: Did fair matchmaking die in Season 8?
My problem with the matchmaking right now is that I either get a 20+ games win or loose streak. You can't call that "balanced" anymore. It is neither fun to win 20 or more games in a row, because you know you'll loose the next games nor is it fun to lose 20 games. Worst of all was one 40 games losing streak. This can't be calles fair matchmaking this is madness (pun intended)! But seriously it feels like they destroyed something with the balancing in S8, i don't remember this extreme streaks in S7...
Archekeon (EUW)
: Swain FPS
I got a complete freeze for 1 second or more after he casted an abillity. This was quite fun, as i just walked into the enemy and they killed me... {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
DilMin (EUW)
: i cant match make
My Current issues are: - can't create a (working) lobby - stuck in party lobby / can't create a new one - can't accept a game - tons of error messages on accepting a lobby invite / game - you can't login a champion after 3 seconds remaining - if somone dodges a game you are stuck in the party lobby for 1min+ - can't login - stuck in authenticating It took me 20 minutes to actually start one game!
Keynor (EUW)
: 7.23 Guardian Angel does not work.
Worst of all is that if you ping it to an ally they will see that your GA is up (or will be up in a few secounds)... but actually it isn't. If you like baiting your enemy by getting GA up in the right moment than this can cost you the game. This has happend (with more or less serious issues) a few times in my games now.
: i'm at a loss for words
http://s2.quickmeme.com/img/53/53e528c745c06a927c306060340b60f17c989cd6c7a2f4a546ab577da5c322bc.jpg I mean there is ezreal support and zyra and brand and... It's about winning the game not about playing as meta as possible.
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Rismosch (EUW)
: You get more BE than in the old system. Only if you play more than 8 games per day the value of gained BE is lower than in the old system.
I'm one of those unlucky souls who can play multiple games a day, but not on daily basis, more like 1-3 times a week. So if I play 10 games at one day but then my next game is one week after that I'll get a lot less IP/BE than before. It would be great if the fwotd could stack (they could call it return bonus or whatever and give something like bonus exp for half of the days you haven't played league in games, like 6 days not palyed = 3 bonus exp games.)
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: Will be a bundle with ChatRestrictionProtectionBoost and DoubleReportValueBoost during the "celebrarion of 1.000.000st permaban" event. Will be avaibled in shop until after the flamer pride parade in Boston
I'm still waiting for the "Nice and Good Teammates Pack", but I think I couldn't afford that :-(
: Presenting the EU Boards Discord!
Wasn't there already a Discord Server? déjà vu... Lyroit#9367
Riryz (EUW)
: maybe because high rank players want to play more than a single 20 minute game/day? you do know that not a lot of people have much time to play right? imagine that every single time you want to play you have to wait ca.25 minutes (not even counting dodges but purely Q time) to get into a game which has a high chance of ending at 20 minutes. also, its not as if riot can prove youre smurfing anyways. what are they gonna catch you with? having multiple accounts on 1 IP? impossible because people live with their parents and siblings, roomates, family, internet cafe's, etc. so if then they would only be able to have 1 account per IP which means not everyone can play the game and promotes account sharing which is against the rules, unlike smurfing. riot doesnt encourage it but they also dont forbid smurfing because of the reason above. thats only the reason why they wont be banned. im not going into details about your arguments about why its bad since my reason (well not MY reason but you know what i mean) already outweights the "problems" smurfing causes.
I'm not really against smurfing ... but why aren't they playing other queues with a smaller waiting duration if their queue time is too high...? - If they want to have a fun game they could play normals - If they want to play some serious games they could play flex / 3v3 etc. - And if they only want to play soloQ... they'll end up in a loop, as they would rank up with their smurf the same way they had with their main. (Or they troll in some games to intentionally keep their rank down which I personally find disgusting and should be banned) That is my two cents.
Treycos (EUW)
: Ardent sencer is the problem's core here
Funny thing was that Lulu had the exact same issue with ardent, but instead of nerfing the item they nerfed her. And even at that time everyone who was playing any champ which can be played with ardent knew this. Sometimes I'm just speechless about ritos balancing team...
OmmeFrisk (EUW)
: If this isn't a bug then it's cheating
Ez Q has, as I can remember, always been one of the most %%%%ed up hitboxes in the game. They should really add a Hitbox rework on their milestone list... but this would take them forever so they just will just ignore it until it is game breaking.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Mastery emotes are bullshit. They are used for BMing only. Would a truely honorable person BM others? I don't thinks so.
