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: Suggestion: People who jump to ranked as soon as they hit level 30
I wish they would make you unable to queue for ranked unless you got like 300 wins atleast (i dont remember how many games it usually takes to get to 30, but you would have to practice even after getting to 30) and have 2 full rune pages (lvl 3 runes). Perhaps have 16 champs in lvl 3 or higher? Idk But it is honestly frustrating to get people on your team that just got placed in silver 5 and have played 10 ranked games this season, while I have played maybe 150 ranked games. It would be better if people that haven't played a lot of ranked got matched with the same people. For example, I once played a game as Wukong, got matched up against a Riven that was really bad. First I thought she was trolling or something, but then I looked on Lolking and saw that this person just got to level 30, and obviously didn't know enough about the game yet.
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Vincit (EUW)
: Boy I sure do love darius {{champion:122}} On topic: I believe they are testing some system which allows teams with an afker to early surrender and lose less LP in the process. I do not know de details or progress but such a system seems like a good idea.
oh yes I do <3 (well, my name is kinda not so serious) ont: Yeah I think it was called "Remake"? That you could vote for remake but only if you had 1 afk and if no one had died yet. It seems good but somtimes its hard to know if someone is going to come back to the game or not if they had disconnected. Sometimes enemies invade and get first blood, and then you can't vote to remake. But I guess it is sure is better than nothing atleast :)
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Vionicesca (EUNE)
: I'm a support main as well and if I rush {{item:2049}} or not highly depends on how much the enemy team is roaming/ganking. Sometimes I just go for {{item:3098}} and boots plus a pink ward and it's enough, sometimes I need sightstone ASAP. That said, there is nothing I hate more than when I give up support to some "premade bot" idiot support who doesn't place a single ward throughout the whole game.
Yeah I know the premades thing, happened me a few days ago in ranked, we had this Morgana/Jinx bot who said "we are gonna carry" - well they fed and I placed more wards than the support as Zyra mid :s
inarii (EUW)
: well it is supposed to be a supports main item, but in normals people either just wanna troll or have some fun >-< if it's in rankeds they are just noobs xD
somtimes in ranked I see Brand/Lux/Annie "support" with full ap items (Zhonyas/Deathcap/Luden's etc) and if they don't stomp us in the early game they are pretty much dead in the lategame since they bought 0 defensive items that actually helps their team (and not only themselves) and no wards so they have no idea where my team is. My old support main is crying when I see these kinds of builds xD And idk how common this is in higher elo but I usually see bronze/silver players do this alot and sometimes even gold and plat players, I dont think they know how to support honestly :p
inarii (EUW)
: hell, u have really low requirements for a support if u consider they should buy a sightstone before 20 mins, i'd never expect them not to have it at the 10 min mark xD
well yeah maybe I exaggerated a bit, 10 minutes is enough xD I always rush it if I can on support and sometimes I see other people play support and not even having sightstone in their full build ._.
: Do not tell supports what to play
The only thing i ever tell supports is to get sightstone because honestly, if you havent gotten sightstone before 20 mins you are doing it wrong. I just cant stand not having vision (I used to be a support main), especially if the enemy team always are missing from lane. But I rarely tell the support what to play, the only time is when someone is going to pick something weird (like Nidalee or Cho gath). But I'd rather have someone play their best support instead of picking something else just because I want them to play that champion.
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Tiffan (EUW)
: I Want to Jungle OR Support!
I am a top/support/adc main but I stopped playing adc in ranked because of supports flaming me, so when i want top lane i usually pick top as first pick and then mid as secondary. Only because I know that if i put support as secondary, I will only get support. I think i got my first pick 1 out of 100+ games with support as secondary. I really hope that they make some changes to this, because I am getting tired of never getting my first role, or being forced to play mid when I don't want to.
