: > [{quoted}](name=MRknuffelbeer,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=OR2Wrxly,comment-id=0008000000000000,timestamp=2018-06-19T18:06:01.983+0000) > > You act like that is a wrong thing, to punish people who act in a way that isn't desired by the player base/devolper. Then you didn't understand my argument. To repeat myself again, people are getting punished. But doesn't matter how much you punish there will be toxic people. On top, people already complain about unjust bans for toxicity.
People will keep trying to recover their account by crying and complaining. We both know that Riot is slow when it comes to perma bans. Lets not act that it is otherwise. You have so many pre-punishments before a perma rolls out. And a new argument, show us what kind of punishment some kiddo you reported got. ;)
: > [{quoted}](name=MRknuffelbeer,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=OR2Wrxly,comment-id=00080000,timestamp=2018-06-18T21:05:43.878+0000) > > So, they shouldn't regulate player behavior? Try to keep the willing people playing and just pushing the ones who act selfish/childish out? They do regulate player behvior. Look at the forums how many people cry about their perma banned accounts. So you propose Riot bans 60% of the player base so you can play in peace? You see, the problem here is that people in general paint a picture of me/ us and them. In other words, there ar ethe peacefull players who never rage and there are the "rages, afkers and what not. But that's wrong. Aside from some esxeptions toxic behavior is a normal phenomenom in most players, who often have a bad day or in most cases got "infected" from toxicity in the match before or even in the same match from a teammate. So what can Riot do? Disable all forms of communication so people have no POSSIBLE way of bashing each other. Would you like that? LoL without pings and chat will be an uncoordinated mess. Riot already has some very strict policies that can get you instabanned if you use the wrong words so i think they already do a lot. I agree, it could be better but not by more supervision from Riot. It's simply how the pleople on the internet on a free to play competitive game and to an extend, in real life are. So dwi or quit :)
You act like that is a wrong thing, to punish people who act in a way that isn't desired by the player base/devolper.
: I would expect that toxicity becomes a lot more apparent when the meta shifts and stubborn players need to adapt, but I could be wrong. I didn't really play at all since 1 month allthough I was interested in the patches. It just so happened that another game is keeping me busy. So I can't really share your experience that toxicity is rising. I am however starting to think that the instant punishment system has an inherent disconnect from actual gameplay context and doesn't actually improve quality of games. It just shuts everyone up and increases frustration across the board. Banned players can just create new accounts however they will be even more mad and it solves nothing. The actual conflicts and dissensions never get solved and continue.
Not entirely what I was stating in my original post. Instant punishes are a bit too far IMO. But at least show ways that the report system has helped. Show me that the guy got a time out for being a child. That doesn't seem too unreasonable, right?
: Those are standard lol games.IDK what is your problem.You do know that this game attracts only people with personality of a sht.Worst gaming community by far in all of gaming.
So! Lets not stagnate and become better. We as players put in the effort and if Riot does too we can rid ourselves of our wicked ways.
: > [{quoted}](name=MRknuffelbeer,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=OR2Wrxly,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-06-17T18:34:19.751+0000) > > Riot, fix this shit. Riot is not the problem. I also stopped playing SoloQ becuase it has become a cancer simulator. Only flex from now on. People are garbage there aswell but i don't care about my flex rank. That's the only idea i have.
So, they shouldn't regulate player behavior? Try to keep the willing people playing and just pushing the ones who act selfish/childish out?
: Toxicity rising (without end in sight)
Not gonna lie... I didn't expect people to hop on this threat this hard. My biggest issue at this point is that people aren't being mean, but just the way they play and behave. I can handle someone going on and on about how he will kill every of his team members IRL. What pisses me off is when they go afk, and as I have mentioned in other posts, stop playing to win. Talking smack, whatever, insulting each other, whatever. But people stop playing to win because they died once early, didn't get the kill or that sort, and do it unpunished is where I get pissed of. ;)
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That is riot for you.
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: Instant Feedback #5
Yeah... good for you... but I see no reason to be happy yet. What are the punishments that were given. Chat restrict, suspensions, perma. That stuff I wanna know. Show me when I played with the buffoon in question.
: Toxicity rising (without end in sight)
The whole, played feed back message has become just a shallow message knowing full well they will be playing again. Show me what has been done about it. Show me that a player got banned or suspended at least. I want to SEE what is being done about this growing problem. Because I know it will be even worse during the hot summer months.
: So if their house is on fire, they should continue playing the game? If you play all of your games to the end, and you afk one game, just once you should get 14 day ban? Also internet isn't always in your hands, fok man I have the best internet available in the city, but sometimes even I dc. intentional afk's should be punished, I agree. But I wouldn't ban someone just because they afk one game in 2 months.
Of course not, but you know than the 14 day suspension wouldn't be half bad.
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