ThePl4yer (EUW)
: lower the overall damage in the game pls?
You get oneshot by 0/8 Zoe Q? That's a bit over the top, isn't it? And tanks do NOT oneshot you, unless you are squishy and insanly far behind. Recently I played Talon and I was up against Maokai. He was NOT able to kill me, even though he hit every single ability. And I didnt have any defensive stats. (Except for some MR on my boots.) Also, how is "every role broken"... if EVERY role is broken?? That doesn't make any sense.
SepharU (EUNE)
: Down vote this but i refuse to gank flaming lanes
There are some rules in this game. 1) NEVER chase singed. 2) You have a bad game? Flame your jungler! 3) You have a bad game as ADC? Flame both your jungler and support! Funfact: Jgl and Supp are my most played roles. :3 Anyways, never gank losing lanes. Not only is it a waste of time, but its high risk - low reward. People will always flame the jungler. Just ignore it.
: I'm looking for a main champion who can go mid and top
{{champion:8}} Vladimir scales insanely good into lategame & his early isn't even bad (thanks to his empowered Q). He also has a lot of options for his build. You can go full burst but you can also be a tanky boi. And he's viable as mid AND toplaner. :b
Shamose (EUW)
: Riots Punishment system is godlike. (Feat. TF Blade.)
Well, you can grief the game as much as you want. As long as you dont type in the chat nothing will happen. There is one exception though. If you're streaming and having a bad game, then you might get banned for inting. I already said this before: Someone literally posted an experiment about ingame behaviour where he inted and ran it down for almost an entire year. (Yes. He did that on purpose.) He just didnt type in the chat and his account is still playable. No punishment whatsoever. If you just dont use the chat, then there is a 0% chance of getting punished. Riot really needs to invest more resources into their punishment system.
RageSquid (EUW)
: Need help deciding on a laptop
It depends on what you wanna do. Is it just for League or other games as well?
Kurotsu (EUW)
: How many toxic people have you seen in TFT?
Well, people are flaming others when they're losing because of a bad team. (Obviously it's not always the teams fault, but thats what people think when they flame others). So you wont see people flaming in free for all matches. The only thing I do see are a bunch of complaints about RNG.
: Caitlyn - pros, cons, advice
You should check out "xFSN Saber". This guy is an ADC main & has INSANE Caitlyn mechanics. If you can't play Cait properly, then she's pretty much useless. But if you master her, then she's probably one of the strongest, if not the strongest ADC in the game.
Gold vs Gold.. ye, thats unfair..
: I meant playstyle in a way, I know my matchups the champ has not changed, few buffs and nerfs here and there reworked Champs gotta learn something new About them ect. Yeah cuz who would wintrade or atleast Play duo with somebody in ranked Posting it on YouTube or Streaming cmon you gotta think before you type. Look at Tarzaned who knows if the guys still wintrading or not to this day behind the Video. Plus I don´t get tilted after 1 bad mistake…..nobodys perfect, So I don´t decide wether or not Right away if a game is lost or not...but I Gather the Information and say the Outcome of it....Okay so enemys bot lane is fed, enemy mid lane is fed, enemy jungler just got rift and Drake, 1 of my Team Afk'd and there pushing mid to end the game.....Yeah I dont really think theres a way to jump back, nomatter what you say: As LoNg As ThE Nexus StIlL HaS 1 hP, ThE GaMe Is NoT OvEr… dude what world do you live in.....Like I could get rid of my Realitly mindset and be just as delusional as you are and say cmon we can do this 4v5 lets go...5sec later we all died….IF we are lucky we killed 1 ´but they still push mid and end it. Plus who gives a sht About k/d lol, it doesnt make you win the game...this isnt call of Duty man.
You are right. A good KDA doesnt make you win the game. But if you were as good as you think, then you should be able to outperform the enemy laner with Jayce & grow a bigger lead. And I had so many comebacks, simply because the enemies got cocky and threw their lead. So it is possible. Im not making this shit up. But I'll stop replying now. Just keep complaining about your teams & be hardstuck for another 5 years.
