: Level 1-30 my experience.
So I just hit level 30 myself and I thought I'd chip in. I had another account a while ago which I got to Bronze 1, so I had a bit of previous experience but I'm not a particularly good player imho. I honestly don't know whether I got matched with smurfs or not but once I hit level 29 (or patch 9.4 arrived idk which caused this) I got matched in games where 8/10 players have accounts level 100+ even 200+. So, unsurprisingly, I can't beat these guys who probably have years of experience playing League and it's pretty damn demoralizing when I'm trying my best to improve only to be outlaned every game which usually ends with my team losing. I guess I'm just ranting out of frustration but I can't help but feel the matchmaking system recently has gone wrong, at least at around my level.

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