Rellaes (EUW)
: So, 8.14 is a mess. At least let us know what kind of bugs are currently in the game.
For me, my team in the scoreboard is scrambled, enemy team is sorted
: Gem/pikachu is a girl that got eloboosted by xj9 then dumped him and started dating a rioter(riot jay iirc), she complained that xj9 was harassing her so riot banned his accounts for elo boosting. After that he made a thread detailing evidence of gem/pikachu also being elo boosted. He got permabanned on the forum and any post speaking against gem/pikachu was deleted/changed and the poster banned. Community harassed her so much riotjay even changed her name fron gem to pikachu for free. Good old days of rioters engaging in blatant power abuse.
That's beautiful! True love warms my heart.
: Russian server is not EUNE lol. Donate and spent it's same, coz I spent my money to support game, it's donate.
We got signal!
: How many ranked can i lose after getting to silver V?
It depends on your mmr but rito won't tell you your mmr. You will see an ! before you get demoted
lukza123 (EUNE)
: dude my acc has been locked and the riot supp has not replied to me emails its been 10 hours now._.
every time you write another message, your ticket gets back to the end of the queue
: you dont want "negative behaviour"?
Who's gem and why do you want to give him a penta?
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: You want to throw out 100s of false reports a day because you are at sensitivity lvl 300% go ahead And reporting someone who annoys you, is not a reportable reason, just makes you look like a barbie.
Maybe I throw out some false reports sometimes but that wasn't my point. It's pointless and annoying if players ask to report someone since the number of reports doesn't matter. If someone wants to report someone: fine, go ahead. But keep it to yourself. Don't try to make others report him as well
: How to get bronze v?
with a premade of 5, you can just open mid
: i dont care anymore man. i meet crap tons of afkers or trollers just like i said. somehow i dont believe every one of them is getting their acc deleted or banned whatever... i dont care anymore... im calm during games i use mute thats it... end of the game end of the problem....use report they say. .. yeah i've been doing it for 2 years, yet i havent EVEN received any notification that my report has been taken into consideration. i dont even care about that. do you know what i care about. playing at least 3 games without afkers//trollers//etc. lets end the discussion here bcs no one us can do anything about it. you have your own opinion and as usual i respect it , i have mine. no problem for me. have a nice day. :)
: If you can't hack words don't play a online game simple. If you're so butt over what some one said to you in game, don't play the game. There is always a mute option. Second trolls get banned very very rarely and mostly buy submitting a ticket. I've seen enough 10 + games of straight trolling and they're still there following month. I could make an account, and test how fast ill get banned. Lets go 10 games trolling, and 10 games chatting shit. And see which account gets flagged the fastest. I'd say the 10 games of chatting shit.
So basically you're saying you don't need a loading screen tip about how reports work because you don't believe/understand it anyway? Thank you. I finally understand what being flabbergasted feels like.
: do you work at riot? do you get to look at the screen and see that you just received report from only 1 person? DO you ACTUALLY know it? can you provide a proof? no? well im sorry but given the number of trolls and afkers i see everyday, i doubt that 1 report does anything. im sorry but that's my personal opinion. i dont get to trust people on words that easily. :) i give me a screenshot of it , i consent and apologize. i dont even care if rioter tells me it takes only 1 report. i wrapped my mind around the fact that i simply dont give damn and sometimes even exit from post game lobby without reporting anyone who trolled.
So basically you're saying you don't need a loading screen tip about how reports work because you don't believe/understand it anyway? Thank you. I finally understand what being flabbergasted feels like.
: bcs i simply dont want them to go unpunished and i write it twice once in the game and once after the game lobby to remind people. when someone says report ------ he is afk, i remember it and report them after the game. i dont see it as a problem at all.
Good lord! Can't you wrap your mind around the idea that the number of reports is irrelevant? Why do you care if someone else reports the same player you reported? If you report him, he's already reported. Another report won't do anything. About not seeing a problem: I don't see a problem at all if you get punished for report calling.
