Cienight (EUW)
: gotta love smurfs, they win and they trash talk to you for being *bad* while you are in your elo!
Well I just played a normal game vs a diamond player, I'm low plat. I was playing support and we won bot, no flaming, just some light banter, then randomly out of the blue he brings rank into it and starts ripping p*ss out of me because I took a while to climb from Gold to Plat. Completely uncalled for and unnecessary. Got the strong vibe he was salty because he was getting pounded by folk lower on the elo ladder than him but we genuinely hadn't said a word about how the game was going. And I know matchmaking is busted, but what exactly does that imply if he's getting matched with us?
: has evelynn gone too far
Majority of folk playing this game are male, so they're trying to appeal to their fanbase. I don't necessarily agree with it but you look at other champs like Ahri, a complete c*cktease, or Mf; with tits the size of watermelons, it's been around for ages, they're just pushing the boundaries of what they can get away with. And let's be honest, yes there's kids playing this game but legit anyone can access porn easily so it's probably not anything new to them.
Player 00 (EUW)
: You know what I did when I was at that point ? I was an ADC main and I felt like I was losing my joy for the game. But I simply started playing mid lane and picked up a few champions I haven't played before and I am now having a blast again. Try it :D
I actually agree with this guy :D I'm a mid main but got tilted hard and then started playing loads of support. Enjoying the game again and playing old champs I haven't played in ages. Just mix it up man, sounds stupid but it does genuinely work.
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: Season 9 LUL
I've played for years and I agree this season is garbage. Tanks feel completely useless and just get shredded in a couple of seconds in a teamfight, even notorious fat b*stards like Mundo. Top lane is now all about "can you wipe their backline out" rather than being the frontline. Champions like Akali and Irelia seem to be perma-banned/picked and pretty much always stomp the game out. Riot reworked Nidalee because her gameplay was crap to play vs, spear flies out of a wall and takes 90% of your health. Zoe's kit encourages you to throw bubbles out of walls and fog, then just blow a champ to f*ck with a single combo. Yuumi is just Soraka and Janna combined and made untargettable. I would rather face two champions than one with Yuumi on them. The community of the game has always been horrendous but if possible it seems to have outdone itself and become even worse. Can scarcely get a single game without the game disintegrating into petty squabbles, mid flaming the jungler for not sitting mid when he's 0/4. Ad flaming the support, top flaming mid because the enemy mid is roaming. Or the enemy team are just being generic d*cks in all-chat. I've taken a break from ranked because I genuinely was so sick of it, I want to try and get better and climb, but half the time folk would rather just flame the crap out of their team and spam for the 15 minute ff.
: Wukong's current state.
I used to love playing him jungle as a bruiser but there's just better picks, I very rarely see him played anywhere now. I find him irritating to deal with if I'm ad because he has the strategy of "fly out of stealth and blow you the f*ck up". His ult still is a solid teamfight ability but because folk tend to go full damage on him so he just gets gibbed in half a second. As I said I used to have a lot of fun playing him, 60k's worth. But he just feels weak. I feel you man.
: just realised how shitty the passes are
I got the pass as I loved the Zed and Warwick chromas and was willing to pay a stupid amount for them because I'm a mongo. But see all the other skins I've gotten from the Orbs bought with Project tokens is brilliant man. I've gotten Dragon Trainer Tristana, Mythic Cass, Bane Singed, Blood Moon Diana, Scarlet Poppy, Infernal Zyra, two emotes, two ward skins, the list goes on man. It is a bit pricey, but if you're playing a couple of games a day it's definitely worth it :)
: Season 9 ruined EUW too
I've taken a break from ranked because I'm genuinely so sick of it man. Started maining jungle again and legit I had every lane lose completely alone in the first 5 minutes and start blaming me for not ganking. Top died twice in a minute, bot got double killed at level 2. Mid solo killed three times. Then my ad just starts running about the jungle taking camps. It's unbelievable man, I climbed to Plat a few years ago, but at the moment I'm just constantly jumping between Gold 1 and 2. But yeah people genuinely don't seem to give a crap in ranked anymore. I downloaded an app that lets me see player's experience on champs in the loading screen, and the amount of times I get someone that has played 1-2 games on that champ and has decided to take it to ranked is unreal. I had a bot a few days ago that admitted he was first time Jhin and third time Pyke. Obviously I didn't even bother going bot all game and they couldn't understand why. Ranked is a sh*theap at the moment.
: I want to play Maokai, but I cannot. Not viable champion. Totally useless...
