GG riot
Tabinho (EUW)
: Devourer
I just had a matchup against kayle who nearly never ganked and wrecked lategame which is just stupid. You can just farm jungle the whole time and since counterjungling isn't really a thing now it's just unfair to play against devourer champs. look at this, devourer got added on 8 July.
: (Suggestion) Trading System!
Though I like the idea of a trading system there are a few things I want to know before I vote -People can easily use this system to give champions to their smurfs -CS:GO Trading is about the amount a skin is worth, there is a video about a guy getting a expensive item from a $0,05 skins so I don't know how it'll be in LoL -How would you imagine the trading look like? -The ''Not everyone can add RP'' why would you get a skin you don't like, escpecially if you can't add RP? -This isn't a trading game so why would you add this feature?
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: Anyone think that the new report system till tribunal is down is a bit too much?
At the start of the season I got banned for saying: gg easy lol jk gg wp
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: Platinum is true elo hell next bronze level
Whilst it was hard to read what you posted I do somehow agree but for me it's most of the times I get these kind of players; -DuoQers who only flame when other people make mistakes but praise eachother; -Bad adc/support tilting the other botlaner; -People getting caught then blame at the team because they didn't follow him; And it's just hard to ignore them because they can be really annoying and even lie to the enemy for reports. And also because League of Legends is a teamgame where teamplay is core gameplay to help your team get to victory... ...Unless you watch trick2g and play {{champion:77}} and just snowball the game and splitpush which always happens against me when I'm tilting
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