Would be funny if you could dishonor someone if he used his Mastery emote to BM :P
Tesladin (EUW)
: After testing, I'm 50/50 on {{item:3303}} vs {{item:3301}} on {{champion:40}} . Mana regen means you need not buy another mana regen item as your second item (like {{item:3107}} ), but otherwise coin is still better.
On {{champion:40}} i really prefer coin in most matchups as you can get more gold with it if you play a bit more passive in laning phase (which is perferctly possible with her) so that a enemy with {{item:3303}} doesn't get that much gold. Also the new mission effect is really nice. You give your teammates a really good passive movement speed bonus together with your passive. The speed boost with {{item:3098}} is ok but you can't really use it that often as you either have to use your q, which is a really huge mana invest just for the speedboost or your w / aa which is close range and can get you killed quickly. And if you used your w to get the speedboost you can't use anything else against the enemy. As a disengage it's good but in comparison to other champs a bit of wasted potential. As for the tier 3 items: {{item:3092}} and {{item:3069}} are somewhat on a equal level. The AP and vision on {{item:3092}} is really nice, but {{item:3069}} speedboost is really nice on Janna, too. You can engage with your whole team and the bonus resistance can also be good if you don't want to be the first kill target in a teamfight. The alternative would be {{item:2301}} / {{item:2302}}: {{item:2301}} is ok with the mission reward, but nothing really special. {{item:2302}} is a bit better as you can give your teammates the passive speed boost. I'm a bit biased towards {{item:3301}} as I like to rush my {{item:3504}}.The Item also fits my playstyle a bit more. In the end it's up to everyone which item is more fitting for their playstyle.
Zurkrem (EUW)
: For some of us, yeah. I have like 13 chests and 2 key fragments. My chest count has been steadily increasing over time.
I've got 13 keys and 0 chests... let's split :D
: The Fail of the Honor System
Right now the honor system is more or less a playtime display, as you get your honor levels over time anyways. As far as I have seen it doesn't really matter if you play good or not or if you are flaming or not. All that matters is that you are playing the game. Because if you are playing more games you will gain "honor". If you are playing a lot you will gain more if you are playing less you won't gain it that fast. They could rename it to Playtime Level and noone would see the difference (except for really hard flamers as they would drop some level ;-)
: Teamranked vs FlexQ
I really want teamranked back! I really loved the option to have multiple teams with different mmr / elo. You can just create a team for combo plays and one team for really serious plays. And if you aren't at your best performance but still want to play some ranked games you still have your fun team where you play some games together with friends. Noone has to fear that someone might drag him down with this fun games and everyone can just play the way they want. I really don't like flex queue, because either you have someone who wants to level up in that queue and is playing serious and just doesn't want to play some fun games as a team (I do understand why someone doesn't want to loose hard gained elo, but it somehow beats the concept of a team based queue). Or you have someone who is just excusing every mistake he makes with "it's just a flex game!" (And I don't mean some small mistakes, everyone makes mistakes. I mean something like flashing into enemy tower or doing baron without smite while everyone is up and missing). Team ranked also gave a better team feeling. You showed everyone that you are playing in a Team with the team name. You weren't playing on your own you were playing as a Team. The whole feeling of playing as a team was really satisfying for everyone while you were gaining elo. But now in flex it is like everyone is playing on there own with there own MMR /Elo. In the worst case it can happen that someone is gaining a lot of elo because he also plays in other teams / alone and can't play with others anymore which is just sad as a team. And the worst of all is the flex matchmaking. Seriously I had the best Matchmaking I can remember in Teamranked (except for solo / duo ranked matchmaking, but I have to admit that I don't play it that often as I'm a team player). I had so many really close games. Because of the team selection, where you could choose if you want to play serious or not. Because of the few team members which always played similar in that team. Because of Team Spirit where everyone was playing together as a team and not as a solo player. Because of all those little thing it was really fun to play! I just hope riot brings back teamranked in season 7...
: {{champion:32}} says hi
Vsec Exile (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=DropDaCane,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=nfKp5P3U,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-07-25T08:11:13.708+0000) > > Syndra presses R on a full hp squishy... OUTPLAYED *Zhonya* outplayed
karolmo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tesladin,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=6F6xvBsv,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2017-07-24T21:21:26.783+0000) > > no Yes.
