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: Ever heard about when Blitzcrank became a cop? He got fired after capturing his first suspect. He let him off the "hook"! {{champion:53}}
he also used to date Katarina... but then he knocked her up....
jmmc09 (EUW)
: Looking for Positive people who want to climb the ranks
Support main here Climbed from B1 to currently S2 now, I hate flamers and ff'ers :) I have a good supp pool and polite ingame
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 23
{{champion:27}} needs a "counter" to the endless CC most champions offer these past few months, he got nothing but a small slow him and throw himself, and they are not usuable if he is CC'ed himself, making him highly unplayable since a few patch's ago {{champion:113}} took a beating with her latest nerf-bat's... either some better armor/mr scaling or ap/ad to be relevant once again {{champion:74}} has been forgotten and needs some love in form of better scaling (ap) or a rework/adjustment in kit
: Looking for players to play with
S3 support here, add me if u want a non toxic and FF'ing player on your team :)
: Looking for a duo Q RIGHT NOW!
add me ingame, im currently S3 but if your on the climb, it might be worth a shot, however I don't have comms as of now, but i'm good with pings and chat im none toxic and above 23yo and usually play evenings/weekend, feel free to check my skills at IGN: Luskebuks
: That you use the word guy makes it sound like you are a girl? Most guys would have put down ''someone''
Should that impact somehow if you want to duo with Nayula or ? ;) to OP: S3 main support her, add if u want a none flammable reliable player on your team ingame :)
: Searching like-minded partners for ranked (Silver IV-Gold IV)
IGN: Luskebuks (EU West) Main Role: Support, Jungle, Top Support pool: Nautilus, Leona, Morgana, Braum, Blitzcrank, Janna. Working on: Alistair Jungle pool: Amumu and Udyr Top pool: Nasus and Singed Fill: nothing else feels comfortable in ranked for me, xcept the rare anivia mid or jinx adc Current division: Silver III Time schedule (GMT+1)? Weekdays: Evenings (Live in Denmark) Weekends: Whenever if by the PC. Access to voice communication? Not currently, but can install Bandwidth good/stable Playstyle: poke/harash until final engage = aggressive, very communicative via pings/chat, friendly and I have a dislike for flamers/ff'ers
: 3 weeks and Gold Thank you all!
good on you m8 you did !! to others: he's good to play with :) looking forward to our next match together
: Looking for support
add me, currently only S3 but been climbing good, started B1 some games ago
: Nasus is freelo.
i actually like playing nasus my biggest issue.... my own team not being able to hold their lane and/or not understanding that most teamfights will be 4vs5 and they therefore shouldn't engage all the time, every time...


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