Fajerk (EUW)
: Srsly Riot should stop banning people. They do not ban those who deserve it anyway and bans that they eventually give are literally just trolling players.
I might have flamed someone, but I don't remember and I know I definitely got reported for this match with Malphite because he was being quite toxic. If I'm really at fault here I just want a log of proof.
: Appeal the ban. The system picks up the word fa­g and bans you for it. From These logs it shouldn't be a 14 day ban if you haven't had a ban before. I also don't see the other parts of your logs, as well as I don't know if you have been punished before. Send a support ticket, you might get lucky.
I've had a 14 day ban a year and more ago and this is a 14 day ban, but I'm asking any rioters available if this is because of some matches I forgot. I remember one guy got a basically empty chat log but he got banned for another match. I've been trying hard ever since my first ban to not flame and I think i've improved so it would be sad if this ban is serious. I'll admit myself toxic if they show me other match chat logs, but I wanna be sure that this isn't simply because I said "%%%" as reference to what malphite said to me. Also this is the full log, just barely fits into the whole frame. I dunno if rioters come here so should I really try appealing ?
Arnoter (EUW)
: Have you been banned? Yes? Why are you still questioning it?
I'm questioning whether the AI of riot banned me simply because I used a word someone else used against me as reference.
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Loonsta (EUW)
: they fuccked up so now they just dropping people crazy amounts (Gold to bronze ect) so you have to crawl from the bottom like always.
i don't understand why do high mmr people get dropped in low ranks while i got dropped in plat 3 which is average, of course now i got buttf***** by the extra placement match. Why would the system put you in a different mmr than you already are. I know that how many wins you get in placements should mean the most, but how does a plat 5 guy get placed in silver 3 with 8 wins. I got placed silver 3 after i got 8 losses at the start of s6 and i was gold 2 or 1 s5. Like i literally got the same shit except this time i had a better mmr and more wins
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