{{champion:25}} doesn't proc all stacks with her w anymore, so its really situational what you choose {{champion:143}} is still good with it {{champion:63}} also {{champion:117}} If you play against a tank / melee support I'd go for {{item:3303}} as you can poke really good, but for every other matchup I'd go for {{item:3301}} as you can gain A LOT more gold with it in a shorter time, so you reach your power spike with {{item:3504}} first and have a huge gold advantage over the other supports with {{item:3303}}.
Grimmrok (EUNE)
: Going for that 1-hit-burst, I presume.
Yes everyone with less than 1.5k health was one-hit and thanks to titanic and ninja tabi he was still a bit tanky...
Grimmrok (EUNE)
: This is getting ridiculous, dull, and boring.
http://imgur.com/a/XQqcb I have no words for this...
: You're still using the {{item:3340}}, even though you've already bought {{item:2049}}. Just from the screanshot, I can't tell how many wards you placed, how many wards you destroyed, how much poke you applied throughout the game, etc. It could be any of that or something else that I'm missing right now.
Warding isn't really taken into account by the rating system as you can see in this [post](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/WKo0jdZv-fun-fact-you-dont-need-a-sightstone-andor-place-wards-to-get-an-s-rating-as-support). What i found out that it takes into account as a support player is the "deaths prevented" up to a certain point. If an ally is dying (getting low life) and you shield him and/or cc the attacker it will count as a bonus. You can see this at the end game if you are just hopping on a assist the whole game (like soraka ults for assist) or if you are actually helping your teammates (from dying) while assisting.
Cyndercat (EUW)
: Because hes an incredibly binary champion who either lands his Q and kills you, or does literally nothing. If he didnt have those scalings, he would be useless. IMO he needs a rework.
He is one of those old champs where everything is build around a single ability. And it is ridiculously stupid. Playing against him is as boring as playing a janna vs. soraka botlane, because you only need to stay behind the minions... the whole laning phase. If you are playing against a bad bc you can just wait until he fails his grab, but if you are playing against a good one you are doomed to stay passiv. He is one of those "screw you, you won't have fun this game" champs. Yes, he needs a rework!
: 100 Mana is alot but if he grabs you, you are displaced by more then 1000 units and the only way to escape is a flash which is 500sec CD and he has his grab on 20 Sec and building Mana on him profits his passive . One grab means flash, the other grab is 100% death. Insane range and the Hitbox is ridicilous. he synergises well with tank/Mana items, if he gets ahead he can burst a ADC or assasin almost 100-0. His Grab paired with the Damage and natural tankiness are obnoxious to play against. The only way to stop him is to rush him down since he has no peel. Here is his bigest Weakness. After he shoots his shit he has no abilitys for 20 seconds and is basicly a moving ward. Thats the reason why Blitzkrank support actually sucks. Because once he shoots his grab he cant do anything anymore and just get blasted away OR his adc gets blasted away since he has no means to protect him. So good blitzkranks need to evaluate if its better to Grab offensively or wait and Grab to peel.
And don't forget the fact that if you have a slight delay on your flash (sometimes even without the delay) he can knock you up afer the flash thanks to that bs ranged melee attacks.
: It would be a good item for tower diving but today's tanks just laugh at turret damage...
If only turrets would do % health true damage + bonus AD/AP scaling ;-) At least they would be useful then, as even ADCs are laughing at their damage right now.
: Mute doesnt take ctrl+6 away from enemies. I'm sorry there's no way.
but at least you don't have see it anymore.
: {{champion:10}} support, i really like playing kayle support and my build is: {{item:3092}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3158}} {{item:3174}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3222}} I max R 1st, W 2nd for the heal,Q 3rd for the slow and lastly E. You can Heal them up to 750 with just 1 W. Also i take Windspeaker's Blessing in mstery.
I did the same thing some time ago (beginning of this season), but my build was with a {{item:3124}} instead of {{item:3222}} and a {{item:3107}}. Thanks to the rageblade you could just start pushing with your ADC and the towers melted away.
Voidner (EUNE)
: Did anybody get level 3 honor yet?
