: I had my mind on supports. Sry. It makes sense what you say, because even though I am kind of obsessed with choosing the right champion for each role, it's one thing being limited by your champion and another by your knowledge/skill. A Gold AP carry in bot lane should be a greater threat from a casual player who plays the suggested adc role. I just made the assumption that everyone has about the same skill. And assuming that, I wanted to point out that the right champions in the right place should give an advantage. But you write about gameplay, so yea I agree, skill probably beats everything.
I feel you man. I'm easily tilted by the relic shield line of support items where the support doesn't get gold if he can't execute minions or when players afk under tower until 2:00 when the minions arrive. Eugh! Or not killing the minions for level 2. That's aways a tilter
Flarre (EUNE)
: How to keep two seperate settings for league on one computer for 2 accounts
Ye, that got %%%%ed up this patch cycle. My configs got ruined as well
: Yes, ok, but think about it. Marksmen are super squishy. The "support" (let's say Mordekaiser) all he does is going around in circles, while the opponent has a Soraka that heals and helps when you trade. Or a Zyra that zones you from farming. What the adc is suppose to do then?
you misunderstood. I'd rather support a mage who knows what he's doing than an adc who does not. Most of the time those f*§&rds seem to be unable to comprehend that minions give xp.
: So I still play vs golds but I gain only 32 mmr. Legit broken system.
: [EUW] Compensation Mission Live in Client!
Ohhh, why are all those missions so damn difficult!
: Can't play this game any longer, I'm done.
bye, have a beautiful time
CliffiToF (EUW)
: what honor level do you need to get decent teams?
eugh! Also: if you don't mute the talkers, you have only yourself to blame
: Critical Strike change to non-RNG suggestion
That's a very simple fix to one of the most annoying features in the game. I like it a lot!
: A crazy thought about duo bot lane.
I think there should be a loading screen tip that says the pampered child on bot lane doesn't have to be an adc. If you don't know what you're doing or only think you know what you're doing, try picking something else.
Glaiver (EUNE)
: Why does the client as a program have desktop priority during champion select?
I hope when they implement DirectDNATest before rankeds they also add a way to send a jolt of feedback when it's your turn to pick, ban or ward ^^ edit: there are some unnecessary popups, though, I agree with that
: Will smurfing ever stop?
With phone verification you can still have someone else play on your computer. I say only allow playing if you're using peripherals that randomly stab you mid game, draw some blood and check the DNA against the DNA you registered with ^^ At the very least enforce that in pro play. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?! Well, then we'll just randomly stab Faker.
chefff v2 (EUW)
: If we talk to each other does that mean i have participated in the process that high elo players call “esex”? P.s The fact that you included the word “egirl” makes it look like you’re trying to get attention from all the white knights here xD
Preposterous! I'm a black knight and she got my attention
GLurch (EUW)
: He probably coded some stuff that makes everyone who uses the boards upvote that comment, probably to see if everyone's profiles and stuff are properly working or if there are some issues with things. Since he helps develop stuff for the boards, there may have been some reason for it like him changing some things and testing if everything still works. Anyways, as the post says, I wouldn't really mind it, doesn't seem to be anything to worry about.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: So you think, the are a lot of people, who have been Boosted to the glorious heights of.. Silver 3?
^^ There are even people who talk about boosted players in normals. ^^ I think those guys have been boosted. They have no business being literate ^^
Rena (EUW)
: It's sad that there are female players who try to get attention from male (mostly young) gamers who never had any interaction with the female gender. How about you try to ask for a duo normaly like a guy? Don't you have any other skills here you can use to seek a duo mate other than being female? This is just disrespectful for all the female gamers who are serious about gaming and who have to take all the hate because of the stereo typcial "eGirl" who just wants attention. Sad, that's all i have to say
I don't see what's the problem with a girl looking for a guy to play with. It's not like she's a guy who's looking for a girl. Now _those_ creeps need a good gelding! Oh! Well, I guess if someone is looking for something then that's simply their business and possibly the business of the people being looked for
OT Riku (EUW)
: Witchhunting!!!!