: Why i dont play league anymore (change my mind?)
So let me get this straight.. Fogged had 4 inting teammates. And he still won.. and you complain about it, because it was difficult for him? This video literally shows you that you can win ANY game if you're good enough. Thats a good thing in my opinion.
: Is yasuo op?
I'd say yasuo is one of the hardest champions to master. So once you fully mastered him, then he's probably the most broken champ in the game. But I dont think that he needs nerfs because there are not a lot of people who actually master him to perfection.
: ppl don't know what "nj" and "wd" mean?
Yep. They are unknown. This is the first time that I see "nj" or "wd".. I'm German and "wd" is used for "wieder da" which translates to "I'm back". So I guess "nj" and "wd" are english things.. But people from other countries probably dont know these abbreviations. (Myself included)
: If high Elo Players are so good, why do they wintrade then, if they are sooo good at master Tier or what not why do they Play as pre with another Master Tier to climb. Base from what I see alot of times through Forums and Videos About it, out of 100% Maybe 1/3rd actually Solo Climb and carry, 1/3rd wintrade or just buy high elo accounts and the rest of 1/3rd just duo with other pre to win. Let me give you a better understanding how I see this matchmaking is so full of sht. If I Play as a Gold Player around Silver Elo, why am I still stuck in Silver then hm? YOu basically have to Play CLose to a Gold 2-1 Player inorder to BE in Gold Elo. Why can´t I just be in Gold if I Play like Gold. Im a Jayce Main btw last Season had around abouve 60% WR on him. THis Season BEFORE his nerf might I add, have a 37% WR......So explain I havent changed my Playstyle and yet I lose alot more often with him. When I go under my profile and look at my stats for Jayce. I do even better than some Gold and Plat Jayce Players. SO why Am i Still stuck here then. Ist like a Casino 'Texas Holdem, You either have good Cards on your Hand and win or you dont and lose. Same rule applys here in this game...YOu either have good teammates to win the game or you dont and lose the game....Why dont i see my enemy Team have a gnar as an adc, Ist literally Always me. Why do I Always see MY sup and jungle go grasp of the undying, I have not yet witnessed an enemy Team on there jungler or sup going Grasp of the undying….. Bro your not watching or witnissing my games, it´s literally rigged beyond believe.I even had Plat smurfs or Gold smurfs trying to prove me wrong and duo with me. ANd STILL end up losing xDD. Its literally rigged almost asif ist a curse.
So you didnt change your playstyle.. which means you dont adapt? Or what? Btw. there are a lot of streamers / youtubers who do something like road to Diamond+. They dont wintrade. They still get out of low Elo EVERY SINGLE TIME. And it's not a curse. You just don't deserve to be gold as of right now. To me it looks like you're just tilted af once someone makes a mistake. And the fact "that you know when games are lost" is bs. You just want to give up. But at the same time you complain about being hardstuck for 3 fcking years. And if your account is "cursed" then explain to me why you're silver. Why are u not bronze? Why are u not iron? It's simple: You are better than bronze and iron. But you are NOT better than silver. There is no excuse for being hardstuck for 3 years. And you dont want to listen to what other people say. It is NOT your teams fault that YOU are not climing. As for your question as to why you only see YOUR sup and jungle go grasp.. thats because you only care about your teams mistakes. I bet my balls that this has happened on the enemy team as well, but you didnt care because they were not your teammates. You literally only look for mistakes that your team makes. Start fixing your own problems. And stop blaming your team. I checked your .. and there is nothing which stands out. Not a single champ with a high winrate or high KDA.. everything is average at best. Watch your own replays and try to figure out what YOU did wrong.
: Sorry, I'm having a bad game
This is perfect. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
AP Neeko is better Mid, Onhit Neeko is better Top.. not sure if onhit neeko is still viable though. So I think AP Neeko midlane might be the best option rn.
