Alex6998 (EUW)
: I think that new client is buggy and bad too. I miss old client soo much. I want old client back and never be retired.l even after 10 years legacy client for the win. :-(
{{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} Old client gud client
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Ihzu (EUW)
: My Project 2017 | Looking for a Crew ! [Repost]
I'm interested in this but i sadly enough am just a lowly silver player. Anyhow goodluck with the project.
Migomercy (EUW)
: Zed and Jhin as allies: A story written by me to a friend for his b-day.
First of all, i have to congratulate you on such well written piece. Secondly if you have any other stories you have written please release them to me. as an avid reader in the fantasy scene i love seeing pieces like this. i often go scouring the boards for such stories and read them with pleasure. sincerely thanks, Magic Ice Cube

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