Somehow I'm pretty sure they haven't added Honor 3 to the game/client yet. I mean it wouldn't be a suprise if they did it that way. Well, if someone surprisingly gets Honor 3 with the next Patch(es) I'd be even more suspicious. But that's only my conspiracy theory ;-)
Etherim (EUW)
: [Giveaway] Any skin at 975 RP Giveaway ! ;D
IzzŸ (EUW)
: I don't really main any role, but I love support as a role and it pisses me off that riot don't seem to care about it
Looks like every support item they changed in this patch is glitched now. (At least locket only has a tooltip error...)
Minstrel (EUNE)
: It scales with **bonus** health. So if you somehow had locket at level 1, its shield wouldn't be 65, it'd be 65+2% of your bonus health. Then again, the maximum bonus health you can have at level 1 is a ruby crystal, for 150 health, which means an increase of 3. Final shield would be 68.
It's 3 actually: http://imgur.com/a/NP0X4
: > 65 + 2% of the caster’s bonus health which would mean 77 Shield if you have 600hp, but actually it currently means max of 65 shield at level 1. How in the hell do you have 600 **bonus** health at level 1?
http://imgur.com/a/e5RBP Ruby Crystal :D
Rioter Comments
: TOP 10 HATED Skills
{{champion:53}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:412}} q ( I hate pulls/hooks) {{champion:432}} q - feels way to glitched imo {{champion:157}} wind wall {{champion:40}} e {{champion:154}} r - his cc immunity :-/ {{champion:23}} r {{champion:236}} everything {{champion:119}} everything
: i want to be able to remove my mastery level above 5 if i want to.
There are a lot of champs I'm not proud of having them on m5 and above :-( * I really liked to play Taliyah. She was my first m7 champ. but then ~~the fire nation attacked~~ they changed her W and now I suck with her. Everytime I die the enemies can see my m7. Such a shame. * I had a time where I liked playing Soraka, a lot. I got 100k points on her (lucky me, there was no m7 at that time :D) but now i don't want everyone to see that I play her that often. * I really liked to play Morgana. I accumulated 220k Points on her (my Nr. 3). But I haven't played her for a while, so now when I want to play her and fail every Q and everyone is joking about my m7 I feel ashamed to even pick her :-( * And then there is Janna (Why have I even upgraded her to m7?!) I feel so "complex" when I play her. But she is so relaxing to play on a saturday night. * ~~The last one is Lulu, my number one with 600k points, I just feel so~~. Nope I'm actually pround of that }:‑) It would be so good to have an option to hide certain champion mastery points from everyone (including the API)
: That's the point, I didn't :| Well... I did now, after like 25W 5L. But I didn't skip 1 division between Bronze 2/3 to Silver 5. And I didn't even get more points, only between 27 and 29 (only once 29). Then I had to win the Silver 5 to 4 promo to only skip 1 div. to 3... .-. Even tho I'm playing with smurfs .-.
As far as I know from last season you can only skip the divisions 4 and 2. If you are Bronze 2 you can get Bronze 1 max. If you are Bronze 3 you can get Bronze 1 max. You can't skip from Bronze 2 to Silver 5, you have to play your promos (I'm not sure if it is possible to skip them too, but you have to at least go to the 1. Division of that Tier to get to the next Tier). Also, you can't skip from Bronze 4 to Bronze 2 (idk why...)
RazerX (EUW)
: Read the description. The cast range is 625 and the tether range is 1050. This is normal. If it wasn't like that the ability would become totally useless.
The purple range indicator is already the stun radius, the activation radius is smaller than that. But the thing that can cause the issue could be the height difference.
Tyranitar (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Lyroit,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=pxx7b7BH,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-04-30T22:23:06.465+0000) > > You can get "_Grouped report history made/received. (I.E. Number of reports for each behavior)_" from http://privacy.riotgames.com/en_US/stage2 . But this will cost 5$... > That's all I know how you could get this kind of data. Maybe there is another way I don't know? Wow, that's actually quite in depth. Didn't know this existed. Where did you find this? I will definitely look into this, thanks :)
You can also get a bit less detailed free information at http://privacy.riotgames.com/ . I found this while I searching for the amount of money I spend on the game already :D
Tyranitar (EUW)
: Anywhere I can see my account status/reputation?
You can get "_Grouped report history made/received. (I.E. Number of reports for each behavior)_" from http://privacy.riotgames.com/en_US/stage2 . But this will cost 5$... That's all I know how you could get this kind of data. Maybe there is another way I don't know?