Tanks are just pretty crap in the current meta. It seems to be all about "can your top laner wipe the backline", as opposed to sitting on the frontline and absorbing damage and cooldowns. I used to love playing Maokai as well, he was a solid pick. But with everyone being able to shred tanks they're not as useful as they used to be.
jacktjong (EUW)
: Poppy has been doing pretty well actually, but that's because she counters certain champs like Irelia, Aatrox, Camille, Jax, basically anything that relies on a dash gapcloser. But she's not strong against those champs, she just goes even with them, so your point does still kinda stand.
Poppy is one of my main top champs. She does do well in laning vs these champs. But after they've got like Deaths Dance or Spear of Shojin it's over for her. Either they shred her armour, deal true damage, or out sustain her in duels. I'm not a top main, but this is just my personal experience when I come up vs these champs.
: Most champions eat adcs alive... it’s got nothing to do with tanks it’s just how easy adcs are to kill, they don’t take much damage to kill them. Even supports can kill them, only reason you don’t see enchanters killing adcs much is that they are just as squishy and adcs out damage them, besides enchanters everyone else can easily kill an adc.
I'm guessing you're meaning mages but yeah I agree. Most of them are dead squishy, so if you mess up and miss a couple of skillshots you can get solo killed by an ad if they turn on you.
: The magic of the game has worn off for you. Now you're like the old dude who goes "In my age everything was better" Not to say the game isn't in a bad state, but im pretty sure that new players dont see it that way
I've played this game for about 5+ years and this is by far the worst state ranked has ever been in. The game's community has always been absolutely horrendous but it is simply unbelievable right now. Afks are rampant and flaming/blaming just seems to be the normal way folk "communicate".
: So i just had a guy holding my lobby hostage.
I had this a couple of weeks ago. Two folk who had played a game together before and were threatening to troll unless someone dodged because they were gonna just int each other. The best thing to do is to screenshot the lobby and submit a ticket.
: champion select dodge flames!
Just screenshot it and send a ticket to Riot. I was pretty much held hostage in a lobby about two weeks ago because my top and jung were saying they were going to troll unless someone dodged because they didn't want to play with each other.
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The gasmask one is pretty decent no? I don't play the champ but I would consider it JUST for that skin.
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Dewritoes (EUW)
: Lemme translate this for ease of readability: "I'm a veteran player so my opinion is the only one that counts, rito bad, client bad, TFT bad (agreed), never had this many bugs before, just revert the whole patch!!!!!!!! my dad beats me every day"
"My dad beats me every day" I CAN'T BREATH hahahahaha. To be fair the client has always been less than amazing, however I don't know if it's just me but it SEEMS better after they fixed all the problems from the disaster patch.
: Negative attitude around Builds.
Everyone has an opinion man, and they all think they're right.nce her I used to catch so much flame because I'd go tanky af on Vi, but it worked extremely well for me, so I just patched them off. If it works for you just ignore them, it's really not worth getting hung up on. I had a 0/7 Darkin Kayn a few games ago start complaining about my build after I suggested he tanked up as opposed to going full damage, which was what he was doing.... Then by the end of the game I had done the most damage out of all players in it, funnily enough he left the end-game lobby extremely quickly. I very rarely comment on anyone's build, I like to think that if it's ranked then they know what they're doing, and if it's normals I'm really not caring since it's normals. The only time I would make suggestions would be if your jungler/top is just dying constantly and playing something that can go tanky (Lee/Gragas/Hecarim etc). But that's normally just met with a storm of abuse since most folk cannot accept that they're playing badly and if they're 0/5 with Lee in the first 15 minutes that they're not going to carry.
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strzelam se (EUNE)
: Who's the best mastered champion in the game?
Yeah assassin picks are quite meta at the moment and bruisers are quite prevalent, both tend to dumpster on Sol a bit. Whereas Ekko is extremely slippery and difficult to pin down and kill, even with abilities like a Vi's Assault and Battery or Naut's Seismic Charge. Plus his burst is pretty nutty and you just disintegrate squishies.
Ëxemplar (EUW)
: Karthus High Elo Viable?
He is viable but from the Karthus's I've played vs at gold they normally die a lot because they overextend or misposition and since the champion has no mobility he dies easily, but he does tend to take someone down with him. He gets dumpstered on in laning quite a bit as well. Assassins have a field day with him. I've seen him do well late-game when his ult like blows up an adc but it takes a long time to get there and getting to late-game is no guarantee.
: What's your opinion on Master Yi?