Megimu (EUW)
: Morgana or Lux support silver Elo?
I'd say Lux is better, because she has more DPS than morgana & that's what you need in low elo. Her shield is also much easier to use than Morg's blackshield. I guess Morg is the better support in general, but for solo carrying low elo games Lux should be much easier to play. :3
: An issue regarding smurfing
Well, people always complain about "smurfs". Even in gold elo. For example: My Shaco is pretty good for a gold player (imo at least). So when there are games in which I pop off and oneshot literally everyone, then someone starts crying because I'm "a smurf". Which I'm obviously not. So 90% or the time there are Chall smurfs..? No, thats bs. You can have good games without being a smurf. Also, I'm almost 100% certain that you have a smurf account as well. Most people do. And Riot really cant prevent people from creating new accounts.
: Idea for TFT Ranked
I actually like the idea. Would be nice for a second TFT mode
: This is a Team based game, the reason why I got out of bronze was becasue I had good Teams, there is no such Thing as solo carry. At silver 1-2 are where the majority of trolls live so to say 1/8 gnar adc btw and a 10min afk yi in the middle of the game which is really crucial. At that Point YES I KNOW WHEN A GAME IS LOST when ist literally so obvious. Like I said before only like 1 in 50 games there WILL be a game where the table turns and we end up winnijg even though we shouldve lost but thats really a rare case. This isnt some yugioh bllsht where the power of friendship wins all duels. This is reality. I know how to punish mistakes like when a champ uses there most crucial abilitiy, or when they decide to fight me when I have the minion Advantage. Closing out a game is where you Need your Team to do so and like I said if your Teams are an idiot you cant close out a game so easy asif youd wish it would be. I have the Right mindset, I feel comfortable with it becasue its MY mindset. I´m guessing your one of those Kinds of People when they see a pile of sht, you just cover it up and continue Walking. I´m the time of guy that sees that pile of sht and actually adresses the complain About it. I see it clearly that matchmaking is soo bllsht in lower ELO. While others say what do you mean I dont see a pile of sht on the Ground theres only a paper towel on the Ground.
If there is "no such thing as solo carry", then please explain to me how high elo players keep getting out of low elo with their smurf accounts. You CAN and WILL solo carry if you're good enough. And if you're not, then you simply dont deserve to get out of silver. There are so many memes about bronze players, who can't climb because "their team is holding them back". And theses memes are based on people like you. Ofcourse you can't solo carry every single game, no one can do that. But if you can't carry yourself out of silver, then you're just not as good as you might think. Again: EVERY SINGLE game can be won. Even if your Nexus is at 1 HP. As long as the Nexus stands, the game is NOT lost. I really don't know what to tell you. You're convinced that it is all about your team, when in reality it's not. You asked if you should stop trying. And I'm telling you that you will climb if you're good enough. Like seriously.. people always get mad when their team falls behind and they want to ff asap. And you are one of them. You will NOT climb as long as you tell yourself that certain games are lost. You really need to understand that games are never lost if the nexus is still standing. Tilting and trying to surrender just increase the chance of losing the game.
: Players logic in a convorsation twisted logic ?!
Boots depend heavily on your playstyle. If you want to roam and impact the Map, then Moby's are the best choice. If you want to sit in lane, then you shoud go for something like Tabi or Mercs. So there is no wrong boot choice on support as long as it fits your playstyle.
True Sight (EUNE)
: It's a fun mode when all 5 players are present. I don't want to waste my time playing a 4v5 aram game that I'm gonna lose anyways
But that's my point. More often than not you still win a 4v5.
KiogeST (EUW)
: League players need to stop flaming.
