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: Assuming that the OP isn't lying, they didn't actually check a replay of a match - pretty sure of this. They probably only checked that files were modified or not, 3rd party software interacting, bla bla bla. That's not real proof of anything. So if the OP truly did not use scripts, any "human already looking into your case" didn't actually find scripting evidence in game, but only a program interacting with LoL. Also, I don't see how you say that he should read and understand while you're not doing it. The OP stated he didn't do ANY of the things you listed.. yet you come back saying that he was unable to behave in the community. You then claim he violated the contract. YOU can't truly know that. Just because he was punished it doesn't mean he actually did violate the contract. Are you aware of hundreds of players not so long ago that were banned for scripts and 3rd party softwares? Are you? And they weren't the only ones. They happen **every** season. Did you still talk down to them and tell them they violated the contract like you are doing to MadMorris? Mistakes happen, blindly following the system just makes you naiive and ignorant, not smarter than everyone else.
Thank you. And exactly - there is absolutely no way they checked a replay. That's the funny thing. If they checked a replay, literally for 5 minutes, they would see I suck at the game. I'm hardstuck silver, my last game four games were all losses and I went negative. That's the icing on the cake of this madness, the fact I'm actually terrible at the game, so to call me a scripter is low. I just want a Rioter to look into the case again or maybe you're right and there has been another false ban wave. I mean, all the evidence should suggest I haven't scripted/boosted/account shared. I've had the account years, I've played so many games. And to the people saying I'm trying to boost - I haven't played a rank game in months. All I've played in URF/Aram/Blood Moon.
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: > 2) I am looking for assistance with this ban, Sorry, but if support already said no, then it's a no. We are just normal players, we can't do anything. Even if we could it would be your word against theirs, and since Riot has an insanely good record of not %%%%ing up when it comes to this im heavily inclined to believe them. That said, Riot have mad mistakes before. A few months ago a ton of players were wrongfully banned. A couple of weeks later, and all the wrongfully banned accounts were unbanned with an apology. If this is the case with you, I expect a sudden large influx of posts on here stating that they've been wrongfully banned. A single case of a wrongful ban for 3rd party programs is so rare, that I can't even think of a case like that having happened ever. If you really are innocent, i really hope your account gets unbanned.
Exactly. That's why I made the post. Because I know I've never scripted and that nobody has used my account, I can account for every game and remember playing them. So clearly there is more to this case and I think is someone from Riot were to see this post and investigate the case they might find valuable information that could assist the community. Because if I have been banned for something I'm sure I haven't done other people have as well.
Perilum (EUW)
: Alright. Then I guess we're done here. I'm tired of repeating myself.
Perilum you have no information to base your conclusion on, everything you said is obvious and not what I'm talking about. I'm saying my ban is baseless because I know what I've done and would like someone to investigate my account again. You're repeating what Riot have already told me.
Perilum (EUW)
: 1) I don't want to repeat myself. Read and understand. 2) If you're unable to behave in a community, you get removed. Riot ended the contract with you by perma banning your account. They revoked your licence to play the game. They did exactly what you BOTH agreed on in the contract. 3) 3 Humans already looked into your case. They all see the same evidence. You don't have the last word here. You violated the contract, the contract ended. End of story. If you want to spend money for the game, licence a new account and learn from your mistakes to not do the same again. Secure your data. There is critical evidence against you. You got judged by that through a human. Your opinion doesn't matter in this case. Neither does our opinion matter.
Perilum what you're missing is that I didn't violate the contract. I haven't done any of the things alleged against me. Thus, I am making this post.
Perilum (EUW)
: You're responsibility for the security of your system. If you play LoL in a internet cafe on a PC with scripts installed, you scripted. It's not a false positive, it's a positive. You may want to read the CONTRACT you signed, when you licence the account from Riot. A human banned you. Not the system. Also these systems work in every game the same. The processes are the same and are not re-invented by every company. And no nobody will present you evidence, because this will be used to improve scripts and cheat tools.
1) I've never played at an Internet cafe. I've never played on a PC with scripts installed. 2) I am looking for assistance with this ban, because I am a consumer of Riot's product. I want to give them money, they want to take my money. It is not a question of if Riot can ban my account. The EULA says Riot can delete any account for whatever reason they want. But they don't. Because they would have a product with nobody using it. 3) If a human banned me they have made a mistake, I would like another human to look at my ban again. I'm not sure what you are basing your conclusions on frankly.
Perilum (EUW)
: You got manually banned by a person, after the system collected enough evidence. Two after investigations on your request also confirmed this decision. Feel free to not share your account in the future, buy it online, play it in internet cafes or install scripts. Also secure your E-Mail account and your Riot account.
And where are you getting that information from? I'm saying a human needs to check the 'evidence'. Because I know what I have and haven't done and I haven't done any of the things you listed. Also - you suggest playing League in an internet cafe can produce a false positive in the system, supporting the fact there is room for error.
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