: ***
https://i.imgur.com/AiXlJPD.jpg I bet you feel dumb right now
: i don't understand hecarim
>he is not incredibly tanky like let's say an urgot he doesn't hypercarries like a jax or kayle he doesn't have the outplay potential of a riven But he has 1. Insanely strong roams 2. Insanely strong Jungleclear 3. Insanely safe laning phase (which allows him to take ignite instead of flash) 4. Insanely strong teamfight ult 5. Insanely strong backline access with his E und Ult 6. hes good in all stages of the game
: i ended in p4 last sesaon, now I created a new account and I can say though I am level 13 I meet players better than me (at least g3+) combined with players who don't even know to freeze lane or ward. It wasn`t like this when I started few years ago...true...is really hard and annoying for new players. I wouldn't continue to play this game in this condiotion if I was a new player...i don't know how but Riot should find a way to separe those guys, i know is hard
As far as i know they have a system that recognizes you as a smurf and will match you against others... that's why you encounter good players. The problem with the not as experienced players is most likely, that they either are duo queuing with the smurfs, or that they overperformed in recent games and got falsely detected as smurfs. The only possible way to fix that is to forbid people with high mmr to play with people with low mmr... so that smurfs and newcomers can't duo with each other... but that's not a solution at all
: Thank you! Would it be worth switching "Magical Boots" to "Stopwatch" in my runes whenever I fight against a Fizz then, yeh? So far I've been using: - aery, manna, focus, scorch - magical boots, biscuits
you could do that... but keep in mind that it's not available till minute 10. If you need it earlier you can just buy it for 600. I would consider swapping focus with transce.... i value the CDR higher than the raw dmg
: Used it to play cs-go a lot and it wasn’t to hard to carry games, I had an easier time carrying game’s in csgo then I do in league. Also where you getting bots from, cod used to have ranked system as well vs other players... show you really never used to play much. Never really carried about being good at FPS, since they’re usually super easy and don’t have a lot of skill other then how quick you can aim and kill some one. Don’t even get started on tfblade, that guy abuses every op champion there is to get where he wants to be, call me when he reaches challenger with some crappy no meta champ that I might be impressed. Cause spamming broken Irelia isn’t much of an achievement.
>Used it to play cs-go a lot and it wasn’t to hard to carry games depends on your rank... You can reach MG without dropping a game... but after that they kinda know the basics and 1v5 get's tricky >cod used to have ranked system as well vs other players... show you really never used to play much. MW2 700 hours PC --- 250 hours console BO1 3600 hours MW3 3900 hours BO2 1200 hours PC -- 700 hours console AW + BO3 + IW (didn't liked them that much) around 600 hours BO4 currently 120 hours i played alot of tournaments in MW3 and BO1... after that i got introduced into league and kinda dropped CoD >Don’t even get started on tfblade, that guy abuses every op champion he did it with Jungle only... and as i said, countless others did that aswell (easy content for high elo players)
: What's the point of the rank system?
>besides third party websites, like op.gg Those are not the real numbers... it's just their guess Every queue has it's own MMR rating. You play mainly normals and ARAM, so you play against enemies who have the same or a similar MMR as you in those particular modes. Master and Dia on the other side play mostly ranked queue.... so their normal MMR remains pretty low. That's why they appear in your games. Just play rankeds... this will match you more evenly
: How to play against the champion "Fizz"?
Something that helps me alot is playing with something i can't play against When you play a few games as Fizz, you will notice really fast what his weaknesses are and how you can punish him. >Because of this I think I'm getting targeted a lot (and I mean lots!) by the enemy jungle as well and my minions eventually end up freezing on the enemy side. Don't push him in 24/7 Try to setup vision and only do so, when you know you can't get punished for that. If the enemy jungler targets you, try to hold the wave on your side in the middle... that way they can't dive you easily and when Fizz starts to roam you can shove the wave into his tower. Make sure to warn your team when he leaves the lane tho. > Which is the correct item to build first? That's hard to say... cdr and mana are good stats to be able to presure him in lane but if he manages to kill you in lane, you should prio MR...otherwise he does it over and over again You don't need an early Zhonyas.... but a Stopwatch on lvl 6 can be very usefull. But as i said... play a few games as Fizz and you will see his weaknesses
QuerXes (EUNE)
: If that's flaming i don't know how other can i answer to someone trashtalking me without using toxic words lol
/mute x works 100% of the time
: so true brother. i got like 4 permaban acc and i just keep getting banned for calling people" trash" or not being as positive as a child . and riot never looks at context they just expect you to be a pacifist and take it up the ass , i keep having to level up acc and grind because of this bad reporting and punishment system
That's weird... im using alot of sarcasm which could be misunderstood by the system and still never got banned once in years Don't you think the problem might be....you?