There is just one problem: If I want to give someone a tip or an advice, then they will tell me that I'm flaming them. Even though I just want to help. Or let's say I need help during laning phase and i ask something like "Jungler, can you gank pls?" .. Then it's also considered to be toxic by some people. There are so many people which are soo sensitive to anything in the chat. If it comes to insulting someone, then I agree.. this doesnt help anyone. But thats how the game is. If you can't handle that, then you just need to mute these people. Because they probably wont stop flaming.
True Sight (EUNE)
: So why exactly is there no remake on ARAM?
I don't like the idea of remake in ARAM, because it's a fun mode & it doesn't matter if you win or lose. This would obviously be a different story if there was a ranked mode for ARAM. Also, if there is a person missing on your team then you get more exp and gold on average. And the enemies cant get their 5th kill for something like "Ultimate Hunter". Don't get me wrong, I understand that it sucks when someone is afk, but it is not too hard to win a 4v5 in ARAM. So personally I dont want remakes in ARAM. I just wanna jump into a game, try silly stuff and have fun.
: To get an S, you get compared with all those that played the same champ in the same position. So you need to be performing exceptionally well in all areas. It's not just champion damage, cs, farm. It also includes : * Warding (vision score) (I know that TT don't have wards, I'm just explaining the general concept) * Damage to objectives (jungle monsters) * Damage to towers * Securing altairs * Stat contributions (Damage taken if you're a tank, damage healed if you're something like soraka, cc duration for champs like morgana) * etc... Why didn't you get an S ? I don't know about farm standard for TT, but there is something that I directly noticed when I checked your game, and you have 0 damage to towers. You didn't even touch them. You were just following enemies around the map to inflate your kda (I'm not saying you're doing it on purpose) While pyke did the most damage to them in your team, so he was pushing as hard as he can. As for why he got an S, I'm *"guessing"* pyke's pick rates aren't the best on that map. So his standards are low since nobody plays him on TT.
Yea its true that I didnt touch a single turret, but I contested every single altar.. I just didnt expect such a huge difference in getting an S between Riven and Pyke o.o But I guess that's how it is then. Thanks for explaining. Cheers :)
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Remmeh (EUW)
: Shaco probuild stats
probuilds. net only shows pro players who played certain champions - gives you the most common runes, builds etc. So Shaco's main role is in fact jungle. And I'd recomment playing him in the jungle only, unless your name is Pink Ward. You should obviously go for electrocute (or dark harvest if thats your playstyle) and full AD. For toplane or support you should go for AP, because it gives you much more utility. Glacial gives you even more utility and helps your team. So this might be the best option if you're looking for a support build. But again: Shaco's main role is jungle and he uses an AD build.
Hahrimazd (EUW)
: Considered toxic?
People these days feel offended so easily. So pretty much anything you say is considered to be toxic by someone. (Even if you ask something like "Why did you take this rune instead of XYZ?" .. then you're already considered to be toxic for asking this question, even though it's just pure curiousity). This case is just unfortunate and there is nothing you can do about it. The problem that I see is your attitude. Even in this post.. you're basically saying "Just dont bother arguing, because I am right and you are not". So if you attitude ingame is similar to the attitude in this post, then I can see why people think that you're toxic. So I dont think that the words you used are toxic, but I feel like your attitude is somewhat negative.
Hansiman (EUW)
: That's still missing the point. I find it odd that players constantly tell Riot to ban people trolling, but when they do, sometimes the same players are quick to jump in and defend the trolling behavior. You either want Riot to ban unwanted behavior, or you don't.
Playing off-meta champions is NOT trolling. So you can't put trolls and off-meta players in the same category. Yes, I do want trolls to get banned. And yes, I'll also defend everyone who plays a Champion which they simply enjoy playing. Unwanted behaviour needs to be punished. But again: playing off-meta is NOT trolling. So if people are free to play whatever they want without having to fear a ban, then I apologize for my comment.
