: So they should reset ranks because you lost three games....?
they should reset it cause the new system makes u loose. im not the only one
MicroBr3w (EUW)
: Working on Normal Draft Pick right now. Should be up in 5-10 mins
They should re reset season. the new que system fucked up my first game and second game I tried the old one and people were like this aint ranked better troll.
: I've heard that's because otherwise it'd be too easy to advance in tiers. This way you'd have to win more and lose less. Quite smart, right? So it's not bugged. One thing what I'm not sure of.. that the more LP you get, the more LP you lose from losing.
Yeah but its just retarted this way. it makes absolutely no sense I get punished for having trolls leavers and afkers the way I it makes me no longer want to play this game. just dropped back to platin V for having 4 games in a row someone offline or "I main ADC" and go 0/10 lucian and say wow lucian aint that good.
: Plat support LF ADC for duo and Serious 5vs5 team
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: Plat support LF ADC for duo and Serious 5vs5 team
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: Sounds great. Gotta check this out. ^^ (Btw, you posted this several times) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Thanks we really need the communitys support! <3
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Sawy (EUW)
: Just got banned for 2 pplz going afk.
Thats nothing got banned for playing at 3am with peoples leaving,feeding,raging and trolling. 45normal draft wins here i come.. -.- geesus rito.

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