Magneset (EUW)
: I think thats a decent idea to be honest. Considering lower level aram games are filled to the brim with bots. Having some kind of human verification wouldn't be too much to ask for.
Sadly with a few more lines of code they will be able to make bots work again. It would only help to reduce afk people
: > [{quoted}](name=GLurch,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=kAn3MYQn,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-11-11T19:46:23.240+0000) > > There is that feature now? You learn something new every day oof It's there since new client came out but it was never mentioned in patch notes (afaik) and it still doesn't work properly that's my point.
I would assume it mutes notifications and sounds when they write you?
: So you think the mode should change because you can't get all Chromas? If you have time to be afk in a TT match, you are doing something wrong. There is always something to do, let it be pushing the lanes, counterjungling or taking down objectives. As it is Baron in SR. As I said before, it isn't the fault of the mode if your comp is bad. People not focusing on objectives isn't the fault of the mode. Whenever I play it, people do focus them whenever possible. Some champs are in a "disadvantage" in TT, Shyvana isn't the only one. For example, Rengar and Lee Sin. Do you think ARAM needs a rework as well, last time I checked there are no dragons for Shyvana to farm. Besides, AP Shyvana is the real way to play her imo. The ones in Plat you faced were Gold 5 in Twisted Treeline. The same way your premade is Plat in solo-Q, but Gold 5 in Twisted Treeline. The modes have separate MMR, thus that is balanced.
>If you have time to be afk in a TT match, you are doing something wrong. There is always something to do, let it be pushing the lanes, counterjungling or taking down objectives. I disagree there... as a jungler it can get really boring The camps are cleared after 10 seconds and after that? Go to the lanes and steal xp? Try to invade the enemy jungler...who has also finished his camps and try a 50/50 fight? Gank a lane with a high probability to get counterganked through lack of vision? Most of the time it's gonna be a faceoff with the enemy jungler around the heal pod just to make sure he doesn't gank your laners.
BioDio (EUW)
: Reached Gold in 3v3, here's my feedback
1) It's not the same cause you can prepare a tactic and a champion which makes it more competitive than ARAM 2-5) Agree 6) I always picked a diving jungler with strong laners... they couldn't do anything 7) Never played that :| 8) I had the complete opposite.... i always had Bronze and low Silver player against me.... There was not a single close game to Gold... i had more fun in bot games. >This is trash game mode. I wouldn't call it trash... but it's deffenetly not in a good spot and no fun to play.
: Can I please only queue up with people with SSD's?
I don't think its a storage problem... i have it on a HDD and i need like 5 secs
T00Late (EUNE)
: Shortest explanation of League of Legends game
Sounds more like HotS to me... or was it Smite
: The only way to climb in league is by playing with your team! rainbow six is hardly every played or even heard off, overwatch has died down to the point it doesn't even reach about 50k views on twitch. League on the other hand makes it impossible to carry meaning like it or not you need the other 4 members to do their part. Any fps can be solo carried, used to do that all the time in Cod. You go try win games 1vs5 tell me how that works out for you.
>overwatch has died down to the point it doesn't even reach about 50k views on twitch has one of the biggest esports scenes >rainbow six is hardly every played or even heard off because it's to competitive and not beginners friendly... still very popular in esports and pro scene >League on the other hand makes it impossible to carry meaning like it or not you need the other 4 members TfBlade just made a Bronze to Challenger series where he went like 28-2 through Plat... if you play good you win Countless others did the same >Any fps can be solo carried I don't know a single one... even if you are superior in aiming, the enemies can still outplay you on the map I wanna see you retaking a bombsite 1v5 >used to do that all the time in Cod not comparable.... you play against random enemies in league you play against people with mostly the same skill also the enemies can spawntrap your team and drop a nuke on you... so 1v6 is also luckbased >You go try win games 1vs5 tell me how that works out for you. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't
: why does this game suck so much? :) why is dota better?