Kwany (EUW)
: Ctrl 6 does not work after patch 6.9
saw it too atleast now I wont have to be up against those annoying people who keep spamming it, i rarely use it unless someone dives me and i still survive :D
: Post Your Highest Mastery Champion probably would have more if the mastery system was out when i started with league, now I don't really play Jinx that often anymore, and well I have alot of champs in level 5, so I don't really play only one champ:
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Nice collection. I already envy that Meowcon of your, need to find a opening to get that icon :P
yeah meowcon is really a nice icon, love the skin too. One of the best skins to be released this year :D
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Heeey, share your icon collections ^_^ my collection isnt that big but I like it anyways. I havent played for many years so I dont have many icons from special events. I wish i had the cupcake icon and the Diana Lunar revel icon. My next icon is probably gonna be Project Fiora. But my favourites are Meowcon, Blitz Poro, Arcade Baron, Pool Party Zac, Assassin Icon and the penguin ones. And I wish they would make icons with poros that look like champions :)
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Ohh. the 5v5 icons are pretty then XD
yeah, i like them alot better than the solo ones, i like that its a pentagon in the middle of the crest :) sadly I wasn't in any ranked 5s team last year so i never got one {{champion:32}}
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Umm may I ask how exactly you have the Ranked icon for both Gold and Plat of the last season? xD
the plat one is for soloqueue, and the gold is for ranked 5v5!
Ulriah (EUW)
: Nah I was thinking removing the banning phase entirely, because atm its only purpose is to ban champions that people **think** are OP, hence why bans are so different between high and low elo. For example a couple of months ago high elo bans consisted of Soraka, Gankplank, Kindred, Tahm Kench, Graves, sometimes Zed, etc. Low elo bans are usually something like Katarina, Zed, Fizz, Riven, etc., aka 100% wasted bans, they're just pointless. In competitive gaming bans actually mean something, since teams know each other's playstyle and with 1 single ban they can deny an entire team comp, in Solo/Dynamic Q though bans simply mean ''I don't like playing against that champion so I'm going to ban him''. There's nothing wrong with that (I ban Yasuo all the time because I can't stand him, even though I know he's not OP), but 2 people don't have this luxury atm, and if we were to have 5 bans per team Champion Select would last even longer, with all the queue times and dodges I couldn't be asked to play Draft if I had to endure 10 bans. As for banning ''OP'' champs, yes that's useful, but the truth of the matter is that very rarely there are actual OP champs in the game. Ekko was OP when he was released, Ryze was broken when he got reworked, same goes for Poppy, and tank Ekko was OP recently, other than that there have been a few ''strong'' champs like Darius, Fiora, Jax, Zed before Duskblade, Tahm Kench, Soraka, and a few others, but none of them were actually **broken**, or if they were they have been fixed immediately. So overall there is no point of having these bans. You ban my Zed, ok I'll take Graves mid and still rek you. You ban my Graves too, ok my mate will take Shyvanna and rek all of you. Instead of relying on bans, people should know how to deal with the champions they hate. The same goes for me and my hate of Yasuo.
well i would not say those low elo bans are "100% wasted", because honestly people in low elo do not often know how to play against these champs, and they get 3 kills and then snowball like crazy. Yi for example, is banned almost every game in silver. And if someone picks Yi, most people don't know how to counter him/doesnt pick champs with stuns etc. So ofc bans differ alot from different ranks, but I don't think the bans should be completely removed. Because sure, maybe they banned someone's main, but most of the times you will have some other champs to play instead. I think the interesting part about ranked is that you can't always play the champ you want (like in blind pick) so you will have to learn alot of champs, and learn about matchups.
: yea we talking late game. i agreed with u but like u said cant have it late. thats the issue i try to talk about. as u mention tank suport- not all players choise the tanky supports. like i said easy sulotion is at that the last ward in a upgraded sightsone would be coded to a pink. then u have 3x green for the map and the last press would provide a pink one. no item slots losed. and its all gold efficnet
well i usually play supports like janna/nami and i still build them kinda defensive/tanky. (no full ap here) and i still can go in with sweeper. maybe they should introduce a new support gold item that carries 2 pink wards instead of shield/slow/speed (like the current ones we have)
G0thicB0y (EUW)
yeah i dont get why they changed her, like why must she be so happy in every splash art? they changed frostfire too, she used to look a bit grumpy in the old one but now it's happy... Her classic splash art doesnt look happy so why must the skins be happy? It just looks dumb. I liked this skin because it's not that many people that use it, but now I don't like the splash anymore. Might as well use panda annie all the time now.
: azir global speech
Yeah I have heard it too. It first happend a few days ago and I thought it was just a one time bug, but then I played with Azir's in like 3 more games and they all had global quotes. I don't think it happend before this patch, so it's probably a bug?