: soo what about if someone goes mid game AFK and never comes back. i dont rage but i calmly write: guys please take time to report shaco he is afk :). is that all right?
Well, if you only write it once, there is a good chance I don't see it and won't have to report you. Why do you feel the need to communicate that you consider somebody reportable. Is that a "toilet-group-thing"? Like when girls go to the toilet in groups because it'd be embarassing to go there alone?
Danneyftw (EUW)
: Actually anyone from the league community with more than 3 active brain cells (which I know is very rare) knows that usually the guy that goes to all chat saying "report -name- here" is the actual toxic problem. I've had 3 successful reports about reporting people that spam "report top pls" it's so satisfying banning these low intelligent fruit baskets.
I once had a game where I had to click away 2 report feedbacks :-D Yes, reporting douchebags is very satisfying.
: "i report who annoys me" What is really disgusting is so many people agreeing with you.
So you're weirded out by someone who makes a decision based on what he's thinking instead of what others are saying. Got it!
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jeronimo88 (EUNE)
: Riot does ask for you password. It's in the verify your account tab. It asks for you to put in you e-mail and "PASSWORD". Check it out for yourself.
I think you can change your league password there. I assure you I never entered my email password on league. Where is this "verify your account" tab? Is it on the website or in the client?
Sredshot (EUW)
: Be careful
Sorry about that, it seems to have really gotten to you. But I have to agree with the others: If he goes apeshit if you say something he doesn't like, it's his loss, not your's.
: is it 42?
Not sure. I tend to forget the answer when I come down. I can only remember that the answer was quite funny.
Dmitko (EUNE)
: 6 fun facts about Mushrooms!
Some mushrooms even know the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything.
FallenRay (EUNE)
: The hypocrisy of Riot Games
Damn, so the tire can't be fixed anymore? Prolly best to slash the other tire, too.
: How long does it take to find a match these days? Is the game loosing popularity?
: Reports = reports?
Hi! The number of reports is completely irrelevant. There is no difference between getting 9 reports or 1 report after a game. Also the intentional feeding report is quite lenient. This week I had a game where 4 premades trolled their jungler. All 4 had the same tag and ghost and cleanse so they were clearly a group. One of them played normally, just badly. One of them inted half the time and played normally the other half. One of them inted a lot and played occasionally. One of them inted constantly, only took one or two lucky kills when he had the chance. After the game I reported all 4 (I think the one who only watched should be hanged last so he can watch the others hang) but I only got 2 report feedbacks so even the Orrn who was feeding a lot got away without punishment
WøOxer (EUW)
: I saw also Diana in the background from Pool Party Ziggs splash art.
Moon Moon? She can have one but I don't think it's that important...
: Finally done
You seem to be as angry about whatever it is you're angry about as I am about people who write "trollers". Boy, do I hate this special kind of annoying little troll.
: Zoe gets one. There was a video about skins a while back that showed the ssw skins and pp zoe.
nobody cares about zoe! Ahri, Riven, Kata, Akali and maybe even Kaiser need swimsuits!
Skaris (EUNE)
: Ban for what exactly?
From your explanation I understand that you were toxic to be funny. Don't worry. I am amused.
Laky Chań (EUNE)
: Chance for Permanently Banned Accounts (Toxicity)
I had a different idea: What about we have the Player Behaviour Enforcement Division brand players with permanently banned accounts so if you spot one of the outcasts outside, you can punish them at your discretion.
: Anivia wall when hit directly cancels every channeled spell. And being airborne inhibits spellcasting.
Being displayed has nothing to do with being airborne and you can't be displaced by terrain if you're in a state where you ignore terrain
: Got leaver buster for making my team win!!!!!
Yes, they changed that some time this year. If you leave in ranked, you won't get LP even if you come back and win. By doing this, the game communicates that it's not worth bothering to reconnect so players learn not to give a flying %%%% about the game once they crashed.
: When you get suspended
Oh hohoho. I really enjoyed this one.
