: This isn’t a one and done change, as always follow ups where planned from the start This is just to stop her from being so safe and reliable, now riot can add buffs onto her to get her back up to fighting strength This is how balance works
Rito killing weak champs with 46% winrate and not nerf {{champion:516}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:236}}{{champion:161}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:55}} etc. This is how balance works.
DeejayF (EUW)
: Morg mid is the most boring and cancerous pick in this entire game period.
So ban Morgana when you play talon.Whats the problem?I have seen morgana mid just once in~ 200 games.P.s this shits on a midlane{{champion:161}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:236}} is much more cancerous
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Nevian (EUW)
: Suddenly my ping is higher
Same shit and pockets drop
: Is there a problem with the servers?
Yes,some ppl can't reconnect after dc
Yeyin (EUW)
: Been getting this message when trying to log in.
Same problem for 2 days{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} and my provider isnt British Telecom
: Can NOT log in
: DC
Now i fucking dc every 2 mins so fun to play.Its not about computer or internet,cause all other games work fine
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