I perma ban him, it's either him or Jax and whilst Jax is harder to kill he's easier to lockdown. He always inevitably runs rampant in a teamfight and since his q makes him untargettable and he can potentially cast it 3-4 times in a fight he's a f*cking nuisance. If he falls behind he's weak but if his team wins a teamfight he normally picks up the kills and all of a sudden he's back in the game. I truly despise playing against him, the game feels so boring and pointless because some champions just feels useless vs him. Plus bursting him is difficult for some assassins since he can just press w and take pretty significantly reduced damage. He completely rolls some bot lane comps and if you don't have any hard cc for him he just has a field day.
: How low can people go in bot games?
I'm not trying to belittle you man, but you seem surprised that the people on this community won't always find something to complain about. I've been playing this game for years and nothing changes. People always find a reason to blame their teammates for losing games or feeding. It's never "I got outplayed" or "I missplayed" it's always "Jung wtf are you doing mid come bot it's so free", after they get 2v2'd at level 3. I've had similar games to what you had with the Kog; I get cheese ganked mid at level 2 and die and the team begins with the flame. But then come level 12 when I've destroyed their midlaner and murdered their jungler multiple times, have huge control over mid and have to force them to send two to stop my push.... the flame is nowhere to be seen, people are just happy to shut their mouths and get carried.
: Lost LP because my internet crashed for 3-4 minutes?
I made a post about pretty much this exact thing a wee while back, I had been out of the game for about 10 months but seemingly if you're away for longer then a few minutes that's what happens now. It's an absolute crock of sh*te. Especially if you're already winning a game, you get some sort of problem that is BEYOND YOUR CONTROL but you come back as soon as you can and carry on, but you still lose lp at the end, it kind of makes coming back feel slightly worthless. I know it's a team game and your teammates don't deserve to lose lp because you've had a net problem but it's still so frustrating. I feel you man </3
neropa (EUNE)
: It was fun to do. I hope you get a good grade out of that! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
saltran (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Laatikkomafia,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=nqYRhMwg,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-08-31T08:44:46.609+0000) > > Yet it would fine if ADCs would be able to &quot;oneshot people with one auto attack after missing all of their abilities&quot;? You dont know what adcs does or what?
Adcs don't get to that stage until massively late into the game, whereas assassins hit a power spike far far earlier since they're all casters.
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: QSS and zed
Zed's 1v1 is very good but his teamfighting is pretty crap if your team actually focusses him. He dies easily since he doesn't build any durability, his ult procs after like 3 seconds so if your support is, let's say Janna or Lulu (Lulu completely shuts down Zed by the way) they can drop a shield on you, a delayed heal like Redemption, Exhaust him, pop locket and then ult you. The amount of shields in the game and how strong they are at the moment is unreal. I main Zed and trying to kill an adc in a teamfight if their team actually plays to keep them alive is insanely difficult.
: Champions flying under the Radar for being broken
Talon is borderline broken I'll give you that one, I've got like 100k on him and I love him but he is insanely strong. Jhin is annoying and a common pick but that's because stormrazor and the new crit is really daft on him since he pretty much always crits and can kite easily. Twitch is very strong late-game in teamfights but prior to that he is very very weak. If I see Twitch in the jungle and I'm mid I'll invade him at every buff and murder him. Diana used to be a lot stronger but now she's just easily shutdown and doesn't fair very well against most other assassin mids apart from maybe Katarina and if she goes full damage she just gets annihilated in teamfights because she has no escape unlike most other assassins. I've seen maybe three Aurelions in the past month and only one of them has done well, the rest of them were horrendous and just a free kill, I really don't see what's broken in his kit though? Anivia has always been a bit stupid I'll give you that, just stack health and mana and your base damage is pretty high, I just hate her passive. I play a lot of assassins mid and it's just so frustrating because I can never kill her.
: Well the afk system sucks a bit .If you leave a game for 2-5 mins i think you get auto-leavebuster regardless if recconected and tried to win . I think riot should change it a bit.I mean if i go afk for 5 mins because of an emergency (i deserve to lose yes without a doubt) i think it's up to my teammates to decide if i deserve to get this punishment or not .**Right now it's pointless to recconect .** If i have to restart my router it takes 3 -5 mins enough to get leavebuster but not enough always to lose the game due to that.I will not recconect because i know regardless if i win or not if my teamates reported me or no it will count as a loss. I think it's 5 minutes but not sure i think it can be less than 5 mins.
I was beyond frustrated, we were winning hard before I dc'd, came back and we won like 5-10 minutes later. Get to the end and I LOSE lp because I dc'd for all of like 5 minutes. It is a bit irritating.
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Matrid (EUW)
: Are you with virgin media by any chance? Me and a friend are having the same issue, also with the webpage, whereas another is not.