Djake (EUW)
: Permanently banned why?
hmmmmm, that's really nice
1OfMe (EUNE)
: Care what you say guys.
that makes me very happy
BoboTheDude (EUNE)
: I broke my part huh? I was constantly loosing and loosing ranked matches because of players that don't know what to do and at they same time they were toxic towards me and they provoke me to say something that 'breaks the rules'! When i report they don't get banned or suspended in anyway, they have said some really bad things towards me and the entire team and they get away but when i say something i get suspended!
First of all: good! Also: *losing "loose" means "not tightly fit"
: Permanent banned .
first of all: good! Second: There are a lot of league games going on. Too much to make a person check them all for players not trying to win the game. Instead there is an automated system you can set in motion by reporting someone. It's very good at punishing talkers but not as good at detecting players who try to lose the game on purpose.
: You just got to the topic i discuss with my friends almost every time when i play. i get ADCs who: : Cant press R. seriously i have played with talyah and jhin who used their first ultimate around 20 minutes : blame me when they cant do anything,= and i mean ANYTHING. : Despite writing multiple times that i didnt take the kill(it happens when i play leona and zyra) on purpose and i apologize for it(which i shouldn't be doing) they still write KS and DC :)) : dont reply back in the chat, i dont understand this phenomenon... really what is that? do they mute everyone in the beginning ? : expect support to be a fkn GOD . do they think i've got lvl 18 at 3 min? they want me to engage in teamfight where we will most likely feed and when i dont, i get this: REPORT my supp f**k you leona cant play , :))))) : get autofilled as ADC and dont reply when i write in champ select lobby. im like hey dude u got autofilled or u know how to play adc? and i get nothing. WTF is wrong with these people. cant they write yeah man, im not so good with ADC. just when we are nearing 16 min mark and he's feeding 0/7 he goes its my first time adc ******. just for the record, the fact that u got autofilled doesnt mean u have to turn your brain off and bash the keyboard with your teeth,
that reminds me of my first quadra on thresh. It lost us the game because a quadruple ks was too much for renek and he was sadly forced to dc :-D
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Zoe Chan (EUW)
: Pool Party event release?
We didn't get one last year either! It's like all rito ever cares about is fixing bugs and improving gameplay while Ahri, Riven, Kata and Akali _still_ don't have a swimsuit! This is an outrage!
: Why do people keep typing "ez" even when losing
: What would you guys like to see in the new upcoming Akali rework?
: I have been placed on an unwarranted 14 day suspension and want it lifted
617 (EUW)
: Perm banned
617: should of gave me 617: would of finished I would have reported you for that alone. GO BACK INTO YOUR CAVE!
: Coin or relic (the struggle)
Yes, relic shield is by far the most frustrating aspect of this game. It should put an execute mark on the cannon, it should do that as soon as you click, it should auto target cannons, it should give an auto attack reset as soon as a minion comes into execute health. Or it should be removed altogether because it's just too damn frustrating.
Declined (EUNE)
: No, it shouldn't be modified. I can't really explain why here though.
I mean this message "must be level 10 or higher to post discussion" The message you get when your first post was not in technical support and that keeps leading to amusing threads like this one.
Shiwah (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mada,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=E6ziLjsg,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-07-03T13:12:30.273+0000) > > "your first post has to be in tech support because we don't know how to turn this shit off" It's actually on purpose.
Then why doesn't the message say "Your first post needs to be in tech support" Is the message wrong on purpose, too?
: I have one update, but I have none?
I have 7! Ohh, the disappoints...
Mazda8896 (EUNE)
: Smurfs :/
Ye, the experience for new players is a bit weird. I think because you duo'd with your friend, the account is already tainted ^^ The game is super quick to assume you know what you're doing and are ready to be matched with better players. Try not to get discouraged by it
rito plz (EUW)
: "must be level 10 or higher to post discussion"
It's working now. I think nobody at riot knows how to change that message to say something like "your first post has to be in tech support because we don't know how to turn this shit off"
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