Hansiman (EUW)
: > Alright, let me ask you this question: Do you even watch the replays? Let me just clarify that I'm not a Riot employee. I'm a community volunteer who's goal is to help players understand the game and it's mechanics better. --- > Like it is so easy to detect people who are inting/trolling on purpose. For a human, possibly, but even then not quite. If you're thinking of the stereotypical troll, the one that **literally** runs down mid to die as quickly as possible, then yes, it's quite easy to detect them. Even for an automated system, this is now rather simple. However, most people intentionally feeding do not do this, and that's where things get complicated. League of Legends is huge, really huge. There are thousands upon thousands of games played every day, and the amount of replays generated is vast. Even if you're just looking at the games where someone is reported for intentionally feeding, the amount of time required to go through them all is insurmountable, even if you had a group of staff of hundreds of people. Due to the sheer size, these things need to be handled mostly by automated detection systems, that analyze and understand gameplay pattern. It's just how chat behavior is handled, but chat is far simpler for a tool to analyze since the logs are pretty clear evidence as to what's going on. Understanding exactly why a player dies, and accurately knowing that their **intent** behind it is to lose the game rather than just making a miscalculated mistake is a different thing. As with any comparable justice systems, it's generally accepted to be better to let some guilty people go free, rather than punish innocent people. --- > BUT people who are actively trying to grief a game always get away with it. People **do** get punished for this as well, even if it's not as good as we'd like it to be. It's just that claiming that they get away with it is simply wrong, because even here on the boards people complain about getting banned for intentionally feeding, which suggests it does happen. These penalties appear differently than those for verbal toxicity, so there's no question as to what they got punished for. --- > A couple of days ago someone posted an experiment, in which he was inting and trolling ( ON PURPOSE ) for almost an entire year. Just by personal experience, I'd be careful at just believing what players say when they conduct these experiments. They generally go into it with a mindset that they're only going to prove what they believe, and will ignore anything that contradicts their beliefs. --- > This post even got removed, because Riot didnt want other people to see it. As a moderator, I can say that this wouldn't be the reason a post like this got removed. "Unpopular" topics do not get removed.
: ap ashe banable?
Riot says that you can play whatever you want. But they also banned a singed support main for being a singed support main.. So what do i know? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Hansiman (EUW)
: The goal is already to ban people **intentionally** feeding with a 14 day ban after a single offence, and a permaban at second offence. The problem is still that it's really hard to accurately detect who's actually intentionally feeding, rather than just having a bad game. And I don't think many people would say that they'd rather see more innocent people banned just for the sake of catching more guilty ones.
Alright, let me ask you this question: Do you even watch the replays? Like it is so easy to detect people who are inting/trolling on purpose. But to me it feels like you're only looking at the chat. I've seen multiple chatbans over the past years, but I have NEVER seen a punishment for someone who is obviously trolling and/or inting on purpose. People who are toxic in the chat are obnoxious & they deserve a chatban for sure (myself included). BUT people who are actively trying to grief a game always get away with it. And the worst part is: If I say something bad to these people, then I will get a chatban, while the other person doesnt get a punishment & can troll once again. A couple of days ago someone posted an experiment, in which he was inting and trolling ( ON PURPOSE ) for almost an entire year. And he NEVER got a punishment because he just didn't type in the chat. This post even got removed, because Riot didnt want other people to see it. So again: Do you watch replays when someone is getting reported?
ChefGG (EUW)
: How is Riot going to adress the poor quality of ranked games in season 9?
The sad truth is: This is not going to change anytime soon. A few days ago someone posted an "experiment" about ingame behaviour. He trolled in every game, he ran it down, he inted on purpose. (He even had a screenshot to prove it). BUT he didnt get a ban, because he didn't type anything in the chat. Funfact: The post got deleted on the same day.. I wonder why? Riot ONLY punishes people who are inting if they are streaming. Everyone else will NOT get any sort of punishment whatsoever. The only thing which will lead to a punishment is being toxic in the chat (this results in a chatban, which is fine..). But inting or trolling on purpose is not something that Riot is going to punish.