When you refer to toxic behaviour, or bad teammates you won't notice a difference... When you refer to gameplay and optic, it's a question of taste
Lari (EUNE)
: Also saying to your jungler not to steal your xp is not blame is common sense
laritokouneli: top lost cause u trolled me laritokouneli: u lst it laritokouneli: nvm you will never understand laritokouneli: reported laritokouneli: 1v2 again laritokouneli: jg dif laritokouneli: died 2 times cause of zax laritokouneli: le is inting laritokouneli: 0/2 laritokouneli: died to jg laritokouneli: omg u are not smart are u laritokouneli: watch replay inter laritokouneli: ? laritokouneli: ? laritokouneli: ? laritokouneli: u dont know the game laritokouneli: enjoy ban laritokouneli: nah i rep u laritokouneli: flamer laritokouneli: u troll laritokouneli: never helped top and only flamed laritokouneli: flame more laritokouneli: bramd lee enjoy ban laritokouneli: flaming 24/7 Game 2 laritokouneli: no u trolled there laritokouneli: u have my report laritokouneli: x9 top inting laritokouneli: omg 0/16 laritokouneli: ok he is trolling laritokouneli: enjoy ban laritokouneli: plz rep sup laritokouneli: he is trolling laritokouneli: this thresh is impossible laritokouneli: to play with laritokouneli: u are the one troling laritokouneli: dont blame me laritokouneli: are u allergic to wards? laritokouneli: u can ss now mid XD laritokouneli: sup inting laritokouneli: x9 sup laritokouneli: stayed with 10 hp laritokouneli: illaoi inting laritokouneli: focus raka u idiots and the kog laritokouneli: omg rep mis and up laritokouneli: inting laritokouneli: thresh inted u laritokouneli: thresh was troling buddy
: Exchange OF SKINS ingame
Skins are the main income of Riot and systems that provide you with free skins hurt them alot. Technically it's obviosly possible to create such a sytsem... but it would cost Riot alot of money and will give them less income in return. In the long run they would dig their own grave with that.
: Fix The Solo Q ....MMR or Elo system is better then the Current(division system ) Change my mind
How do you want to decide what a good and what a bad performance is? Kills? --> No one will ever be playing tanks anymore KP? -> Splitpush is dead Farm? -> Assassins are gone Objective Control? Who needs mages when you can just 2 shot the tower with garen People will stop to play for the win... and start playing just for the points why finish the game with 5 kills when you can lose the game with a 20kill performance on Zed and get more points The only stat that's important is win or loss.... everything other than that will be exploited
: > [{quoted}](name=Global Noc Out,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=HHM4TrEk,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-11-12T00:13:44.518+0000) > > So with all your actions now you prove that you deserve punishment. GG > {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} Now i prove =)) , i do , you think i am care after i got permanent banned does someone still care about me , no so why i would care about others anymore ??? , no man i just act like riot want normaly , i will play normaly not regarding how good i can play ,regarding how many mistakes i can do and how many people i can annoy. ... , i have enought money soon i will be on my own salary , after taking my university degree ... While most of the kids play with them d124 in the sand :), i will have enought money to have fun and i may hunt euw cause i love the air... of such guys like you
It seems like decent english wasn't a requirement for your degree :| I don't get why a higher income will increase your gaming experience in lol tho... For me it didn't change...neither when i was in school, at university nor at work > i got permanent banned does someone still care about me , no so why i would care about others anymore You got banned because you didn't care about others in the first place.. so nothing will change
NoobMemeBoi (EUNE)
: Champion Idea
The main problem that i have with Sonji is, is that i don't see his place. He would be terrible in jungle because his dmg is delayed (the q needs to proc on large minions), he seems to be to passive to be able to fit on toplane, in midlane he cant really punish mages nor assassins, and for support there are simply better options... why revive him for 6 seconds when you can pick Zilean...why blink when you can dash and stun with pyke ________________________________________________________________________________ It seems like you wanted to create a support... so let's try and push him into that role a little bit and give him a topic With a name like the corrupted the first thing that came into my mind is debuffs and a counter to heal supports Q: in addition to the dps on champs: when cast on minions a corruption will spread amongst nearby minions (without delay), which makes them vulnerable and let them take extra dmg (increasing the waveclear and the lane dominance) W: Sonji corrupts the enemy weapons and reduces their dmg by x% E: Sonji corrupts the ground so that enemy champions hit will sink into the ground (rooted or slowed (question of ballance)) R: Sonji starts a corrupting rainfall which will deny every enemy healing in it's range
: so i miss champ nasus,witch buy for me my sister,that is problem ,it was red nasus,i miss him
As Hansiman already said..it would be the best to contact the support. Could it be, that you're not missing the champion Nasus, but the skin "Infernal Nasus"? Otherwise i don't understand what you mean by "red Nasus".
