: have u ever seen a top laner build that?
You specifically mentioned adc
: poppy and CoC
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: how to beat a nasus under tower
Ward, roam and get kills, if he is farming and you roam your team is 5v4 also 3 man tower dive
Tiichu (EUW)
: If you would rate yourself
This is how I would rate myself compared to people at my rank, not higher Elo. Your current rank: G5 Warding: 4 Mechanics: 2.5 Making goodcalls/strategies: 2 Itemization: 3 Positive Attitude: 4 Adaptation skills: 2 Mapawareness: 2
Práedyth (EUW)
: autofill can be annoying at times or even lose you a game...but this is a whole new level
Is it only me but I rarely feel like I get autofill? And when I do I think it seems fair? Maybe it's because I'm low elo but I don't see autofill as a problem.


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