Coopa123 (EUW)
: No. It mutes laugh and taunt, but not the mastery emotes
Tried it out in a custom game: it works... you don't see any emote at all (except for dj sona skin swap)
: Emote spamming
Just mute the player it will also mute their emotes...
: I'm sick to death of seeing lulu
THe Problem with Lulu is the meta around her. They changed a lot of ADC items so that AS based ADCs are now really strong. THis kind of ADCs are the best choice for Lulu, as she can give them even more AS, on-hit effects and a lot of peel. If they are going to nerf Lulu now other Supports (pretty much every support with a lot of heal and shields) will take her place and they will cause the same issue. The main issue isn't really Lulu herself. It is more or less the meta around her in combination with the ridiculously overpowered heal and shield items. They buffed {{item:3504}} right before she became pick or ban (and they changed some smaller numbers of her w and her passiv, but that alone wouldn't have been a problem - at least not that much). But now that they gave {{item:3504}} such a high amount of sustain you can build it on pretty much every heal and shield support and destroy the lane. It doesn't really matter if you play Lulu, Janna, [Sona]* etc. As long as you have a AS based ADC you will be dominant in the late game. Lulu herself has an additional bonus for her extreme single target peel. But if they would nerf some items around her ({{item:3504}}, {{item:3153}} etc.) the problem would be solved and they wouldn't create any new problem with another Support taking her place. If they would nerf her and than realize that the problem still exists they would than nerf these items and Lulu will be pretty much unplayable. We already had this situations before. And it is not like we already have replacements. Ever played Janna with all the support items and an AS based ADC? Just try out Janna+Jinx. This is the combination I've had the most pre 20 finishes since I started the game (Well, there weren't so many before but suddenly having 3 in a really short amount of time - coincidence?). And Janna is one of those supports with a "complex" (as in "plot") champion design. A Champion doesn't need to have a overloaded kit to be overpowered. Lulu herself is still really strong. She is in fact the strongest support build with those items. But all they have to do is revert the latest changes (It would even be enough to nerf her passive), nerf some AS based ADC items (And Lucian :P) and nerf {{item:3504}}. At this point they just have to buff some supports which where fine with those items (maybe Nami or Karma ). ######*she obviously can't be picked in any matchup. **TL;DR:** * Revert the latest Lulu buffs (the passive alone would be fine) * nerf {{item:3504}} + {{item:3153}} * tweak the stats of AS based ADCs
Eambo (EUW)
: (Re)Introducing - The Volunteers!
Why are the big images in the Thread hosted at Akamai but the small ones (the group icons) at Imgur? And why are the small ones not delivered over TLS :O I mean imagur supports secure connections. Is there any reason for it? ######(just being a paranoid ~~user~~ summoner :P)
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Lyroit,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=1mL3AizM,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-04-17T22:38:45.581+0000) > > 01100100 01000100 01100111 01110111 01100001 01000100 01001101 00110000 01100100 01000100 01010010 00110000 01100001 01000100 01001101 00110000 01100100 01000001 00111101 00111101 > > d35f8bbc1dcb62e9e320d85641c65220 > 8cbceed4d00559f139bf40117a295cf7 > f8e2424efb9bcfb2bd2b2ae64d941415 Either wrong key, wrong text or I'm really dumb. Normal or Compat?
: 01000110011101010111010001110101011100100110010101000010011011110111100101000011
01100100 01000100 01100111 01110111 01100001 01000100 01001101 00110000 01100100 01000100 01010010 00110000 01100001 01000100 01001101 00110000 01100100 01000001 00111101 00111101 d35f8bbc1dcb62e9e320d85641c65220 8cbceed4d00559f139bf40117a295cf7 f8e2424efb9bcfb2bd2b2ae64d941415 Hint: 41 20 66 69 73 68 20 77 68 69 63 68 20 77 69 6c 6c 20 67 72 6f 77 20 69 6e 20 73 69 7a 65 20 69 6e 20 63 61 73 65 20 6f 66 20 64 61 6e 67 65 72
: Xayah and rakan duo champs ? what is next riot ?
Jekyll and Hyde, the ultimate swaps personalities with a 2min cooldown. One side is support-ish the other adc. I can already see the games where someone queues up as support and only plays the adc personality :P
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