Shamose (EUW)
: #Qyiana is not picked by anyone
Yea, I got that, thanks.. But whats the point of this post? Qiyana isn't picked a lot.. alright. So what do you want Riot to do now? Buff her? Give her new skins? Create cinematics? Like he just pointed out, that Qiyana isnt played a lot.. thats just a fact. But he doesnt explain what he wants to change. I dont even know why you guys are mad at my comment.. I just wanted to understand what this post is about. If I would just say "Shaco has a 3% pickrate" .. then you'd probably think "So what?" I just want to know what this post is about.
Yraco (EUW)
: TFT has 4 teams that are winning while Aram has one. More people might win in an ARAM game but if you're suffering from bad RNG in an ARAM game then you can't just outlast someone else and win battles against other people with bad RNG. In Aram your only option is to fight in mid lane.
Obviously you have to fight "in mid lane" in ARAM. Thats how ARAM works. But you can't argue with RNG anymore. Because TFT is based around RNG. And yes, I know.. TFT is not purely based around RNG, but same can be said for ARAM. But I'd really like to have an answer to this question: What is the problem with a ranked mode? People who dont like that can just play normal ARAM. Why would it be a problem if this gamemode would be a thing? It's just another competetive gamemode, for those who want to play it.
: What is best champ/role to carry game
I'd say it depends on your playstyle. I like Shaco JGL a lot. Other than that I think splitpush or roaming champions are pretty good to get out of low Elo. (Tryn, Jax, Camille, Yorick for splitpush - Talon, LeBlanc, Ahri, Ekko for roaming.. just to name a few) But then again: I think this highly depends on your playstyle. So maybe you're better off with control mages.. but that doesnt work for me. :3
Yraco (EUW)
: TFT has four winning 'teams' as opposed to ARAM with one. The randomness of your champions and items in TFT doesn't play as much of a role because you don't have to beat everyone for a win; you can win in teamfight tactics by just living longer than fifth place even if you don't get first. TFT also has you on a team of your own so there is absolutely no randomness in your skill at dealing with the game's RNG. ARAM puts you with four other players that might not be so great at dealing with bad circumstances. I think TFT is basically its own game. It is in the League client and uses League champions but it's not really a League mode like ARAM is. The game plays completely differently to standard League so it kind of deserves its own ranked mode. Standard League currently has three separate ranked modes but if they didn't put a ranked mode for TFT then people would be forced to go to other games which, I shouldn't really have to say, is a bad business decision for Riot.
> [{quoted}](name=Yraco,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=021j2cg4,comment-id=000500010000,timestamp=2019-08-04T22:45:21.687+0000) > > TFT has four winning 'teams' as opposed to ARAM with one. So.. TFT has 4 people who are winning.. ARAM has 5 people who are winning. So if you argue like that, then ARAM ranked is a better option than TFT ranked.
CJXander (EUNE)
: Qyiana is not picked by anyone
So what's the point you are trying to make?
Player 123 (EUNE)
: ADC Meta invading all lanes
Well, ADC mains just cry the most on reddit.. Thats the reality. Jungle got nerfed so hard, but Riot will probably never revert these changes, just because junglers are not crying enough. I know, sounds shit.. but that's how it is.
: well let me aks you a Question. When did you start This Seasons ranking? Cuz if you started it Right away then that isnt really hard because early Season was such a huge fck up becasue of the LP difference you gained. You won Always like 20-30 LP but lost like only 17-18 if not less if I´m not mistaken. So basically you got a free Train to get out of braindead silver and went straight into Gold where its Abit more decent to Play and climb. If I wouldve also started it Early this conversation wouldve never happend and I´d also be in Gold Long by now.