From what I understand "witch pursuit thingee" is the politically correct term
Smerk (EUW)
: > the believer who called attention to the misconduct should receive the rank, champions and skins of the heretic. You know? Like in the olden days. As far as i remember church took all possessions of heretic and not the one who turned him in.
Just checked wikipedia again and it claims that church and witness shared their haul ^^
Rioter Comments
Ranchy (EUW)
: The ping is the same for me. around 140-130.
There are gaming VPNs that might help you. I tried one myself and the result was worse but that's since my connection was already good before... I can't recommend anything though but they mostly have a free 30 day trial
Ranchy (EUW)
: Any plans to make a Middle East server?
what's wrong with the one in Istambul?
Zymexxx (EUW)
: [Guide] How to get anyone banned, easy method
for toxicity/for being toxic pro tip: if you take your time writing a post you migh start getting taken seriously also: I call an adc who won't auto minions an int+afk. Midlaner not covering his jungle? Int+afk! Someone pinging the Question Mark of Greater Teamtilting? Int, negative attitude, verbal abuse. I don't use the chat for it, though. What's the point? I'm already done judging him. Yes, of course he could improve by just blindly following my every word. But do I care? Is there any reason to assume he can even comprehend what I'm saying? Just full mute and report at the end. (Yesterday I fullmuted 3 adcs before we even got level 2. I think I even won one of those games and later I even got adcs who understood that minions exist)
Zymexxx (EUW)
: Riot is defending intentional feeding on this forum
Pitchforks! Get your pitchforks here! If you get enough for an angry mob you get torches for free!
Zymexxx (EUW)
: Riot does not ban intentional feeders, proof inside
Don Cuneo (EUNE)
: You do understand that in low elo people don't know strategic warding placement and a large number of wards placed are wasted anyways. Even if what you said is a joke, it would imply to ban 99,9% of league players. Your joke is not funny, its a fail attempt at sarcasm to belittle someones argument. I do agree that remake needs some changes but you should focus more on the point that sometimes it's not the players fault for disconnecting, other arguments are responsible as well and throwing all the fault at the player is the same as blaming riot for everything. The thread is aggressive but that is due to the persons frustration for getting a dc for reasons outside of his control.
It's not even only a low elo issue. You can watch streamers afk under tower as well
Smarties (EUNE)
: Funny thing is you only mentioned vision because you are a support otp. Why dont you mention jungle pressence, objectives, minion wave manipulation, skirmishes, roaming and dueling? Trying to act like a smartass when you only played 20% of the entire game. 4 other lanes exists too just saying. Besides with your amazing skills why are you still gold 5? Also the OP is talking about the game crashing that results in remake abuse. If the game wasnt in such a mess there wouldnt be unfair remakes like this.
lol. How are you influencing the minions before they spawned? You provide vision if you cover your $%!! jungle instead of afk'ing under tower, you don't have to ward it but that would also work. Also it does not need to trigger an automatic remake, just hit anyone with the afk penalty who didn't provide any vision.
: Permanently banned.
Thanks for sharing. This warms my heart.
: About remake
Remake needs some improvements. At 3:00 you already lost 1 minute worth of xp so I think 2:00 should be the line. Also we can improve it by punishing somewhat afk players as well: If you didn't provide 1 minute worth of vision by the 2:00 mark you should be punished. Even the punishment itself appears lacking to me. Rito, are you aware of the educational value of pliers?
: "Smurfs" trolling in lower ranks
This seems fun! I should start giving advice to women about ... dunno, woman stuff since it's something I know nothing about! Kind of fits in the theme of this thread.
Scrai (EUW)
: Why is ranked coin flipped promos with prove !!!!
Did you type that or just punch the keyboard with both fists and this formed by accident?