: Soloq players & premades , let's have a talk
The only problem I have with premades (especially premade bots) is that they rarely use pings, since they probably use skype... I was playing mid in ranked once, and the enemy botlane was mid all the time, and since I had my wards on CD i could not ward my lane. I asked them to use the missing-ping or help me mid, but then they just started flaming me instead. I also had some premades that team up against you and start blaming you for everything, but this happened only a few times. I do wish ranked queue for solo players ONLY will become available though.
If the enemy has stealth champs like Vayne or Akali I usually use the upgraded sweeper in the teamfight (since they are gonna be close to you). If you play tank support here is no problem to go first in fights with the sweeper, and you teammates are gonna see the Vayne, Akali, Shaco, etc... But it would be nice to have an 8th slot for pinks, since you can't buy them when you are full build. And I like to have a pink on the map all the time.
Maluber (EUW)
: Champion mastery rank 6 reward idea
It would be nice if you got a banner to use on your summoner profile when you get 100k mastery points (like the ones you can get with DJ sona, SG udyr and PF ezreal)
: I noticed as well and it has been bugging me a lot since Arcade Hecarim is my favorite skin. That rainbow on his E was just fascinating. No way would Riot remove it. I hope they notice because it's been months and still it hasn't been fixed.{{champion:120}}
Yeah, it's really weird that it hasn't got changed yet. I also discovered that Dark candy Fiddle's ultimate looks like the Surprise Party Fiddle ultimate...maybe there has been a bug with some skins? I don't own the fiddle skin myself so I can't confirm anything, but I looked at SkinSpotlights on YT and the ultimate looks different in the Dark Candy skin.
: Can Riot tell me when do i get next gold quality players in my team????
well I can't really agree since I have never been gold...but I got placed in B3, climb up to S4 (but got demoted to S5 yesterday) and I am kind of experiencing the same thing. Tbh it felt like people played better in B2 than in S4... I have gotten many feeders recently in my ranked games, I usually get a few kills in my lane but then some other lane starts going like 1/9... And at this point I can't even do anything. (I do agree that I have had some really bad games myself, but most of my losses I have had a neutral KDA). This made me people get boosted to silver 4 or what the heck is going on. It is impossible to climb when this happens like 4 out of 5 games
: "Tencent has NO influence in Riot at all!" - Mm. Yeah. Totally.
Some of them are good (Caitlyn's new arts, Lee Sin and Irelia) but some of them just look too much anime-ish. (like Wicked LB, come on...) Also I don't get why they changed Karthus classic art?
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: Which champ would you date, and why? :D
{{champion:122}} or {{champion:91}} {{champion:98}} (because his voice is so calming lol)
: Jinx bug
this has happened to me too, on ezreal and I always thought it was my mouse that bugged out...but it is frustrating if the enemy is really low...
Unspec (EUW)
: This has happened to me, and I have managed to screencap some of the weirdness - in my case when I tried to select a mastery page it would select a different one instead, and there were duplicates of other pages. Very odd. Submitting my own bug post in a little while, if you have the time try to find it and bump it up if you would!
It is quite a big issue, and I haven't heard of anyone else except of me having this problem until now. Feels good to know that I am not alone! But Riot should look into this issue, because of masteries being so important right now and it can really mess up if you get the wrong one (let me tell you, thunderlord's Janna is not so op...) I'll make sure to check out your post! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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: on 3v3 there are more combinations. 3 bans each are really not enough :( but having 5 bans (1 each player) i think it would open to new strategic ideas and compos... (hey lets ban all the adcs, forxample)
> [{quoted}](name=Evelynn AI Intro,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=XivxdbgB,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2016-02-11T07:45:22.792+0000) > > on 3v3 there are more combinations. 3 bans each are really not enough :( > > but having 5 bans (1 each player) i think it would open to new strategic ideas and compos... > > (hey lets ban all the adcs, forxample) Maybe they could limit it to only 2/3 bans per champion class (for each team) if there were 5 bans per that you can't ban all the marksmen/supports/tanks
: So many champions, unbalanced and so low amount of bans
I think it should be 5 bans per team, too many strong champions atm. And in 3v3 there are 3 bans per team but only 3 players per team, so why not 5 bans on 5v5?


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