: Nasus +12 stacks is absurd
I ban him almost every ranked game, problem solved xD But yes, the +12 stack is a problem and should be a bit lower. On the other hand, Nasus should be approached by team-effort and CC just like people here already mentioned. Then he is less of a problem, but we all know that sometimes your team won't cooperate or handle the situation like they should and just give Nasus free stacks by running to him xD
Abdu Nabil (EUNE)
: Lux R 0 Damage Bug
I see that happen from time to time too.
Holaka (EUW)
: 5th game in a row I've gotten my second lane...
I made a post about this too. Did 20 ranked games so far, always picked mid first and adc second. Got adc 17 times and mid 2 times and one autofill jungle. Those 2 times i had mid was because i que'd alone. My friend takes mostly mid first too and then support/adc/top and my friend had mid twice while we duo so that ain't much neither.
: I've gotten my secondary choice 6 out of my past 10 games (also queuing first mid, alternating between secondary jungle and top). 11 out of my past 20 games. I honestly would rather wait 5-6 minutes and be guaranteed mid. I'm pretty much a midlaner with Evelynn as a secondary pick for jungle, but the new patch bugged Evelynn to shit and jungle feels horrible now as well with exp nerfs, so I stopped queuing jungle and switched to top, hoping I'd get mid more, but NO. My past 3 games I've just resorted to playing Ahri and Veigar top because I'm not a %%%%ing toplaner. I can't play Darius or Garen etc, that's not what I load up the game to do.
I would rather wait a few minutes longer too so I would at least get mid once in a while. Did 20 rankeds so far with 17 times adc, 2 times mid (was when i que'd alone), and one autofill jungle. So when queuing with my friend that's 0% i get my first choice. On top of that my friend only got mid twice i think too.
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Charaktar (EUW)
: Unable to play ranked with a friend
Had the same issue in duo que. But we did our first rank alone and then we got our starting rank. Silver 3 and bronze 1, then we could rank again together. So solution: do one game and hope starting ranks are only one division apart.
BM Liquid (EUW)
: Can't queue with pre, difference is too high.
Had the same, did one game and then because we got our starting ranks we could do rank again together. (bronze 1 and silver 3 starting ranks)
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Eambo (EUW)
: Flex Queue Fix and (Re)Placements Information
Ended platinum 5. After the placements of flex que = 6 wins, 4 losses = silver 4 After the reset game with a troller = bronze 1 So going from plat to bronze is sucky. I hope u guys don't put me so low when the real season starts. Sure i'll climb back to plat, but i prefer to do it from silver 1. Because it takes a decent amount of game to get back up...


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