Yeah I am actually, I got back in after like 5 minutes. We won the game but because of "Afk or leaving behaviour" I LOSE 19 lp for it, what the %%%% is that -.-
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: I became way to toxic.
Learning new champions and mucking about in normals always cheers me up. If I'm seriously tilted I just play Gragas and fling the enemy about with my ultimate and have a laugh, it's good for untilting and just having fun :)
: True jhin needs nerf. He is becoming more and more popular and this is because he is OP. I never used to play Jhin but I started too because he is too damn strong. Jhin can be very impactfull in team fights even with a 3/10 score. His win rate is not too high yet because his popularity is increasing. Idk wtf they wait and don't nerf jhin yet. At some point his popularity will stabilize and his win rate will go through the roof. Not to mention lane duos Morgana+Jhin abusive relationship. Morgana E - Jhin almost guaranteed snare - Jhin Auto - Morgana guaranteed snare - Jhin Q -Jhin auto: enemy adc dead
I've always found Jhin to be popular because he's one of those champions that even if he's massively behind he can sort of contribute to the team, he has his crappy traps, his extreme range root, and his ultimate. Even if you're like 0/5 you can still use these abilities from far beyond teamfights and any counterplay. Unless they have a high-mobility assassin that's gonna dive all the way back to and get you you tend to be safe. Plus his ult is amazing for picking people off and slowing them down if they're out of position.
: Elctrocute broken!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mind when Thunderlords came out and it was League of thunderlords? It's starting to get like that now with conqueror, and that's a rune for bruisers and it gives them TRUE damage, electrocute is some extra burst but it's just normal damage. I think true damage is a bit worse than that.
: Quinn's Face is really starting to piss me off
I don't play top a lot but I do feel it's for melee champions only and anyone playing a ranged champ top should have their gonads eaten by a vulture. Kind of kills the fun of top lane and just turns it into "hug the tower until I can blow this %%%%% to %%%%" Poppy does well vs her after first back, smash her into a wall and pop w and that %%%%% ain't going NOWHERE :)
ChocoParis (EUNE)
: Everyone has bad series of games. It happens to everyone. Also the meta is like the lane is decided at the first 5 min then the best you can do is just try to passive farm.
Yeah I love playing mid lane but I just have to safe insanely hard at level 1-2 because it ALWAYS happens and the enemy jungler always blows flash to try and kill me even if it's not guaranteed JUST so he can %%%% my lane up. It's so goddamn tedious.
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: I've decided to give ekko a shot thanks. Btw does ekko win lane hard? How's his Laning phase.
His level 2-3 he has pretty high burst. I play a lot of Zed and Talon and even on those champs I'm wary of his early game, he does a lot of damage and his passive means he can run away from your counter attacks. Also after 6 he can just throw himself at you over and over again if you're playing a champ that can't lock him down.
: Enduring Sword
I agree, I use his Renegade skin just because it's sort of badass and rogue, like you'd expect an assassin to be. He does genuinely look like the protagonist out of a goddamn anime or something, really kills his character. Especially when you hear his quotes, they're all pretty grim and savage, I really can't see the skin being a big seller.
: Did i get randomly worse at my champion and in lane??
Yeah nah I'm a Zed main with 400k mp so I'm reasonably okay at him. But I've been losing horrendously bad quite a bit on him recently and have just fallen insanely through the ranks, I've stopped using him for now and just been playing different stuff that's not on such a high skill cap if I go mid. Learning a new champion for your role is pretty refreshing, I spammed Ahri for quite a bit and she's kinda similar to Zed with her high burst, mobility, and strong roaming and assassination potential. Plus she is a lot of fun, even though I never really thought I would like her. I also found that playing a different role was quite helpful. Support is quite fun and you have a decent impact on the game, the pressure is sort of off you to do all the massive damage, which I find quite a relief sometimes to be honest, and you just have to set your team up. It has it's ups and downs if your teammates aren't having their best games but you tend to be around all the action. Plus if you're an adc main then you'll sort of know pretty well how to keep your ad from dying. Every time I've gone back to Zed I've just been losing matchups I know I should win if I'm playing on point but I'm really not at the moment so I would maybe suggest staying off Jhin for a week or so. It's crap not playing your main I know but it will help get you out of the rut. Hope this helps :)
: > [{quoted}](name=Killerking end,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Q9FmqkGi,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-08-07T22:00:13.377+0000) > > Dunno which elo you are but higher the elo are less flamers. > But i feel you. As a jungle main I also get flamed while me hole team is loosing. Most of the time they are angry on themself because they play bad. It is very important not to get affected by the flame and keep a calm mind :) Disagree. My experience in Plat and Gold were the worst in League. In Gold a game without a flame is the exception ( i shit you not). Might be different in die but then, probably less than 1% of the player base is above plat so i wouldn't use that rank as the high elo example. Kinda wish me back to silver. At least people didn't shittalk each other with "silvernoob" and "bronzenoob" is not enough of an insult these days anymore so it's rarely being used.