Nox Eterna (EUNE)
: Nice answer. Thank you for giving me your invaluable "advice" and teaching me how to "behave like an adult". Ended the discussion like a real master too, very impressive. Guess I can't win an argument against this kind of ironclad logic and solid line of argumentation, so that makes yet another internet villain vanquished for you, eh? Well done.
> that the only reason you're here is that you Want to feel good about yourself Aren't you kinda doing the same thing? Just for the opposite site? >get all offended from a single word ARE the reason this community is considered to be one of the worst That's not true. No one says, "LoL has the worst community because they're so easy to offend" ...the problem here is that there are people who try to offend you...but you have that in every online game..so LoL is nothing special in that regard. I see your point. Many poeple are here, to just make fun of those who got banned. But the OP asks why he got banned and he definitely said something, that was against the rules...so pointing that out is perfectly fine. I don't have a problem with people which are making fun of me...as long as it is entertaining in some points. But when it's a pure assault, which is only meant to hurt someone, i want that guy to get punished. It has nothing to do with beeing butthurt...i just don't want to spend my time with someone who doesn't even has the ability to respect others.
radetari (EUNE)
: but vi wants to beat jinx up, that isnt very sisterlike relationship
I guess you you don't have a sister :'D
MadWifeHR (EUW)
: that is true, but I think riots greed would prevent such a thing from occuring, any sracth of rp they can get they will get....
So that's why we get free champ rotations new sales every week hextech chests free RP for paintings ...
: Yasuo: Perma banned // Easy to counter // Hard to get used to Talon: Noone bans him // Strong early game wich makes you snowball easly // Easy to pick up
Talon: safer Waveclear // better map rotations // better escape possibilities
: ezreal fed the game, looked like inting... i believe everyone in the team reported him
>i believe everyone in the team reported him Doesn't matter at all. 1 report will trigger the system once. 4 reports will trigger the system once. The system doesn't look at the amount of the reports....only whether he got reported or not.
You can always write a note to your reports....just write "was trolling in champ select". Correct me if i'm wrong, but i guess Riot logs every "public"-chat...so the flamer can get punished for that.
: not ban, but maybe they can add system that doesn't allow players to create 2 accounts from the same IP. Or something like this. Because silvers who play smurf and defeat new players think they are challenger :p then happens mid or feed thing. On the other hand, it doesn't allow players to improve themselves, because they always get crushed by other players. So, kudos
>allow players to create 2 accounts from the same IP Sounds good, doesn't work. That would mean, that when more than one person are living in a house, only one of them would be allowed to create an account. Riot can only see the IP from the network itself...not the IP from every single PC which is in it. Also some familys aren't that rich and can only afford one pc...so there would be more than one person playing on it.
: I finished this one in a single game xD all i did was get my 100cs and extend the game till everyone had more than 100 cs, except our support ofcourse. I thinking the chaos mission which asks you to win an aram game (aram=random=chaos=neat thinking rito) is quite a bit harder. Thank goodness im following Order.
The ARAM quest does also exist in the order path. Just had it yesterday.
: Yeah it says -I am a yasuo player, I will defend my pogchamp with memes-
I guess you missed his point. Banshee's Veil offers you a spellshield...that means not only the damage, but the whole spell get's blocked. That means it can also deny cc. Yasuos passive is just a normal shield. It will block the damage of the spell, but not the spell itself. You will get cced when hit. You can't compare those two.
: hmm yeah, but leaving all this away just leaves a window open for players to start trolling during champ select for no reason as well and mess up a game, ruining everything for 9 possible sportsmanlike players. So there has to be something. It is just so annoying sometimes. When you get more games in a row like this, you can't just dodge every game without getting penalized yourself
Play the game and report him afterwards. That's how you can get rid of them.
: iceborn gauntlet
When your team already have enough dmg. When you need some resistance. When you have mobile enemies, so you need the slow for kiting. When you are behind and can't afford a Trinity. When you want some extra waveclear.