Yes, i started early this season. But last season I reached Gold maybe a month before the season was over. So it doesnt really matter if it's early, in the middle or at the end of a season. And again: Ofcourse it's possible that you're stuck for a couple of weeks, but we're talking about multiple years. Your mindset won't help you climbing tbh. You always say that you know "when a game is lost".. No, you can NEVER know if a game is lost or not. You have to keep trying. To me it looks like you dont know how to punish mistakes or how to close out games. As I already said: Yes, there are games which are lost because of the team. Even I get mad at them, but you CAN NOT blame them for not being able to climb. You got out of Iron and out of Bronze.. and all of a sudden it's your teams fault that you cant climb anymore now? How did you get out of bronze then? You will NOT climb, unless you deserve to climb. It's that simple. People make stupid mistakes in EVERY Elo. So YOU have to be the one who can consistently carry your team. Otherwise you'll be hardstuck silver for the next couple of years. And I'll say it again: Games are NEVER lost, as long as the nexus is standing. You can ALWAYS come back and win.
: Alright let me give you a run down.....No no it is not on me, if I Play properly and try my best and my Team decide to int early 4 kills in 5min. I´m not saying ist winnable but I am saying That is makes it SO fcking hard to get back and win. the only time we get back and win is when the fed enemy Team gets cocky and starts to throw. 2nd I´m not Focusing on trying to surrender but I make the Suggestion dude its low elo THat i played 400 games on, I know the Outcome not from what Champs Benefits the win but on how each Player Plays the game. Example: I had a kindred jungle that ganked mid lane and kept trying to aa a yasuo windwall, didnt even try to reposistion, then ganked a lvl 6 yasuo to her lvl 4 and died and also went darkharvest for whatever reason. Like DH is good if you want to scale but kindred is ALREADY a scaling champ the rune is useless on her. So yes It is the Teams fault imagine a School Project where your the one doing all the work and your Team does Nothing or atleast Acts stupid and you get a mediocre grade on it like It´s 100% your Teams fault. Riot made this more of a Team reliant game. Its not like s4 or 5 where if there was no extra exp gain if you were behind. 3rd I know my Cs is kinda low but early i Cs good then Comes to the part where Teammates Play this game like its call of Duty fight, die, respawn, fight, die, respawn…..So I have 2 Options I can farm a lane to get good CS but my Teams will spam ping me for not joining fights(even though its obvious they shouldnt fight unless ist for baron or drake).Or I try and fight with them and try to shut down the fed enemy Player. Depending of what I got normally when the enym Team is far ahead theres really Nothing you can farm on. I mean even High elo Players have the same bllsht when enemy is ahead theres no farm to take so thats normal.
You can blame your teams as much as you want. But it's not their fault that YOU dont climb. Sure, there are games which you cant carry because of your team. That's just unlucky. But if you dont climb in 3 years, then you simply don't deserve a higher Elo. My rank was Bronze IV when i first started playing ranked. Now I'm Gold III. Last season it took me a while to reach Gold, this season it only took me a few weeks. I'm not the greatest player by any means, but if you dont climb then you're just not as good as you may think. Mechanics are literally the only thing you need to get out of silver.
: I suck in the midlane, help me out?
Practice last hitting against bots. Just focus on lasthitting and nothing else, until you get most of them. When you're decent and lasthitting, then you can try to go for trades. But dont go for random trades. Its a good idea to harass your opponent when they try to get cs.. so if they walk up, just try to trade. What's also importan is: Your enemy has cooldowns.. sounds obvious, but what i mean is: If your opponent goes for a trade and uses his cooldowns, then dont run away, try to trade back (because you still have your cooldowns, while they dont). This is situational ofcourse, but you always want to trade back if possible. And the best way to create lane pressure are pure mechanics. Just spam your favorite Champs until you get used to them and know their limits. Then it should be easier for you to know when and how to trade. And deep wards are your friends. You always need to keep an eye on the mini map (this should be fairly easy for you, given that you main support). If you dont have vision, then look where your jungler is, so you can play towards"his side" I hope thats at least somewhat useful for you :D Good luck!