I've been playing ranked for the past week after like a years break and I can confirm that. I decayed to gold and it's just a goddamn nightmare, there's always a flaming top who whines because he gets camped... even if the rest of the team is stomping the map. Or bot lane is a duo and are just flaming everyone for not camping them because they're getting stomped. Some games the rest of the team just understands that they're a whining %%%%% and just babysit them... then verbally rip them a new one in the post game lobby, but most of the time if they're not playing well themselves it just devolves into a blame game.
: Easy tank supp for gold+ ?
I climbed gold with Taric quite a bit, his ult is ridiculous. Completely breaks teamfights.
Saibbo (EUW)
: >im sick of this riot. if u want bronze and sivler players to level up by playing good then at meast give the a fcking chance to do so. what it has to do Riot with that? It's the player them self that are doing this, people that complain like this are very annoying :)
I am in plat and I am having the same problem. I have been in promos about 6 times the past week and I stomp my way up to them and then when I finally get into promos I have a lane or two that is just pretty much inting, and the game devolves into me being the only threat on our team and so I just get focussed down and blown up every fight.
grabbuu (EUW)
: Ez top champs to play as secondary role
I play very little top but I have quite a bit of experience on Shen and he's a pretty solid pick, fairs fine against most matchups apart from like Darius and Gnar. Has a surprising amount of damage and decent mobility for a top laner, plus he has global presence with his ult. But Malphite is ALWAYS a solid pick in any teamcomp, as is Maokai. They're both fairly simple champs to learn but they have a lot of potential to have a massive impact in teamfights.
elin990 (EUW)
: Is leblanc OP?
Good leblancs are a nightmare, a decent leblanc is still a nuisance but she's just so damn slippery + has very good roam, mobility and burst. if she gets rolling on kills she's a monster, if she falls behind she's still a threat but more of a nuisance. Malzahar is quite good against her I think.
: The ONLY thing you need to do to make people play Mordekaiser.
Pizza feet I am god damn buckled hahahaha :D
kiwishrew (EUW)
: Since you seem to know about playing Talon and Zed, who do you feel counters those champions best in the midlane?
Woops didn't see this my bad :p Hmmm, I find Fizz to be pretty annoying vs Zed but that's if it's a good fizz, mainly because he can E my shadow combo and then land on me and force a fight when my main damage spells are on cooldown, if I ult him he'll just drop his ult behind him where he knows I'll spawn and destroy me. Leblanc is another skill matchup, since her ability to juke and mobility is on a similar level to Zed's, but that is, as I said, a skill match up. Otherwise Lissandra is quite a cockblock, Kayle isn't much of a problem despite what people say about her being a hard counter to Zed. With the introduction of lethality I can just beat the Kayle down with my abilities until she's forced to ult and then I ult her and kill her, and that tends to apply for both T and Z. Lissandra is annoying mainly because she can ult me or herself everytime I ult AND heal herself. Plus Lissandra's build tends to have a Rod of Ages and a Liandry's, plus an inevitable zhonya's so she's quite a bit more durable than something like a Xerath or Ahri who's only going to build a Zhonya's for some defensive items. Ryze is annoying as hell if I'm playing Talon, since his bind has a longer range than my Q and his damage is a lot higher than even a double rake. But playing Ryze vs Zed is pretty suicidal if the Zed knows what he's doing. Ahri doesn't do well vs either of them to be honest, I've first blooded more Ahri's than I can count playing Talon and Zed, half of the time when they're getting a gank and underestimate my damage. I very rarely lose to Ahri on Zed, unless she just spams her q at me and harasses me down, and since she doesn't build a lot of durability I normally murder her. Vladimir is also a giant pain in the arse, his q is a point and click ability that sustains him in lane, even if I harass him constantly with Shurikens or Rakes he just lifesteals it back in the next twenty seconds. If I ult him he can pool and juke my burst if he plays it well. Plus like Lissandra he builds a mixture of Health and Ability Power, making him tankier than most mids and capable of sustaining himself easily in lane. When I'm playing against Vlad with Zed or Talon I either all in him or I don't bother trying to harass him since it's just a waste of mana or energy. Apologies for the slow reply but if you're wanting any other advice on the matchups feel free to drop another post, I have a lot of experience on the Zed ones and am getting to know the Talon ones.
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