Yolo Ekko (EUW)
: Individual Performance Ranking
So Lee is taking the dragon, but he can only do it because Malphite is zoning the enemies...how do you want to calculate the contribution of the mere zoning from Malphite? The Support is sacrificing himself, so his ADC can live...how can you calculatie if it was neccessary and how much it meaned for the win? The enemy support spamms his wards into one brush and has 60 wards placed...your support is doing something useful with them but only placed 20...how do you calcualte the usefulness of wards?...only by mere number? No such a system wouldn't work, because there are way to many important actions that you can't put into calculation.
Mabons (EUW)
: Why is there still not a ping checker in the client
>And before someone says "Use speedtest.net" yes I do, and yes it works for me Since when can speedtest.net display your ping from your system to Riots game servers?
: While they are chasing me other lanes pressures other lanes, getting the second tower as well. I do that in situations like that. Not always. I do if it's only worth it.
So basically.... You push alone to the tower You greed for first blood tower, when your team is presuring it anyway... Why? When 3 man are coming to you, just back off...then your team can get first tower blood and the enemies would have wasted time. Why do you take trades when you can just take it all without giving anything to the enemies?
: Maybe people are ignoring the fact I'm so unlucky? http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/3177219434/231737821?tab=overview IT's in my copy paste for now, let's talk about this. What's wrong with this game? I'm a midlaner. What can I do about that shen who keeps dying. 14 deaths in a 35 minutes game.
You could have played a better midlaner than Ezreal. You have no waveclear so Cho'Gath can constantly push you in. Through that alone, the enemy team get's control over your jungle and the baron and dragon area. Also Cho'Gath can freely roam all game long because you need way to long to push out your wave. Cho has 14 Assissts so i guess he did exactly that. Without a replay we only can guess what you did wrong/right.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=New York City,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=uZEMEqjt,comment-id=001500000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-05-11T11:33:11.958+0000) > > Yea, sometimes I die for the fb tower. I think it's worth. For ex, it has 10% life and 3 people are coming at me. thats where you are wrong, it's not worth it cause while you get gold alone, enemy team has 3 members gaining gold from you
Also he will fall behind in exp and the enemy team gets presure on the bot-tower, the botside jungle and the dragon area. That's a pretty bad trade...
: that's true, so if you go look on op.gg, you can clearly see my match history no? it's very simple to look at the game and see nothing has been altered :) This is not about witchhunting, this is about playing 1 v 9 constantly in co-op due to the increased prevelancy of botted accounts and the seeminlgy nothing that is being done about it.
>that's true, so if you go look on op.gg, you can clearly see my match history no? But many people doesn't do that and just believe what you said....that's why it is called "witch hunt". There was never a proof, that witches ever existed...but some random people just said: "that and that girl are witches let's burn them" and the people followed them blindly. That's exactly what Riot wants to avoid and why it's against the rules. However....it is allowed to quote their profiles, without writing their name....that way the people have to look it up themself and can then decide wether it's true or not.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I like it, that they don't get banned directly. This way they can get to lvl 30...someone buys them and get's banned afterwards :'D
: Why i stuck silver ?
>all my game im 10/20 kills 10/20 = 0,5 0,5 Kills are not that impressive imo
: I think during Harrowing they are available... So next Harrowing you can get it
You cant get her through hextech and mystery chests too.
: Your jokes are old and sad.
>Your jokes are old and sad. Like your rig
: ***
>It seems like your education isn't. :P Well....lucky me that my employer thinks a bit different^^ None of my friends has problems with the new client...also there aren't much threads on the boards to that regard...so obviously there has to be something wrong with your rig...not with the client.
Coopa123 (EUW)
: Are you actually serious? I'm just asking because if I pretend to be a really stupid and obnoxious troll I write just like you. You're kidding right?
Kringdari (EUW)
: Gunblade and GLP-800
I don't think GLP-800 and Gunblade share the same CD. i believe it is like this: {{item:3153}} {{item:3146}} and {{item:3030}} {{item:3152}}
: Worthless new client
The client is worth alot of money... It seems like your computer isn't :P
sit kid (EUW)
: Garen... EDIT: Not sure if you are sarcastic
I was....it just was so obvious that i had to say something wrong.
Gaminime (EUW)
: Anivia's wall
Do you have a video from that? Maybe you missed a small detail...i never had that problem.
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