Scrai (EUW)
: REMOVE promos games and have them only for tier advancement
pascalmx (EUNE)
: is there freedom of thought in this forum
You're free to post in the correct board. You have the right to be ridiculed if you're asking for it.
Atlas (EUNE)
: Item Idea: Tork's Experimental Displacement Device
Kitsy (EUW)
: Dirty move of Riot with this years winter sales
Oh, that's disappointing. I was hoping you pointed out what happened yesterday: After it became clear that nexus blitz is bugged, there was a micro patch that enabled "my store" :-D That shit was hilarious!
: I'll never play League of Legends game in my life
I just had a breakup so I'm very grateful for your contribution. I'm not having a good time and I don't see any reason at all why anyone else should.
: I can confirm that there is currently a banner on the Featured page of the Store, advertising Neeko and her Winter Skin. I'm relatively new to the game, only picked it back up a few months back, haven't ever been there for a new champ release, so I don't know how all of this works, but I just find it a tad odd that Neeko can be found in the Collection Screen and is advertised in the Shop with a banner when she's not available yet. Just giving my two cents in case this is an error and as someone very, very excited to try her out the moment she launches. Cheers!
ye, happened a few times already that the new champ is selectable but not buyable or something like that. It will prolly come during the course of the week
: Who da hell are the baccai?
I don't know, I just saw some slander on my loading screen
: Someone else made a post about that 3 days ago.
That guy was right, too
Rioter Comments
Tsumirez (EUNE)
: Can you make banana icons appear near currently available objectives? I'm sure it would help players get around to taking them...
and whenever an objective is taken, play that clicker sound you can use to train cats
Asher2406 (EUW)
: Trust me, it won't help... Sometimes I had to rush executioner (because it's the cheapest item) on leona/thresh because no matter how much I ask my carries to buy it - they don't care at all and just ignore it...
ye, me too. There is bramblewest but it won't help against vlad or swayne or something
Darwinion (EUW)
: You'd think that right, but most players are so damn dense in this game. This is not a dig at anyone in particular, but most players don't have the faintest clue on what to do after laning (At times even during laning), they just follow a random guide from Moba blindly.., even if they face Swain, Vlad, Soraka in the same enemy team, no one builds {{item:3033}} / {{item:3165}} , because it isn't part of the "standard" build in their chosen guide. This where I assume OP is going with his post, but why stop there then.., why not also have the screen blink if you are about to get ganked.
that's a good point. maybe force it as the loading screen tip when you get matched against them? ^^
: In Draft Pick you can spot that healing will become a problem by looking at enemy champion choices, so you could pick up Ignite as a Support for now.
I kind of always pick that. same runes and masteries, too. I could do a lot there but fighting with full cooldown thresh is just so much fun ^^
Rioter Comments
: Players forgetting to use their ult, their summoners, or their items active. Ditto when something is on CD and you don't realize it, or when you are OOM. As much as it seems strange, you have no idea of how easy is for someone to forget to use such stuff, expecially when you are running and all you can think of is clicking the side of the screen.
I can imagine quite well. Just now I didn't use my locket when vayne and me died. I even pinged that it was off cd. I wish there was a way to add the *shame* *shame* *shame* bell to league ^^
: >Can anyone else think of anything that might not seem as fun but is actually super important in league? Knowing when you should give up cs and just wait for the lane to push to you. I have a friend that knows that the concept exists but he simply refuses to do it because "it's boring". So he'd rather lose than play properly.
My thresh can by now walk away from souls and even gold coins but it's a battle every time. How am I supposed to keep track of stuff when I have to suffer through an insult like that? My Q is ready...
Rioter Comments
Dravayne (EUW)
: Losing LP over and over again from champion select bug
vladiq (EUW)
: ***
lol. What's toxic about not having the desire to keep seeing this?
vladiq (EUW)
Can the boards be changed so if I block a player in game, I won't be able to see his posts anymore?
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