: Should I just give up on League
I dont want to be rude or something, but if you are hardstuck silver for 3 years, then this is on you. Everyone CAN and WILL climb if they're good enough. You even said that you want to surrender at 15 min. There is not a single game which is lost, until the nexus goes down. EVERY game is winnable. Let's say your Nexus is at 1 hp and you didnt destroy a single tower so far. It is still winnable. Is it easy? No, ofcourse not. But there is always the chance that the enemis start getting cocky & dont end the game. Especially in low Elo. So if you're focused on trying to surrender instead of playing the game, then I can see why you dont climb. Again: I dont want to be rude, but if someone doesnt climb for ages, then it's NOT the teams fault anymore. I just checked your .. your CS seems to be pretty low, maybe you should work on that.
MusicaroN (EUW)
: i hope it gets deleted, because you are all fake supporters , nobody played this mode and when they say it will be gone all of u wen "OH NOESSS PLS RITO LET IT SO I JUST LOOK AT IT AND PLAY SR INSTEAD REEEEEEEEEE"
"WillieTheWhale" is a Diamond TT player. So he's not a fake supporter. I dont play 3v3 ranked, but I still play normal 3v3 multiple times a week. So just because you dont like it, doesnt mean that no one does.
Yraco (EUW)
: Ranked ARAM is just a bad idea. The RNG means that a game can be won or lost just because one team happened to get a better comp, or have more experience on their champions. It feels bad to lose because of things completely out of your control and, while ARAM can be fun as a casual mode, ranked isn't really a good idea.
See, thats something I never understood. Everyone knows how ARAM works. So people who wouldnt want to play ranked dont even have to play ranked. If you were able to reroll 2 Champions before EVERY game, then you could still build a somewhat decent Teamcomp. Sure, it might still be worse than what your enemies got, but maybe you know your champs better than the enemy. What I'm saying is: Yes, it is still RNG, but its not purely based on RNG. Its pretty much the same as TFT in terms of RNG.
MrKeks13 (EUW)
: Should Riot release Ranked-Mode for ARAM
I'd really like to see ranked for ARAM. But I doubt that this will happen, sadly.
: In Defense of The Treeline - A Poorly Substantiated Corporate Decision
I really hope that someone from Riot sees this. I really dont want to miss 3v3. I still play this mode from time to time & it's so enjoyable for what it is. I can literally play whatever the heck I want & everyone is fine with that. So PLEASE RIOT, rethink your decision!
: Can you object Riot punishment?
Well, if you're a streamer, THEN you get punished for being a troll or for inting. Every other person only gets punished when they insult someone. (Which means you get punished if you type a lot, it doesnt even have to be insulting). Dont get me wrong: I think its important to punish bad behaviour in the chat. But I also think that its important to punish bad behaviour in the game itself. (Trolling, Inting, running it down). But people are free to do whatever they want, as long as they dont type. Sadly. Riot needs to work on their punishment-system.
: > [{quoted}](name=Harmonixer Yuri,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=YdQW3oMx,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-01T12:58:34.461+0000) > > You repeat the "***got" word enough and the system will punish u even if u were only pasting what others said. So for that, I deserve to be banned?
Yep, if you repeat certain words you'll get banned, because thats how the system works. This system doesnt care about the context, it only cares about which words you say. I hope someone from Riot will notice. Good luck for your account!
Sayyid121 (EUW)
: Where are the fun game modes?
Well.. I think that you're salty. Yes, URF is a nice mode, but fact of the matter is that League somehow lost players while URF was playable. (So it's totally fine that it's a temporary gamemode which shows up form time to time). Also, TFT isn't a Dota copy, it's just the same genre. And Nexus Blitz wasn't trash. People actually loved it. (Yea, i know.. the playerbase was quite small in the end, but that doesnt mean that it is trash)
Colyeses (EUW)
: New gamemode idea
Just create a custom game and dont take flash. Boom - new gamemode. You just need to find 10 people. I'm not sure if you'll find someone who is actually interested in playing without flash though.
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