JustClone (EUNE)
: I will try to get it as simple as I can. Imagine that there are 10 white hats. And you come with some number of black hats. You put all of them with the white hats together, and you randomly draw, and put one on your head. If the black hats were ZERO, then your color will be 100% white. If they are 10 , then the color will be white 50% of the cases. if they are 20, then the color will be white 33% of the cases. The more black hats you bring, the less chance to draw a white hat. The chance to draw a specific white hat is 1 in B1 + W (where B1 and W are black and white hats count). But then you have 9 other people, that have the 1 in B2 + W chance to draw it, if you did not. It is the same with champions. You have 10 rolls to pick free to play champions in the game. And you have MIN: 0 to MAX:10 chance to pick another non-free to play champion in your game, depending on how many people own that champion. Concidering that "reroll" is on the same princple, obaying the same base rule, that chance increases for every free to play champion. Example, you own karthus, noone else owns karthus. Karthus gets rolled once, when you pick a champion. If you do not get him, you reroll twice. So totall 3 rolls for getting karthus. At the same time GAREN is free to play, so he gets rolled 3 times anyway. Everyone else rolls garen. This is 9 more times. And everyone rerolls twice, this is 18 more times. So. Karthus gets 3 chances to be picked, Garen gets 30 chances to be picked. Sure the chances are not equal, because it depends on the number of owned champions. But I am sure you do understand why it is extremely extremely more likely to have GAREN in your games now.
That might be true, but that is not how it works in aram, it should, but its not.. I have 2 accounts with all champs, not once i hvae ever gotten urgot in years.. I get the same champs all the time, and probably 90-100 i never ever get.. Not that random...
WolfX10 (EUNE)
: What you want is for them to make every champion available to everyone on aram. After all people can only get what they have (plus this weeks free characters). This would also deal with the issue of accounts made for aram where people buy the 5-10 best aram characters and get to play them over and over.
Yes if all champs are free to play in that game mode, aram accounts would not exist..
JustClone (EUNE)
: Partner, statistically speaking... The champion in the free rotation are much more likely to be in your games. I can go into details explaining why you see so many garens, if you want... But it will be boring as hell.
I would actually like to here exactly why its always the same 20 picks in aram!!
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