: I just want to point out that using hacks isn't like, infinite flashes or bork actives, but any 3rd party program that gives you an advantage (Automatic timers, zoomhack etc.) which may be client side only, so replays won't show that. So the only way they can find you is by monitoring what files you inject and things like that. I'm not saying that you hacked or didn't, I don't know you well enough to judge that. I just want to point out that you could very well do something and then make an excuse that you used that program. I think the only way to get your account back is talking with a real Riot employee that can check if you got banned indeed for the EMET.DLL file, or something else. I'm not sure how you do that though. Keep spamming support maybe? Either way I hope you get your account back. I wish you the best of luck.
I'm not here to make an excuse or hide facts. I just want my acc back since its not banned for the right reasons. I think a manual review would prove that. I don't have and NEVER had any program running that tells me buff timers, help me / change the zooming, helps me aim, click for me or enchant the graphics in any way. Or whatever other third party software that can be used to cheat. I never even experimented with such software. I seen streamers using software that makes replays of the game, but I don't even use that or anything that automatically collects information about player performance that some streamers do. I just use nothing and shouldn't be banned, especially not on some claim to be cheating.
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: All companies react the same way. If they think you were cheating, they won't give you further information as they believe you will use that information and make a new hack to hack their game. So, even if a player would actually try to help them. The player is seen as "stupid hacker, we won't fall for your trap". And the company will not bother interacting with said person. Even more in riot's case where the amount of players is pretty high. So, for starters, they can afford to lose 1 player here and there; for second reason, its impossible to have the human resources to manually verify all "I'm innocent claims". Hence, they will often remain unattended. The OP needs some luck for someone at riot to actually bother to help.
Thank you. I post here in a last effort, I really don't have the energy to keep fighting this. I had some bad luck in life lately with my sister man and long time friend dying in a hospital, he had to do surgery most die during, and majority end up with life long complications. I been visiting and playing meanwhile and tried to not think too much on it but it has been on my mind all the time. Hes adding 12 liters of fluid, something that can make the heart stop and laying in a bed and can't breathe without help anymore. Its been hard to get live text updates about the situation and someone starts whining on my play, I go on tilt, and then I get perma banned for hacking/cheating, something I know I didn't do.
: I deserved my ban then but I'm still complaining because it's just not fair,people start and you are the only one who get's banned,if also riot looked at my games they would never see me flaming but getting flamed and answering back 70% of the time yet I'm the only one who got punished Btw yeah,I understood but like I said,it's not fair to get randomly banned when you did nothing wrong,and yep I hope someone from riot sees this post and un-bans you because mistakes can happen =D
I'm hoping for someone like @mirageofpenguins here to review my case. And also info if I must stay away from security software like EMET that gives no advantage in game, but due to it injecting a dll.
: After being unfairly banned for flaming I see another one being unfairly banned for cheating lol Come on,this is so stupid..
I'm not here to waste peoples time with bogus claims. I didn't cheat and assume I was banned by some automated system (maybe in combination with an false report about cheating), even good systems can make errors. I wouldn't bother with this if I did hack and cheat, it would be "ban deserved". I would move on. But I guarantee that there was no cheating, if riot were to manually look at my matches (im sure they have some replays) they wouldn't find a single case of scripting, not ONE. I just ask for a rioter that knows about "detecting hackers" to look at this. EMET unlike a firewall or antivirus injects itself into processes much like a scripting software probably would. But it give the same advantage that an antivirus software would. None (other than some security).
Kageryu (EUW)
: > I know you guys reacted to EMET.DLL being injected No. You assume they did.
You are correct in calling it an assumption. I also assume I was reported for hacking by a bronze/low silver riven some games ago when playing urgot. He was hit by an Noxian Corrosive Charge (e) and then ran into a bush, whereby I used Acid Hunter (q) twice and got him. He yelled hacker/scripter, I thought it was silly and didn't respond. I guess he really thought it was hacking when shooting him in the bush like that, when it really was him not knowing urgots abilities. Anyhow all I want is someone with technical expertise to look on this, I'm pretty sure its EMET that riot has reacted to (maybe in combination with the bronze/silver rivens report). Its all I can think would cause this since I don't use any scripting. My KDA would probably be more decent then.
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